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Tuesday's Tantrum - 9/16/14
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Welcome to the tantrums, where today is my 50th birthday.  I don't say it for platitudes, I say it because I want my official AARP card!  And what a great celebration it was, but the topper was the gift my wife and kids gave me...lower bowl seats to watch Alcatraz' first home game against Chicago on Sunday Night Football in the first official game at the new Levi's Stadium!!!  An incredible and loud stadium which was fun to break in.  It has some growing pains to go through, most notably traffic (which apparently nobody took into account), but when that gets solved, Levis truly will be the absolute best stadium going. 



I guess that makes my hypocritical, but damn that energy before the game and in the first half?  That was something to behold.  Too bad Alcatraz pissed the game away by the same shit that has got them for years:  ignorant turnovers and horrific accuracy by Kaepernick, ridiculously stupid play calling - (three runs on 1st and goal from the 8?), oh and that same bugaboo, too small a defensive backfield - opponents just throw over the top of them.  Can I add absolutely shitty officiating that took a Frank Gore TD off the board and nobody knows why.  I swear if I had been home, I would have switched the channel - that's how many flags hit the field.

I honestly didn’t know what I wanted to write about because sports kinda sucks right now, but I found some inspiration in of all places ESPiN and Rick Reilly, so with apologies to a phenomenal column he did back on April 23, 2014 called “Some truths I’ve discovered”, I’ll provide my version.  I edited some that fit me, and kept some that fit as well:

In my five decades of life, I've learned that these things are true and always will be (at least for me):

The guy you really need to talk to ain’t really a guy, she’s your wife or significant other and your family.  I've bowled and placed in State tournaments, played club/varsity sports in the Navy, flew a plane, met a standing U. S. President, operated both an aircraft AND submarine simulator, and visited 20 countries on five continents.  But the most fun I ever had was watching my kids play sports, appreciate it, form long-lasting friendships, then use what they learned to succeed in everything they’ve done.  

A good sports blog is tough to write:  Whatever you thought of has already been written 18,000 times.  That being said, your opinion is equally as valuable as anybody elses.  Don’t let talking heads think they can downplay yours.  Speaking of them...Sports talk sucks, and I'm not clear how these asshole hosts and their radio stations feel the right to be so arrogant and condescending.  And don't get me started on how they take credit for so much shit.

The greatest sporting event I ever watched was the 1980 U. S. Olympic Hockey team victory over the Soviet Union in Lake Placid.  Why?  Because it meant so much more than sport – it turned our nation around.

The worst sporting event I ever watched?  The Muhammad Ali/Jimmy Young fight which turned me against boxing.  

The Boston Marathon is iconic, Baseball is resurgent, Basketball is whiny, and the NFL has turned into the 2010's version of the 1990's Jail Blazers.  Horse Racing and Boxing have run their course, Golf apparently survive without Elderick, Tennis continues to suffer through the few dominating, the Olympics and NCAA are as corrupt as you can possibly be.  If the jackasses running sports right now aren’t careful, the next generation will care more about X-Games, Soccer, and Technology.  You've been warned.


The less you've traveled, the more sure you are, but the more you’ve traveled, the more fun you’ve had.  Coolest places to visit:  Australia, Singapore, and a tie for third between photo safari in Mombasa Kenya and Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.  Honorable Mention goes to "The Sunset Grille" in Marathon, Florida.  But then again, there was this midget bar in Scottsdale, Arizona that seemed cool.

The best sports move ever was "Hoosiers." Everything else doesn’t hold a candle.

Best stadium I've ever been to?  Target Field (MLB), American Airlines Arena (Miami, NBA) and Levi's Stadium (NFL).  

Bandwagon fans are killing sports.  But in terms of who has what type of fan?  Philly fans take it the worst. Seattle fans are the whiniest. Oakland fans are the most dangerous. Kansas City fans the least. Boston fans know the most. Miami, Atlanta, and LA don’t have fans.  Minnesota fans are the most supportive, Chicago the most obnoxious - though Sacramento is making significant strides in that direction - chill out Sacramento fan - all this shit we just went through?  Yeah, it was about SACRAMENTO, NOT YOU AND WHAT YOU CAN GET OUT OF IT!!! 

Camels show up in the strangest of places:  literally walking down a populated and popular beach in Africa, while taking a leak in an outdoor bathroom in Pakistan, and at the annual Camel Races in Virginia City, NV.  Monkeys are thieves, goony birds can fly forever, Dolphins love to play chicken with the bow of any and all Navy ships, and any animal you find at Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming is a treasure.

There's no bad day that getting out of the house and doing/playing some sport can’t fix.  For me, it’s the gym, bowling, or full-court basketball.

My most favorite sport to play?  Beach Volleyball by a country mile - seriously, in my mind there's nothing better than a Summer Day playing volleyball, and hanging with friends.  While Bowling isn't a sport, its a hell of a lot of fun, especially if you're with good friends/family, a deck of cards, a pitcher of beer or Diet Mountain Dew, and Tuesday Tacos or Pizza...

My least favorite sport to play?  Hockey (because I can’t skate), but the sport I sucked the most at?  Golf (and it isn't even close).  


Athletic event with the most douche-bags?  This is where I wish I had the mic skills of The Rock.  That would be the gym on a daily basis:  Cell Phone guy, Guy who stands at equipment talking with others while folks wait, "MMA Guy/Tapout Poser", Mirror Guy, and many, MANY others.  Memo to twenty and thirty somethings:  Going to the gym doesn't make you a bad-ass, and your act at the gym makes you look like an ignorant twit - thereby significantly reducing any chance you thought you had of getting the digits because trust me, those who you target, laugh at your monkey ass.  

Athletic event with the coolest, most inspirational folks?  That would be the gym on a daily basis.  When I see 50-90 year olds coming in, doing their business and running the equipment like champions, some with missing legs, that inspires me.  Fat guy trying to get back into shape?  Cool.  The 98 lb weakling getting in there and busting his ass just to lift the bar on a curl or a press?  Phenomenal.  Parent and child working out together gets special props. 

Sprinters finish last in an endurance run – boy did I learn that the hard way.  But the best race I ever ran was a standard yearly semi-annual physical fitness test where you followed a pickup truck for a mile and a half.  Why?  Because it was carrying a full keg of beer to a picnic site where BBQ and sporting events were waiting.  Oh, did I mention it was 8AM and every single person passed the run portion of the test?  And did I mention that the "fat boys" out sprinted the athletic jack-rabbit runners?   

Speaking of which, if cold beer didn't exist, half of sports and 3/4 of the military would fall off the edge of the Earth.

If gambling didn't exist, the other half would.  But then again, maybe the degenerates would go away.

You'd never dream you can get bored with college courses until you have to sit through one four hour class with a high tempo teacher and the proverbial know it all student dominating the class because he wants to hear himself talk - meanwhile the rest of the class tunes out because we've strayed so far from the original topic.

And finally this gem from Rick Reilly, where he is spot on, and I hope to find more types of stories like this:  “The best stories aren't on the cover. They're the kid at the end of the bench, the fan who snuck into the game, the coach who shouldn't be alive. They're the ones that are hardest to find, and hardest to forget.”  - Amen Rick Reilly!


Does the non-sense really ever end?
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Welp, it continues:

Adrian Peterson gets the attention of Johnny Law because he took a switch to his kid.  Now call me stupid, but don't you think that a guy who just last year lost one of his other children because his baby mama boyfriend beat it so severely he killed it would be a bit more smart in his choice of discipline?  At least Minny gave him some time off.

That led Roddy White, he of Atlanta to complain that his fantasy team will suffer.  Gee Roddy, wouldn't want that to happen...

Chris Davis of Baltimore gets 25 games for amphetamines.  Enjoy the playoffs from the clubhouse Chris.

Greg Hardy down in Charlotte, and I suspect Ray McDonald in SF are gonna start this week.  Oh joy.

Danny Ferry takes an indefinite leave of absence for making non-sensical comments about Luol Deng.

MLB suspends Anthony DiScalfini of Miami two games for throwing at and hitting Carlos Gomez after Milwaukee took out Giancarlo Stanton and on the very next pitch hit another Miami batter.  But that's OK, that pitcher that took out Stanton and hit another?  He only got fined.  SMFH.

Even in the MMA - Nick Diaz loses his spot in the upcoming UFC bout because he drew his second DUI in ten months - MERE MILES FROM MY FREAKING HOUSE!!!  Oh, did I mention the obstruction of a cop, destruction of evidence (trying to puke the alcohol out), driving on a suspended license?  And this fool lives mere miles from my house?  Great...

Oh, and I guess the new NFL drug policy is gonna come out and what is it's immediate impact?  That's right, some of the guys currently under suspension will have their punishments reduced including Wes Welker, Dion Jordan, and (get this)...Josh Gordon.

Best yet:  NBA owner of the New York franchise James Dolan?  Yeah, he's rolling around literally singing the blues and has a song out that is about -- Trayvon Martin.  Not only that, this guys band is going to open for the Eagles on some of their East Coast stops.  Wow...

Finally, I guess Merrill Hoge got loose and tore Johnny "Bench" or Johnny "trademark" a new one saying this guy is just as bad as Tim Tebow.


Friday's Freak Show - 9/12/14
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If you're tired of the same tired ole BS negativity in sports, check this out, the top ten things to feel good about in sports right here.  If you don't feel like reading, let me run a few of em down:  Cincinnati/Devon Still story, Kershaw's season, KC Baseball resurgence, Jim Kelly smacking down Cancer, Vin Scully (with four accompanying videos of him describing an event during a game - including bird poop), and an actual good story out of Cleveland Football as well with a player treating fans to the movies with him.  

But with the good comes the bad, and let Uncle B.O.B. give pro athletes some very strong advice:  Coming from a guy who has done more than his share of effing up, both verbally and with the written word, y'all athletes need to step back and think before you hit the send button or let something fly out of your cakehole because some of you all say the dumbest, most ignorant shit.  STOP FREAKING EMBARRASSING YOURSELVES.

CFB.  Hey Maryland, props to you for putting the national anthem on your uniform.  

Looking forward to watching a few games, particularly South Carolina/Georgia, UCLA/Texas, and Tennessee/Oklahoma.

What a tough break for that QB out of Oklahoma State J. W. Walsh, who I've heard so many good things about.  Possibly out for the season after right lower leg surgery?  That's tough.  

Hey Jeff, what's the deal with Eric Dickerson slammning the bleep out of SMU?  I'm totally unclear on it, but it's not sounding good there.

Hey y'all, get ready for another round of appears North Carolina may be having an investigation into some type of hazing.  If you have to be publicly investigated, chances are somebody did something pretty naughty.  Jesus, will these people never learn? 

NFL.  Nurse B.O.B. will be in town this weekend for some festivities including being at Levi's to watch San Francisco host Chicago in the first regular season game there.  I hope to have some pictures to share on Tuesday.

Baltimore stayed focused and took care of Pittsburgh last night.  Question is, is Pittsburgh really bad? 

Antonio Brown got fined $8200 for that bad Chuck Norris impersonation.  Sorry, to me it looked pretty intentional, and let's face it, Pittsburgh does have a rep, so I'm not trying to hear Pittsburgh whining...

MLB.  No ranting, no BS here, get well soon Giancarlo Stanton and let's hope you don't have to shut it down the rest of this season.    

Oakland is continuing to slide and now Detroit and Seattle showing life, there may be some disappointed folks in the East Bay because Oakland can't hit to save their lives.  That Lester/Cespedes trade is going to be discussed for a long time to come, and not in a good way out here.

San Francisco has righted the ship and looking good right about now, but they have to find a way to beat Los Angeles, and this season that isn't something that is working out too well.

NBA.  Lost in all the footage of foolishness coming out of the NFL?  Yeah, that would be Greg Monroe of the Detroit Pistons who one day after signing his one year restricted free agent contract, went out and celebrated by going out and getting busted for driving while visibly impaired.  The NBA immediately suspended him for two games.  

Continued rumors about once the new TV contract is ironed out that Seattle might be given an expansion team.  Yeah, right.  They continue to struggle just to get ANY type of arena plan going, not to mention those whiny victims (err, fans) alternating between crying to then antagonizing the NBA. 

Oh, and Paul George, stay off Twitter.

Tuesday's Tantrum, 9/9/14
Category: FEATURED

My name is Uncle B.O.B., and I am an ESPiN-a-holic.  I have been sober for 15 days now (August 26th was my last visit there) and day by day I’m getting better for it.  But at the same time, my disgust with sports is at an all-time high and yesterday really has me questioning my loyalty to sports.  If I’m to be honest, I have a lot to think about.  In the meantime…

Sports Question.  I have to ask this question after the debacle of yesterday in the sports world:   On a scale of 1 to 10, what is your enjoyment of sports compared to your youth.  For me, it was at an 8 and now I’m at a 5.

Death Star.  What in the hell is going on lately in America?  Bieber (AGAIN)?  Cee Lo Green?  Dumb Ass pro sports careening out of control?  Idiot media who allows TMZ to be the bastion of journalism?  Beyond stupid business people?  Female “actresses” trying their hand at Skin-a-max type porn?  Hackers?  Politicians comparing other politicians to women beaters because they disagree on policy?   I have it on very good authority that the Death Star is coming for us because the Empire is pissed about what is going on in this spinning chunk of rock – let that be a message to all the other idiots out there. 

Ray Rice.  Moral indignation and outrage aside, Ray Rice is a piece of shit – that’s clear, but for all those taking a verbal dump on the NFL, let’s take a look at who else should be taking some, and that would be New Jersey, Baltimore, the union, and the players themselves. 

Hey Jersey, what the hell were you thinking by not being harder on this fool?  Wife doesn’t want to press charges?  Fine, press em yourselves – violence is violence and you've got the shit on tape - pretty clear. 

Hey NFL, this is kind of on the periphery, but while you are busy giving out free passes for domestic violence, you think you might want to take a look at why one of your active players was publicly rolling around in a casino in the first place?

Secondly NFL, I’m wondering if now is the time to institute as part of the domestic violence policy that if Johnny Law charges any NFL employee with domestic violence that they are to be placed on “paid administrative leave” until the case is adjudicated?  Piss on the union - do this unilaterally and if they complain, let them take the public heat!

Hey Baltimore, don’t go patting yourselves on the back.  You hired private detectives.  You have lawyers in contact with the NFL.  You probably even knew from TMZ the real deal – there ain't no way you didn't know the reality of the situation, and yet you hid behind the Sheriff.  I’m not real thrilled with you right about now.

Speaking of hiding behind the sheriff, we get to the union.  In my opinion, Rice’s “punishment” couldn’t have occurred without some involvement of the Union and I continue to marvel at how the slime continues to avoid them.  Think about it for a second, for as heavy handed as the Sheriff has been in terms of players screwing up as evidenced by the numerous complaints, how is it he only gave Rice two games for domestic violence?  Let me give you a clue:  Anybody hear of the recent reports of the NFLPA “negotiating” recent punishments as part of accepting a comprehensive testing program for HGH?  I think you might have the answer. 

Players.  Yeah, you tough guys are publicly yapping now about Rice being a turd, but where the hell were you when it went down months ago?  Another thing where the union told you to shut up?  You have zero credibility with me.

And that brings me to you Scott Fujita, you hypocritical son of a bitch.  Here’s this asshole’s comments courtesy of 

“Longtime linebacker Scott Fujita, a former vice president of the NFLPA’s executive committee, had equally harsh words:

“I’m glad no one this morning seems to care about yesterday’s games,” Fujita wrote. “This piece of s— needs to be out of the league. Period.”

Hey Scott, if you were so fucking concerned about domestic violence, where the hell were you when you had a voice?  For that matter, where the hell were you when this shit went down?  Oh yeah, that’s right, you were too busy fighting the Sheriff on Bounty Gate, you know, when you all were paid to take players out.  Weren’t you a part of that in some way?  Yeah, you’re credible…NOT!!!

It is now time for a complete overhaul of the NFL and the union.  Goddell and DeMaurice Smith need to go.  Rip up the collective bargaining agreement and create something that passes the common sense test.  The union needs to start holding their players – ALL OF THEM – to a much higher standard. 

MLB – Stretch Run.  It’s amazing that when a team not named Boston or New York take charge of the AL East, they are pretty much ignored.  Well somebody had better keep an eye on that one team that nobody wants to talk about, a team from (of all places) the AL East – Baltimore.  8-2 over the last ten and a 9.5 game division lead.  

It looks as if both Oakland and SF are going to be participants on Wild Card Day, though if Oakland doesn’t start hitting with a quickness, they won’t be playing in October AT ALL.  Oakland picked a horrific time to fall apart, but there's still time to right the ship. 

Cleveland is only 3.5 GB from the 2nd wild card all of a sudden, and 7-3 through the last ten. But now the big boys come to town in the form of Anaheim.  We’ll find out how real they are now.

Texas needs to make sure they publicly thank Ron Washington.  As Skipper, he led this team to the heights it never before achieved.  Best of luck to him, and no Gabbers, I’m not gonna go with the obligatory cheap shot.

NFL – Week 1.   So what did I take away from Week 1 (not counting Monday Night)?

Antonio Brown ain’t Chuck Norris.

If you’re a fat guy and want to catch a football, go play for Buffalo, those fat boys get more of a chance than anybody to imitate Jumbo and run with the rock and I absolutely love it.  NUN-DIS-KA!!!

Clowney went out with a torn meniscus, and that’s a shame, but does anybody else wonder about how easily this kid gets injured?

Was Seattle’s destruction of Green Bay showing us how dominant they were, or is it the fact that Green Bay’s injuries, exacerbated by Bulaga going out Thursday just killing them?

New Orleans defense was bad, but at the same time, I don’t want to short change Atlanta’s offense.

I think at least for a few weeks we can put the “QB controversy” in Cleveland to rest.

I think if you sleep on Jacksonville, you’re in for a hell of a fight.  Philly darn sure found that out. 

In 40 years of watching NFL Football, I have NEVER seen a football game in Dallas where their fans were out-represented in terms of colors, noise, and support.   I could have articulated it better yesterday, but I stand by my statement that King Jerrah should be embarrassed – not by the game (they weren't as bad as many thought), but by the fan reaction.  He gets the message Dallas fan, he just doesn’t care when he makes that kind of cheddar.

CFB Big Winners?  The SEC West (by default), Oregon, BYU, the Playoff Selection Committee, Notre Dame, and the NCAA. 

CFB Big Losers?  The Big 10, PAC 12, Texas, and the Playoff Committee. 

CFB schools on the hot seat?  Oklahoma, Baylor, and UCLA.  None of them can afford one single mistake, and that includes close games.  Texas getting killed hurt them all badly.

CFB Power players.  Right now that has to be the SEC East.  At this point, almost every conference right now outside of the ACC needs them to step up and beat teams in the SEC West for anybody to have a chance to get into this dance.

Jerry’s new adventure.  Friday Night, West Hills JUCO Falcons started their season against San Jose, and they won 50-0. 

Douche Bag of the Week.  The ACC and SEC have apparently gone public in stating that they won’t schedule BYU anymore because they don’t consider them “power conference worthy” whatever the hell that means – not that the big boys ever played them anyway.  Hey ACC and SEC you hypocritical bastards, look at your schedules again then tell me with a straight face whose worthy and whose not.

Honorable mention:  Yep, he’s at it again – Johnny “trademark”.  Are you serious dude?  Reports are you can’t figure out NFL defenses, yet you’re running around trademarking nine effing nicknames?  Damn Cleveland…

Before I go…I encourage you to get on over and check out my Tuesday Brother.  Always a good, solid read.  

College Football Reorganization - Let's be real here
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With the greatest of respect to knightswhosay, I want to talk about ALL of College Football because the reality is that it is about FAR more than the SEC.  I think that while we are in the position of being able to have REAL reform, I want to continue to push this plan, which to me is evolving with the times, so a lot of it is rehash, but I as we start the new season, bear with me:

While we sit here and talk about College Football, I continue to tweak my plan to make it more feasible for EVERYBODY in college to either make or save money. 

CFB Realignment Proposal

  • New Division 1:  Four 16 team conferences:  SEC, ACC, PAC 12, Big 10. 
  • New Division 2:  Current MWC, C-USA, MAC, Sun Belt, Big East (Add Army and Navy), Iowa State
  • New Division 3:  Current FCS, but add New Mexico State and Idaho to Big Sky.  Add Minnesota State Mankato to replace North Dakota State.
  • New Division 4:  Current Division 2.  Add Wisconsin-Whitewater and Mount Union.
  • New Division 5:  Current Division 3. 

No matter how much I want to deny this, it has become crystal clear to me that the MWC, C-USA, and MAC cannot compete with the big boys, and they deserve their chance at their own national championship in their own division. 

Elevate and relegate based on performance every four years.  For instance, Bring North Dakota State up to D-1 and drop Iowa State (for now!).  Wisconsin Whitewater and Mount Union should move from D-5 to D-4.  Minnesota State should go from D-4 to D-3. 

Here’s how I would do it D-1:



SEC East

Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Kentucky, West Virginia, Florida State

SEC West

Alabama, Arkansas, LSU, Miss State, Missouri, Ole Miss, TAMU, Auburn

ACC North

Boston College, Louisville, Maryland, Pitt, Syracuse, VA, VT, Notre Dame

ACC South

Clemson, Duke, Georgia Tech, Miami, Wake Forest, UNC, NC State, UCF

Big Ten East

Ohio St., Penn St., Indiana, Michigan, Sparty, NW, Purdue, Illinois

Big Ten West

Oklahoma, OK State, Kansas, Kansas State, Minny, Nebraska, Wisky, Iowa

Pac 12 North

WA, WAZZU, Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford, Cal, Utah, BYU

Pac 12 South

USC, UCLA, Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, Texas, Texas Tech, TCU, Baylor

Keep it at eight teams, divisions in yellow have nine. 

Florida State has nothing left to prove in the ACC, they need a bigger challenge, and really, UCF deserves a shot at the big time, they've proven they can hang.  West Virginia could reduce travel costs and play games closer to home.  I know the PAC 12 can be a bit snobby, but why not give BYU a chance, and put them back in with their rivals Utah?  It would make sense to me to put the Texas teams in the PAC 12.  It may not seem like a good fit, but it gives the PAC 12 some added depth to argue their cases that they belong in the mix.

Week 1:  Scrub week.  Teams can play a “scrub game” (err, glorified scrimmage) against a team from one division lower or above them.  This gives lesser programs a chance for a big payday.  But add in that for every game a big name plays at home, they do the same on the road.  I continue to hear "the small teams need these paydays."  Really?  Then why not be even more charitable - if a D-1 team really wants to give a D-1AA chance, then go on the road and give them their home game to make a bit more.  Why can't Minnesota or Sparty go to Fargo to play North Dakota State?  Georgia Tech to Savannah State?  Why can't Auburn keep it in-state and go play Jacksonville State and save them travel costs to Florida?  

I've often wondered why nobody gives those teams in the SWAC or other historically black schools a chance to play them.  Yeah, I'm going to roll the dice and go there.  Florida could go right up I-4 to Daytona Beach and play Bethune Cookman.  Hell, Florida State (of all teams) could have a virtual home game with Florida A&M, both are in Tallahassee, right?  Why couldn't Alabama give Alabama A&M or Alabama State a shot?  How 'bout LSU play Grambling on their home turf?  They certainly could use some financial help.  I may be wrong, but they also play football, and I would think they'd appreciate a payday like that, and it might less a small bit of the burden on some of these schools and those who fund them.  Just a thought...

For that matter to be fair and local, why can't Cal or Stanford come to UC Davis or Sacramento State?  That would be a financial boon to the lesser programs and less travel costs for the lesser program.  And here's the "win" for the big boys on the road - even more exposure to recruiting.  

Week 2 (a marketing dream):  Teams play an SEC/Pac 12 and ACC/Big Ten Challenge just like college basketball, but alternate the conferences after two years. 

2016/17:  SEC/PAC 12, ACC/Big Ten

2018/19:  SEC/ACC, PAC 12/Big Ten 

2020/21:  SEC/Big Ten, ACC/PAC 12

Who wouldn’t love to see South Carolina/Oregon or Notre Dame/Ohio State?  How bout something new:  Florida State/Georgia or UCLA/Sparty?  Or even Alabama/Ohio State, or Clemson/Stanford?  Others I can think of:  USC/Florida, UCLA/Alabama, Florida State/Texas, or Nebraska/Notre Dame, Penn State/Miami, or Ohio State/Virginia Tech in September?  Heck, for that matter, up the ante - why shouldn't a team like North Dakota State get a shot at a big boy, let's say a Texas team.  It's a win/win for marketers, teams, and fans.  Revenue is generated and fans are genuinely excited.

Week 3-4:  Teams play two games within conference against other division based on last season placing:  1st place teams meet, 2nd place teams meet, 3rd place teams meet, and so on....Why shouldn't we see Alabama/Georgia, North Carolina/Clemson, etc.?

Week 5-12:  Teams play conference games within their own division (eight games).

***NOTE:  Scrub games should not be allowed during conference play!!!***

Week 13:  Conference Championships between division winners.

Week 14, 15, 16:  Bowls, playoffs, NC.  In my mind (warped as it is), the only people who play in the playoffs should be conference champions.  Why should a second place team (especially within a division) be rewarded with a playoff appearance over a conference champion?  For that matter, why should a conference champion such as Michigan State or Texas be penalized by losing a playoff spot to an LSU team that lost to Alabama?  That second place team had their chance, and they lost to the division winner, period, end of story.  The one caveat is that if it is determined that in a given year that conference is so pathetically weak, then of course, but common sense should prevail here.  

That's what bowls are for, to reward second place teams and below for their great seasons.  There is no shame in a second place LSU team playing a second place Ohio State team in a Cotton Bowl game on New Year's Day.  There's no shame in Clemson playing Stanford in an Orange Bowl game.  

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