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The travesty! The feigned horror!
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Me? †I fucking loved it. †Every last second of it. †If you thought that there is no place in the game for these types of behaviours, stop reading now and go back to whatever you were doing before. †That doilie isn't going to crochet itself.

The comments coming out of Toronto right now are absolutely ridiculous and stupid. †My favorite has to be this one coming from Phil Kessel, regarding John Scott challenging him to a fight. †"What are you going to do? †He's a big boy so if he's coming after me, what are you going to do?" †Yup...that is Kessels defence for giving John Scott a pair of 2 handers and a spear. †What are you going to do? †Yes, Scott is bigger. But let's first explore why Scott was sent out, even though you will never hear any coach or player admit this. †Anyone who has played the game, knows what I am going to say next. †If you fuck with our smaller players, we are going to fuck with yours.

The incident that led up to this brawl was a fight between Corey Tropp of Buffalo and Jamie Devane†of Toronto. †Let's explore the difference in size for a second. †Tropp is 6'0' tall and 185 lbs. †Devane is 6'5" and 217 lbs. †Not exactly a fair matchup. †But did Tropp go crying to the media after? †No. †He stood in there as best he could. †Phil Kessel is 6'0" 202 lbs and Scott, well, Scott is a beast. †6'7" and 270 lbs. †

Even though it was a neutral site game for both teams, Toronto was the home team and had last change. †Carlyle had to have known after one of his larger players drilling out a Buffalo player, that John Scott didn't hop the boards for peace talks. †John Scott was there to send a message. †Fuck with our smaller players, and I am going to fuck with yours. †Message sent. †It is an age old belief in the game. †Even Tony Twist breaks it down for you. †Skip ahead to 1:48 if it doesn't do it automatically for you.

Even some Toronto players, such as 6'0" 188 lbs Nazem Kadri. †He said Lupul stopped him from going on the ice to get involved. †Are you fucking kidding me? †Who the fuck is this kid? †Lupul should've said, "have at it kid...learn your fucking lesson." †Even if it did happen, don't go looking for the first microphone to make it look like you are a tough guy who isn't to be trifled with. †

I fucking loved it. †Now we have the Toronto media claiming that Scott broke the code. †That is part of the code. †If your bigger players are going to fuck around our smaller players, I'm going to fuck your smaller players over. †Bottom line. †That is how the policeman is utilized. †The enforcer role has come under scrutiny lately, with smaller players being able to fly under the radar, free from punishment. †Nah. †That is not the way it should be played out. †If you are skating around, flapping your gums, expect someone to shut you up.

Personally, I love that Clarkson will serve the first ten games of the regular season under suspension. †From the start, I have always stated that he is highly overrated and the majority of his penalties are because of his stupidity. †Chalk this one up for another stupid mistake by Clarkson. †And all the blame needs to fall directly on the Leafs. †Carlyle should have fucking known better to put Kessel out there when he saw Scott stretching his gargantuan fucking legs.



Is it right to be upset?
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The Hockey Hall of Fame has announced it's recent group of inductees, and that always causes debate. †Who was left off, who should not have made it in, and so on. †Personally, I could really give two shits as to who made it in or who didn't. †That being said, I am feeling offended that the NHL is choosing to hold their induction ceremony on November 11, 2013. †In Canada, that is Remembrance Day, and for our friends south of the border, it is Veterans Day.

In my opinion, Remembrance Day is a day that we remember and pay tribute to those that have made the ultimate sacrifice for our respective countries. †I feel†that holding a ceremony to honor those individuals that were good at a sport on such a day is insulting. †There are a number of days throughout the calendar year that do not hold as much significance, use one of those. †As a member of the Canadian Forces that has spent time overseas in theatre with NATO, I feel insulted by this asinine†and thoughtless plan. †Honoring and remembering those that have served their country and lost their lives should not be upstaged by a ceremony to honor those that could play hockey.

That is my opinion on this matter. †Short and sweet. †Thank you.

Dickhead of the year.
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This dickhead is a typical type A douchebag. †Who is he? †Martin Tremblay. †What did he do? †This.

This is the main reason why we as parents need to be concerned with the potential of assholes becoming hockey coaches. †As a result, this dickhead is going to receive 15 days in jail for tripping a 10 and a 13 year old in the handshake line. †I would hate to be the person that attempts to do that to one of my children. † †Fuck...I hope this douchebag†gets his ass fucked rimless in jail.

Thunder Bay is a little bit of a hockey hotbed. †We are very lucky to have an exorbitant amount of former pro players returning here after their careers have wound down. †In 2005, a group of former pro players and friends decided to put a team into the Allan Cup Tournament and called themselves the Thunder Bay Bombers, †The Thunder Bay Bombers faced the Horse Lake Thunder in the finals and ended up winning the Tournament. †Beating the Horse Lake Thunder wasn't a small feat, since former NHL players Gino Odjick, Dody Wood, Sasha Lakovic and Theoren Fleury all played for them. †I am moving on to the main point of my story here.

My 5 year old started playing hockey this year, and of course I was leery as to who his coaches would be. †When my oldest boy played, his coaches were simply parents that wanted to help out, which was great. †It was a great league, and my son loved it because it wasn't competitive. †He has since stopped playing but my youngest wanted to take up the game last year. †However, he was only 3 and turning 4 at the time. †I decided a year of power skating would help him out when he started playing hockey. †It helped me out too actually, since I started dating his power skating coach. †Cute little figure skating coach as well...but I digress...she was mental.

This year I put Grady into a league that was going to be more structured. †The coaching staff in this league is simply astounding. †All of the coaches are former NHL, OHL, NCAA, ECHL, WHL...the list goes on. †I was lucky enough to get Grady onto a team where I knew the coach. †I was good friends with his younger brother through highschool, up until he left to go play NCAA and in Europe. †Thing is, his older brother (and Grady's coach) was the better hockey player. †How good? †Grady's coach played on the Thunder Bay Bombers team that won the Allan Cup. †As well, both brothers have had their numbers retired and are in the University of North Dakota's Hall of Fame.

When it comes to putting your kids into hockey, a lot of the thought needs to be about what type of coach is my son getting? †What is this coaches background? †Does the coach have kids themselves? †There are a lot of questions that you need to consider when you are putting your children into another persons hands. †This coach should be a moral compass, teaching work ethic and sportsmanship amongst other things.

I fucking hope to hell that this prick Tremblay hasn't been fortunate enough to have kids. †If someone is willing to treat another persons children in that manner, how do you think they will treat their own children? †Chances are, not very well. †This good for nothing sumbitch deserves to have those two childrens fathers show up at his door on a daily basis, at different times of the day, and drag him out of his house and beat the living fuck out of him on his front lawn. †Hell, I would do that. †Easily. †And more than once. †This dick would have to deal with me showing up at his front door for the next 4 months of his life, every single fucking day.

Words of wisdom from The Queers..."fall back 5 yards, it's time to punt"

I know it has been awhile since I have posted an entry here, but for those that have read in the past, they are aware of my appreciation for the fisticuffs that sometimes break out in hockey. †Here is my favorite one from my favorite league, the LNAH. †Top 5 fights for the month of January. †Enjoy.


I'm back, I'm pissed
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I have spent my summer relatively offline for the most part.† I would check my twitter or facebook feed for tidbits of info, and I would check in occasionally to check on the lack of progress with the current CBA talks.

From what I can determine, the major sticking point with the PA and the NHL is the revenue sharing.† Now, I am going to go off on a tear here, and I personally don't care if you are offended or upset†with my perspective.† I am putting it out there for you, and if it causes discussion, then I have done my job.

This whole debacle kind of hits close to home for me.† The Premier of Ontario, Dalton McGuinty, has introduced legislation to force all education workers back to work for the start of the school year.† However, my union has never stated that we will strike and have said nothing that would imply the school year would not start on schedule.† We have even cancelled our strike vote.† As a result, our contract is just going to roll over, without scheduled raises or improvements.† We are going to continue working until a new contract is in place.

And then we have the NHLPA.† They want more money.† Valid argument if they were being grossly underpaid.† However, if you cannot support yourself on $575,000 a year, which is what I believe the league minimum is, then you have some problems.† I make it work for me, and I earn much, much less.† If the NHLPA does not like the idea of employer and employee, then maybe they should go back to school, further their education and start their own business.† The owners want to make their money, and the NHLPA want theirs as well.†

I went to school.† I found a career which I truly enjoy.† I pay to play hockey a couple of times a week.† Yes, even during the summer here in Thunder Bay.† I love hockey.† However, all of this is starting to leave a shitty taste in my mouth.

We are hearing the arguments coming from the players; they want a cut of the money off of the game that was made on their backs.† Well, there came a time in life when they had to make a decision; try to make a career out of this hockey thing or get a real job.† They chose hockey.† Granted, I'm glad they did, because I truly enjoy watching it.† When is the greed going to stop.† The owners are the employers, and the NHLPA are the employees.† Get used to it.†

Another argument from the players is the fact that they beat up their bodies.† True, hockey is very rough sport and the potential for injury is there.† What would happen to someone like me if I was hurt playing the game I love?† First of all, I would not be paid for the days I miss from work.† I enjoy the game, so I take the risk.† The players take the same risk.† For those of you that know me, I am also in the Canadian military and have spent some time overseas.† I knew the risks, I chose to go.† Did I sit there and try to get more money because there is a chance I may get injured?† I'm pretty sure the risk of injury for those members of our respective forces that serve overseas are drastically different than what a hockey player may encounter.

And so now, the negotiations have stalled.† They are being recessed temporarily.† I guess meeting 3 times a week for 45 minutes at a time is a trying process.† And you have players calling the latest owners offer "a pig in lipstick."† You are not endearing yourself to the fans or to the owners at this time by resorting to insults.†

And Bettman, fuck you.† You arrogant, little wormy piece of shit.† You are a classless douche.† Coming out and stating the the NHL will be okay because you have the worlds best fans is a fucking insult.† By no means am I a fucking doormat.† You can only piss on my back so many times and tell me it's raining.†

This is one fucking fan that may not come back to your game you greedy, selfish sons of bitches.



Another year done.
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for the first time in the history of the team, the LA Kings are the Stanley Cup Champions.† This topic has been covered by many more talented writers here at the Gab than myself, so I will just take this opportunity to say that I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Kings this postseason.† Sure, I would have enjoyed watching the Bruins, but they just didnít have it this year.† The Kings were just too big, too skilled and too solid at both ends of the ice.† All four lines were solid, and I didnít realize that Penner could grow such solid eyebeard.† And just thinkÖDustin Brown was being shopped around at the trade deadline.

Where will Rick Nash land?† There are going to be many teams chasing him prior to the entry draft, but only a few will have the assets that Scott Howson will be looking for.† At the top of the list has to be the Rangers.† Since the other prized impending free agent Parise has stated he wonít go to New York, the Rangers will probably make a solid effort to land Nash.† The Rangers are currently stacked with a solid core of young forwards, as well as being very well established on their back end.† Two names that Columbus will be after are Kreider and Dubinsky.† Moving Dubinsky and Kreider will give the Rangers the cap room they need, but I donít like the idea of moving Kreider.† The rookie had a tremendous post season, and just like Brad Marchand in last years playoffs, the Rangers need to give him a longer look.† He earned the chance to play regularly for the Rangers next season.

Another team that could possibly be interested in Nash could be San Jose.† San Jose could be persuaded to give up the likes of Niemi and Pavelski for Nash, but would Nash make a difference on a team that never makes a difference in the post season?†

And of course, up here in Canada, the majority of the media outlets are suggesting that Nash could be a member of the Leafs by the entry draft.† For Burke to land Nash, he is going to have to unload a number of mediocre players such as Komisarek, Schenn, Kadri and Grabovski.† Burke will traditionally have his players overvalued, but the bottom line is that Burke and the leafs do not have enough assets to make a trade happen.† Columbus would want prospects and players that would make their club better, but these players canít even do it in Toronto.† Basement dwellers trying to swing a trade to get better always makes me laugh.

You betcha.† As expected, the Goldwater Institute has continued to hamper any potential progress that has been made with a possible Coyotes sale.† Even though Glendale City Council voted 4-2 in favor of the sale, the Goldwater Institute is contending that the city council did not meet the required 5 votes, since one of the council members was not in attendance.† As well, they contend that the city did not make 2 of its exhibits available to the public prior to the council meeting and the vote.† This whole situation just keeps making me laugh.† It is only a matter of time before Jamison steps away from the table, just like many others before him.† Maybe the Goldwater Institute should just buy the fucking team.

With the hockey season over for this season, and potentially the start of next season, my time here on Sundays is slowly drawing to a close.† I would like to thank everyone here for giving me a tremendous opportunity to share my love of hockey with everyone.† I will be hearing from the powers that be here at The Gab shortly, and Iím pretty sure there wonít be a lot of hockey to talk about this summer.

Thanks for stopping by.


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