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NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 9-14-14
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La Dee Da Dee Dee. La Dee Da Dee Da folks. Welcome to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff Gabbers and others. Been looking up at those same stars these 2 are a lot lately. Wondering about so many things. How do things go so badly in your life that you never want to see those stars again? It would seem that while I was at my Uncles funeral at lunch time the other Saturday, my brothers Ex and mother of his little girl was putting a needle in her arm for the last time. All the court room drama, the crazy accusations and fighting have all come to that last moment. Now there's a little girl who sits and looks at the stars wondering if her mommy is one of them.

Then there's Ace. He came into the world 6 weeks premature this Saturday night. He's early just like my Uncle Bud who passed away. He was 2 months premature. They put him between 2 pillows in the bun warmer side of the wood stove. No such thing as an incubator back then. You made due. So Ace my newest nephew starts out life a bit early. I just know he'll be a scrapper. So what do you see in the stars?

Been playing with my newest culinary impliment of vegetational destruction. Finally got me a Vitamix. Bought the base on eBay used for $109 and a Blendtek Wildside carafe for Vitamix blenders for $100. I will never peel another tomato again. Made the most awesome tomato sauce ever. 1 onion and 6 tomatoes, give out your best Tim Allen OH OH OH and VRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOMMMMM-MMM-MMM-MMM. Life is good. 


Our Aussie has decided to hang up his Sprint Cup steering wheel at the end of the 2014 season and take his family back to Australia. He's happy with what he's achieved considering his racing back ground. In Australia there are no asphalt oval tracks. The Super 8 racing he came from was all road course. He's disappointed that he didn't win on an oval but he feels that it's time to take his kids back to the Australian way of life. He didn't give any clues as to what or if he'd be racing in the future. I say good luck to you Ambrose. Pleasure to have you in Cup.


Denny Hamlin's crew chief Darian will be back fresh off his suspension to jump up on the box at Chicagoland. Darian said it was a 10c part that failed on the car. It wasn't torqued correctly and became lose during the race. I think Knuas said the same thing about a few of his infractions too. 


Starting at Chicagoland Harvick will have Stewart's crew. Harvick never seems to be happy with any crew he has. I once watched a truck race where he fired his crew in the middle of the race but then recinded it after the race. I don't expect him to be happy with Stewart's crew either but SHR want to give Harvick the best chance at a Championship he can have. Good luck with that.


Johnson got out of his car after the Richmond race, sat down and couldn't get up. His crew helped him onto a golf cart and to the infield care center where he spent about 90 minutes getting fluids for severe dehydration. He blamed a new driver cooling system that wasn't functioning properly on his issue. He said they will be swapping out that new system back to the old tried and true one going forward.



So it's now GO TIME. I stole that from a Go Daddy commercial. Actually it is go time. Go or go home. We're in the Chase. So here's the low down.

There are 16 drivers. Each starts with 2000 points plus 3 points for each win.


After the next 3 races, the 4 drivers at the bottom of the points are eliminated. A win in any of these 3 races advances you to the next round. Points are reset to 3000.


After the next 3 races, 4 more drivers will be eliminated from the bottom. Again, a win in any of these races gets you advanced to the next round. Points will be reset at 4000.


After 3 more races, 4 more drivers are eliminated. Again a win in any of the 3 races advances to next round. Points reset to 5000.


Simple as that box of chocolates Forest loves. Last race and who ever finishes the highest in that race out of the last 4 drivers gets the big trophy. 

Keselowski says the last 4 drivers will be himself, Logano, Gordon and Dale Jr. They have been the most consistant. My money is on Dale Jr. Just a feeling.

During the Chase the cars that are in the Chase at the moment will have markings. A yellow front splitter, Chase decal on the drivers door, yellow roof number and yellow name windshield visor. As they get eliminated they will go back to regular colors.


This is a 1.5 mile tri-oval track. Fast and bumpy, long green flag runs (usually) and pit road strategy will play a huge role in the out come.

Harvick - Won the Nationwide race Saturday with that pit strategy I just talked about. He starts 12th. Look for Happy to be in the top 10

Ky Bu -Won the truck race on Saturday. He's been so explosive lately in Cup. Most self explosive. He's got pole due to a rain out in qualifying. Not putting any bets on him.

Hamlin - He's just as inconsistent as his team mate Ky Bu. Not touching him either.

Johnson - Now that it's Chase time I'm guessing the all the monkey business is done. He'll be in the top 10.

Dale Jr - Mr Consistent starts 13th. Top 10

Gordon - Starts 8th behind Johnson. Top 10

Larson - Our rookie with the mostest. He scraped the right side of his car in practice after a tire went down. He finished 2nd in the Nationwide race. Starts 10th and he'll be a top 10

Edwards - Fastest in last practice. Starts 3rd. He's on a lame duck mission but I think a top 10 is doable.

Newman - Starts 2nd. Top 10

Kenseth led 89 laps last year on his way to the win. Repeat? Maybe. He starts 5th. More like top 10

Keselowski - Starts 25th. He struggled here last year. Top 10

McMurray - Doing awesome with the Hendrick cars this year. Top 10

The Danica - Was 2nd fastest in last practice. She starts 18th. Could she do another 6th place finish like at Atlanta? I hope so because I have her in one of my fantasy leagues but I'm not going to call it. 

Stenhouse - The Danica's sweety starts 4th. He had a top 10 last year. 

So we're off to the first race of the Chase. The NFL is off too. So is the NCAA. In more ways than we can count. Fantasy owners are miserable, Goodell is biting his nails and Pink-tober is around the corner. I think I'll just go out and do some star gazing. Any body else coming?

And I'm outta here.....





NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 9-7-14
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So hi dee ho neighbors. Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. It's the wee hours again as I write this while yawning sporadically. Just got done watching the last race of the regular season. Our field of 16 is set. So there's that to talk about. So like who's ready for football? Fall weather? Not ready for Pink-tober. We could skip that. Especially since the NFL botched the punishments for their domestic violence offenders. Please don't try to make it up to us women and tell us you care. Really? I'm not buying it. Pink-tober has a big smudge on it now. 

Michael Waltrip from MWR is heading to Dancing With The Stars this season. Mr Chong form Cheech & Chong will be dancing too. And Lo Lo Jones. I liked watching Apolo Ono & Hines Ward when they were on. Didn't know Hines could still make his football battered body move in fluid motion. I'll probably catch the shows on You Tube after they're on tv. Watching the dancing is pretty cool. I almost can see Lawrence Welk and his bubble machine when I watch that show. And a 1 and a 2 and a 3.


RICHMOND RECAP that picture there is the high light of the race. I actually have to say that it was just that boring that this guy climbing the catch fence was the highlight of the race. Out of 400 laps Keselowski led 383 of them. So why would they stop a race for some guy sitting on the catch fence?


That's why. The catch fence catches cars that go up in the air.  There weren't any wrecks at Richmond but one never knows. Such a dumass. Wonder how drunk he was or high to think that he should climb the fence. I will give him this much, it was one damn boring race. Oh, sorry, I already mentioned that.

Johnson got out of his car, sat down and couldn't get up. He was treated at the infield care center for dehydration. It was Hot & humid at race time. 

Hey, The Danica finished 16th and on the lead lap. Girl is winning.

Top 15 finishers : Keselowski - Gordon - Bowyer - McMurray - Harvick - Logano - Ku Bu - Johnson - Newman - Almirola - Larson - Dale Jr - Vickers - Ky Bu - Stewart


Keselowski 4W's >>>>> 2012 points

Gordon 3W's >>>>> 2009 points

Dale Jr 3W's >>>>> 2009 points

Johnson 3W's >>>>> 2009 points

Logano 3W's >>>>> 2009 points

Harvick 2W's >>>>> 2006 points

Edwards 2W's >>>>> 2006 points

Ky Bu 1W >>>>> 2003 points

Hamlin 1W >>>>> 2003 points

Ku Bu 1W >>>>> 2003 points

Kahne 1W >>>>> 2003 points

Almirola 1W >>>>> 2003 points

Allmendinger 1W >>>>> 2003 points

Kenseth - No W's >>>>> 2000 points

Biffle - No W's >>>>> 2000 points

Newman - No W's >>>>> 2000 points

So next week I'll explain how the elimination works. I'm just too beat to do that now. The weather in combination with all the life that's been thrown at me this past week as pulled me down a tad. I hope all is well in Gabland, our traveling Gabbers are safe and every body else is planted in front of the flat screen with remote in hand and favorite beverage in the cup holder. I do believe it's football time.

And I'm outta here....


NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 8-31-14
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Hi ya hi ya hi ya!!!! Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. It's midnight as usual as I start yet another blog I should've been working on during the week. Kind of reminds me of a Judas Priest song, Living After Midnight. Yup, I'm rockin' through the at the Gab.

Actually I was with my family today for most of the day. A beloved uncle passed on Monday and Saturday we payed our respects. Being a Korean War vet he has to wait for internment at Indiantown Gap Millitary Cemetery till Wednesday because there are so many vets being buried there right now that as you know aren't going to get a long life like my Uncle Bud. 

            Aaran "Bud" Dissinger 1929 - 2014....Korean War vet, husband, father, uncle, biker, hell raiser, photographer, played the mandolin, harmonica and banjo, wicked sense of humor, quick witted, fiercely independentand full of life. 

He was a truck driver that in his words got to see all the States that were connected. His CB handle was Brand X. Any truckers out there who met him, sure won't forget him. 

He died of lung cancer and even though there's a lot of controversy surrounding VA Haspitals, the one in Lebanon, PA is not one of them. They treated him with respect and everytime he left from one of his treatments the staff always said thank you for your service Mr Dissinger. And that fierce independence? He always refused a wheel chair. His lungs were cancer ridden but he walked through the hospital and to the exit. They took his drivers license but he said they won't be taking my legs too.

It was a tough funeral. We've lost 3 elder statesmen of our family in 8 months. My childhood is drifting farther and farther away at an excellerated pace. 

So this Memorial Day, if you will, I ask my Gab family and others, please raise your drink of whatever it is and toast my Uncle Bud for his service to our country and for the fun loving  person that he was. I know he'll love that. Thanks.


So I guess we're off to NASCARland. Home of left turns, crazy speeds, temper tantrums, bump drafting, side drafting and calculated risky decisions. My most handsome Knight of the Mobile 1 returns to the seat of the #14 this weekend. He held a press conference which he read a statement telling everyone he was back. He said he missed his racing family and that he prays for the Ward family every day. He did not answer questions because the investigation is not closed and he was told not to until it is. He promises to answer any and all questions in the future when he is able. 

Johhny Morris - Bass Pro Shops founder released a statement saying he supported Stewart and his return to racing. He said that Stewart is part of the Bass Pro Shops family and a friend. He's seen Stewart's generocity to up and coming drivers, to track owners and other childrens charities. He talked of Stewart's passion for investing in dirt track racing and that he's a racers racer. 

All that I've read from those that know Stewart personally leads me to believe what I said before. Kevin Ward should've viewed Stewart as an opportunity to prove he could run with the best and deserving of some sponsorship money and better ride. Unfortunately he didn't see Stewart as anything but some interloping big shot that was in his way. I'm still hoping some thing good comes from all this.

For NASCAR's part they have decided that if he should win Atlanta tonight of Richmond next Saturday that he will be eligible for the Chase due to extenuatingly unusual circummstances beyond his control. 


Long green flag runs, tire management, low grip level but lots of speed. Who ever is up front at the drop of the green flag is not likely to be there in the end. This track is not like any others on the circuit. It's a 1.54 quad oval shaped track. Harvick won the Nationwide race on Saturday night followed by Logano, Larson, Ky B, and Chase Elliott. So the first 4 guys were Cup interlopers. So they'll have a leg up on the competition so to speak.

Last years top 15 finishers - Ky Bu - Logano - Truex Jr - Ku Bu - Newman - Gordon - Montoya - Dale Jr - Harvick - Vickers - McMurray - Kenseth - Ambrose - Allmendinger - Biffle

Gordon & Dale Jr are 1 & 2 in the points and extremely consistant. Top 10 for both

Larson is the rookie with the mostest I keep raving about. Quick learner too. Top 10

Ky Bu & Hamlin are excellent at this track but both have bad mojo issues. Wrecks, blown motors, bad communication and just crappy luck. Choose at your own risk

Johnson is the man at every track but not so much this year. Testing for the Chase? Maybe. But I'm not picking him this weekend

Logano is hot right now. Got his 3 W's and he's on to a top 5

Harvick has the pole and I'm betting top 10 if something stupid doesn't happen

Ku Bu is having a rough season but he's talented at this track. Top 10 if he doesn't self destruct

Kenseth is the only one at JGR I can see getting a top 10

Edwards & Biffle are in Fords which are fast during cooler weather which is what is expected tonight. Still Top 15's

McMurray is doing his best in the new Hendrick equipment this year. Team mate Larson is doing better but I expect a top 10

Menard starts 33rd but he's got a great pit crew. He'll be up in that top 10 in the end.

Vickers is another I expect a top 10 from

Need some cheaper talent on your salary cap league? Austin Dillon's brother Ty will be in the #33. A nice $5 value pick. Moffitt will be in the #66 MWR car. Also around $5. I picked up Allmendinger for $17.50. Annett is around $9.50. The Danica came in 21st and -2 laps last year. I think she's like $15. 

So there you have it Gabbers. Richmond is next Saturday night. So that's 2 races till the Chase starts.

So the Gab NFL draft was Saturday night. I'm not so sure on some of my picks but it was hard to concentrate or read the screen through teary eyes and family around. I got an email telling me I have a 3rd place team and a 50/50 shot at the title. They also told me to pick up Wes Welker. REALLY? Not thinking he'll be back any time soon. So any ways, to all the Gabbers and others I say, have a safe one, a happy one 

And I'm outta here.....





NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 8-23-14
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Good morning. Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. So you got to wonder. If that picture isn't photo shopped, what the hell is that bear thinking?

So this is what it's like to be human....When is the waitress gonna take my order?....I've been stood up once again....All I did was sit down and everybody runs away. 

I'm sure some of you could think of some cool captions for this picture.


So Dale Jr says his Dale Call will be available during the Chase. People actually were asking for them. I do love that commercial but I want the one that works just like in the commercial. Fire out the tailpipes, shaking air cleaner and race motor rev sound. He showed this on Twitter but didn't say if it actually works or even makes a sound. Cute though. Wonder if it comes with a 6 pack of Mountain Dew?


Ok, so they finally announced that Edwards is going to be in the Joe Gibbs Racing stable next year driving car #19. He promises to be a much better team mate too. I'm wondering if Matt Kenseth is buying that line. He just came from RFR. Everybody was smiling in the pictures though. Ky Bu and Hamlin have had nothing but issue after issue. I wonder if it's these 2 guys or if there's something deeper going on at JGR. For Edwards sake I hope it isn't catching. He may be leaving one sinking ship for another.



This guy here would be the winner of the Michigan race. Logano led the most laps but some how Gordon beat him on the last restart for the win. Ky Bu was in the garage early after smacking the wall on lap 4. Dale Jr had contact with Larson on pit road but managed a 5th place finish after lots of damage control. The Danica took out 2 of my drivers during a spin but managed to get an 18th place finish on the lead lap. Fantasy owners that took her were rewarded.

The guys were hitting their marks. Johnson was clocked at 214 mph at one point. Fast. Then his shifter handle broke off. During pit stops they hand him a pair of vise grips which were a no go. Finally about 50 laps later Larson wrecks, brings out the caution and now he gets his shifter fixed.

Burton was subbing for Stewart. The bad luck keeps piling on. On lap 82 Burton goes to the garage for electrical issues that turn out to be a broken tail pipe. The heat shield started smoking so he thought there was an electrical fire.

Top 15 finishers : Gordon - Harvick - Logano - Menard - Dale Jr - Bowyer - Hamlin - Keselowski - Johnson - Biffle - Newman - Ambrose - Allmendinger - McMurray - Stenhouse


So Bristol was Saturday night. Atlanta is next Saturday night and Richmond the Saturday after. 

Bristol is known as that last great colosseum. It didn't disappoint either. Hamlin got bumped from behind by Harvick and as he spun he peeled off Dale Jr's drivers door. Messy. 

Ky Bu got nailed for speeding on pit road and had to start near the back of the field. Which makes him in harms way when the next wreck happens. He never really recovers.

Johnson got 2 speeding penalties on pit road but some how manages to finish with a top 10. Last weeks winner Mr Gordon didn't fair so well. Contact with Ku Bu ruined his day.

Top 15 finishers : Logano - Keselowski - Kenseth - Johnson - Ku Bu - Stenhouse - Edwards - McMurray - Menard - Biffle - Harvick - Newman - Allmendinger - Burton

So we're getting down to the wire. If Kenseth can keep showing up in the top 10 for the next 2 races, he'll be in the Chase without a win. He will however be seeded near the bottom so chances of being booted out in the first round of cuts is high. I still maintain that Gordon or Dale Jr are the 2 main guys for the title. They've been the most consistant.

So that ALS challenge is off the hook. At work there are 3 people with challenge areas set up in their yards. I've let everyone know I'm not interested and don't bug me. It's become a gimmick. Right up there with Pink-tober.

I don't know who the actor is but he did a Bullet Bucket challenge. His message is one of trying to be a better person, to love more and not judge. He's hoping to strike up a change in gun violence. I saw this on CNN at lunch time. We'll see how far it gets but I guess it has to start some where. 

I hope all our Gab travelers are safe and everyone has their NFL draft list set. I'll have mine set after I read the arrest records around the country one more time. SERIOUSLY!!!!! GET A MAN CAVE!!!!! You can roll dollar bills or fat ones to your hearts content and nobody will see you. Have a bucket by the door for cell phones. That way nobody can photograph you. DUH!!!!!!!! Ok then...

I'm outta here.....

NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 8-17-14
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GET R DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNE GABBERS!!!!!! Yep. It's me again welcoming all you Gabbers and others to another one of my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. I love tractors. Would love to have one but I don't have a farm.  I haven't been down to The Buck to watch tractor sled pulls in a couple years. 

This sure has been a dark and miserable week. I'm still bummed about Robin Williams. There's been so much speculation on why he did it from depression to Parkison's diagnosis to money troubles. To me all these things are nothing to lose hope over. You deal with them. One at a time. It's life. But then again you have those nasty trolls on Twitter attacking his daughter Zelda. What did she ever do to deserve that? She suspended her social media accounts because of the trolls. Twitter has promised to look into troll controls and has suspended a few accounts over this.

We have some really mean ugly black souls spewing their blackness upon the world these days via the web. I watch a lot of You Tube videos and the one thing I hear a lot is the video makers complaining of those troubled individuals and how they go through and delete the negative comments so they don't overwhelm the page. Has the push to be so politically correct caused this negative back lash?

I know I'm sick of being sent to sensitivity, respect, peer to peer coaching and integrity classes at work. I think those classes inflame the situations further. I'm afraid to speak or show any emotions at work any more. Everyone is on hyper sensitive alert. It's almost like the end of the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers (original movie) where everyone is pointing and screaming at the last remaining human. I feel just like that most of the time. 


One bright spot this week has been the ALS bucket Challenge. Not sure where it started but it's been fun watching the videos. Dale Jr is a Redskins fan. After practice this week linebacker Ryan Kerrigen and WR Pierre Garcon took their ice baths and challenged Dale Jr to do the same. So at Michigan he made a video in the garage area of him getting a bucket of ice dumped on him. He threw down the gauntlet to his crew chief Steve Letarte, Jimmie Johnson and Redskins owner Dan Snyder. Jimmie passed but said he'd write the check. Kevin Harvick made a video of him getting a bucket of ice water dumped on him by his wife. He issued challenges too. Sounds like a fun time.


This week he said he'd love to go through it all again next year. AND Michael Andretti has said repeatedly he'd love to have him come back to drive again. He feels that Kurt would become a favorite. A 6th place finish in a car you rarely drive is pretty awesome if you ask me. It will be great to see if Montoya can get his double set up for next year too. I would love to see both do it. It would be a first in history to have multiple drivers doing the Double at the same time.


So like I said it's been a black week. Young Kevin Ward Jr was laid to rest Thursday and this Saturday the track where he died held a memorial for him and went racing per Ward Sr's wishes. He said his son would've wanted it that way. 

As for Stewart? He's not racing again this weekend. Jeff Burton will be stepping in. And there again it's been truely amazing the hatefulness and spewing of dark uneducated tweets and comments about Stewart and what happened. I know he's cultivated a tough guy image but he's not a homicidal maniac. I've read a lot. Some of those comments almost made me cry. A lot of the comments were from people who race or were there and gave good comments on what happened or how the cars react.

I know that these cars are set up to rock n roll as soon as you touch the throttle. They're light and go 90 to 120 mph. You steer by using your break and throttle together a long with the steering wheel. Most racers love these cars because they're so much zip, bang and drifting wow factor for the money. 

A comment from Cory Sparks a driver a couple cars behind Stewart said," From what I saw, Tony did everything in his power to turn down away from Kevin to avoid him. People say they heard the engine rev up and he gassed it. In a sprint car the only way to steer is with the rear wheel as much as you do the steering wheel. In my opinion what he did was he gassed it to turn down away from him."

I knew this is what I saw when I tried to explain the video. I thought he was using a combonation of the brake and gas but apparently only the gas. In another video it was put in slow mo and you can see the kid grab the wing of the car. This was just a really unfortunate turn of events. A young kid with hormones a blazing thought he was going to show everyone he wasn't taking crap from that NASCAR driver Tony Stewart.

In reality he should've been looking to Stewart as an opportunity to show case his abilities to race with the big dawgs. After all he wanted to make it to the World of Outlaws. In that series as in NASCAR Nationwide, if you want better sponsorship or a better ride or to move up to Cup you get noticed by running up front and or beating the Sprint Cup interlopers on race day. Too bad this young man didn't see it that way.

Going forward I hope the parents find peace and understanding. I hope Stewart finds peace as well. I know he's deeply effected. Maybe something good could come from all this.

Dirt tracks around the Nation are instituting no getting out of the car rules. NASCAR has re-instated theirs. You may not exit the car unless it's on fire, smoke in the cockpit or fuel is leaking before the emergency crew gets there. It's a start.



The Dinger wins. And what a trip it's been from a great ride at Penske to a drug test failure to a new ride on a lesser team. The single car team under dogs won. It was a battle between the Aussie Ambrose and the Dinger. Several restarts almost ruined his win. He even led 30 laps. The most of any one. The last time the #47 car saw a victory was back on March16, 1986. Jack Beebe owned the Buick that Morgan Shepherd drove to victory in Atlanta. 

Gordon was dominating the race when electrical troubles shut his car off and he ended his day 4 laps down. The Dinger got lucky.

7 laps in Harvick was in the pits because a bag full of bean bags used to bring the car up to weight came out from under the seat and got lodges under his pedals. This resulted in a $25,000 to crew chief Rodney Childers for not securing them properly. I thought only The Danica needed extra weight because of her small stature. If you picked her for your fantasy league last week you were rewarded with a 21st place finish. 

Lap 56 saw Newman go hard into the railing taking #95 McDowell with him. Both cars destroyed. Dale Jr claimed that car for his race car graveyard in his woods. This resulted in a 2 hour red flag while they fixed the railing.

With 9 to go Johnson goes around that makes it 3 weeks in a row the Danica finishes better than him. Scary.

All in all, a good race. Ambrose and the dinger gave us a great show. Congrats to the Dinger.

Top 15 finishers - Allmendinger - Ambrose - Ku Bu - Larson - Edwards - Logano - Harvick - Biffle - Kenseth - Vickers - Dale Jr - Kahne - Truex Jr - McMurray - Mears


Ok. Lots happening here. Ryan Truex who races in the #83 BK Racing Toyota wrecked big in practice. He was sent to the hospital and declared unfit to drive due to a concussion. JJ Yeley will sub for him.

Brother Martin Truex Jr was with his long time girlfriend Sherry Pollex while she recieved treatments for her ovarian cancer. He missed qualifying and practice. Matt Crafton of the truck series helped with practicing the car.

Michigan is a 2 mile track but it's fast. Usually long green flag runs that turn it into a fuel mileage race. They can go 5 wide at spots and they do. This track eats motors too. Last year Jimmie and Gilliland lost motors. 

Last years top 15 finishers - Logano - Harvick - Ku Bu - Menard - Bowyer - Ambrose - Kahne - Burton - Biffle - Edwards - Montoya - Keselowski - Newman - Stewart - Kenseth

Gordon - Has the pole again this week with a speed of 206.558 mph. Hendrick power. Top 10

Biffle - One of the fastest in practice. Top 10

Logano - Last years winner. He starts 2nd today. Barring any 10

Ambrose - Is good at this track and usually finds himself in the top 10 at the end. I say yet again.

Larson - The rookie with the mostest. Top 10.

Ku Bu - Last practice speeds of 203.109 and 16th starting spot. If he don't self destruct...Top 10

Harvick - If the crew don't screw up, if he don't wreck and the levee don't 10

Dale Jr - Starts 25th. That's a tall order to ask for a top 10 here but he's been extremely consistent this year. Gotta give it to him.

Keselowski - Starts 5th. Top 10

Edwards - Starts 3rd today. He's on a mission. Top 10

The Danica - Starts 14th today. Last year she was 21st and on the lead lap. Pretty good pick for this week.

Burton - Subbing for Stewart in the 314 if you need a semi cheap pick in your salary cap league. 

Johnson - Starts 30th today. Don't know what's going on with Jimmie but he's scaring me. 

Kenseth - Hamlin & Ky Bu are mired in 18th 21st & 24th. Ooo yuck

So it's to Michigan we go. Wishing all the Gabbers safe travels and happy grillin'. Did you here football is back? Not a rumor. It's true. Got to get my draft picks organized. Take care all.

And I'm outta here.....








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