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QOTD - 2/28/15 Tags: MLB

MLB:  Josh Hamilton ALLEGEDLY had a relapse.  But here's the thing - I was under the impression that stuff like this was supposed to be kept confidential.  How is it that before he even sits down w/MLB word gets leaked out?  Somebody in MLB and/or the Union has some esplainin to do...

QOTD - 2/27/15 Tags: MLB

MLB:  One week into S/T.  No games yet and really hardly any news, but based on what you know, what is the biggest FA signing or trade in the Hot Stove?  Which new face in new place will have the most impact?

Thirsty Thursday - 2/26/15
Category: FEATURED

Welp, since it's Thirsty Thursday, let's talk about what makes a sports fan wanna run to the bar and slam a fred lite or two during Happy Hour of course:

NBA.  Rajon Rondo hasn't met a coach he liked or wanted to challenge.  This time it cost him a game and a half for blowing off a coaches call then getting into an f-bomb screaming match with him on the court.

Chicago might want to reach for a vat of their favorite beverage after learning Derek Rose went out AGAIN with another knee injury.

I'll talk about this Tuesday more, but Zach Randolph down in Memphis needs to tone down his "I'm THE badass" act before somebody who doesn't fear getting fined and suspended tunes his ass up.  

Larry Sanders gets $14 mil to have his contract bought out because he can't stay away from the sticky icky.  Then after the ink is dried on the agreement, he blames it on anxiety and depression?  So I wonder what those who smoke now excuse is.  

MLB.  Big Papi calling the refined strike zone "Bullshit" then says he "might run out of money" for pace of play fines?  Hey Papi, you talk too much - JUST...SHUT...UP!!!  Papi is becoming the #2 douche in all of MLB.  

Josh Hamilton going to see the man in NYC for some "disciplinary action" for something allegedly worse than PED's?  Damn.

NFL.  Hey Dez Bryant, can you just not keep drama away from you?  You're trying to score a fat contract from Dallas, then whining that it isn't done, and now allegedly there's some damn "scandalous video" (ALLEGEDLY) out there of you?  My guess is there's a pretty good reason why Dallas is proceeding with caution on you.  DeMarco Murray thanks you for making King Jerrah's choice pretty easy.  And by the way, you're whining about people betraying you?  Yeah, it's your choice who you roll with.  People have been warning you for years.

Time to cut the vets.  Ole Reggie Bush and A. J. Hawk got their visits from the turk yesterday.

MMA.  Is there anybody who hasn't been popped for some illegal shit yet?

Philippines.  Really Filipino Basketball League?  You cut a guy who criticized the fact that Pacquiao is an active player/coach on a team?  

So gabbers, feeling the buzz yet?



QOTD - 2/26/15 Tags: NHL

NHL:  As you look at the NHL standings and considering how #8 seeds fare in the playoffs, who do you see as the #8 seeds in both conferences?  

QOTD - 2/25/15 Tags: NFL

NFL Draft:  If you are the GM of Tampa Bay, do you draft Jameis Winston with your #1 pick?  Why or why not?

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