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Monday Moaning - 8/25/14
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Happy Labor Day Weekend.  I know Country isn’t the most popular choice here at The Gab, but this video I play every Labor Day Weekend is my way of honoring the hard working folks who struggle every day doing it the right way just to keep even – you folks are in no way honored enough, and I for one am tired of others trying to steal little pieces of what you all work hard your whole life for!!!  Let the words speak for themselves.

The reality is that this type of worker is becoming more and more rare based on pure greed on both sides, but know this folks, you have at least one fan here, and many, MANY more.  And by the way, Alabama is THE BEST country music out there!

But before I move on to what we all came here to do, allow me a rant would ya:  I am really trying to get into sports on the regular X’s and O’s level, I swear to you all I am.  But my goodness, the idiotic greed and unmatched stupidity of professional sports right about now is mind-boggling, and unfortunately, I have to discuss it here today.  For that I profusely apologize.

Mary Jane.  How freaking stupid do you have to be to spark up then go and drive?  I generally don’t give a damn if you do smoke weed, except when your Jamacian Voodoo Posse imitation invades my space and/or you’re operating machinery and putting yourself (but more importantly others) at risk.  If you ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY have to smoke, can you at least wait until you freaking get home and know you aren’t going anywhere?  DAMN!

MLB – Oakland/Anaheim/Seattle.  How great a story is the AL West for MLB?  Oakland took two thrillers Friday and Saturday night that had ole Uncle B.O.B. glued to a Baseball game on TV, and that takes A LOT...

MLB – LA/SF.  Milwaukee gave San Francisco an absolute gift last week, and looke what they did with it:  pissed it away.  What happened Sunday in Washington was a flameout of epic proportion by the gas can known as the SF bullpen.  Good Lord, how do you go from being up 6-2 to down 14-6?  Jesus...

NFL – Mike Ditka.  How dare Mike Ditka express his opinion on this battle regarding the Washington Football Franchise nickname.  Who the hell is he?  Well, here is what he said and by golly I'm gonna stand up to him - the PC Army needs to fight this scourge of a man and darn it, like Al Bundy on Labor Day, I'm just the guy to take on Iron Mike.  Did you read what that pathetically obnoxious little man said?  Well, the short version is here.  I wonder how long before ESPiN drops the hammer on him?  Shameless plug alert:  I will be having a blog next week which directly addresses this issue:  If you are PC, I’m here for you – to support your vision and to encourage you that your efforts haven't gone far enough and I'm making a proposal that should solve this problem of nicknames!  YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!

NFL Preseason.  Landon Cohen of the Buffalo Bills is my newest favorite player in the NFL.  Why?  Because he’s a fat guy who recovered a fumble, rumbled 59 yards with the rock and showed some good cuts.  Too bad he ran out of gas and slowed down to let the Steelers tackle his ass.  What is it John Madden says:  “I love it when a fat guy gets the ball”???

NFL Preseason – Weekend #3.  They say that this is the weekend to get an idea of what your teams will look like at the start of the season and if what I saw is any indication, you could almost hand the Lombardi Trophy back to those whiny bastards in Seattle, though a case could be made for an improved Green Bay and New Orleans.  Meanwhile, 30 teams are gonna get overshadowed by douchebaggery coming out of New York and Cleveland, both of which will be worthless.

NBA – The Big Trade.  It’s official and America’s (and ESPiN's) self-appointed #1 NBA fan Bill Simmons is pissed:  Kevin Love is going to Cleveland to help LeBron win that title for long-suffering Cleveland.  Let me beat ESPiN to the punch:  The Cavs are not just must-see TV, but the first team favored to go 82-0 and sweep the playoffs.  THEY’RE THAT GOOD!!!   You see ESPiN, I just saved you some time, so don’t bother. 

Hey Simmons, no trade you can engineer (since we know Danny Ainge just LOVES to hear your rumors because you are so much smarter than him - that's why you're a blog site editor and he's a championship winning General Manager) will help the Celtics stay with the Cavs.

Let me be 100% serious for a moment:  I am going to enjoy the hell out of this if it blows up and Cleveland doesn’t live up to the hype.  It’s no disrespect to Cleveland, but a hell of a lot of disrespect to the hype machines, and that whiny little (bleep) Kevin Love. 

But wait, somebody with a sense of logic chimed in:  Here’s the scouting report when playing against Cleveland, RUN!  For the first eight seconds of the shot clock you’ll get to play 5 on 4 because Love will still be down on the other end pouting about something.  It’s very similar to what we go through in Sacramento when the Kings whine to the refs while the opponent goes 4 on 1 for the same reason.

NBA – Joel Embid.   Hey Joel, you know you’ve screwed up on Twitter when the Iron Sheik gets loose and asks you:  “you have the kush bubba?”  You get props for having brass balls on Twitter trying to get with Rihanna or whoever – it’s actually pretty funny somewhat – if it didn’t sound so pathetic.  Hey Joel, if a chick says “Get back with me when you’re rich and famous…” trust me my man, you don’t want none of that! 

Come on Joel – you’re now a millionaire and trust me, you don’t need the drama of Rihanna in your life, you’re a freaking rookie on a team desperate to improve right away.  Focus on the roundball and find something less distracting.

NBA – Kobe Bryant.  Once again when he has a chance to keep his mouth show he's not a Richard Cranium, Kobe Bryant just can't avoid saying something freaking obnoxious.  This time?  Here he says elite players like LeBron and of course himself are underpaid and that the salary cap isn’t fair to the big dogs.  So it’s fairer for the elite players to make as much as they can while the owners low ball the ham and eggers?  I can’t wait for the liberals who want everybody to share talk about this one.  Wait, no response?  Shocking, a double standard.

Yeah, way to stand up for ALL players in the league Kobe – so typically you.  Get yours and fuck 90% of the league, who if they didn’t exist, there’d be no NBA.  Hey Mr. Bryant, I hate to burst your bubble, but you aren’t as elite as you might think now.  So I guess you should give back your money and give it to Carmelo or Dwight Howard, or Kevin Durant, or CP3 or because they are far more worthy of it, right?

Douchebag of the Week - NFL – Super Bowl Halftime Show.  The NFL is really trying to force performers to pay them for the privilege of performing at halftime of the Super Bowl?  Now I hate these Hollyweird freaks, but if I was every single one of them and this rumor was true, I’d laugh at the NFL and tell them to piss off. 

Besides, no self-respecting Gabber is going to watch that, well, except for the pervs who will just be hoping for a Katy Perry wardrobe malfunction.  But then again, this is who the NFL is trying to get to perform:  Katy Perry, Rihanna, or Coldplay?  Good Lord, Kirk Franklin and his gospel choir are probably more popular.   

Now, to provide an opposing view, our friend Doug is also right – let the market dictate this.  If the NFL wants to get greedy, they’re within their right.  But let me say this:  if the NFL is gonna go this route, how long before they don’t give a damn and find a way to go PPV for regular season games or the Super Bowl?


TGIF - Let's talk Baseball - 8/22/14
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Hey y’all.  Sorry, had to go the Paula Deen route.  Hey, I figured while Sully was away, I'd have a little fun.  Not funny?  OK, on to the sports, where today I want to talk about Baseball: 

“The one constant through all the years (Ray) has been baseball. America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It has been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt and erased again. But baseball has marked the time. This field, this game: it's a part of our past, Ray. It reminds of us of all that once was good and it could be again.”

James Earl Jones in Field of Dreams (1989) (

I was reminded of this quote recently and it’s amazing to me how accurate it truly is.  As a kid, I couldn't get enough of Baseball and maybe it's a bit melancholy or whatever, but Baseball kinda did represent what was once good and now what can be again, as we witness what I call the rebirth of the sports since about 2010.  No matter how down we get on the sport, we watch.  We pay to travel nearly 2000 miles and watch a game between two teams that you really don’t know or care about.  We go to Spring Training because we missed the game so over a long cold Winter – as if Ole Man Winter moves aside for the game.  We get fired up in late March, early April for Opening Day, some going as far as taking the day off.   You get the sense that Baseball is on the upswing…

But I also worry.  When the LLWS outdraws MLB in TV ratings by nearly double, that’s a sign.  I worry when I read and hear about casinos and sports books taking action on Little League games.  I worry when folks care more about NFL training camps and preseason football then they do about compelling races, and that leads me to this:

MLB Commish.  There is a lot of complaining from many places on the selection of Rob Manfred to replace Bud Selig by saying that it will be the same type of “leadership.”  Look, I don’t know Manfred, so I’ll reserve judgment on that, but what I do believe is that MLB needs a tweak to its vision.  Baseball has a lot going for it – tradition, fantastic Minor League Baseball that many fans eat up (both figuratively AND literally), and vastly improved MLB product in terms of competitive balance (on the field), but at the same time, I think it’s time we all look at the bigger picture and start to try to bring back the casual fan.

We’ve all talked about what we would do if we were commish, and from the outside looking in, this is what I would do (revised):

1.   Enforce the pitch clock per Rule 8.04 of the MLB Rule Book, but tweak the rule so that the batters are penalized for delay of game just as much as pitchers are.  Oh, what you say, there's rule 6.02(b)?  You mean this, straight out of the MLB Rule Book...

6.02:  The batter shall take his position in the batter’s box promptly when it is his time at bat.
(b) The batter shall not leave his position in the batter’s box after the pitcher comes to Set Position, or starts his windup.
PENALTY: If the pitcher pitches, the umpire shall call “Ball” or “Strike,” as the case may be.
Rule 6.02(b) Comment: The batter leaves the batter’s box at the risk of having a strike delivered and called, unless he requests the umpire to call “Time.” The batter is not at liberty to step in and out of the batter’s box at will.
Once a batter has taken his position in the batter’s box, he shall not be permitted to step out of the batter’s box in order to use the resin or the pine tar rag, unless there is a delay in the game action or, in the judgment of the umpires, weather conditions warrant an exception.
Umpires will not call “Time” at the request of the batter or any member of his team once the pitcher has started his windup or has come to a set position even though the batter claims “dust in his eyes,” “steamed glasses,” “didn’t get the sign” or for any other cause.
Umpires may grant a hitter’s request for “Time” once he is in the batter’s box, but the umpire should eliminate hitters walking out of the batter’s box without reason. If umpires are not lenient, batters will understand that they are in the batter’s box and they must remain there until the ball is pitched.
If pitcher delays once the batter is in his box and the umpire feels that the delay is not justified he may allow the batter to step out of the box momentarily. If after the pitcher starts his windup or comes to a “set position” with a runner on, he does not go through with his pitch because the batter has stepped out of the box, it shall not be called a balk. Both the pitcher and batter have violated a rule and the umpire shall call time and both the batter and pitcher start over from “scratch.”

Hmmm...this is getting scary, Olbermann is right, MLB ain't serious about this because if they were, they'd do it - it's all about the $$$...

2.   Joe Morgan has or had an excellent program where he was trying to get baseball back into the inner cities.  MLB needs to partner up with him if they don’t already.

3.   This one isn’t realistic, but what I would summarily do as commish would be to put feet to the fire in Miami, Tampa, and Atlanta where fan support is minimal at best.  I honestly would look at relocation and/or contraction with these three teams and warn these markets that they are at risk of relocation or demotion to AAA – after all, it’s a business and something is not right if you can’t get fans to games.  Personally, I would look at Portland and San Antonio as relocation outfits.

4.  If Gambling is such a HUGE issue for Baseball, if it is true that there are casinos and sports books taking bets on LLWS, I would pull my support of those casinos who partake and shut down their right to take bets on MLB. 

5.  I would hang my foot in San Francisco’s ass with their continuous blocking of Oakland trying to get into San Jose by charging SF a fee to MLB for their continued demand and claim of that area.  Then I would hang my foot in the Oakland owners ass by demanding they and the city of Oakland either build a new stadium downtown, in the South Bay near Fremont, or in the East Bay valleys and give them three years to commit to it.  If there is no agreement by 2018 with a scheduled groundbreak date, I would announce plans to move the team by having a previously written, binding agreement with either Portland or San Antonio to bring the franchise there in 2019. 

6.  Throttle back on the greed by 14.28% and make it more affordable for a family to go to a game and reasonably enjoy it one day a week.  Now look, I don’t begrudge clubs for making their money, but can you at least take one day and cut the prices?  Surely you can afford a 14% cut one day a week?  Hell, maybe you could sell out a game or two? 

Example:  If you’re Minnesota and you have Cleveland or the New York Mets coming to town on a Wednesday, that won’t draw much interest, right?  Drop the prices in advance, advertise it as a one-day a week special, and fill the place with the noise of families and kids.  Wouldn’t that make sense for teams who are out of the race in September to bring in some fans?

7.  I would also look at using “best interests of the game” caveat to go after organizations with poor ownership.  By that I mean this, I would hire experienced and successful people to go in and consult on how to make their product more interesting to the organization in their city, and if there was no improvement over the years, well, like any other business, I would adjust in some way.

MLB.  Colin Cowherd is like Keith Olbermann, a pompous, arrogant big city ass, the very embodiment of today’s media.  But at the same time, he does have some fair takes.  First off, he says he goes to MLB games every year, and he doesn’t go to NFL games – which I find interesting and a comment like that while only from one talking head should have the NFL at least thinking.  Secondly, he talks about Bud Selig talking about his dinners with old MLB legends such as Al Kaline and Frank Robinson, to which Cowherd says “Spend dinners with Mike Trout and Bryce Harper”.  Thirdly, he talks about the “regional” issue by saying yes, it exists, but he rightfully points out that the New York teams have problems getting people to go to games. 

But then he gets stupid and says that San Francisco has been abysmal to watch the last four years.  Hey Colin, I hate to burst your bubble in whatever alternate world you live in, but San Francisco has won two of the last four World Series titles.  Idiot.

Baseball – Seattle.   Should we be surprised by their performance this season?  Ten games over .500 and making a good run towards the playoffs despite the naysayers who keep wanting to bury them?

  • Hitting.  With every stat I could find, Seattle is consistent – they rank between 18 and 21 in every hitting stat.  Seattle as a team is batting .246.  I don’t care what anybody says, Robby Cano IS NOT a disappointment in Seattle (.329 BA, 11 HR, 69 RBI, 10 SB) and should be on his way to a 200 hit season.  SS Chris Taylor was brought up recently and is hitting .338, though he is cooling off hitting .269 in his last ten.


  • Pitching.  It’s pretty clear to me that pitching is carrying the Mariners to this point.  As usual, King Felix is tearing it up, but this kid Hisashi Iwakuma isn’t too far behind at 12-6, 2.57 ERA, with 120 strike outs, while he has gone seven innings or more eight of his last ten games.  Meanwhile Chris Young is 12-6 with a 3.07 ERA. 


  • Future.  #1 Mariners prospect Taijuan Walker has apparently made it to the bigs as a closer, though shoulder soreness is slowing him down, though I’m not sure why Seattle rushed to bring him up as he was struggling at AAA level.  #4 Chris Taylor (SS) is having a strong 2014 at AAA (.314, 5 HR, 37 RBI, 14 SB) and has been brought up as well.  In fact in 302 AB, has had 34 extra base hits.  Yet another SS prospect doing even better?  That would be #10 Ketel Marte who was tearing up AA and started off AA real strong.  In 2014, he has a .306 BA, 51 RBI, 26 SB).  Carson Smith is another RP AAA guy whose expected to be brought up soon, and #17 OF Xavier Avery has folks hopeful if he can remain consistent.  Oh, and there is this guy Danny Hultzen who was taken overall #2 in the 2011 draft who will be coming back next season from a torn rotator cuff.  If he’s healthy, you might see him in Spring Training with an outside shot at making the team.
Tuesday's Tantrum, 8/19/14
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It honestly seems like just yesterday that we all were celebrating the 4th of July.  Now, I’m starting to actually think of a COSTCO run and what I need to get for Labor Day Weekend BBQ.  Wow…

Middle B.O.B.’s excellent adventure.  This week she came home from Madison with a whole bunch of cheese and cheese curds, some really good mixes, and next week for her final week, she’s gonna pick up some more, mostly Green Bay Packer stuff for some Packer fans out here. 

A 2014 Goal achieved.  I’m a socially awkward SOB, yet one of my goals in 2014 was to get out of the bunker and expand my comfort zone.  I’ve volunteered at the local chapter of the Veterans of Foreign Wars to be their “Communications Committee Chairman.”  I will build their website, create a quarterly newsletter, and start up their social media areas to work to get our message out.

But that pales in comparison to going out last Wednesday and visiting veterans and those connected with veterans at the senior center in the next town over and spending time with them, having cake and ice cream, and just yapping.  I heard some very interesting stories from a WW2 vet from Midway Island and the Philippines that didn’t start off so well, but ended up being one of those crazy Navy only “less than PC sea-stories” in the end.  Props to my 90-something year old brother vet, and it impresses me that this Navy SEABEE still had a “can do” attitude at his age walking around pretty damn good.  Others told me of their memories of their kids going off to war in Vietnam.  God Bless him, God Bless them all, and God bless those doctors, nurses, and support staff there!  Talk about doing God’s work…

But it’s a two way street - they are also helping me.  For whatever reason, I can’t get over being so damn uncomfortable in public (especially in hospitals), and these folks made me feel welcome.  We look forward to going back next month, this time with Mrs. B.O.B. who really wants to go.

MLB Races.  Hey folks, I mocked ESPiN last week when Baltimore went up 5.0 games, but guess what now?  They’re up 7.0 – hey suits, stay away from shower rods!  Meanwhile, Detroit is screwing around and Kansas City now is up one game on them, and as for Oakland, well, their bats better wake up because Anaheim has caught em and Seattle has closed it to six games.

Over in the NL, all of a sudden the Nats are getting hot up 6.0 games, Milwaukee swept a series from the Dodgas this weekend and are up 3.0, and those dirty water thieves somehow can’t run away from a fading Giant team – they’re only up 3.5. 

MLB – Oakland.  I think we have enough sample size to work with here, and I think my first reaction to the Cespedes/Lester trade was right – it hasn’t worked for Oakland yet, though Lester is doing his part. 

MLB - Atlanta.  I always question ESPiN's scheduling of Sunday Night games, but last night watching Oakland at Atlanta, I gotta actually ask myself if Atlanta even remotely deserves a professional franchise in any sport outside of Football.  Sunday Night National Game against the team with the best record in all of baseball that you just took three straight from and nobody wants to show?  Why on Earth would the folks in Atlanta want to build another stadium when the fans won't support this team?

MLB – Miami.  It’s the last part of August and Miami is sitting at 62-62, and while that alone should be cause for celebration, it’s also nothing spectacular, but nothing outrageously bad either.  Is it possible that this team may very well be on the right track and be a team of the future?

  • Pitching.  I can’t help but wonder where Miami would be if Jose Fernandez hadn’t gone out with that Tommy John stuff – they’d almost certainly have five more wins under their belt and be in MAJOR contention for the Wild Card.  Henderson Alvarez is having a good season (9-5, 2.43 ERA, 3 CG in 23 games).  He’s not much in terms of a SO machine, but he’s quite serviceable.  As a team, they do well in not giving up home runs, being #5 in MLB in that stat (89).  Steve Cishek has 31 saves, but a 4-5 record with a 3.78 ERA.  They need help in the pen – he can’t do it all by himself.
  • Hitting.  Miami sits in the middle of the pack when it comes to hitting, though they lead the league in striking out.  Casey McGehee has been a great surprise for them (.303 BA, 60 RBI in 121 games).  All world Giancarlo Stanton (.293 BA, 32 HR, 84 RBI, and even 10 SB).  I sure hope Miami can find a way to keep him away from the Yanks and Sawx who will make big time runs at him during Hot Stove.  Christian Yelich isn’t doing that bad either (.276 BA).  They need some plate discipline though, but that’s expected with such a young team.  


  • Future.  As with San Diego, Miami has a TON of pitching on the farm.  Down the line Miami’s #2 prospect Tyler Kolek is a guy I believe Jeff has mentioned before. says he’s not coming until 2018, but this 19-year old #2 pick has some great stuff.  Another pitcher closer to being ready may be #4 prospect Justin Nicolino (11-4, 2.85 ERA at AA in 2014).  #7 prospect is a Catcher, J. T. Realmuto (.290 BA, 6 HR, 52 RBI, 23 2B at AA), as is #16 Austin Barnes (.302 BA, 8 HR, 44 RBI, 25 2B).  I didn’t see too many sitting at AAA though… 

When you look at Miami, you see something is working slow but sure, and while asking Miami fans to have patience isn’t exactly fair, they do seem to build through the farm and it does tend to work on occasion.  Remember, they have won TWO World Series in the past.

NFL Preseason – Seattle.  Glad to see Seattle is doing what they do best, playing the victim.  A big deal was made about the emphasis on defensive holding, so right on cue Seattle players are bitching during sideline interviews calling it “the Seattle Rule” – in essence claiming it’s a conspiracy against them, and their media is all whining, most notably that noted homer Brock Huard - a main cog in the whiniest of all media markets.  What more does Seattle want from the NFL?  Between replacement refs giving you a game against Green Bay and last season, they have more than paid you back for that screw job in Super Bowl 40. 

Look victims (I mean Seattle):  This whole thing is like driving over the speed limit in a group of cars – you get away with it, but when you push your luck and go faster on your own, Johnny Law is there to whack you.  Same goes here:  when you blatantly violate the rules far and above what anybody else does, did you really think the NFL was going to let you get away with it a second year?  Just like every other franchise does each and every time the NFL adjusts, so you need to as well.     

We’re starting to get an idea of how Seattle is going to combat this emphasis on DB contact that’s going to affect  them, their WRs are flopping and initiating contact to get the call against their opponent.  I swear if the NFL goes NBA and Soccer, I may have to find something else to occupy my time…

But then again, what does it matter when San Francisco plays like stir-fried dookie in their first two pre-season games?  Right now, Seattle would blow these jokers out of the water.

NFL – San Francisco.  Hey Jim Harbaugh, what the hell was that on Sunday?  I get losing to the Donkeys, but 34-0?  In the dress rehearsal in your brand spanking new stadium?  Same mistakes as last year, lots of mental errors, just horrific.  There had better be a major turnaround next weekend.

NFL – Jimmy Graham.  I don’t know what got into this fool Saturday Night, but his deciding to celebrate post-TD KNOWING he’d get hit w/a 15 yard penalty and yet continuing to do it pissed off no-nonsense head coach Sean Payton who is one guy that you seriously don’t want to piss off. 

Hey Jimmy, I know what you’re doing, I know it has to do with your contract and your unhappiness, but let me clue you in on something – you ain’t shit without Payton and Drew Brees.  Pull your head out of your ass, do things the right way and don’t penalize your team because you’re pissed!

New York AFC Team and Fireman Ed.  How desperate and pathetic do they look here taking Fireman Ed to lunch and asking him come back and do the annoying chant?  To his credit, he told the team this:  “I said no because it was the same problem, I couldn’t take my kids to the game.  I told them I wouldn’t come back.”  Translated:  He knew his act wore thin, it rubbed many people the wrong way, and he’s moved on.  Let’s be honest here, the guy was as much of an attention whore as any Kar-trash-ian (including Bruce or whatever she calls herself now), but at the same time, he didn’t deserve ALL of the treatment he got from New York “fans” either. 

Johnny Freaking Football.  I really REALLY wanted to leave this spoiled punk alone, but he just makes it too easy.  Congratulations son, it took exactly a game and a half for the rest of the NFL to figure out how to push your buttons.  Oh, and just so we're clear you moron, Heath Evans of NFL Network is right, thinking that being late to meetings and flipping off opponents isn't a big deal means that you aren't "getting it."  Get ready for heckling from hell - if you think Washington was bad, just wait until Baltimore, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati are lining up against you.  Oh, and you aren't exactly lighting the world on fire playing QB either.

Hockey take.  February 21st, Levis Stadium is going to host one of the many outdoor games w/San Jose vs. LA.  Couple of thoughts here:  First a talking head asked a very pertinent question – where are we gonna get the water from?  Secondly, when it comes to Northern California, particularly in Santa Clara, we aren’t talking about a Winter Wonderland – it’s usually sunny and not terribly cold in Late February as we are all planning for Spring Training and stuff.  Fans will come, but I’m just not sure on this one.


Douchebag of the Week.  Quite honestly, there were so many candidates, but sometimes you just gotta smack your own for being a bunch of dumb shits, and Florida State, you just hit the freaking Douchebag of the Week lottery.  You seriously asked Famous Jameis to be a part of a Twitter “#askjameis” live session?  Gee, I can’t imagine what could have gone wrong there.  Holy crap, I wonder how many Publix, crab, or weak ass rape jokes were on there?  From what little I read – a lot…

Bad Penny is back, 8/16/14
Category: Daily Blog 2.0

Folks, let’s call last week what it was, a bunch of crap.  The death of Robin Williams, Ferguson, Social Media blowing up with hatred and ignorance and bullshit, insufferable talking heads everywhere spewing non-sense so much more so than normal, the ongoing Tony Stewart crap, and a sports talk media trying to lecture MLB on how to improve (yeah, like they have any business giving anybody  improvement advice).   

 “Gooooooooood-byyyyyyye Vietnaaaaam! That's right, I'm history... I'm outta here. I got the lucky ticket home, baby. Rollin, rollin, rollin'... keep them wagons rollin', rawhide! Yeah, that's right... the final Adrian Cronauer broadcast... and this one is brought to you by our friends at the Pentagon. Remember the people who brought you Korea? That's right, the U.S. Army. If it's being done correctly, here or abroad, it's probably not being done by the Army.”

--Robin Williams as Adrian Cronauer (Good Morning, Vietnam), 1987

In this quote, “the people” in this quote is quite simply the media.  We can debate how Williams died and the other entire BS the media wants to yap about, but I choose not to do that here, only to say that he was one gifted entertainer, and that is how I will choose to remember him.  Well that, and his support of the military.  Hey Robin, In this world of foolishness and taking ourselves way too seriously, despite your own demons, you showed us through your humor that perhaps we should step back and just laugh, be silly on occasion, and more than that, be decent to one another.  Hey Robin, may you find peace!  May we in our lifetimes find peace, happiness, and a wonderful world:

Music.  Joe Bonamassa is starting to grow on me.                                  

Oh, sports?  Let's try some Baseball...

Baseball in general.  Hey, where has the art of the stolen base gone?

MLB – San Diego Baseball Franchise.  I was looking for something to write about baseball and I noticed this quiet little corner of MLB down in SD.  They’re 57-63 as of Friday, 7-3 in their last ten.  Here is a team that has played 120 games as of Friday, yet only five players have appeared in 90 games or more, and two more that have played 80 or more?  How the hell are they playing just below .500 ball with that kind of inconsistency?

It sure ain’t hitting: they’re dead last in team BA with a .226, and RBI’s (60 behind the two tied for second worst), and ranked #28 in HR.  In fact their RBI total is so bad, it is 102 RBI’s behind the MLB average (469 to SD’s 367).  The only guy who even remotely is having a good season is Seth Smith hitting .291 with 12 HR and 38 RBI.  Can somebody put out an APB for Jedd Gyorko (.196 BA, 7 HR, 36 RBI) and Yonder Alonso (.240 BA, 7 HR, 27 RBI?). 

Pitching?  Guess who is #2 in MLB in ERA?  Yep, San Diego at 3.06 (Seattle is #1!).  They’re also in a three way tie for #3 in Avg (.234), #4 in HRs given up (86), #6 in WHIP, and #10 in team Strike outs.  Former Oakland A Tyson Ross is 11-10 with a 2.63 ERA with 160 SO and a .228 average, but Jesse Han is 7-3 with a 2.52 ERA with an average of .189 with a very low walk count and he holds it down into at least the 6th but mostly the 7th innings.

In the minor leagues, they seem to have a ton of pitching prospects, but not much else.  Their #1 prospect is a catcher struggling to hit in the minors, and at #6 seems to be some promise OF Rymer Liriano whose hitting .291 in 115 games down on the farm.  Other than that, everybody in’s top ten is a pitcher and/or sitting at AA or below.  No real hope anytime soon.  Hell, I had to dig to #14 to find Reymond Fuentes at AAA batting .294 in 88 games.  No power, but he has more SB than most which isn’t much.

So what does San Diego do?  Well, considering Petco’s dimensions, they seem to be doing what they can, but with all the pitching talent they have stocked up on, it may not be a bad idea for them to start looking at going after some sticks.  

Oh, and to the San Diego Baseball franchise deserve props for?  Yeah, providing tix in the stadium for USN and USMC boot campers to attend a ball game.  Marching in and out of that place looks pretty cool.


Monday Moaning - 8/11/14
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DISCLAIMER:  Caution, I have little tolerance this week and some folks are getting some adult language from me.  You’ve been warned.  Oh, and I’m all over the map this week.  Deal with it.

Welcome to where we talk about sports and ALL teams.  We aren’t a bunch of corporate suit wearing sell-out whores chasing a buck, we do it because we love sports and we love talking like all of us were sitting on a barstool yapping about stuff, sports, politics, whatever…

Middle B.O.B..  For three weeks, my daughter is splitting time between here and Madison, WI to learn her craft, and boy do they take care of her.  A freaking palace for a hotel room, and in her off time, she’s been walking and taking in the sights and grubbing to the mid-west beat, cheese curds, & a half brisket/half tater-tot pizza?  A quesadilla pizza?  What the hell?  They fly here home on weekends. 

Music and Grub.  Mrs. B.O.B. and I had a date night Saturday & we decided to go to the big city and have a nice dinner at a BBQ Smokehouse with cool live blues music – which by the way is a very underrated genre.  I tried something called Mardi Gras Chicken which was two deep fried breasts of chicken w/creole cream sauce topped w/Andouille sausage, shrimp, & red/yellow bell peppers – all on top of Garlic mashed taters while Mrs. B.O.B. had southern fried chicken.  Good stuff, huge portions.

Then we hit one of the bigger casinos in Crack-town.  When we got there we were surprised as the Parking Lot had a mini stadium there, and performing live was CCR and .38 Special.  Anyway we gambled which means Mrs. B.O.B. won, and I lost (of course).  I swear gambling is like requesting to get your nuts kicked in then going back and asking for them to kick you there again.

Speaking of getting my nuts kicked in, Mrs. B.O.B. probably wanted to do that to me too after I bugged her about going out of the way to hit a Sonic and get a Cherry Limeade.  We didn’t go.  Damn, another loss.

Baseball Races.  Psst, be vewy vewy quiet about this cause ESPiN doesn’t want you to know this, but  those dudes from Crab Cake Land have opened up a bit of a lead in the overhype division (err, AL East) of five games. 

Hey Bryce Harper, what is your major malfunction numb-nuts?  You seem to get yourself caught up in the silliest of shit.  Scuffing the "A" behind home plate as you came to bat?  In Atlanta?  We all know that there ain't know Braves fans, but stuff like that comes down to maturity and respect.  Seriously dude, that's some middle school little girl type shit - grow the hell up!  

MLB Network.  Friday Night, MLB Network stopped by Boston/Anaheim in the 8th inning and their rage was growing by the pitch with Junichi Tazawa.  It got to the point where they actually took out the stop watch and timed him taking 27 seconds between pitches, then 35, then 47, then 1:10 all consecutively.    

Chicago NL Baseball Team.  I wonder how Theo Epstein’s five year plan to build this team up is going?  It’s so hard to tell because when I look at the stats, it’s so inconclusive.  They rank #3 in the NL in HR, #8 in RBI, #10 in runs, and #13 in BA. 

This kid 1B Anthony Rizzo (any relation to Jerky Boy Frank Rizzo?) is batting .281 with 25 HR and 61 RBI in 111 games, while SS Starlin Castro is solid, though not spectacular - hitting .278 with 12 HR and 60 RBI, rebounding fairly nicely from a subpar 2013.   I guess a big deal is being made about this kid 2B Javier Baez who seems to be smacking the bejesus out of the ball (granted it was at Coors Canaveral) since his call up last Wednesday. 

I see this kid Kris Bryant is tearing up the minors with a .342 BA, 37 HR and 96 RBI this season in 115 games - I wonder how much longer Theo is gonna wait to call him up.  And team #6 ranked per RF Jorge Soler is hitting .370 in the minors with 11 HR and 40 RBI in 45 games this season. 

But when I researched for pitching prospects…uh oh…Theo has a helluva lot of work to do on that Pitching staff, so it stands to reason they placed a claim on Cole Hamels, too bad it didn’t work out.  Chicago is 11th out of 15 NL teams with a 3.88 team ERA, gave up the fifth most ER in the NL, and have the second worst amount of saves in the NL (22).  Though one good stat is they rank #3 in the NL in SO.

NFL Preseason, Weekend #1.  Things weren’t as bad as I thought (CIN/KC)…too bad it’s gonna be overshadowed by a backup QB in Cleveland.  Talk about sellouts, damn you NFL Network!  Just when I thought I could go somewhere and not have “what sells” crammed down my throat, you go there…

It was great to see Minnesota play a game OUTDOORS.  I know it’s only temporary, but it’s cool nonetheless.

Mama B.O.B. Take.  YouGab’s South Florida reporter for Football is Mama B.O.B. and just like everybody else she’s getting excited for a new season, and she’s pretty damn knowledgeable on her sports.  Pats fans chill because she’s loves Miami, and if you get loose with stuff, she’ll blast you with an f-bomb or two, and that’s some funny shit.  I might give her some space on my blog to talk Dolphins all season.  So get a fred lite ready and keep a barstool open cause she might be coming in.

Anyway, even she was impressed by the Miami Dolphins (and that’s hard for her) in their loss to the Falcons.  She said the O-Line did GREAT for Tannehill and that new offense looks damn good.  She said the QB didn’t get touched at all and they played great.  This is the most excited about a Dolphin team she’s been in awhile.

College Sports.  So to use IHM’s comments over the past week, the NCAA Gravy Train just keeps on rollin.  I’m gonna call my shot now:  If I’m the Big 12, I make sure I have a backup plan in my pocket because In five years, the Big 12 will be the next conference to get steamrolled by the top four power conferences.  Texas will go to the Pac 12, Oklahoma to the SEC, and the rest of the Big 12 will be thrown to the wolves because they don’t make a lot of cheddar.   

Kevin Love.  The prima donna couldn’t lead a team to victory on her own, so she’s gonna ride LBJs coattails to being the Eastern Conference sacrificial lambs to the West.  On August 23rd Minnesota trades her to Cleveland for Andrew Wiggins, Anthony Bennett, and a 2015 #1 draft pick.  The second part of the trade is where Minnesota then trades Bennett to Philly for Thaddeus Young.

Minnesota NBA Basketball.  Yes, they still have horrific ownership and management, Flip Saunders has a whole lot to prove, and they still will struggle defensively.  But this time, these idiots have stumbled into a potentially very talented squad.  Add in the extra #1 pick next season, a very manageable salary situation in the future, and some depth to work trades, and this team has a future that should generate buzz around the Twin Cities. 

But before they start the new season, Flip Saunders and the Minny vets all need to go Leroy Jethro Gibbs go upside the head of one Zach LaVine (G, UCLA).  This punk is the very embodiment of why so many people are tired of the NBA and sports in general.  You’re going to the NBA with a chance to start and contribute to a team with some talent who had 40 wins last season, you’re getting paid at least 20x more than the average 21 year old who can’t find a job in this economy even with a degree in hand, and you have the audacity to bitch on draft night because Minnesota hired you?  EFF YOU!  The table couldn’t be better set for you and you wanna cry about going to the great white north?  BITCH! 

Douchebag of the Week.  This one goes out to the masters of Massengale, the NCAA and the power five conferences.  Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, and the rest La Cosa Nostra got nothing on these fools.  Where the hell is Elliott Ness when we need him???

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