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Tuesday's Tantrum - 9/30/14
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Welcome to October, my favorite month of the year.  There’s literally so much going on between sports, so many freaking outdoor festivals, harvests, Haunted House weekends and Halloween. 

The days are getting noticeably shorter now and temps here are slowly coming down from 100 to 80s.  But it looks like Summer doesn’t want to quit just yet as we are staring down the barrel of yet another heat wave after a few refreshing days.  Indian Summer indeed, though we did finally get some rain on Thursday, and Saturday Mrs. B.O.B., just 20 miles away at work got hit with a lot of rain (nearly flash flooding!) where at the Casa, we saw not a cloud.  Sunday I visited her at work and it was freaking chilly as heck – 20 degrees cooler then at home.  

Last Tuesday, we went to Nevada for the night and had a GREAT time and a few Ben Franklins hitched a ride home with us, more than rode up and that’s always a good thing, certainly rare for us.  The point of this isn’t to brag about another trip, but that on the drive over the mountain, even here you can start to see the beginnings of the color change in the aspens mostly at the 8000 foot level and above. 

MLB.  Before I somewhat get to the playoff teams and picks, I gotta say that I think Minnesota made a mistake by letting go Ron Gardenhire as their skip yesterday.  Six division titles in 13 years is a pretty good achievement, and while I understand, isn't it just possible that the issues are deeper than the skip?  I mean, who provided Gardenhire with that pathetic pitching staff (2nd worst in ERA/worst in the AL, and by far the worst in strikeouts)?  And good lord, I took a look at their top 20 minor league prospects and every single one of them has an issue, huge injury, a major gamble, project, or poorly performing in MiLB, or some combination of all.  Is the GM gonna keep his job?

But it seemed to me as though the team was putting it together a bit and the youth certainly looked like it was playing better and are flashing some talent.  Hell, they finished 11th in MLB in BA and 8th in RBI's, so while they had a rep for not hitting, what hitting the did get was timely, sorta.  Certainly seems as if Detroit is glad to see Minnesota gone for another year.  

I'm sorry if I sound like a Minny homer, but I can see some light at the end of the tunnel IF the GM can get some pitching in Minny, and let me tell you all something that I've said before - there should be absolutely NO REASON WHATSOEVER that a GM can't recruit players to come to Minny:  Fantastic ballpark, not overly hot weather, an up and coming bunch of bats, and a ridiculously supportive fan base who live and die by their team.  

A special shout out to foul-mouthed Hunter Pence who went psycho with the f-bombs on live TV post-game when they got into the playoffs:  Dude, consider this a formal invite on behalf of the owners of to come in anytime.  I’ll gladly give you my Tuesday spot for your tantrum.  Just get in here and drop some knowledge on us! 

MLB Playoffs.  So we have the SF/Pittsburgh winner facing Washington, while St. Louis draws Los Angeles. 

In the AL, it’s Oakland/KC winner facing Anaheim, with Baltimore and Detroit slugging it out.

I guess I’ll call my shot here too:  Washington over Baltimore in the World Series (in 7 games).

NFL – 10 questions/thoughts.  A weak week. 

  1. Pittsburgh lost to Tampa at home?  Stop it – y’all are lying to me.
  2. Hey Oakland, if you let Miami punk you like that, there’s no hope.
  3. Is Teddy Bridgewater for real, or what is a bad Atlanta defense? 
  4. Has the NFL found their team for London?  Because it sure seemed like the Londonites were serious Oakland fans.  Must be the Pirate/bad boy persona.
  5. J. J. Watt beat Buffalo at their own game, returning interceptions.  Just wait IF Clowney comes back, Watt is going to be even more of a beast!
  6. Jared Allen lost 18 pounds battling pneumonia?  That’s freaking scary.  Get well soon my man!!!
  7. Ndamukong Suh wants to play in the Big Sewer (NYC) next season?  Could you imagine this fool playing for Tom Coughlin?  Better yet, what kind of crap would he pull playing for Rex Ryan? 
  8. Anybody else sensing Jim Harbaugh is gone from SF after this season? 
  9. What does Rob Ryan think he has to bark about – he’s a horrible coordinator and always has been.
  10.  Absolute props to Dallas who just destroyed New Orleans.

CFB – 10 thoughts.  Not much of a week in terms of excitement, though a couple of thoughts here:

  1. I told you so – Florida State struggling in Raleigh is not a surprise – they are 4-5 their last nine there.  They had better shake it off, some name teams are coming up including the Domers.
  2. Was Texas A&M off, are was Arkansas a pretty good up and comer who just didn’t understand how to close out a game late? 
  3. Arkansas WILL upset somebody in the SEC West and screw up the SEC’s plans – I just don’t know who, but for some reason LSU keeps popping into my head.  It’s in Fayetteville and I think LSU above all others could get hurt by a ball control offense.
  4. Baylor has a crazy efficient offense, but let’s see what they do when they play tougher teams.  Grab your popcorn for that November 8th game at Oklahoma.
  5. Nebraska, the most unimpressive 5-0 team you’ve ever seen?  The most impressive part of this is the old fart season ticket holder who blasted the stadium for playing that “hip-hop hogwash.”
  6. Thank you Northwestern, you saved us from having major rantage about a 5-0 Penn State team.
  7. What in the word is going on in South Carolina and North Carolina?  
  8. Oregon @ UCLA on 10/11 is going to be HUGE for both programs, probably more so for Oregon because the Pac 12 North is screwing up.
  9. Fat Boy Charlie Weis got sent packing from Kansas, and Brady Hoke should be next in Ann Arbor. 
  10. Minnesota may have played a (bleep) schedule to date, but after beating Michigan they now draw Purdue, @ Illinois then home for Iowa which could make them potentially 7-1 before the roof caves in and they get Ohio State, @ Nebraska, and @ Wisky.

IF the playoff selection committee is on the up and up, you can pretty much start to identify the specific big games that will decide who plays in the playoffs:  Florida State/Notre Dame, Oklahoma/Baylor, Oregon/UCLA are three for sure.  You can also see where teams losing to other teams are going to kill certain teams.   Alabama desperately needs Virginia Tech to be better than they are, and they’re not and it may cost em.  Notre Dame (and more importantly Sparty) lose critical style points with Michigan stinking it up.  

West Hills Update.  Well, the boys went to 4-0 with a 40-14 win over Monterey Peninsula.  They have now outscored their opponents 174-49, and Jerry’s players are getting looks from lots of D-1 schools, most notably Oregon State.  One kid has racked up THREE standing scholarship offers, and others are getting calls as well.

My son came up after the game last week and while here he had to grade his players, and it amazed me how technical coaching has become with grading his players play by play on line into a database that included video. 

Golf.  A lot of things go into golf:  Accuracy, patience, improving on the links though you’ve probably been drinking like crazy, putting up with “the pros” who don’t like the way you’re playing and demand you let them go through you.  Well, let’s add animals to the list.  Here it’s deer.  In Florida (and Happy Gilmore) it’s gators, and apparently in Canada, the Bears decided to get in on the act:

Just a thought.  Is it me, or with each passing year does Jerry Seinfeld look more like Gilbert Gottfried?

“The best stories aren't on the cover. They're the kid at the end of the bench, the fan who snuck into the game, the coach who shouldn't be alive. They're the ones that are hardest to find, and hardest to forget.”  -- Rick Reilly

Good Story (X3).   Can it be anybody other than the Walkill Panthers Mighty Mites?  After going viral because they couldn’t break through the paper, they got a second chance on NFL Network Sunday and the kids blew through it while the buffoons at NFL Network cheered em on live.  It was cool and it fired me up!

Thanks to Larry Brown Sports, I actually have a second one and that’s the Ohio State Strength and Conditioning Coach and former LB who bodyslammed some liquored-up (I’ll violate my own rule here because it’s deserved) SUCKEYE fan who thought it would be cool to hit the field.  Check it out here.

Thirdly, during the Miami/Oakland game in London, some chick sang “God Save the Queen” and the fans sang along loud and proud.  Where do you hear us fans singing the National Anthem here loud and in unison?

Douchebag of the Week (DBOW).  Let me keep it on the field this time and that’s to the U. S. Ryder Cup Golf Team who lost the Cup to the Euros.  Dammit Fellas, you don’t lose to the Euros in anything, I think it’s written somewhere in law.  That's flat out unacceptable.

DBOW Honorable Mention?  The Dodge Dart "don't touch my car" commercials.  Keep it up boys, you’re gonna win the prize soon enough.

Saturday's Showcase - 9/27/14
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Today has a lot on the docket, so lets get this started.

MLB.  Congrats to Kansas City, and I sincerely wish them the best of luck in the playoffs.  Should they beat what looks to be Oakland, it would seem as though they will draw Anaheim, but I believe Anaheim can be beat.  And that leaves a potential Baltimore/Detroit series on the other side. 

Over in the NL, it’s increasingly looking like SF will be flying to Pittsburgh for the one game wild card battle for the right to face Washington, while LA is looking like it will face the one team that they didn’t want and the one team that owns them in the playoffs – St. Louis.

NFL.  I absolutely without a shadow of a doubt believe that Thursday Night football absolutely sucks, and for the third week in a row, it was blowout city this time New York blowing out Washington 45-14.  I really hope that smarter folks can stand up and tell the Sheriff that this just isn’t a good concept, and can anybody tell me when there’s been a good Thursday Night game?

And here’s yet another bad by-product of Thursday games:  one less game on Sunday afternoon on top of the byes already costing two other games.  This sucks.

As for the rest of this week:  I like a lot of the matchups on the field, particularly Green Bay at Chicago, New England at Kansas City and Carolina at Baltimore.  A lot of games are kind of flying under the radar but could be good:  Detroit at New York, Buffalo at Houston and expect a damn shootout Sunday Night with New Orleans at Dallas.

What I don’t like:  Philly at SF.  This is the wrong match up at the wrong time for San Francisco and expect SF to play strong in the first half and Philly to roll them in the second.  Jax at San Diego is gonna be ugly, but Oakland and Miami in London could be FUGLY.

King Jerrah.  So the King of Dallas decided to run his yap about charges against him of sexual assault by claiming that the entertainer (err, STRIPPER) waited too long to file charges.  Hey your royal highness, STFU.  Better yet carpetbagger, just go away and let somebody else own the team.

CFB.  I should know better.  Every season I have high hopes for Arizona State and every year they find new and creative ways to disappoint.  This season was particularly bad, for the night they choose to honor Pat Tillman, UCLA comes to town and laid a 62-27 beatdown on the Zonies.   And this UCLA kid Ishmael Adams?  He only had a 95 yard INT for a TD followed by a 100 yard Kickoff Return for a TD. 

Clearly at this point, UCLA should be considered far and away the front runner for the PAC 12 South.

CFB Schedule Today.  Oh oh, UPSET ALERT – Florida State is at NC State, a house of horrors for them, and potentially Cincinnati over Ohio State?  Could Cincinnati pull it off?  Is it possible that Arkansas can surprise Texas A & M?

The Top 25 Game of the Week?  It may very well be the very late game of Oregon State at USC. 

Watch how loud the drumbeat grows if Penn State gets to 5-0 by beating Northwestern today.  It’s about to get ugly and the rankers will have a tough decision whether or not to include the Pedos into their rankings.

NBA.  What a great week to be an NBA fan:  First Bill Simmons gets suspended and secondly Rajon Rondo gets injured with a broken hand or finger and is out 6-8 weeks.  Why is it great?  Because we don’t have to go through the next 6-8 weeks having to read about or listen to (yet again) Bill Simmons inspired trade rumors involving this Rondo.  Secondly, Boston and Danny Ainge is going to be forced to start focusing on moving forward without this cat AGAIN!

As for the circumstances surrounding Simmons’ suspension?  He freaking dared his bosses at TMZ to suspend him, and thirdly dropping the “f’n BS” term was gonna get him regardless.  That being said, he voiced an opinion on his podcast, which had nothing to do with TMZ, and this smacks of the NFL making a call to TMZ to make sure Simmons was dealt with.

I don’t like Simmons in any way, I think he sucks, is a homer, whines too much, and adds nothing to NBA broadcasts.  But at the same time he has an absolute right to make an ass out of himself on his own podcast.  We are heading full steam into the slippery slope that Mark Cuban talked about.  This is becoming a very bad sign that censorship is growing in America.

As for Rondo, he supposedly slipped in the shower then swung at the wall and connected.  If that part is true, that would indicate to me that he really isn’t the type of guy you want on your team, whether it be a young team looking for veteran leadership or a team one piece away from an NBA championship run, or anywhere in between.

Tuesday's Tantrum - 9/23/14
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I am now one month ESPiN-free and continue to feel good about it, especially after I read about the ignorance that came flying out of Ray Lewis’ cakehole Sunday Morning – if he said what is attributed to him, the NFL needs to very publicly put the bad-mouth on the four-letter TMZ Network – who needs to give Lewis some time off.  But there some other things I may be giving up very shortly, #1 being…

Twitter all of a sudden out of nowhere this weekend became a celebri-tard/Kar-trash-ian open porn zone.  Like a lady said “Haven’t we already been down this road with this woman?   Hard to be upset that a nudie “leak” got out.”  Sorry folks, it’s intentional both on her part and on Twitters.  Are celebrities that hard up for attention that they gotta go there? 

And Hope Solo?  I could have gone w/o seeing that and trust me folks, if you haven’t seen it, don’t go rushing to find it, you’ll only be disgusted.  I’m certainly not a prude, but I’m not about to catch hell from “the boss” for checking out porn because I inadvertently find it in the open on my timeline.    Oh, and who is Vanessa Hudgens? 

By the way Twitter, if the wannabe skin-a-max girls weren’t enough, thanks for all the KKK and white power shit that was polluting my timeline as well.  I get first amendment and shit Twitter, but at some point aren’t they violating some kind of rules here? 

MiLB Sacramento.  This week the AAA River Cats changed their affiliation from Oakland (a perennial AAA winner) to SF (an abominable AAA minor league team) because the owner thinks they can get more butts in the seats.  Uh, how can you get more people to attend a lesser product? 

NFL.  Look at San Diego steppin up...

Carolina taking that kind of ass-whoopin at home is shock enough, but to Pittsburgh???  WOW!!!  If Cam Newton is that hurt, do you think maybe he should sit?  While I’m on SNF, hey Carolina, I realize Pittsburgh fan travels well, but where were your fans in your own stadium?  Getting shouted down, that’s where you were.  Hell there were more Carolina fans on Twitter during the game.  That’s bad.

Will the real Pittsburgh Steelers please stand up?

I have nothing concrete to base this on, but I am more convinced than ever that Adrian Peterson will be a Dallas Cowboy in relatively short order.  

How long has it been since Cleveland has played three consecutive consistently competitive games?

How in the world did the Miami Dolphins beat New England in Week One?   Mama B.O.B. ain’t happy!

For that matter, what the hell is going on in New England?  If that offense struggles with Oakland and Miami, New York has to be salivating.

Seattle may have won, but are teams finding a weakness in Seattle’s defense?  They sure as hell seem to struggle with the crossing routes.  Oh and to that D-Lineman who thought it would be a good idea to talk shit to Peyton Manning – how’d that work out dumb ass – he only came back to break your defense off to the tune of 80 yards in 40 seconds without a time-out?  And Dickie Sherman, you look mad bro?

Is this where we say watch out for…wait for it…CINCINNATI???


NFL – San Francisco.  Boy are those pics a familiar site to SF fans.  Same story, different week.  Short DB’s getting thrown over, immaturity of taking penalties, constantly whining about the refs (SF deserves mega fines up to and including ownership), and awful play calling.  And what’s going on with that O-Line?  Hey Colin Kaepernick, you worried about your offense yet bro?

PS, there is no way in hell that I believe that Kaepernick dropped the racial slur that he’s accused of. 

NFL Troubles.  Props to Fox Curt Menefee for breaking off the NFL and owners Sunday Morning. 

Proctor & Gamble have pulled out of a Cancer initiative/partnership with the NFL during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and more corporations are expressing their public displeasure with the NFL including Anheuser-Busch, McDonald’s, Visa, Campbell’s Soup, and Pepsi.  The one I find VERY interesting is Visa – a bank/credit company who may have more cash than the NFL is bound to get the NFL’s attention.  I’d say props to these businesses, but we all know they aren’t doing their thing on principle; it’s all about the bottom line.

CFB.  So really, how do we know who is good and who isn’t?  And we insist on ranking teams?  Hell if the ranking structure was honest, why aren’t Boston College and East Carolina getting a look? 

Florida State stunk up the joint while Clemson said “No thanks, I really don’t want to win this game anyway”, Oregon struggled against Wazzu, Missouri lost to Indiana (?), and Oklahoma was in a dog fight against a West Virginia team that couldn’t spell defense, let alone play it.  Meanwhile, South Carolina let Vandy hang around, East Carolina hung 70 on RANKED North Carolina one week after beating RANKED Virginia Tech, and Mississippi State cruised into Death Valley and punked LSU.  Meanwhile, how is Nebraska ranked?  Oh, and there were still cupcake games out there to be sure. 

Meanwhile, that team that isn’t “power conference worthy” known as BYU?  Yeah, they’re 4-0 and beat a squad (Virginia) from a conference that refuses to play them in the future (ACC) and another “Power Conference” program in Texas.  But this is where the “freezing out” of BYU comes into play because they play nobody left of consequence unless you want to count Boise State.                                

Penn State is in an interesting position, 4-0 with two weeks in between games at Michigan (10/11) followed by two weeks to prep at home for Ohio State (10/25).  If they can take advantage of that unusual break, the table is set for them when they get to November 29th hosting Michigan State.  Oh my god will folks blow a gasket if they are 11-0 when they play Sparty. 

Speaking of Michigan, I can only imagine what is going on in Ann Arbor this week – fans have to be beside themselves, losing to Utah like that.  Meanwhile Brady Hoke is wishing he was back in San Diego.

Don’t get me started on FSU’s handling of Jameis Winston.  They look real bad.

 “The best stories aren't on the cover. They're the kid at the end of the bench, the fan who snuck into the game,

the coach who shouldn't be alive. They're the ones that are hardest to find, and hardest to forget.”  -- Rick Reilly

One Good Story.  This week, it’s almost unbelievable:  A Los Angeles (NL) fan living in Charlotte, NC donated bone marrow to a young San Francisco (MLB) fan here in the local area and the kicker is that the donor and recipient are completely unrelated.  Better than my recapping it further, please read here

Douchebag of the Week (DBOW).  Floyd “Money” Mayweather, the Executive Committee here at the DBOW were wondering when you’d be making your first appearance, and you sure didn’t disappoint.

It seems “Money” is a licensed promoter and runs “intense sparring sessions” where two fighters go at it until somebody quits while everybody else in the gym has money riding on it, apparently this is known as “dog house rules”.   In one instance, Hasim Rahman, Jr. and Donovan Cameron fought for 31 consecutive minutes.  Allegedly the Nevada Athletic Commission is involved for “clarification.”

Floyd, this ain’t the movie Lionheart, this is real life and not that you care, but you are messing with the lives and livelihood of real people.  You’re a real piece of work.  No, eff that, you’re a piece of trash, just like that bitch in the movie.  Now fly your damn lear jet up to NORCAL and come pick up your case of Massengale.  

Can we talk about Baseball Stats for 2014?
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I thought today I'd try something different.  We are at the end of the season, and I thought I'd look at some stats, both individual and team:

Individual Hitting.  Jose Altuve dominated here:  #1 in MLB BA at .343 and also led the league w/216 hits, and was 3rd in steals at 54 and 3rd in doubles with 44.  Meanwhile, Nelson Cruz has 39 HR, followed by Stanton at 37, and Chris Carter (Houston - AGAIN) with 36.  Meanwhile, 9 players have over 100 RBI's with Trout leading at 107.  Dee Gordon in LA has 63 SB.

Honorable Mention.  Can we give a shout out to Chicago's (AL) Jose Abreu, who is at .315, 35 HR, 104 RBI going into today.  Oh yeah, he's played in 137 games to date.

Individual Pitching.  As you can imagine, Clayton Kershaw dominated with a 1.8 ERA, a 20-3 record (both MLB leaders) in 26 starts and tied with Johnny Cueto for opponent BA at .195, while Price out of Detroit has the strikeout title w/255.  Fernando Rodney leads MLB with 46 saves.

Honorable Mention.  It seems like this guy doesn't get enough credit, but King Felix was 14-5, 2.07 ERA, and 236 strike outs.  

Team Hitting.  Detroit currently leads with a .279 BA, while Baltimore just clowned everybody in terms of HR (199, far and away better than #2 Colorado at 177), Kansas City has the least strikeouts and leads everybody in SB, Anaheim and Detroit lead in team RBIs.  

Team Pitching.  Seattle and Washington lead MLB with a 3.04 ERA, while Seattle gave up an opponent BA of .228, while Tampa and Cleveland dominated in team strikeouts.  Seattle also was the best in ER given up.  Anaheim has the most credited pitcher wins (95).  

Rookies.  Abreu is far and away the best, but some other notables, among so many:

  • Danny Santana in Minnesota:  93 games, .322 BA, 39 RBI, 19 steals
  • Betances in New York (AL):  5-0, 1.33 ERA, 132 SO, 88 IP
  • Tanaka in New York (AL):  12-4, 2.51 ERA, 135 SO before getting injured
  • Castellanos in Detroit:  139 games, .267 BA, 10 HR, 62 RBI, 31 doubles.



That's right Derek Jeter, take a bow - this New York hater is wishing you a fond farewell.  I certainly don't need to wish you luck considering the hotties you went through and the money you have, but you earned it and did it the right way, so congrats.  Oh yeah Derek, your team still sucks!!!  :)












Friday's Fiesta - 9/19/14
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Before I start, I just want to say that I’m hearing through the grapevine that Norm and Sully will be back soon, and I for one can’t wait to see them back, refreshed and spewing great take after great take.  To the rest of you all, thank you for putting up with a double and sometimes triple dose of me from week to week. 

As for today, It’s Friday, the weekend’s here and there’s a butt-ton of sports to get to.  Friday Night Lights, Saturday Football, the NFL, damn good Baseball, and hell friends, I’m even gonna throw in a hockey take just for you puck-heads who are jonesing.  Let’s get this fiesta started…

MLB – the end.  We are now into the final week of the season (it ends September 28th) and it’s almost a shame that the season is gonna end because quite frankly I enjoyed it – very little off the field non-sense and a heck of a lot of good races and even a few surprises.  Can we get a little bit more of the regular season?  Like that line Vin Scully says in “For love of the game” – “And tonight I think he might be able to use that aching old arm one more time to push the sun back up in the sky and give us one more day of summer.”  Hey, it’s still hot out here (almost 100), so let's keep the regular season going.

One other line from that movie if you don’t mind and I’m gonna adopt and change just for me:  “God, I always said I would never bother you about baseball, Lord knows you have bigger things to worry about. But if you could give Oakland some hitting and keep San Francisco hot, and not to be greedy but if you could find a way to get them into the World Series together, I would really appreciate it.

Seems like the playoff teams are all getting hot at just the right time and that we may be headed for an epic October!!!

Hey Tampa, how is it that you always seem to be in the middle of some ignorant drama?  First it's with Boston and now it's with New York.  Don't go blaming them, y'all need to look in the mirror.  Grow the hell up you big babies.

NFL.  Hey Oakland fan, get a good look because this might be the only way you score this season.  Damn, I thought y'all were on the upswing after clearing the decks and freeing up cap space, but this is getting beyond ridiculous.  And I don't even like the team... 

Let’s save everybody some time and just give the NFC East to Philly.  Good Lord, why didn’t I think to draft Darren Sproles into my fantasy team? I usually never forget him. 

I mentioned this to Harry, but wasn’t it funny how Dick Sherman gets all butt hurt?  Relax Dick, it’s only a game. 

On the field, I like what Cleveland is doing by going old school and grinding it out.  Beating New Orleans should make fans happy, but don’t go overboard Cleveland, New Orleans’ defense sucks, and an SEC cupcake could get through it.

Here’s a laugh, SF QB Kaepernick got an $11K fine for cursing.  Damn, that would just barely beat out the Gab if we had a swear jar and had to pay…especially Beeze and I.

Speaking of SF, you know when Levi’s was the loudest Sunday Night?  When Snoop Dogg was performing at halftime.  I’m not sure that’s a complement or a complaint.  Oh, and white people, don’t dance in public because you suck at it.  Oops, that ain’t PC…


NFL Troubles.  I got a good laugh yesterday when I read that the #1 ambulance chaser of all time – Gloria Allred held a news conference screaming about the NFL and wanting the Sheriff fired.  Really Gloria?  As if what you say matters?  We’re hip to your game girl.  You’re just as bad as Al Sharpton.

It’s been mentioned so many times, but I thought it was so true I wanted to bring it up here:  Nike is complaining about the NFL’s bad behavior?  Hmmm…considering the sweatshop allegations, I guess I would have to say “Pot, meet kettle?”  As for Anheuser-Busch, it’s hard to criticize them, only to say that it has been my experience that when shit goes down, alcohol is involved almost 90% of the time – at least in every issue I’ve ever dealt with as a member of the military police and or military legal, and even at work in the civilian community.

I wonder when the focus of all of this will get to player behavior and how to address it? 

NFL Good News?  I don't want to walk away this week without actually acknowledging some good.  Anybody remember Warrick Dunn?  Yeah, back in the day he created a foundation to build houses for those less fortunate.  Yesterday, Mr. Dunn gave away the 139th house to a single mother in need.  So let's give this guy the respect he deserves, and let's find some good for a change.   

CFB.  I’m not sure I have ever understood this rush to rank teams, be it pre-season or weeks 1-3.  Heck, I don’t even understand it before October (or Game 6).  I think you should have played a minimum of six games before you’re eligible to be ranked.  If we do it that way, it’s more fair to programs to have a realistic shot.

Hey Texas fan, was very sorry and I truly mean it that David Ash had to give up Football.  That sucks, but he's doing the right thing - concussions are nothing to screw with.  Best of luck to that young man in all of his future endeavors.

CFB – Schedule.  I read somewhere where Michigan and Texas have signed up for a home and home, and while it’s a long ways off (2024 and 2027), you can see where programs are beginning to get it and starting to move towards schedules such as Notre Dame and Ohio State.  God I hate giving those two props.

CFB – This Week.  Boys and girls, we have some pretty decent games on tap:  Auburn @ Kansas State, Virginia @ BYU, Miss St. @ LSU, Clemson @ Florida State, North Carolina @ East Carolina, Bowling Green @ Wisky, and a game that nobody will watch because it’s so far under the radar that only our friend Doug will watch:  San Diego State @ Oregon State.  Another under the radar:  Utah State @ Arkansas State. 

Whoa hold the phone, this has to be a typo, Alabama is actually playing Florida?  Huh?  Nah, I don’t believe it until I actually see it.  Oh wait, it’s in Tuscaloosa.  Go figure.

Hey Fresno State, what the hell are you doing playing “Southern Utah?”

NHL.  We always trash reporters and networks, but this crap I continue to read about the NHL expanding into Vega$, Seattle, Quebec, and a second team in Toronto is a freaking joke.  First off reporters, do your homework.  Even I as a hockey novice can see that there are teams now who are struggling, and you want to add four more teams to the mix?  Are you stupid?

You want to improve the NHL?  Here’s a piece of advice for you – focus on assholes like Matt Cooke and get his brand of “hockey” out of the game.  Focus on the divers like in Montreal.  Focus on the divas in Pittsburgh.  Then, if you want teams in those four places take the teams who are producing the worst and move em.  You sent Atlanta to Winnipeg, why not send Florida to Seattle?

Politics.  Was just thinking, is President Obama really as bad as it seems, or is it that he is surrounded by a bunch of totally unqualified people around him?  How can a President make a decision when he’s got that kind of inexperience and goofiness surrounding him?  No wonder it takes time for him to make a decision – he’s got idiots working for him.  And while I’m on politics:

Lots of BULLSHIT artists, eh?  Speaking of folks who suffer from the old Hawaiian disease of Verbal Diarrhea:

Douchebag of the Week.  Jameis Winston, come on down.  For screaming “eff her in the p@#$y” while you are still being investigated for the second time for a possible sexual assault, you are this weeks receipient of the Massengale bath. Jameis Winston, WTF are you thinking, or are you?  As a Florida State fan, apology not accepted.  Enjoy Canada you assclown.        

I believe in the First Amendment and the right to make a damn fool out of yourself, and Yes, I know the deal with the “eff her in the p@#$y” rage and how it’s gone viral all because some “Kentucky redneck” got loose twice on live news feeds, and now he’s got all kinds of parody accounts, but Jameis, it ain’t funny when you do it, especially considering your history.  It’s all about optics Jameis.  You see Jameis, optics are…eh, never mind, you probably don’t even attend class anyway…

Oh, and Florida State, you don’t escape either.  Suspend him for only one half against Clemson?  You’re kidding right?  That's about as bogus as it gets, and it's now even harder to defend FSU as a long-time fan.  They just keep shooting themselves in the foot.  Damn!

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