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NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 12-14-14
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Oooo hey there. Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. I think george has a point there. Don't you? Another annoying human habit is touching the glass on a door you're opening. Do you really have to? That's what handles are for. 

Been a busy week for Santa's helpers. We've been packing NFL hoodies, sweat shirts, jackets and scarves for all the good NFL fans out there. It's been a tough pack for about 4 weeks now. The jackets and hoodies don't fold real nice. They create issues but volume is our friend. Santa will have no Debbie Downers. So maybe if you were on Santa's nice list, you have NFL gear coming your way.

So lets see what's happening in the land of Left Turns.


He just had the rod replaced in his leg right after the last race of the season and now it is said there will be #5. Doctors aren't happy about how slowly it's healing. The goal is to not have that rod in there in the future. Stewart says it still hurts but is optomistic that when the rod is out that the pain will go to. 

I hope so. February is around the corner. Stewart plans on being at the Chili Bowl next month to help with track preparation for the dirt track midget race (wingless sprint cars). So far I don't see any NASCAR driver entries on the list.


Not only is Dale Jr's Daytona 500 paint scheme the #1 best selling die-cast of the year it's the #1 best selling die-cast car in Lionel Racing history. While Dale Jr took like 6 spots on that top 10 list Tony Stewart, Kevin Harvick, Jeff Gordon and Austin Dillon got spots to.


The track will have it's repave and updates courtesy of a $2.25 million grant as well as $12 million in private funding. The repave is scheduled after the Cheez-it 355 race weekend.



Fiance Brittany Baca picked the date 12-13-14 so it would be easy for Joey to remember. He is a busy guy. Honey moon is in Costa Rica for 5 days. 

Congrats to the new couple.


Is this bizaare or what? They have decided to let them tighten all 5 or just 2 or 3 or however many they want. No morte monitoring during the stop. Sort of opens things up for disaster if you ask me. There's a lot of gamesmanship in NASCAR. This is why I call it a high speed rolling chess match. Always decisions to be made at every pit stop.

Now NASCAR is not letting them completely off the hook here. If they lose a wheel during the race they will be penalized. That I find a bit stupid. If your wheel comes off the car while you're driving, I'm sure you're about to get penalized right into the wall or into another car. They didn't state just where this penalty falls on their scale yet.

Now I can see how this 2 or 3 or 4 lugnuts could play into the hands of a crew and driver willing to take the chance. If you come in for 2 or 4 tires during a late race caution with like 5 to 10 laps to go, you might want to roll the dice to get that extremely valuable track position. AND THEN you hope they stay on for the restart and possibly the win.

Something to look forward too in the 2015 season.



Besides the who's going to be her crew chief thing, there really isn't any news. Just thought you all needed to hear that name.


The Roush Yates Racing School of Technology will be open for classes in February of 2015, Their 36 week program will make you an entry level machinist. You'll be machining engine blocks and cyliders before you know it. No word on tuition costs. I didn't look it up.


17 journalist and broadcasters got together and voted. The catagory was for all drivers of every racing series. Harvick beat out Tony Schumacher (2015 Top Fuel Dragster Champion) and Erica Enders Stevens (2015 Pro Stock Champion) by taking over half the votes. He gets a trophy and Tissot wrist watch. 


The race fan that climbed the fence at the Richmond race in September was convicted of public drunkenness and disorderly conduct. He got 12 months in jail which 11 months were suspended and a $100 fine. His lawyer says he has post truamatic stress disorder from his military service and has other conditions as well.

Harry Potter says...HORSE HOCKEY. So do I. What a dumbass.


The U S Air Force Thunderbirds are due back at the Daytona 500 for the 5th straight year to provide the thunder over the opening ceremonies at the Daytona 500 in February. 



I think that picture says it all. F you to the bleeding hearts. They should all be sitting on stools facing the walls every day they are in those camps alive. Don't move for ANYTHING. 

So everybody have a safe weekend.

And I'm outta here.....




NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 12-7-14
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WHOA DOGGIE!!! Lovin' that Bird. Welcome Gabbers & others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. Is that a pretty car or what? Only ever saw these at car shows and not the red ones. Can you believe Richard Petty actually drove one of these in NASCAR races? Now THAT'S race on Sunday, buy on Monday advertisement.

Only 77 days, 15 hours and too many minutes till the Daytona 500. Sigh....

This was championship week in Las Vegas for the 16 Chasers. They got to do their burn out on the strip which seems to be a big hit for the drivers. They can't believe they'd be allowed to do donuts and burn rubber patches on the street. After the lap they do a talk show for the fans. Lots of verbal zingers being thrown around at each other. Marty Smith hosted it this year and they were quick to zing a few at him as well.

I didn't watch this year but if there's replays on You Tube I may have to watch. There was the awards banquet where Kevin Harvick did his speech. He brought his son with. Cutest 2 year old. I did catch a lot of the festivities on Twitter. Great sourse for newsy type stuff.


Dale Jr won the NMPA Sprint Most Popular Driver Award.......again.....for the 12th year in a row. The fans votes have spoken. He said it didn't feel real.

Harvicks pit crew was named most valuable pit crew. Keselowski got the pole position award. Lots of awards to go around.

Tony Stewart had surgery on his leg for the 4th time to replace the steel rod. He left for Vegas. Co-owner Gene Haas did the honors of speech's for that trophy Harvick brought in. He was proud of the fact that both Stewart and Harvick won the last race to get their championships. 


Brandon Marshal sent a picture of the tubes they took out of his chest on Twitter. Guess he's doing better. I think I could've done without that update picture. The Twitter picture is pretty cool though. Looks almost like an old timey tv set. Would've been cool if they put rabbit ears on it.


I guess the new joke is every body is trying to bust the internet. Elliott Sadler did his take on Ms Kar-trashians butt photo. Glad he didn't decide to wear the dress too. 


So this would be Marcos Ambrose's new ride in Australia. He races in the Sidney 500 this weekend in the V8 Supercars Series. I kind of like this car better than the stock cars...cough cough cough...that NASCAR runs. Bet that baby handles WAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY better and is a whole lot more fun to drive. Marcos says he's ready to kick butt and get DJR/Team Penske to championship form.

Good luck Marcos.

AJ Foyt has finally been released from the hospital. He went in November 7th for triple by pass surgery and ended up with a lung issue. They had him on a ventilator so his lungs could heal. He will be 80 in January. He's happy to be home and says he's got a ways to go but he'll be ok.

Richard & Kyle petty got persons of the year award for their work getting Victory Junction up and running. It opened up in 2004. A hospital disguised as a camp for kids. It has served 20,000 kids and their families from 50 states and several countries free of charge. It was adam's dream that kids that were sick would be able to go to camp and not worry about their illness getting in the way of camp activities.

Adam was Kyle's son. He was an up and coming driver with promise when an accident during practice took his life. The Petty's built Victory Junction in his honor.

This year is the 10th anniversary for Victory Junction.


So here's a few facts of life. Besides paying your taxes and dying, I guess there's more to it than that.....

Sorry this was so short but my creativity was squashed due to whatever illness is trying to take over my body. Nasty head ache, chills and a runny nose. Every body at work has been passing it around and of course it's now my turn. Enjoy the pictures.

And I'm outta here......

NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 11-30-14
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It's lovely weather for a sliegh ride Gabbers and others. Welcome to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. Nice tree. Dontcha think? I probably won't be putting a tree up. Haven't done that in a long time. But I like this idea.

So did I tell you there's 84 days, 12 hours and lots of minutes and seconds till the Daytona 500 on February 22nd? Yup. That's about right.  Besides crowning a NASCAR champion there were others who got the big trophy.


Erica Enders Stevens became the first woman to get the Pro Stock championship. Her idols Shirley Muldowney (3 time Top Fuel Dragster Champ) and Angelle Samprey (3 time Pro Stock Motorcycle champ) gave her plenty of advise on her way to her first championship.

Andrew Hines - Pro Stock Motorcycles

Matt Hagan - Funny Car

Tony Schumacher - Top Fuel Dragster ( That makes 8 titles)

Congrats to all the winners.


Less than 2 days after the last NASCAR race at Homestead, Ambrose was back on a plane heading for home. Not just to sit around but to drive a V8 Supercar for DJR Team Penske as a wild card entry in the Sidney 500 on Dec 5-7. 

He has no regrets, he went on his own terms and isn't racing for the money. He's made his money in NASCAR and returned home for family reasons. The racing is the icing on the cake and just another chapter in his racing life. 

Good luck Marcos.


That will be GoDaddy Super Bowl commercial #14 that The Danica will appear in. She says no showers, walking around naked or body painting models this time. It's her and a puppy that will steal the show. There's no other word on what to expect. So I guess it's expect the unexpected when it comes to The Danica and GoDaddy.


Kurt was busy in Italy racing rally cars and wouldn't be back till the day of the hearing so his lawyer asked for a delay and the Delaware family court commisioner granted the delay. Driscoll's lawyer however protested saying that she wanted that no-contact order entered as soon as possible. The court order is separate from the abuse investigation.

My question is...He seems way too busy traveling to Itally to bother her so isn't the order moot? Sounds like this is axactly how Kurt described it that she doesn't want to let go and the relationship is over. 

Life is short. Time to move on.


It's been over 2 weeks now since AJ was operated on for a triple by pass. Post surgical complications have kept him in the hospital.

Youngest son Larry Foyt says his dad is doing good and that he's making progress every day. No word on a release date though.

Hoping he has a full recovery. 


Back in 1988 Richard Petty was in the daytona 500 and wrecked big. Spun, flipped many times and managed to walk away. That car was in Cotton Owen's estate and is said to be one of the most spectacular wrecks. No details on who got this car or how much they paid.

Cotton died a little over 2 years ago and now his earthly belongings are up for auction. A long with the tools, memorabilia and other house hold items, a 1964 Grand National winning car complete with Hemi motor will be available on Dec 6th at 7065 White Avenue, Spartanburg, SC. 

It's too late to get Petty's wrecked Grand Prix but you can still get a piece of history when everything else goes up for auction on the 6th. 


If you're looking for race ticket deals then nows the time to get them. Most tracks are running hard to beat deals.

A real good one would be at the Auto Club Speedway. They're offering up 2 tickets, 2 pit passes and a scanner with head phones for $99 for the March 22nd race. That's a $225 package normally. 

So pick your track and make a phone call to see what deal you can get. 


Who is Steve? He's NASCAR's executive VP & Chief Racing Developement Officer. This past week he got on Twitter and fielded questions from the fans. 

Can we go back to the old Chase format? Steve said nope.

Can we have the final Chase race at another track? Steve said nope, the drivers like the track and racing is good there.

Since testing has been banned the teams will be looking for Goodyear tire tests to try set ups. How many tire tests will there be? Steve said he didn't know.

Will there be a road course added to the Chase? Steve said nope.

Steve also added that NASCAR would be looking into the side skirt issue for next year. Teams were pulling on the sheet metal right at the rear tire to supposedly get more down force. Towards the end of the season it was getting noticably more and more pulled out away from the car. Made the cars look odd on the track.

There's your fast newsy type stuff. I want to remind everyone to be safe. On Thanksgiving day a young lady in one of our southern buildings was on an order picker when a fellow employee struck her with his larger piece of equipment which tipped hers over. She was taken to the hospital with severe head trama and did not make the night.

The commercial is right folks. Life comes at you fast. It's just a split second decision that makes the difference between being safe or doing something stupid and losing your life or ruining somebody else life. 

I hope all our Gabbers and others are having a safe weekend with all the traveling to see loved ones. Enjoy your family, your sports...

And I'm outta here....



NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 11-23-14
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BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP YEAH!!!!!!! Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and others fast stuff. Baby you can drive my car edition. It is now 91 days, 15 hours, 51 minutes and an eternity till the February 22, 2015 Daytona 500 as I start to write this last 2013 season entry. 

Crazy stuff has been happeneing. Buffalo got buried in 100 feet of snow and actually had to move their football team to another stadium. I wonder if we'll ever see a NASCAR race get snowed out. Actually I'd love to see a race in the snow. Get those studded tires out boys.

Did you know Manson has a girlfriend? Actually she's his fiance and she says they'll be getting married soon. They have their marriage license and once a month the prison allows marrages. Says she's working hard at getting him a retrial and getting him out. Bet everybody is just looking forward to that party. Don't think there's going to be a going home party any time soon.


So Kevin Harvick stopped at the Letterman Show to talk to Dave and give his Top 10 Tips For Becoming An Auto Racing Champion. And here we go....

10: Hands at 10 & 2 while driving - 11 & 1 when celebrating.

9 : Reduce weight of the car - Take out Brakes

8 : During the race, save your energy for the post race brawl

7 : There's no rule about slashing your opponents tires.

6 : No sex the night before the race - Or during the race

5 : Don't waste time learning to parallel park.

4 : A pit stop should only be long enough to lick the windshield.

3 : Resist the temptation to take a mid race selfie

2 : Remember : If you lose you don't have to do Letterman

1 : Accept the fact that your ass will never stop vibrating.

Letterman was just one of many stops for the NASCAR Champion Victory Tour. I hope Kevin's little boy Keelan gets to see daddy real soon. Kevin says he's not happy right now because daddy has been gone too long.


The plan is that Chase will do another year full time in Nationwide for JR Motorsports and get a handful of Cup races driving for HMS to get experience.

He's only 18 years old, just graduated high school and won a championship in a top NASCAR series. How cool is that? 

Kasey Kahne just re-upped for 3 more years. Jimmie Johnson is signed till the end of 2015 and is looking for his new contract. Jeff Gordon has a life time contract. Dale Jr isn't going any where any time soon. My guess is that 2015 will be Gordon's last season to drive. His back could go out for good with any race. He'll be a boss or part owner at HMS. Hendrick lost his son, Ricky and heir 10 years ago in the plane wreck. So Chase Elliott will have a ride in the HMS stables come 2016. 

Congrats again to Chase for his Nationwide Championship.


Very eventful race. Gordon was on the pole and he led 161 laps but a decision late in the race to pit by crew chief Gustafson mired Gordon too far back in the pack to get back up for the win. He took full responsibility for that decision.

For most of the race Hamlin, Logano, Harvick and Newman were up in or around the top 10. Hamlin led 50 laps and Harvick led 54. 

With 19 to go there's a caution. Hamlin, Gordon and Vickers stay out. Logano's jackman drops hid car off the jack with no tires on it. A very lengthy and costly pit stop takes Logano out of contention. He never recovers. Top 5 is Hamlin - Gordon - Newman - McMurray - Keselowski

Hamlin takes the lead for a brief time. With 13 to go there's another caution and this time Gordon goes in for tires. BUT Hamlin stays out. Top 5 is Hamlin - Newman - McMurray - Keselowski - Harvick

Harvick goes up the middle on the restart from 5th to 2nd behind Hamlin and with 8 to go he takes the lead. 

With 6 to go another caution. Top 5 is Harvick - Newman - Hamlin - Keselowski - Menard......remember my dark horse top 10 favorite?

With 3 to go we restart. Hamlin spins his tires and Harvick takes the lead with Newman in hot persuit.

Your Top 15 Finishers - Harvick - Newman - Keselowski - Menard - McMurray - Kenseth - Bowyer - Johnson - Gordon - Ku Bu - Kahne - Larson - Dale Jr - Allgaier

Congrats to Kevin Harvick for your 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Championsip.


Harvick----5 W's----20 Top 10's----2 DNF's (Did not finish)

Newman---0 W's----16 Top 10's-----1 DNF's

Hamlin-----1 W-------18 Top 10's----2 DNF's---Missed 1 race for eye issue

Logano-----5 W's----22 Top 10's----4 DNF's

Keselowski--6 W's---20 Top 10's----1 DNF

Gordon-----4 W's----23 Top 10's----0 DNF's

Kenseth----0 W's----22 Top 10's----2 DNF's

Dale Jr-----4 W's----20 Top 10's----2 DNF's   


1 : Knaus and other HMS personnell were called to the NASCAR hauler after the race. During the race Jimmie had come in with a loose wheel. This had created a problem tightening down the next wheel so Knaus called for a wheel spacer so that they could get the lugnuts tight on better threads further up on the studs. A NASCAR official said they couldn't do it and Knaus went ahead and had it done any way. Thus the need for a chit chat with NASCAR after the race which turned out to be a misunderstanding. No penalties.

2 : The #17 team (- Driver Ricky Stenhouse)  had rear suspension parts confiscated during prequalifying for the Homestead race. Crew chief Mike Kelley got a $50,000 fine and probation from 1-1-15 thru 6-30-14. Car Chief Patrick Magee got the same probation.

3 : Gordon hit a mile stone during the race. He took 2nd place from Mark Martin for the most Top 10's with 454. Who's first? Richard Petty with 712. Don't think any body is going to get that record.

NASCAR is now over for this year. I'm over for the night too. Got a big day tomorrow. Taking #2 grandson to a Day Out With Thomas The Tank Engine. Living so close to the Strasburg Railroad has it's perks. They have an awesome railroad museum and they built life size Thomas and Percy locomotives. Hollywood also comes calling to borrow the trains too. We'll be doing crafts, pictures with the trains & Sir Topemhat AND A TRAIN RIDE. #2 grandson will be thrilled. He loves choo choo's.

Hang in there Gabber's and others. It looks like a scary winter coming up. Be safe and I'll see you around.

And I'm outta here.....








NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 11-16-14
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Hey now. Welcme Gabbers & others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. Just thought I'd do a public service announcement to all you Gabbers & others out there cleaning the gutters. These critters may be cute and fuzzy to look at but watch out for those teeth. Never seen one before but I hear they're quick. Hide the kids and watch your ankles.

I think I can make it to Monday or Tuesday and I may just have to give in on my "Don't turn the furnace on till Thanksgiving because that oil tank is prescious" Mission. The weatherman says that on Tuesday it will be brutally cold in the 40's and fall to 28 degrees over night. It will be 40's in the day and 28 at night all week. That's pipe freezing weather. Just can't take that chance. The cats will be happy though. They love the heat vents.


A letter addressed to NASCAR president Mike Helton and one to SHR was sent by Rep Jackie Speier stating that Kurt should be suspended till the investigation into his alleged domestic violence case against ex girlfriend Patricia Driscoll was completed. She further stated she wanted to be in the internal investigation of this matter and wanted the history of all sanctions levied by NASCAR & race teams in the last 5 years for domestic violence.

Be-otch has balls if you ask me. 

However Kurt's lawyer Rusty Hardin had other ideas. He said," If every time somebody made an allegation against a congresswoman or congressman and they were then to be suspended from their office until the investigation was concluded, we'd have an empty capitol building."

He went on to say that her letter was inappropriate and that there is such things as due process and presumption of innocense.

NASCAR says they're waiting for the police report. Haas says he's not taking Kurt out of the car. I say that if the fight was that bad then why wait 6 weeks to file charges? If you waited that long then let it go. Grab your shit and leave.


If you're planning to vote for your favorite driver you've got until Monday the 17th @ 8pm to get to We'll see if Dale Jr gets it again or The Danica rallies her fans to over take him or if the Reddit community rallies to put Josh Wise in the top spot. Oh the suspense Gabbers.



Harvick won. Harvick led almost all the laps. Harvick advanced to the final round. 

Hamlin had the pole but by lap 45 Harvick took over the lead and never gave it up.

Gordon, Kenseth & Keselowski all did what they had to to advance except win. All were in the top 5 at the end of the race but no cookie or soup for them. On the very last lap coming to the finish line Newman did a bump & run on Larson for the final position he needed to get into the final Chase spot which knocked out Gordon by 1 point.

Larson was asked about that pass which sent him into the wall. He said that Newman called him and explained that he really needed that spot and that he didn't dump him, he just did enough to get by and let Larson finish the race. Larson knew it was important and that he probably would've done the same thing if in the same position. It was a little upsetting and he was mad for about 10 minutes till he thought about it. No hard feelings going forward.

So our 4 Chasers that will be fighting it out at Homestead are Logano, Harvick, Newman & Hamlin.

Top 15 finishers at Phoenix - Harvick - Gordon - Kenseth - Keselowski - Hamlin - Logano - Ku Bu - Dale Jr - Biffle - Ambrose - Newman - Truex Jr - Larson - McMurray - Edwards



Ford unvailed a new trophy. This trophy has an exact replica of the steering wheel in Henry Ford's race car the 1901 Sweepstakes Racer. He won his first and only race in that car on October 10, 1901. That race win helped to get invetors interested so he could start his car company in 1903.

So last years Homestead winner was Hamlin. Last years champ was Johnson with 6 W's. This year Johnson is no where near the Chase or championship form. What a difference a year and Chase format change makes. 

Last years Homestead top 10 - Hamlin - Kenseth - Dale Jr - Truex Jr - Bowyer - Keselowski - Ky Bu - Logano - Johnson - Harvick - Gordon - Edwards - Kahne - Sadler - Larson

Chasers : Harvick - Starts 5th. Average finish of 8.1. Has 11 Top 10's. He's been fast this year but plagued with bad luck. Motor issues, tire issues and other stupid stuff. He's the favorite to win. He's my pick too. I say top 10 AND the Championship.

              Logano - Starts 9th. Average finish of 20.8 although he finished 8th last year. I'll give him a top 10

              Hamlin - Starts 8th. Average finish of 11.2 although he finished 1st last year. He's also been plagued by issues all year and barely made it into the Chase. I just don't see a championship this year either but I'll say top 15

              Newman - If there was ever an underdog, it's this guy. He's a tough one too. My hope is that he does win it. I'm hoping all the contenders have issues that keep them on pit road and laps down. Newman comes in 5th, with no win and a championship. It's a fantasy but it could happen. He starts 21st today. He hit debris from somebodies car during practice that broke his splitter. All is fixed and he's no worried. Top 10

Everybody else......

Gordon - He's got the pole. That's 200 poles for the HMS organization. He's got 11 top 10's here too. Top 10

Ky Bu - Starts 7th. He's been plagued with the uglies too this year but I'll say top 10

Kenseth - Won the Nationwide race this weekend. That's seat time that could equate to a top 10.

Larson - Got to give a top 10 to the rookie with the mostest.

Truex Jr - Starts 10th. Top 10

Keselowski - Starts 4th. Top 10

Menard - My dark horse pick for a top 10

Race is on at 3pm today. Football all day too. Have a safe weekend folks.

And I'm outta here.....





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