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NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 1-25-15
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HEY HO!!! IT SNOWED!!!! Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. So big news here in the northeast besides deflate-a-gate is snowed. Yup. Had to get my snow mobile out. Needs a paint job but she runs. Right now it's lull time till the next wave hits. The wind has kicked up and the temps went down. So all you in palm tree territory prepare for incoming snow balls. My catapult is set on stun. 

So what of the land of Left Turns? I got you covered right here.



That would be correct. Jeff says he's not retiring because that means your're not working and he plans on working. Getting a real job even. So the "R" word is not being used. He is however stepping out of the #24 at the end of 2015. He will be focusing on getting that championship under this new Chase format that he didn't like at first but now says it's pretty exciting. 

Jeff was very vague on his plans after 2015 is over. He's put feelers out to tv networks to maybe be in the broadcast booth but he wants to be free to jump in a race vehicle like maybe a truck or a Baja Buggy for the Baja 1000 or other sellect events as he chooses. Or not. Says he has a lot of plans that he'll announce later.

Jeff is a partner with Rick Hendrick and plans on being heavily involved with the company for years to come. 

Speaking of Rick. Here's what he had to say,"There's simply no way to quantify Jeff's impact. He's one of the biggest sports stars of a generation and his contributions to the success and growth of NASCAR are unsurpassed. There's been no better ambassador for stockcar racing and no greater representation of what a champion should be. I will never be able to properly express the respect and admiration I have for Jeff and how meaningful our relationship is to me. I'm so grateful for everything he's done for our company and my family and I look forward to many years together as friends and business partners."

Jeff said he and Rick discussed his back issue and future in racing many times. He wanted to go out on top while he was still competitive and on his own terms. Rick tried to talk Jeff into staying in the car a little longer but Jeff knew last year it was time.

It is assumed that Chase Elliott, (last years Xfinity champion and Bill Elliott's son) is in line for the seat of the #24 car. He will be chasing a 2nd championship and also driving a 5th HMS car in the Cup Series for sellect races this year. HMS can skirt the 4 team max because Elliott is still a rookie.


----> 4 Cup Championships

----> 92 points paying race W's

----> 77 Poles

----> 3rd (Behind Petty & Pearson ) for all time W's

----> 3 Daytona 500 W's, 5 Brickyard 400 W's, 12 Restrictor Plate W's & 9 Road course W's

----> Has won on every track on the circuit except the Kentucky Speedway (Area of opportunity perhaps?)

It remains to be seen just what Jeff means by a real job and how this real job will let him have the flexability he wants to jump in whatever race vehicle he wants to when he wants to. Just wondering if he understands the concept of real job.

But hey, congrats and good luck to Jeff in whatever he has planned for the next chapter in his life. I mean 43 years old is old....



On Saturday the biggest short track open wheel race of the year was held and Rico snagged the victory. On lap 27 of the 55 lap feature he passed Bryan Clauson and never looked back. This is Rico's first Chili Bowl win although he's been racing winged sprint cars and midgets with success between the USA and New Zealand.

After the race it was announced that Rico was given a ride with HScott Motorsports to drive in the K&N Pro Series East which is a stepping stone to Cup racing. He is now in a driver development agreement with Chip Gnassi Racing. The same team that brought you the rookie with the mostest last year, Kyle Larson.

In case you didn't notice, Rico is a little person with a huge win. That's him on top of his car after his win. 


Glen Wood started the team in 1950. They've competed every season since then with 3 generations rotating in and out since then.

Jon Wood, grandson of Glen loved looking at the Guinness Book of World Records when he was a kid and dreamed of being in it one day. Fast forward to present day and Jon decided to make it happen.

He went to the GBWR web site and filled out an application for a record claim. Surprisingly they got right back to him and were very happy to get that on the records but verification had to come with it. Jon then enlisted the help of Buz McKim , the historian at the NASCAR Hall of Fame and now The Wood Brothers are in the books. The Guinness Book of World Records that is......Congrats guys.


OH LOOK!!! It's Kevin Harvick on wheels again with Ricky Carmichael and son Keelan who doesn't look to sure of this venture.


Brian is on track with his recovery from heart surgery to be back racing in March. Michael Waltrip his boss will be in the #55 for the Daytona 500 but isn't sure who will drive untill Brian can get back in. 

NASCAR has also announced that Brian will be eligible to via for the Chase Championship even though he will miss the first couple races of the season. Get well Brian.


When you go to a NASCAR event from now on it will be like a NHRA event. Nice big area to shop for multiple drivers gear. Fanatics Apparel will be operating the At-Track Merchadise business.


----> Climate controled super store retail environment

----> Largest at track sellection of NASCAR merch

----> More Women's & kids itmes

----> Seperate areas to shop for a driver or team

----> Dedicated area for driver appearances

----> An area to customize your fan gear

So that means no more haulers. You won't have to track down your gear. It will be under one roof.


So get out there and get your Jeff Gordon merch before it's too late. I'm pretty sure it will never be too late. Jeff says he doesn't want long good byes with a celebration at every track. We'll see.

To my northeast Gabbers and others I say be safe and walk like a penguin. And don't hurt yourself shoveling. Hope you got your 12 loaves of bread, 7 gallons of milk and 8 dozen eggs. Snow storm part duex is on it's way. Every body else go climb a palm tree.

And I'm outta here....






NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 1-18-15
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 OOOOO BBBBBBBBABY!!!! Oh yeah, it's that time of the week folks. Welcome Gabbers & others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. Nice '67 Fastback. Lovin' everything about that body but the ghetto wheels and the low profile tires GOT TO GO!!! Went for $112,200 at the Barrett Jackson Auction this weekend. Would love to have this one and there would definitely be modifications of the wheel and tire variety. Speaking of wheels, I wonder what else is rolling.



Jeff Gordon sold his 1999 #24 Pepsi Chevy Monte Carlo that he won with at the inaugural then Busch Series race at Phoenix International Raceway. It was the last win for the Crew chief & driver combo known as Evernham/Gordon and the car went up for auction on Friday. Bidding was up to $450,000 and Gordon decided to sweeten the deal. He added an autographed helmet and a firesuit to the mix. Bidding maxed out at $500,000. This will benefit the Jeff Gordon Children's Charity. The restoration and auction of the car will be featured on Evernham's TV show Americarna at a later date.


                           1971 Plymouth Barracuda that went for $110,000



Texas Motor Speedway is looking for 20 to 30 fans to be on a council to help improve fan experience at the race track. If you're available to be on-site for meetings after the NASCAR weekends in April and November as well as a teleconference after the June Firestone 600 Indycar-NASCAR Truck race doubleheader than put your application in by Feb 6th on


                            1969 Pontiac GTO Judge that went for $110,000


Keneth Lane Wilkes has been brought up on charges of stealing a firesuit and 3 crew uniforms to sell on eBay. No word on what his access at RCR was or how much he sold them for. None of the clothes were for a driver. Shame on you Keneth.  


                                 1958 Chevy Impala that went for $110,000  



YUP...Jeffy won his first race in 2015 against a fan while riding an adult size tricycle at a Wizard's vs Spurs game. Last week was NASCAR's 2014 champion Kevin Harvick and son Keelan sporting their big wheels and this week it's Jeff Gordon. So is this a thing? Could be.


1956 Ford F-100 that went for $161,700. Yet again it's has those damn ghetto wheels and low profile tires. YUCK!!!! Beautiful truck though. 


The Chiquita headquarters located in the NASCAR Plaza Office Tower is streamlining. They were bought out this month by 2 Brazilian companies for $681 million which took the banana company private in a hostile takeover. No word on how many of the 320 office employees will be moving with the company. Chiquita was lured to their location several years back with $22 million in State and local incentives. They plan to give back $1 million of those incentives for moving early.


                              1966 Mustang GT which went for $110,000. 


Kurt Busch has testified that his ex girlfriend is an assassin. She claims she's not but she's writing a movie script about a female CIA operative on classified missions. Then Kurt tells a journalist that Driscoll isn't an assassin.

Things got bazaar folks. So you know what I did? I went to the one source that I knew would have all the answers. That's right TMZ. The National Inquirer is a shell of itself. I've grown tired of UFO babies and Elvis sightings. Give me TMZ. 

I watched a video on that was a pilot for a reality show featuring Ms Driscoll. She's quite the character and it explains why Kurt's lawyer went the direction he did with testimony. This chick is all about Patricia.

She says she just wants to get Kurt the help he needs for his alcoholism and depression and that she's not motivated by greed. Only concern for the man she loved.

Seriously, I don't think TMZ would be able to write that script. I can't wait for the next installment. 

I realize there wasn't a whole lot to read but I thought a few of these eye candy pics on wheels could help get us through till the land of Left Turns starts rolling. That's 36 days away.

You all enjoy you football games, family get togethers and whatever else you have planned this weekend. Be safe, Peace out,

And I'm outta here.....


NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 1-11-15
Category: Daily Blog 2.0
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B-B-B-B-B-BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. Found a blast from the past to head my blog today. Ms Monroe lived a fast life but was a true beauty till the end. 

It's 11 degrees here in PA and dropping to 3 degrees by morning. How is it that it's colder here than a tad bit further north to the Bostonian stomping grounds? Quit messin' with the thermostat.

This week was Elvis Presley's 80th birthday. Wonder how that hunka hunka burnin' love would sing if he'd be here today. A retired driver named Mark Martin turned 56 this week too. Can't sing but he was my driver for a long time. Miss you Mark.

I read that Harold Hamm, exec of oil driller Continental Resources hand wrote a check to his soon to be ex wife for $974.8 million AND SHE TURNED IT DOWN!!!!! HAND WRITTEN. Not a bank transfer. How do you write that on a check? I find it hard to write my mortgage check on one line. How do you do that? HOW DO YOU TURN A CHECK LIKE THAT DOWN?!?!? I can't even rap my head around how big that really is after taxes and what I could do with it. How many boxes of Cracker Jacks is that? How many rice & bean burritoes is that? Can I have a 4 wheel drive pick up truck instead of the little Scion I drive? Boggles my mind.

So um lets check out the land of Left Turns.....


Our 2014 NASCAR Cup champion Kevin Harvick is busy with his down time. He and son Keelan are bonding over big wheel competition. I got to admit that I'm quite jealous. I didn't know they made big wheels for adults and now...Aaaaaah wants one.


Trading Card company Press Pass founded in 1992 has closed it's doors. They're based in Huntersville, NC and released over 300 products like Auto Racing, Football and Basketball cards. The economy has turned on them. If you ask me I think that there is a glut of cards and you just can't get people to spend on things like that like they used to. People want stuff for free. So now NASCAR has nobody making cards for the drivers. I have one card. It's #153 of the Action Packed Series of Mark Martin lifting weights. I have no idea how I got it. But I do.



Robbie Gordon is at it again this year. He came in 4th place in the 6th Stage this week. Lots more racing to go but this is an awesome effort by our USA racer. Right now Nasser / Al-Attiyah is in first place. GOOOOOOOOOO ROOOOOOOOOOOB-BIE!!!!! Good luck.


Maybe. Michael Andretti has made no secret that he would love for Kurt Busch to come back and drive for the Verizon Indy Car team any time he wants including the double again on May 24th. That's Indianapolis and Charlotte in one day. At last years Indy 500 Kurt started 12th and ended 6th. Then he flew off to Charlotte for the Coca Cola 600 but didn't finish the race. Solid effort though.

Andretti says Kurt was a professional and a pleasure to work with. He's a huge supporter of Kurt even though he's been to court about a domestic dispute with ex girlfriend Patricia Driscoll. Everything has been turned over to the Deleware State Prosecutors now to decide if they want to press charges.


It was supposed to be Jeff Gordon's number when he started at HMS in 1992 but it was also the number of a guy named Cole Trickle. That was Tom Cruise's character in Days of Thunder.

Gordon's stepdad tried to get the rights to the #46 for merchandising and found out that Paramount Pictures beat him to it in 1990 when the movie came out. So it was back to the number bin to get Jeff Gordon a number to start with.

While all that was going on Dupont didn't want just a sketch of the paint job. So HMS had several cars painted up in the rainbow paint scheme and had the #46 on it. These cars were locked up till the Dupont execs got there to check them out. And the rest they say is history. 


Oh would look at that? Damn Cowboys. I just want to give a shout out to a certain Cowboys fan at the Gab. He still has a dawg in the fight as of this weekend so I guess I can at least put that up. Just heard Dick LeBeau has resigned. I hope he's not sick. He's only 77 years old. He has way more left to do on the field. But I guess it's time to pass the torch. Just hoping there's a good replacement. The Pats move on as of this writing. Don't know about the other team.

I'm heading to the showers. It's nap time. Be safe folks.

And I'm outta here.....



NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 1-4-15
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Howdy & Happy New Year. Welcome Gabbers & others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. Was checking Twitter and up pops this picture. Really puts it all in perspective. Been sick all week with whatever the crowd at work has been carrying around for the last 2 months. My head wants to explode, my nose is running like a broken faucet and I can barely move. Had to work Wed, Thur & Fri to get my holiday pay. They all gave it to me so the least I could do is get to work and share. 

Today I took off. Got a call. Hospice said that my Uncle Sherlock was on his way out by late afternoon. They're pretty good at that prediction thing. So another uncle has passed.  A WWll vet, drove locomotives and lived to 89 years. That leaves my dad and 2 of his sisters left. 

When you're young you just assume that things won't change. They'll go on and on. I just can't believe in a span of a year I've lost 2 uncles and an aunt. Family reunions won't be the same going forward. The old gaurd is moving out and will be passed on to us. 

For a couple weeks now there's been that end of year motage thing. Best of this best of that. I really like You Tube. The concerts and documentaries are awesome. I love the videos done by folks like you and I. Chronicling their struggles, dreams, triumphs, and every day lives. Some help you see that we're all the same no matter what country we live in. We all pretty much want the same things. Food on the table, roof over head and a bit of happiness to round it out.


So now it's the new year. What do you need? What do you want? Where are you going? 

My mid life crisis clock has been ringing for quite some time now. Still not sure what I want or where I want to go. I added climb Kilimanjaro to the bucket list. Is that even possible to get to? It's like almost $5000 just to walk into the park where that mountain is. For the price of a new car I could get a plane ticket and join a safari up that mountain. Still cheaper than getting a fast red convertible. Speeding tickets suck.

So I saw Ellie May Clampett ( Donna Douglas ) and Little Jimmy Dickens passed away this weekend. My uncle will have awesome company. Ellie May can dance with him while Jimmy sings his song. 

May the Bird of Paradise fly up your nose

May an elephant caress you with his toes

May your wife be plagued with runners in her hose

May the Bird of Paradise fly up your nose

Time marches on. Watched the Grand Ole Opry and Hee Haw on tv growing up. Jimmy was short ( 4' 11" ) but funny. He referred to himself as Willie Nelson after taxes. 


Found this gem too. Time still marches on.

So instead of New Years Resolutions I decided on Life style challenges. I'm continuing on my path of recommitment to vegetarianism. The vegan thing is just too hard. Raw vegan is even more insane. I will simply challenge myself to be as vegan as I can but if cheese is required on my sandwich then damn it I'm having a slice of cheese.

Over the past year I've felt way better getting back on my green juices. It has flushed a lot of toxins out taking health issues with those toxins that plagued me. My mind is clearer. I'm less bloated. My clothes fit much better. So now my new life style challenge is to get moving. Exercise. That's such an ugly word. Especially after a 10 hour day at work. 

Found a web site called Apparently January is a time of change. Who knew? So some brain out there said lets challenge people to eat vegan for a month complete with recipes. There's just no replacing some things. Vegan cheese is just not cheese. But it's a cute web site.

You can add to your tools if you're working on losing weight and want to keep track of your calorie intake. You type in what you ate that day and it tells you your caloric intake as well as vitamins and minerals. Haven't signed up yet but I'm curious.

So any way, not much going on in the land of Left Turns. You have the usual movement of crew member talent, deals being made, birthdays, births and so on. Kind of like any other sport. Dale Jr did a Q & A on Twitter while he was on a plane. Says he loves the back and forth with everyone. Twitter is cool in that the drivers hang out on there to let the fans know what they're doing.


So this is me. My head still hurts. I need to get back to bed. Hope everyones New Years Eve was good, you all meet your challenges for the new year head on 

And I'm outta here.....




NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 12-28-14
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Tra la la la la folks. It's after Christmas. Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. James Dean. Nice looking. I mean the car. Tee hee hee. This was taken just hours before he smashed it. What a shame. I'm wondering if there was even a seat belt in that car. 


Here's a 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. This car was wrecked less than an hour after the guy bought it. Flying down the highway, enjoying life and a damn tree stepped out in front of him. He and his 2 buddies lived. I'm wondering how far that accident forgiveness thingy goes they talk about on TV. I'm thinking Nationwide loses this guys file. I mean this IS a $65,000 car. It has a hemi after all. VRRROOOOM VRRROOOOM BABY

I'm betting they were wearing their seat belts too. I don't know all the particulars of Dean's wreck but I can't help wondering about things. Like was he wearing a seat belt? I'm betting no helmet. Got to feel that wind in your hair. Don't want helmet hair. 

One thing is for sure, if you collect muscle cars than this is your baby. It's 707 HP. That's 93 less horse power than a NASCAR stock car and if you have enough idiots out there wrecking them at this rate they'll be taken off the market or dumbed down so the first ones will be worth something. Like we need that much gitty up on the road. Some body should have told that guy there are drag strips he could go to. 


Found this cool picture of the winged Superbirds at the National 500 in Charlotte in 1970. Only a hand full of them but it's history worth looking at. That'swhen the cars had character and you could say that one is a Chevy and that's a Ford. Now you have to look at the sticker on the hood of the car. No more race on Sunday. Sell on Monday.


Then you had this piece of history. The 1955 Lincoln Futura Concept which was the inspiration for the Batmobile. This car definitely looks way better in black with red pin striping. To the bat cave Robin.

Lets see here. What's happening in the land of Left Turns?

The Wood Brothers are going into their 65th season in NASCAR. They're a part time team right now but plan on eventually getting back to full time. Ryan Blaney will be driving the #21 Wood Brothers Ford this coming year. Good luck guys. Great to see you're still here.

Kyle Larson and fiance Katelyn Sweet announced the birth of their son. Owen Miyata Larson was born on Monday the 22nd @ 11:09 pm and weighing in at 7 lbs 14 oz. Congrats guys. 

IT's 55 days till the Daytona 500. Just thought you'd all like to know......

Darrell "Bubba" Wallace Jr has been signed to drive the Roush Fenway Racing #6 in the XFinity Series next year. The Nationwide Series is to become the XFinity Series. Forgot to update everyone on that.

Bubba was driving in the truck series last year. He finished 3rd in the points and had 4 wins, 10 Top 10's and 2 poles. He was driving for Kyle Busch Motorsports and sponsorship dried up for this coming year so he asked to be left out of his contract and Jack Roush scooped him up to drive the #6. Congrats on your new ride Bubba. 

Carl Edwards expects to win 10 races and a championship at JGR next year. Wonder if he talked to Santa about that? He says that when he first got into his ride with RFR he was not a good team mate and that he has become humbled and wants to learn off his new team mates at JGR. That would be Kyle Busch, Denny Hamlin and an old team mate Matt Kenseth whom he says he never understood. I guess Kevin Harvick proved last year that new scenery can get you pretty far. Good luck with that one Carl.

Gatorade put out a new commercial. You can look it up on You Tube......"50" l Gatorade Commercial. It's a montage of iconic sports moments which they had a sponsorship hand in. Jimmie Johnson & Matt Kenseth have cameos in it. I think I saw Superman Newton in there too. 

In my travels this week around the web I found Malala Yousefzai's acceptance speech for her Nobel Peace Prize. You can hardly believe this girl was shot in the faceback in October of 2012 and that she's only 17. This girl is wise and mature and brave beyond her years. She thanks her father for not cutting her wings and letting her become educated. Then she says she'd like to find peace in all corners of the world but she has to work on not fighting with her brothers. This is a worthy speech to listen to. She plans on being the Prime Minister of Pakistan some day. I believe her.


So like was this your Christmas. Looked like mine. Face timing relatives in Hawaii, texting friends and playing that Candy Crush game. What do they see in that? 

Wow!!!! Only 4 days left in the year. We have made another rotation around the sun. We landed a probe on a moving comet. What do you do for an encore after that? I've been working on eating better and I do feel better. Think I'll just continue on that path. Don't want to make any crazy New Years resolutions . I'll call it a New Years Life Style Challenge. That way if an M&M slips in there I won't be so bummed that I may have failed. I'll let 2 or 3 slip in there. Got to make it worth it.

Thanks for letting me blah blah blah about nothing really and of course about fast stuff in the land of Left Turns. Have a safe and fantastic New Years Eve. Even if it's just an early night into the sack. Sleep is awesome. Rock it out folks

And I'm outta here......




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