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Tuesday's Tantrum, 4/22/14
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Hello Gabbers and welcome to another edition of the tantrums after a fantastic Easter sports weekend but before I get to the sports, I want to start with a different vibe:

Music – Prince.  MUSIC LOVERS REJOICE because actual music returning is on the horizon!!!  It was reported on Friday that Prince has patched up his significant differences with Warner Brothers, regained control over his master recordings of old, is coming out with a new album, plus a “digital remastering” of the soundtrack to Purple Rain along with more projects in the works.  Purple Rain, an all-time favorite of mine both in terms of music and the movie.

I get that when it comes to this group I am in the minority when it comes to musical tastes, and I have absolutely no problem with that.  But one thing that I hope we all can agree on is that at least Prince creates MUSIC, be it R&B, Soul, sometimes Rock, and everything in between.  Growing up in the 70s and cutting my adult teeth in the 80’s I really enjoy his music and am excited by his coming back out into the forefront.

MLS Soccer.  Remember the old saying “Insanity doing the same thing time after time and expecting a different result?”  That applies to professional Soccer in the USA. 

Soccer was big in the 70s with the old NASL.  It had everything going for it – TV, loyal and passionate fans, sold out small arenas, sold out places like Giants Stadium, etc., but of course like many businesses, they got impatient and got too greedy too fast.  The NASL failed in part because the New York Cosmos spent far too much on old European talent (and Pele) to come and play here.  They eventually bought up all the talent at the time and dominated while pricing all the franchises out.  People outside of New York got bored.  Not only that, there were too damn many franchises to begin with who thought they could make a quick buck and very quickly found out it wasn’t as easy as they thought. 

Fast forward nearly 40 years later and we’ve got the same thing going on.  Replace the old Cosmos with the LA Galaxy, add in expanding to the most inefficient of markets (Atlanta for sure, and now talk of Miami and Minnesota(?)) possible, and you’ve got a potential classic textbook case of history repeating itself.  Atlanta is nothing more than a cash grab to allow a deep pocketed owner (Arthur Blank) to come in.  Blank will do everything he can to make it work in Atlanta, but in the end, Atlanta won’t support it and MLS will have to move the team, I suspect to a soccer crazy place such as Sacramento or Phoenix.

In the case of MLS – It’s not a matter of IF, it’s a matter of WHEN Soccer will become the fifth major sport in America.  The demographics are clearly changing and you can see it coming.  MLS needs to BE PATIENT and more importantly BE RIGHT, which leads me to this question:  How could Pro Soccer commit to Atlanta and Orlando BEFORE they even think about going to Sacramento, San Diego, San Antonio, Dallas, or even Phoenix?   

NBA – Non-Playoff Teams.  I get a kick out of riding home from school Thursday night and listening to ESPN radio.  Baseball is going strong with interesting storylines, hockey playoffs are starting up, and NBA playoffs are right around the corner and what are these talking heads talking about?  That’s right, the Lakers and Knicks.  No playoff talk about matchups between quality teams who worked hard to get to the playoffs, they want to talk about Kobe and Carmelo, Lakers and Knicks, oh yeah, and Phil Jackson.  And the NBA can’t understand why they have a perception problem.

Memo to ESPN:  Yes, we get it that LA and NYC are the two major media markets with the biggest population, but you can’t be bothered to talk about the Clippers and Nets?  Really?  The NBA really is bigger than the Lakers, I promise and while I personally have no use for the LA Floppers (oops, I meant Clippers), that’s a pretty talented squad when their heads are on right and their playing ball.  How is it they are getting so blatantly ignored?

So what's more important ESPN, teams in big markets that suck, or some quality playoff basketball being played right now?

San Francisco Giants Week in Review.  The Giants remain one game behind the Dodgers in the NL West, sitting overall at 11-8, while going 3-3 this week at home vs. the Dodgers and on the road in San Diego as their offense cooled, but their pitching improved significantly.  They didn’t give up more than three runs in a game, which for them is astounding.  Would love to see what this team can do when it’s hitting and pitching are clicking at the same time. 

Lincecum dropped his ERA from nearly 10 to 6.43, Vogelsong from 9 to 5.4.  I’ll bet Cain wishes the Giants would hit for him because he’s the hard luck guy of the Giants sitting at 0-3 with a 2.88 ERA and 6 strike outs per game.  Romo already has five saves.

I’ve always said “I love to visit San Diego, but living there sucks.”  Hell, the Giants must think San Diego is a house of horrors for them.  It’s definitely a pitchers ball park, and with the shaky Giants pitching, I always worry about a Giants road trip down there.  But this time it was in reverse, the pitching was fine, the hitting stunk. 

Oakland A’s Week in Review.  Billy Beane is a freaking witch!!!  How the hell are the Oakland A’s by wins and losses the best team in the American League?  A talking head this week was making an observation about how Oakland always finds ways to win and to grind games out.  That was a very apt description of the team for the past two seasons and now this current one. 

Oakland went 5-1 this week in Anaheim and home for Houston and really was literally inches away from going 6-0.  Cespedes and Reddicks bats are starting to thankfully pick up, helping Donaldson and Callaspo and Oakland’s pitching just keeps rolling along. 

If there was one criticism of the A’s right now, it’s got to be the fielding. 

But I have to ask the question:  Why did Oakland get rid of Sam Fuld?  Well, their loss is Minnesota’s gain.

MLB.  Gomez in Milwaukee is a douche bag.  Look, whether we like it or not, there is that unwritten rule of showing up a pitcher when you get a hit, but Gomez wants to be a douche every chance he gets.  John Kruk said it best yesterday, don’t get loud with him Pittsburgh, just drill him his next at bat.

NFL 2014 Schedule.  Well, today is a big day for fans of NFL off-season milestones – the schedule for the upcoming season is being released.  Here’s some things I will guarantee:  NBC Sunday Night Football will have at least one of the Cowboy/Giant games (if not both), as well as Redskins at Eagles, as well as San Francisco @ Seattle, along with one game from the 49ers new park, and the New England/Denver game.  There will also be one game in New Orleans and count Indy in a game.

Thanksgiving?  I’m figuring Minnesota @ Detroit, Philly, Washington, or Jets @ Dallas, and the 49ers will be the third game at home.

Monday Night Football?  Expect them to be shitty games since NBC is taking all the headline games each week.  Has Monday Night Football run its course?

What apparently is already known is that there will be three games in London:  Dolphins/Raiders on 9/28, Lions/Falcons on 10/26, and Cowboys/Jags on 11/9.  So, Oakland, Atlanta, and Jax fans have one less game that they can attend.  But then again, their attendance ain’t the greatest anyway, so I guess the NFL is firing a shot across their bows.

NFL Draft #8 Pick – Minnesota Vikings.  Adrian Peterson, Greg Jennings, Cordarelle Patterson, and Kyle Rudolph.  OK, the Vikings have some talent at the skill positions.  We all know what they should be doing in the draft, Quarterback.  Ponder and Cassel ain't gonna get it done.  If ever there was a team where Manziel was best suited, Minnesota would be it, provided his attitude allows it.

In Free Agency, the Vikes addressed the need at Safety by signing Kurt Coleman out of Philly, but with the talent at the skill positions makes me wonder why free agents won’t sign with Minny.  Could it be because the Vikings will be playing outdoors while the new stadium is being built?  Will the coddled players be able to handle harsh winter games on hard turf in November and December in quite possibly the coldest place in America? says the Vikes need QB, Offensive Line, and Safety, but I would add D-Line help after they lost Jared Allen.  The Vikes have eight picks in this draft, two in the third round, which is a good thing.  If they stand pat at #8, they will fill a need, no doubt.  Question is, will they be given an offer for the #8 pick that they can’t refuse? 

College Football – Stanford 2014 schedule.  Like I continue to say, I really like the PAC 12, and I think that this is the conference that will benefit the most from the shift from BCS to Committee.  They are improving BIG TIME!!!  I believe that whoever comes out of the Pac 12 could have a legitimate case for an NC Game appearance.  Case #1:  Stanford:  

Home:  UC Davis, USC, Army, Washington State, Oregon State, Utah, UCLA

Road:  Washington, Notre Dame (10/4), Arizona State, Oregon, Cal

Neutral:  Potential Pac 12 Championship Game (12/5)

Unlike UCLA, Stanford has some baggage here with UC Davis and Army, but IF they come out of the Pac 12 unscathed, they’ve proven that in the past, this could be a big year down on the Farm. says the Vikes need QB, Offensive Line, and Safety, but I would add D-Line help after they lost Jared Allen.  The Vikes have eight picks in this draft, two in the third round, which is a good thing.  If they stand pat at #8, they will fill a need, no doubt.  Question is, will they be given an offer for the #8 pick that they can’t refuse? 

Thursday's Thoughts - 4/17/14
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Hi guys, it's your Uncle B.O.B. filling in for Ole Harry this week while he tends to something.  Before I go any further, I want to wish everybody a Happy Easter.  May you enjoy your day however you choose to celebrate, be it church, family, BBQ, formal dinner, or just sitting watching Baseball, NASCAR, or the NBA/NHL playoffs on the recliner in the Man Cave.  It's definitely one heckuva sports weekend that's for sure.

Today, I want to touch on all four of the major sports.

NBA.  Thankfully the sham of a regular season is over.  A regular season that had teams purposely fielding the worst possible team they can in order to gamble on ping pong balls in May.  So you intentionally piss off your fans in the hopes that a set of ping pong balls in a closed off back room go your way?

I want to say good job to the Phoenix Suns who had a surprisingly strong season, and just missed out on the playoffs.  47 wins (six games over .500) and they can’t get into the playoffs?  That’s a damn shame, and shame on the NBA.  Here’s the rub with the Suns, they have three, possibly four first round picks in the upcoming draft.  Phoenix is on the rise (no pun intended) in the NBA.

Stephen A. Smith is absolutely right – no team who has a below .500 record in the regular season should be allowed into the dance, period end of story.  Forget conferences, it’s time to take the 16 best teams regardless and seed them accordingly, so long as they are above .500.

NBA Western Playoffs.  (1) San Antonio vs. (8) Dallas; (2) OKC vs. (7) Memphis ; (3)  Clippers vs. (6) Golden State; (4) Houston vs. (5)  Portland.  No series will be easy and I can only begin to imagine the matchups in the second round, but I’m not gonna consider anything an upset here.

One thing you should watch out for out west is that Golden State lost Andrew Bogut to a cracked rib which supposedly is dangerously close to his lung.  No idea how long he’ll be out.  That and the rumored tension with HC Mark Jackson may make Golden State the one easy out in a very tough West giving the Clippers a huge break.

Sacramento Kings.  The Kings ended the season with less than 30 wins, a small disappointment as I expected 32, but this season admittedly was a write-off season, a season for on-court evaluation and cleaning up the mess of the Maloofs.  Yes, there was frustrations including poor defense, questionable effort, constant whining to the officials, dumb ass technical, and a lack of production at the 2 and 4 spots, and a significant overpopulation at said “4”. 

But there were also some positives:  Ben McLemore is showing signs of improvement at the 2-guard spot, Ray McCallum is showing signs of being a quality backup PG, and Reggie Evans showed some solid play at the “4” late which significantly enhanced the Kings ability to rebound, and I’ll bet you didn’t know that there were three players on the Kings who averaged 20 points per game:  DeMarcus Cousins, Rudy Gay, and little Isaiah Thomas. 

The Kings are the proverbial work in progress, with aggressive ownership and management.  Don’t be surprised if you hear their name in trades come draft night and in free agency.  The rumors continue to persist that Rondo is coming to the Kings (with Gerald Wallace) for a massive package to Boston in return which includes two First Round picks, Isiah Thomas, Ben McLemore, and something else.  Hey Boston, it ain’t gonna happen.

NHL Playoffs.  This is the time of year Hockey grows on me, and in the first round I get the added attraction of San Jose vs. LA Kings in the first round.  Now come on San Jose, let’s get a NORCAL victory over a SOCAL team! 


MLB.  Hey Jeff, thank you.  Watching morning/afternoon Baseball in the middle of the week on MLB Network does not suck at all.  I am looking forward to this all season long. It's a solid break from Law and Order reruns.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching Oakland/Minny last week from Target Field.

Speaking of which, I absolutely love that Target Field in Minneapolis and would like nothing better than to attend a game there.  Knowing that this is my last realistic chance, and after extensive negotiating w/Mrs. B.O.B., we will be going there in mid-May for a night game the night before Jerry’s graduation, weather and logistics permitting – making a day out of it and maybe finding a “juicy lucy” and other Midwest type of food.  I had been hoping for a day game, but the schedule didn’t quite work out for that.  I hope to have some cool pics.

Tampa Bay Bucs.  Tampa has already signed 15 players in Free Agency, which is good because the Bucs only have six picks in this draft (none in the 4th round). says the Bucs need OL (see a pattern here yet?), CB, and QB.  QB is interesting in that they already have Josh McCown and Mike Glennon.  Would the Bucs roll the dice on a QB at #7 if Bortles, Manziel, or Bridgwater were left?  Would they go after Mettenberger or a less hyped QB in a later round?

This is where the draft tends to get really interesting because with all the FA signings down in Tampa, the scores of unsigned free agents they had last season, and now new management (including Lovie Smith as the Head Coach, who I’m not high on), nobody is going to be able to get a feel for what the Bucs are gonna do, but this media pressure for them to take a QB could be a mistake.  Work on your line. 

College Football – Michigan State 2014 schedule.  Sparty taking the Big Ten, then winning the Rose Bowl was absolutely HUGE for the credibility of the Big Ten in 2013.  No longer is this conference Ohio State’s personal playground and the rest a bunch of underachievers. 

Home:  Jacksonville State, Eastern Michigan, Wyoming, Nebraska, Michigan, Ohio State, Rutgers

Road:  Oregon, Purdue, Indiana, Maryland, Penn State

Neutral:  Big Ten Championship Game

Oregon on September 6th?  On the road?  Don’t tell me other schools couldn’t schedule games like this.    Now this is what I’m talking about and I’m hoping that in the future we see more of this.  I get Eastern Michigan, but I’m not as sold on the rest (Wyoming, Jax State?) of their OOC.  Oregon will help, but if they get through the Big Ten, will their OOC be enough to convince a new selection board for an NC Game?

Tuesday's Tantrum, Tax Day Edition
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Hello Gabbers and welcome to another edition of the tantrums where Saturday morning I watched “For Love of the Game” (again!) on MLB Network, and maybe it’s just my age and the fact I’m becoming more of a sap, but listening to Vin Scully describe even a fictional game was AWESOME!!!  Forget the garbage part of the script with the girl, I found the movie to be in part a homage to the real love on so many levels from so many characters for the game of Baseball. 

It also speaks to our never ending battle with Father Time, and the line I loved was for something I have thought a lot about lately, a Vin Scully line:  And tonight I think he might be able to use that aching old arm one more time to push the sun back up in the sky and give us one more day of summer.”  It’s something that ties in with my first take of the tantrum: 

The Ultimate Warrior.  The following take may be cliché to some, hokey to others, but it comes from the heart.  Bear with me if you choose to read it:

 “Every mans heart one day beats its final beat.  His lungs breathe their final breath.  And if what that man did in his life makes the blood pulse through the bodies of others; If it makes them believe deeper in something larger than life; than his essence, his spirit, will be immortalized.”  -- Jim Hellwig (aka Ultimate Warrior), Monday Night Raw, April 7 2014.

Eerily 24 hours after this speech he was dead at age 54.  Like Vin Scully’s line in “For love of the game”, it seemed to me Warrior was always trying to keep the sun up in the sky and extend Summer as long as he possibly could – living life to its fullest.  He possessed an ongoing commitment to impressive physical appearance at the age of 50-plus, working out with an intensity and purpose that I had not seen anywhere – he termed it “kicking his own ass.”  His point was that Physical activity is the quickest and most effective way to kill worry, doubt, and fear…everything about you and the quality of your life gets better with exercise.”  And oh, was he right.  He showed me that 50 is literally the new 30 in so many ways. 

But his appeal to me was far more than mere physicality, it was (is) about a common sense lifestyle choice that many, myself included, seems to have forgotten – ALWAYS BELIEVING in something far greater within yourself, aggressively finding your purpose in life and working with an intensity and passion to develop your destiny which is in your hands, nobody elses.  To be yourself and actually “OWN” your life - not letting anybody else do it for you.  He believed in kicking doubt, resistance, and negativity square in the ass.  He lived this way in part by having 11 ways to better the quality of your attitude and life.  A lot of it was basic stuff that somewhere along the line I had forgotten.   I adapted these 11 points to my own life and it’s certainly helped me.

So what’s the bottom line for me?  Did he say mean-spirited and ignorant (bleep)?  Of course, we all have.  Forget the wrestling and the political takes, I choose to remember the man who takes a basic, no non-sense yet common sense approach to life.  He inspired me to wake up and realize that life ain’t over, to understand that the status quo isn’t acceptable, to search for more out of life.  He got me to accept that and to find new goals and new challenges.  Some physical, some mental, but either way, I now commit fully to them.  Those are the things I choose to remember about Jim Hellwig.  Thank you “Warrior”, not for the entertainment and certainly not for the wrestling, but for the motivating me to see there’s more to life, to live with purpose and commitment.  I will strive to be worthy of the good parts of your existence. 


Golf – The Masters.  I think it was great for the game of Golf to see that real-life Happy Gilmore moment when Bubba Watson won the Masters and had his little son walking out on to the green to greet him, then for him to pick up his son and walk and hi-five the spectators on the green, then up the path to the cabin.  Add in the fact that 20 year old Jordan Spaeth gave Watson his greatest challenge, and the game of Golf is in good hands.  The future is here.

Tiger Woods is a great and phenomenal champion, there is no denying or taking that away from the man, but I believe with all my heart that no one player of a sport is bigger than the sport itself.  The future is here and it’s time for Golf, the PGA, and the talking heads to acknowledge and embrace it.

MLB Fans.  We spoke about this last week, and now the Curtis Granderson issue in Anaheim is making it more interesting because a fan actually touched a player on the field.  Security has to be beefed up in some way and perhaps Adam Jones of the Orioles is right, charges should be brought and punishment should be severe.  Anybody remember the Monica Seles attack in Tennis?  Something bad is gonna happen if MLB Security and local police forces don’t develop a plan to keep fans in check.


San Francisco Giants Week in Review.  The Giants faced Arizona and Colorado this past week and went 3-3, 8-5 overall good enough for 2nd place in the NL West one game behind those dirty, stinking Dodgers. Right now they appear to be better on the road at 5-2.  The Giants are averaging 4.5 runs per game, pretty good for this bunch.  The Giants are pretty much scoring at will, thank goodness for Angel Pagan and Brandon Crawford, because Sandoval and Hunter Pence are absolutely stinking up the joing. 

I look for inspiration and happiness anywhere I can find it and this week at the Giants home opener, Matt Cain walked to the mound hand-in-hand with San Francisco’s favorite Superhero, Bat Kid, who threw out the first pitch for the Giants opening home game.

Freaking Mrs. B.O.B. gets two tickets to the Giants game Thursday Night against the Snakes, but I have to go to class, so Middle B.O.B. tags along to watch a ten inning affair where Kung Fu Panda cost the Giants the game with a ridiculous throwing error in the top of the 8th inning.  The throwing errors are very concerning.  Funny part of this game is that during night games, the Seagulls swoop down looking for grub almost every night.  It’s hilarious to watch this stuff.

Holy Crap Tim Lincecum, Paul Goldschmidt owns your ass!  Stop serving up the Gopher ball.  Jesus, the pitching is now hit or miss!  Hudson has a 2.35 ERA, Bumgarner 3.3.  Cain is sitting a 4.0, Vogelsong has an 8 ERA, and Lincecum is hovering at 10 for an ERA.  At least the bullpen is doing well.

Crawford yakked one into McCovey Cove to win on Sunday in the 10th, and Madison Bumgarner yakked a grand slam which had to be the highlight of the week.

Oakland A’s Week in Review.  Oakland started things off by going into Minnesota and sweeping the Twins, but then Friday night flew in to Seattle and smack dab into a red hot King Felix who owned them. But the A’s righted the ship going 5-1 this week, overall 8-4 with the best record in the AL, and 5-1 on the road.

The A’s bats are doing better, but still have a long way to go, particularly in the power department.  Brandon Moss is still hot, but he is going to need help from Cespedes, Donaldson, and especially Reddick, who if he doesn’t wake up soon, could find his way to AAA while Sam Fuld takes his place.   

Oakland’s pitching is doing well with Gray and Kazmir below 1.5 ERA, and Straily below 3, but their high priced closer Jim Johnson has already been pulled from that duty, sitting at a nearly 12 ERA. 

San Francisco 49ers.  What the hell is going on w/the 49ers?  Jesus guys, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.  And Aldon Smith, if it’s true that you got belligerent with the TSA and told them you were in possession of a bomb, you should be cut IMMEDIATELY.  You aren’t getting it, and perhaps you need the “Cris Carter” wake up call before you do something that takes out an innocent person.

So let's see, alleged gangsta shit, felony weapons charges, DUI, and now communicating a bomb threat at an airport (and possibly being drunk while doing it).  Yeah, he represents the shield real well.

Better yet, this is where I would have absolutely ZERO problem with the Sheriff coming in and giving this ass-wipe the entire season off to think about things and what direction he wants to head.

Psst, Hey Colin Kaepernick, STAY THE HELL OUT OF MIAMI!!!

NFL Draft #6 Pick – Atlanta Falcons.  When you look at this team you sit and wonder.  You wonder about the Head Coach decision making, you wonder if they can stay healthy, and you wonder about picking up of Scott Pioli as part of the Falcons “Brain Trust”.  All that talent, but too many questions to overcome.

Mike Smith might have been on the hot seat, but he got a huge break (no pun intended) when Atlanta became the NFL’s version of a MASH unit.  But I can’t imagine another season like the last one, so you gotta figure he’s already on that hot seat.

This upcoming draft, says the Falcons need LB, DL, OL, TE.  It would seem they addressed the line issues somewhat in Free Agency, they brought in two DL Tyson Jackson (KC) and Paul Soliai (MIA) and one OL in G Jon Asamoah (KC).  A signing I particularly like is the Devin Hester signing out of the blue.  That already adds to a deep WR core and automatically helps the return game. 

In the draft the Falcons have 10 picks (2 in the fourth, and three in the 7th), and my goodness, how fast do you think the Dirty Birds would jump on Jadaveon Clowney if he isn’t snatched up by #6?  Regardless of that Atlanta wins because no matter what they will address a need at #6 but again, if it’s Clowney there certainly is that question of motor and intensity.

College Football – Georgia 2014 schedule.  Since I wrote about the Falcons, I thought why not take a look at the Bulldogs. 

Home:  Clemson, Troy, Tennessee, Vandy, Auburn, Charleston Southen, Georgia Tech

Road:  South Carolina, Missouri, Arkansas, Kentucky,

Neutral:  Florida (Jacksonville)

Notably missing:  Alabama (AGAIN!).  I don’t get the politics of the Georgia/Alabama refusal to play each other, a friend once told me it was Bear Bryant who wanted nothing to do with the Dawgs.

Troy isn’t a scrub, but they are not SEC caliber and I don’t get this SEC-specific thing of playing a scrub at home in the middle of November.  This is gonna hurt the SEC in the coming years as the other conferences start bulking up.

Here’s the thing about the Dawgs, they break your heart year after year.  They just can’t get over the hump.  But I would say this about Georgia – this may be the year that they can rise above South Carolina and Missouri and take the SEC East.


Tuesday Tantrums, 4/8/14
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Hello Gabbers and welcome to another edition of the tantrums where Uncle and Mrs. B.O.B. are recuperating from the whirlwind of trips to Palm Springs, Phoenix, and South Florida and eagerly await  May’s trip to see Jerry graduate before we settle in for a long, hot Summer here. Holy crap folks, so much to cover and so little space.  On to the sports:

Golf – The Masters.  Ok folks, we got the confirmation, Elderick won’t be in the Masters, so the chances of the irrelevant Sergio Garcia getting off some ignorant verbal blast is minimal.  Phil Mickelson, my personal favorite, heading into his mid-40’s and battling injury too.  So what?  It’s Augusta and you’ve got a good crop of young players who need to be showcased.

Besides, if you need any further confirmation that Spring is here, tune in to the Sunday round and watch the play from Amen corner. 

Florida State.  Apparently, Florida State has some "splainin" to do... 

First off, we have that logo change, which cause some stir.  I certainly hope the school contacted the Tribe and discussed it with them.

Second and much more importantly, it appears that the Winston rape/assault issue didn’t go away as many had hoped.  Now the feds want to get into the mix about FSU’s handling of the allegations to see if they “conducted a proper probe.”  The feds investigating anybody about conducting a proper probe is hilarious considering their issues.  But the bottom line here is that if the feds think they didn’t, they’ll force the school to do investigate again, and while Winston can’t face charges he can face discipline including expulsion.  Not only that, they are gonna go back three years to other incidents as well to determine if there have been any Title IX violations.  This is gonna get ugly and I’m gonna be real curious to see how the race-baiters play this.

NBA – Milwaukee Bucks.  Saturday, a rumor got loose that ole Senator Herb Kohl finally broke down and sold the Bucks and according to that d-bag Bill Simmons it WAS NOT to the Seattle-ites who were rumored to be trying to buy the team.  Rumors are that a local group is buying it and it involves former Buck player Junior Bridgeman, who from what I understand owns and operates quite a few Wendy’s restaurants.

He is also reporting that the NBA aided in a very quiet sale to keep the “stay or go” embarrassment and speculation to an absolute minimum.  Very, VERY smart of the NBA who learned from the three year debacle here in Sacramento.  The thing the NBA gets out of it is that they get a new arena under construction in Milwaukee by 2017 or the team moves. 

OK, so Milwaukee may be settled.  Charlotte (B-dub), you’re next up on Seattle's radar, no matter how much they say you're not.  Watch out!!!

San Francisco Giants Week in Review.  The Giants got off to a good start this first week of the season going 5-2 against Arizona and the Dodgers on the road surprisingly sitting in first place this week.  Angel Pagan is going off early hitting over .400 with 8 RBI while Brandon Belt (of all people) has already hit four HRs and has 7 RBI.  If I had a concern, it would be that the Giants only have two steals to start the season. 

Meanwhile Madison Bumgarner is justifying the hype of his being considered the Ace of the staff with 13 strikeouts and a 1.74 ERA.   


Oakland A’s Week in Review.  Meanwhile in Oakland, the A’s went 4-3 against Cleveland and Seattle all at home, and yesterday beating the Twins in Minny.  One of the things I fear for the A’s is their hitting, and it’s kinda average at this point.  There’s no pop in their bats, with only five home runs in six games.

As usual of late, the A’s pitching is pretty strong.  Scott Kazmir is 2-0 and sitting on a 2.03 ERA, and Sonny Gray has a 0.75 with ten strikeouts. 

The biggest issue in Oakland was the cancellation of a game because the field wasn’t ready.  Good Lord, it is time to get out of the Coliseum.  Speaking of which…

MLB – Oakland A’s.  The Oakland Coliseum is 50-plus years old and the A’s have needed a new home for a LONG time.  Current ownership says they are in negotiations to rent out the Coliseum for TEN more years.  Are you kidding me?  There has been a lot of stalling from poor ownership to yes, the whiny bitches across the Bay in the San Francisco Giants.  It’s time for the Giants and MLB to stop bull-shitting around and let the A’s do something. 

Finally, there may be some movement on this.  There has been some talk about building the A’s a brand new stadium on the Waterfront in West Oakland near the port and over by their end of the Bay Bridge and that the owners of the Warriors may want to get involved in both the new stadium and potentially buying the A’s.  My understanding is that while they work on that plan, they MAY use Candlestick Park or even AT&T Park as their home for the time being. 

It’s a long way from being decided, but I’m glad folks are thinking outside the box and trying to get something done.  The A’s belong in Oakland.

NFL Draft #5 Pick – Oakland Raiders.  The Raidahs have finished cleaning house and have nearly 60 mil to throw at Free Agents – absolute props to GM Reggie McKenzie for doing in two years what most people thought would take five.  McKenzie is taking way too much heat for getting the Raiders out of Salary Cap and talent hell. 

Oakland got busy in Free Agency and it appears they got some solid locker room leadership, though a lot of it is a gamble in older talent – in essence McKenzie is attempting to buy time.  They signed three DE’s (Antonio Smith, Justin Tuck, and C. J. Wilson), an OLB (Lamarr Woodley), traded for QB Matt Schaub, and signed three O-Linemen (Kevin Booth (NYG), and Tackles Austin Howard (NYJ) and Donald Penn (TB)), two CB’s (Tarell Brown and Carlos Rogers (both SF)), and I thought they got a steal with signing James Jones (WR, GB) and RB Maurice Jones-Drew. 

All that gain and what did they lose in FA?  WR Jacoby Ford, DE Lamarr Houston, and T Jared Veldheer.

So where do the Silver and Black go at #5??? says the Raiders need QB, WR, and shock of shocks OL, all of which they addressed in free agency, though they could strive to build depth at these positions.  Do the Raiders go after Greg Robinson the OT out of Auburn after already signing two OT’s in Free Agency?   Not necessarily a bad idea.  But then again, Bortles or Bridgewater might make sense as well. 

Aw hell, let’s cut the crap – the #5 pick isn’t really going to help this franchise in any quick meaningful way, but that doesn’t mean Oakland isn’t in a good spot here.  If Uncle B.O.B. was the Oakland GM, I figure the best way to use this pick would be to actively look to trade down and build depth by calling New England specifically, but really any team desperate for O-Line help (most of the league) and see what they’d give up for the #5 pick.  Oakland is thin at RB, so why not drop down and draft an RB in the 2nd round?  Tre Mason (Auburn) or Carlos Hyde (Blow-hio State) perhaps?

The Raiders have eight picks in this draft, though there is an undisclosed draft pick going back to Houston in the Matt Schaub trade. 


College Football – UCLA 2014 schedule.  Jim Mora is building something strong in LA.  Considering the talent the Bruins have, you have to believe that the Bruins will be hyped like no other heading into August and September, so I thought why not look at their schedule:

Home:  Memphis, Utah, Oregon, Arizona, USC, Stanford

Road:  Virginia, Arizona State, Cal, Colorado, Washington

Neutral:  Texas (Dallas)                               

Now call me stupid, but I like Pac-12 Football and I think there are great teams out here.  Considering Texas, Oregon, Stanford, and Arizona State plus a potential Pac 12 Championship Game are on the docket, if UCLA can run the table (unlikely) or have only one loss they could be a shoo in for a big bowl game. 

It might be a little much to expect NC Game for the Bruins, but I think there’s an outside chance that the Texas/UCLA winner could be in the running.


A Friday Freak Show - 4/4/14
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Hey folks.  I saw that a post wasn't made and I had so much shit to spew, I thought I'd go ahead and cut down next weeks tantrum, so let's get it started.

Final Four.  Yawn.  I just can’t get excited by four big name schools getting in.  Nothing personal, but I have no rooting interest. 

Wrestlemania 30.  What makes this particular WM interesting is three things:  The Ultimate Warrior’s HOF speech (I almost want to pay to watch it), how they script the Undertaker/Lesnar show (Undertaker who can probably barely walk – will Brock Lesnar (who seems to have real heat w/Undertaker dating back to UFC) have to carry the old guy?), and what about C. M. Punk?  Was his departure “a work” for him to show up and involve himself in WM somehow?

The Daniel Murphy “Controversy”.  Really New York media?  Having a fit because a guy took ONE game off to be with his wife when she had a baby?  Who the hell are you to judge?  One game out of 162?  Man, the things these folks in the media are willing to dredge up.  Memo to Mike Francesa and the gang in NYC…I don’t know if you know this, but this is the New York Freaking Mets.  One game missed by a 2B in April is not going to affect a team who has absolutely ZERO chance of playing in October.

Hey NYC Media:  This is a new generation of men, they are different now.  This isn’t the 50’s and 60’s. 

Deion Sanders.  Speaking of saying something stupid, here comes Leon Sandcastle.  This moron said “the reason people won’t accept Johnny Football is because he has ghetto tendencies."  Are you fucking kidding me?  That has to be the most asinine comment I've ever heard.  No Leon, that ain’t the reason.  The reason is that Manziel comes off as an arrogant prick who despite not proving a single solitary thing as a pro and having moderate success against a down SEC (remember, he lost twice to Bama and once to Mizzou) has been hanging out with Drake, LeBron James, and the jetset crowd.  He hasn’t earned that cred yet!!!  THAT is why he is strugling for respect and having to fight/beg to become what should have been an automatic #1 pick.

Deion Sanders comment wasn’t offensive, it was stupid.

Oh and Johnny, nice stunt trying to trademark the term "Johnny Football" (ALLEGEDLY) just prior to the draft.  Oh boy, some vets are gonna have fun with your punk ass!

College Football – Oklahoma 2014 schedule.  After destroying Alabama and creating some momentum going into 2014, I look at this schedule and ask “Really?”   

Home:  LA Tech, Tennessee, Kansas State, Baylor, Kansas, Oklahoma State

Road:  Tulsa, West Virginia, TCU, Iowa State, Texas Tech

Neutral:  Texas

At first glance you look and say “eh…”, but look a bit closer.  Tulsa was a bowl team, Tennessee is an intriguing matchup (I think they’ve improved?), there’s still Baylor, Texas, Texas Tech, and Oklahoma State.  Let me ask this, let’s say that Oklahoma runs the table here or loses one game (Baylor).  Does the committee think enough of the Sooners to put them in a big bowl game?          

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