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NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 10-26-14
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Hey Hey My My. Rock n roll will never die. I'm counting on it. Welcome Gabbers and others to y NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. That up there is Bubba Wallace. He won himself a Martinsville Grandfather clock in his truck. Yup. That's the trophy. Imagine trying to get that home without ruining it. I guess the team hauler delivers too. 

Beautiful day here in PA. The temps keep going up and down. Really hoping this week is nice. I got that homestead clean up list but I also got me a photo list. There's real nice decorations in the neighborhood and some cool looking trees. It's time for me and my camera to take a walk before those nasty dark clouds come back. I try to keep it hid in the car just in case a really cool opportunity pops up whilst I'm out and about. No breath taking cheetahs roaming the neighborhood but I think I can make due.

As I mentioned in IHM's blog my youngest grandson had 2 ambulance rides this month for asthma attachs that came out of no where. He turned 1 on the 24th. He's wearing a heart monitor for now till we can get him to an allergist. He's taking it surprisingly well. Was play fighting with a pillow. I'm guessing he's not as bothered by it as we are. Time to get air cleaners for the house.

There was a night time 5K run that ran by my house. The race wasn't so bad but the flashing lights on the cruiser outside my front window for 2 hours were a bit much. My cats were spooked. The high school marching band even came down through at one point. I live 2 blocks from the school. I guess I could think of this as dinner entertainment.


Back in 2012 after a severe wreck at Talladega Dale Jr began to struggle with moodiness, anger, not wanting to be around people and brain fog. His crew said he had a vacant stare. So after a doctors visit he was sent to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. There he was taught brain excersises to get him back on track.

Now you can see a video Dale Jr made for the Sports Medicine Concussion Program at that university. Other professionals like baseball player David Ross made videos too.

You can go to to see these videos and learn more about the types of concussions and what can be done for those that get them.


He'll still be reporting on NASCAR races, doing his NASCAR podcast with ESPN Magazine senior writer Ryan MaGee and writing his articles for but his duties will be expanding to cover Pro & college football, basketball and other sports.

"I'm so fortunate to have a challenging, rewarding job that allows for creativity and to have colleagues and bosses that believe in my approach and my ability."

He goes on to say that he's appreciates the opportunity to diversify and still maintain his passion for motorsports. And he's not taking this lightly.

Congrats to Marty. I love his podcast too.


On October 24, 2004 Rick Hendrick and the whole HMS organization were rocked by a very tragic plane wreck. Rick Hendricks son, Ricky along with 9 other people boarded one of HMS private planes bound for Martinsville and crashed into the Bull Mountain in Virginia. There were no survivors.

On that plane besides Ricks son, Ricky were his brother John Hendrick - President of Hendrick Motorsports. John's twin daughters Jennifer & Kimberly. Jeff Turner - HMS  General Manager. Randy Dorton - HMS Engine Builder. Joe Jackson - DuPont executive. Scott Latheram - Pilot for Tony Stewart. Richard Tracy & Elizabeth Morrison - pilots of the plane.

Rick didn't know if he could keep going but some how he got back to HMS HQ and told his employees that things would go on in memory of those lost.

Rick still has Ricky's black Tahoe Z71 and every year he uncovers it during this week and drives it home. He says he feels closer to his son in that vehicle.


Vickers had the pole but didn't get to lead past the parade laps because Mr Johnson took over at the green flag drop.

Right away it's reported that McMurray is leaking oil. Why he didn't get off the track is beyond me. By lap 21 Harvick starts drifting to the back because he has a windshield full of oil and can't see well. Hello NASCAR. There's a black flag just for occasions like this. McMurray is still out there.

My Most Handsome Knight of the Mobile 1 even leads 5 laps. Good to see him.

On lap 75 we see Dale Jr to the lead and Jr Nation goes wild.

On lap 103 Ky Bu gets damage from a big wreck. It's back to the garage and he does get back out but not in enough time to salvage a spot in the Chase.

In the end we had 2 Green/White Checkers and Keselowski wins his way into the next phase of the Chase. Johnson, Kahne, Dale Jr & Ky Bu are out. 

I'm still pissed that NASCAR didn't levy a points penalty for the temper tantrums at Charlotte. NASCAR officials were actually measuring the black marks he left in the garage area and looking over the parts he scattered with his car. A NASCAR garage is very busy after a race. You have fans trying to get a last minute autograph, sponsors walking around and team members loading up the haulers to go home. Burn outs have no place in the garage area. Especially at a night race. He's so very very lucky he didn't hit any one with his car or the parts he hit.

Top !5 Finishers - Keselowski - Kenseth - Bowyer - Cassill - Newman - Kvapil - Ku Bu - Ambrose - Harvick - Mears - Logano - Kahne - Dillon - Sorenson - Whitt

The 8 Chasers - Logano - Harvick - Newman - Hamlin - Kenseth - Edwards - Gordon - that order

Of the 8 Chasers, Newman & Kenseth have yet to win a race. Wouldn't it be a bite in the ass if one of them won the Championship with not a single W? Since this format is supposed to be one that rewards wins, it would be very interesting to see that outcome. In fact I'm now the biggest Kenseth/Newman fan going forward. 


This is a short track. A lap around here is .526. That's a half mile. This is an up close and personal - How you doin'? type track. In fact Mr Logano dumped Danica at Charlotte and he says he has talked to her and considers the issue closed but you know, if I were him I'd be watching my bumper. His team mate Keselowski didn't make a whole lot of friends that night at Charlotte either. He starts 6th. Hamlin, Stewart and Kenseth are right there in the top 5 up close and personal even. Hmmmmmmmmmm.... Oh yeah. I'm lovin' it.

Johnson - Starts 7th. I do believe it's time to at least make a showing before the end of the season. I'm putting a stamp on a top 10

Dale Jr - Let a W at Dega slip through his racing gloves. Those pink skeleton gloves are on auction for breast cancer right now by the way. He says he's got a good feeling about this race. He starts 23rd. Big hurdle at this track. Mmmmmm top 15

Harvick - Starts 33rd. Not the place you want to be at this particular track to start your bid for a championship. He was top 5 in fastest practice speeds. OK....Top 10

Gordon - He's got 8 of those Grandfather clock trophies. Starts 13th. Top 10

STEWART - Been a long time since I seen my most Handsome Knight of the Mobile 1 rock it. Starts 4th. Promising. I say top 10

Newman - Starts 9th. He's a bull in a china closet and extremely hard to pass. Doesn't just give up spots easily and this is his type of track. Top 10

Kenseth - Starts 3rd. If he's going to win a race I think it's this one. Top 10.

McMurray - Pole position today. I'm thinking top 10

Larson - Starts 16th but this rookie has been hotter than expected this year. You just can't rule him out of a top 10. So I won't.

Logano - Starts 2nd. Top 10

Keselowski - When Logano does good Keselowski usually doesn't. In the March race it was Logano with a 4th and Keselowski with a 38th. He pissed too many people off at Charlotte. 

Top 15 at the March 2014 Martinsville race - Ku Bu -Johnson - Dale Jr - Logano - Ambrose - Kenseth - Harvick - Almirola - Bowyer - Menard - Allmendinger - Gordon - Edwards - Ky Bu - Dillon

Good luck with your picks.

We had a Gab member on business in Japan. WOW WOW WOW times 10. What an awesome exotic location and great food I'm sure. I don't plan on going any where for my days off. Just the clean up and seeking out great photo opportunities. Hope every one else gets out and about before the cold winds start blowing and enjoy the Fall weather. If you're not so inclined to get out because you're in recline than aim that remote at the TV and watch your favorite games. 

And I'm outta here......







NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 10-19-14
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WHOA!!!! Hey there. Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. I think I could call this the fast food edition. Exit....stage left even.

Fall is in full color mode here in the northeast. I've crawled up a ladder twice now to dig the leaves out of my gutters. I took my gutter guards off in the spring because they took such a beating this past winter they had to come down. The wind twisted up a section and warped another section so they were done. I will be calling for some quotes on some new ones.

OT has been in full swing too. I'm really tired. The 6 days a week thing gets old after a while. I'm taking next week off for vacation. A clean up vacation. Clean up the gutters, clean up the garden, clean up the carport & put the lawn stuff away. You know what I mean. 

Was at the mall last weekend. Took my neice in to see Darth Vader, R2D2 and a storm trooper at the Vans grand opening. She ended up being petrified of Darth. She did get her picture taken with R2D2 though. Very authentic looking. AND the picture was free. Very nice. While I was there, I went to see the bright shiney Apple. I went to look at the ear buds. Very interesting display. Bose and Beats were side by side on the shelf. I tell ya folks, it'a Coke & Pepsi all over again. Free publicity never hurt any one. 


5 years ago ESPN VP Rich Feinberg thought it would be a good idea to round up some employees and take them to the world of racing. He figured that ESPN covers all sports but is mainly of a stick and ball culture. Taking employees to a NASCAR function would help them learn about it and write about it better.

So SportsCenters anchors Jay Harris, Chris Hessell, Darren Haynes, Lisa Kerney & Jaymee Sire along with ESPN radio host Freddie Coleman and some other ESPN employees went to Hendrick Motorsports in Concord, NC. They checked out the race shops for all 4 Hendrick cars, the motor shop, training field, gym and pit road.

On pit road they split up into 2 groups and challenged to change a tire. Yes they were timed. Don't know who won though. After all that fun they were off to the Charlotte race on Saturday night. And I KNOW they had plenty to write about. More on that later.


It was announced via Twitter that Samantha is expecting their first child in May of 2015. I did not expect that to happen as she has a modeling career. So I guess she's putting that on hold. Congrats.


Saturday nights race was crazy in so many ways. On the 3rd stop of the night jackman Nate Bolling tore his tricep. JGR back up Kenneth Purcell stepped in for the rest of the night. After an MRI it was determined that surgery was needed to repair the bicep. He will be out for the rest of the season and back up Kenneth will fill in. 


-----> Surpassed 1 million man hours

-----> Installed 89% of total steel

-----> Poured more than 105 million Lbs of concrete

-----> Installed 26 escalators & 4 elevators



That's right kids. Get your very own Dale Call at the Dega race this weekend for $24.99. I saw them at Racing USA for $29.99. Of course plus shipping. This new toy comes with new commercials too. I like the one where his girlfriend blows into it and she wants him to get her a Diet Dew and chips. There's one with his mom calling him with the Dale Call also. Very cute. Even Harvick is getting in on it. He posted a video of his son blowing on one. So I guess we all need one. All the cool kids are doing it.


Holy crap what a race. Tempers flew along with fenders and fists. So lets talk about it. Our pole sitter was Ky Bu and it started off like any other race. Gordon took the lead on lap 14 and our first caution came on lap 25. It was a competition caution to check tire wear. It had rained heavily in the afternoon. So far so normal.

Ky Bu takes the lead on the restart and Gordon takes it back by lap 38. Dale Jr is complaining of a vibration. Bowyer's motor goes poof on lap 104.

On lap 136 our 2nd motor casualty is Menard. The vibration Dale Jr was having has developed into a broken shifter. I do believe this is #3 for Hendricks cars. Time for a new manufacturer. He was running 9th. Harvick has taken over the lead.

Lap 122 motor #3 goes up in smoke. It's Josh Wise. Dale Jr's team is still working on that shifter when they get caution laps. Harvick still leads. 

With the next couple of cautions and restarts Keselowski, Hamlin and Kenseth are getting into each other. Keselowski squeezes Kenseth into the wall which damages Kenseth car. Hamlin is keeping Keselowski back but not doing anything unusual. The last restart is ugly. Vickers motor goes up in smoke and sets up a 2 lap shoot out. 

Harvick wins the race and Keselowski decides to play car wars. On the cool down lap Hamlin brake checks Keselowski who is right on his bumper so he plows into Hamlin. He also tries to turn Hamlin's car into the wall, unsuccessfully. Then Keselowski runs into the left side of Kenseth sending him into Stewart who doesn't know what's going on. Stewart is now mad and backs into Keselowski who is making a bee line for the garage with Hamlin in hot pursuit. Hamlin tries to box him in so he can get out to him but Keselowski manages to get back to the garage.

Hamlin gets out and is met by his crew and a NASCAR official. They keep him at bay but Kenseth runs in between the trailers and puts Keselowski in a head lock. I swear I saw him punch Keselowski. 

The interviews went as such....

Keselowski said he was sorry for getting Stewart involved and knew that after he saw all the video that he'd understand. He said Hamlin brake checked him during the cool down lap and Kenseth drove into him when he got his lap back after the last caution and ruined my car. 

Hamlin said Keselowski was out of control doing burn outs in the garage and knocking somebodies transmission across another stall. He also said a NASCAR official told him he had too much to lose and he should drop it.

Kenseth said that he had taken off his helmet and HANS devise as well as put his window net down when Keselowski hit him going 50 mph and he ended up hitting Stewart who didn't know anything was going on.

Mean while Harvick has blown his left rear tire doing a victory burn out for the fans on the front stretch.

NASCAR fined Keselowski and Stewart for the horse play on pit road but let Hamlin and Kenseth slide. Harvick bet that they wouldn't do anything at all. He said they love this. The guys are fighting. That means they got the excitement back in the Chase. In deed it was all over All the pit road bumper cars and the garage scrapping going on. They even asked if NASCAR got the fines right? I'm not liking WWF or E or whatever it's called these days in my NASCAR.

I'm thinking Dega could be a death trap. If Keselowski did the burn outs IN THE GARAGE like Hamlin said than that's enough for me to say that he needs to sit for a race. They sat Ky Bu for a race when he ran Ron Hornaday into the wall during a caution in a truck race. Fair is fair. 



That would be Michael Waltrip, his dance partner/instructer from Dancing With The Stars and Brian Vickers. It was Brian that won the pole this week. Michael is the car owner and will be driving the #66 this week.

Terry Labonte will be in the #32 for Frank Stoddard. It will be his 890th career race and he says his last. He wishes he were 10 years younger and could do more.

Of course this is our wild card high speed crap shoot race in the Chase. Some how after the events of Charlotte last Saturday night I'm kind of afraid. Harvick and Logano are at ease knowing they already have their free passes to the next round.

Of all people Dale Jr and Johnson are tied on the bottom with 3031 points. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!?!?!? Keselowski has 3038 and Kenseth above him has 3056. Only a win will do today. Logano in 1st has 3088 points. See what I mean?

NASCAR decided to change qualifying again. They devided the first session into 2 groups and made it 5 minutes. As a result some teams did not get off pit road on time to make a full speed lap. The following had to take owners points or champions provisionals to get in.....Stewart - Hamlin - Harvick - Logano - Ky Bu - Larson - Gordon

You would think the Chase drivers would be assured a spot no matter what. Right?

Nemechek - Stenhouse and Allgaier did not qualify. AGAIN!!! HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?!?!? Referring to Stenhouse (Danica's honey) some smart guy on Twitter said...."That really sucks dude. Will you be watching from Danica's pit box?" Ouch. I must admit that that was my first thought too. I'm sorry but I really want to be a fly on the wall of that RV right now. 

So as far as who will be in the top 10? OMG!!!! You know this is a crap shoot. Right? Just pick your fantasy team and hope your guys can make it through the big one. 

Your Top 15 in the May race of this year - Hamlin - Biffle - Bowyer - Vickers - Allmendinger - Menard - Harvick - Kahne - Larson - Stenhouse - Cassill - Ky Bu - Almirola - Mears - Dillon

It's Sunday and beautiful and I'm off for breakfast and a news paper. Enjoy your Sunday however which way you like it. Little bit of cream & sugar? Sunny side up? Yup. It's casual.

And I'm outta here.....









NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 10-11-14
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Hey hey hey!!!! Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. So I'm wondering. Who is mean and ornary enough to molest a gator? Do we really need a sign? But then again we need to put warning labels on plastic bags or somebody will give them to their kids as toys. Don't stick your hands in the blender when it's on. Don't use that as a step stool. Don't eat lit matches. I guesswe do need a warning sign to not molest the gators. Never mind.


So in May 2005 the Clipper Magazine Stadium opened and the Lancaster Barnstormers baseball came to Lancaster, PA. Since then they've gotten 2 Atlantic Division Championships. The 2nd one came this past Friday night after 13 innings in the rain and cold against the Sugar Land Skeeters. Have no idea where they hail from. 

It is reported that we have 2 Japanese players on the team. Yusuke Kajimoto and Shunsuke Watanabe. I didn't know this team was that relevent that it would attract people from so far away. I imagine they use this team like our Hershey Bears hockey team. When a player can't hang in the big leagues, he comes down to the lower ranks to get his fix. And I guess a pay check too.

I like some of the other team names. The Southern Maryland Blue Crabs, York Revolution, Long Island Ducks and Camden River Sharks. I've never gotten to a game at the Clipper but since everybody seems to be talking baseball, I thought I'd throw in some too. 


I'm not sure what Snapchat is but I think I'm not interested either. Somebody hacked this app or program or whatever it is and if you sent photos on it to your friends....well, somebody intercepted them. So yet again, I wonder about why a person would send compromising photos of themselves through the web-o-spere. Whether it's a phone or your PC, I think it's best to have one of those old antiquated Polaroid cameras. Unlike digital photos, you can burn Polaroids. Just saying. Consider this a public service warning.


Marcos Ambrose is going back to the kangaroos in Australia and Sam Hornish Jr will be stepping into his ride in the #9. It was rumored that Hendrick was trying to get the #9 away from RPM to give to Chase Elliott when he does his part time stint in Cup next year because it was his dads (BILL) number. RPM says nope. We're running it. So for now, Sam has the number. 

Sam says he is encouraged by the progress that RPM has made and he feels he has a shot at getting into the Chase next year. He has spent the last 3 years in the Nationwide Series after Penske didn't want to keep him in Cup any more. In 2013 he finished 2nd by 3 points in the standings but lost his ride with Penske any way. This year he's had a part time ride with Joe Gibbs racing. So welcome back to Cup racing Sam.


Last week was the Kansas race. Logano grabbed the win. Again Gordon and Harvick had issues that ruined their days. On lap 122 a caution came out and Gordon's crew lost a tire across pit road. Big no no. Tail end of the longest line and he struggled to finish 14th. Harvick had what he thought was a flat tire with 53 laps to go he pitted for tires. False alarm but if a championship is on the line, better to finish 12th than 43rd after a wreck. 

Dale Jr led 45 laps AND THE CROWD WENT WILD. That is till lap that caution on lap 122 I told you about. Dale Jr said he felt the cords on his right front tire unravel and then he was in the wall before he could do any thing. 

Keselowski had a right front go down at lap 160. On lap 84 Biffle hit Johnson who hit Allgaier and then the wall. 

So that's 5 big dawgs in the Chase who had issues. 

Hendrick kept the tires off Dale Jr's car for their own examination and will send them to Goodyear later. Goodyear says the crews that have had issues are running agressive setups with extra camber (they tilt the front tires more) and lower air pressures. Both Keselowski's team and Dale Jr's team said that was not the case this week. Sounds like another Twitter war brewing to me.

Top 15 Finishers - Logano - Larson - Ky Bu - Truex Jr - Edwards - Newman - Hamlin - Dillon - Menard - Vickers - Allmendinger - Harvick - Kenseth - Gordon - Biffle....AND THE DANICA WAS 16th!!!!!!!! 


So besides Danica finishing in the top 20, we have an upset in the points. It looks down right weird. For the first time in years the Hendricks boys are not at the top. Not even Jimmie. So I guess NASCAR got the upset they were looking for. 

Top 12 Chasers - Logano - Ky Bu - Edwards - Newman - Hamlin - Harvick - Kenseth - Gordon - Kahne - Keselowski - Dale Jr - Johnson

That is not how I envisioned the points at this time of the season. No wonder I can't get any where in my NACAR fantasy leagues. Nobody is performing consistantly or as per their driving history this year.  I had Dale Jr, Gordon, Harvick, Keselowski and Johnson as my top 5 going into this race. So like I said, I think NASCAR has the upset they were looking for. This is now ANY BODY'S championship.

I'm not having a Charlotte preview because it's happening as I write this. Saturday night races are great but I've been doing OT and I'm beat. I can't stay up for that race and write my blog too. Since I can catch this race at my convenience on You Tube tomorrow or Monday or whenever I think I will. And that's that.

All you Gabbers and others who are out and about have safe travels, watch out for those falling leaves when it's raining, enjoy your sports watching, good luck on your fantasy teams.... 

AND I'm outta here......



NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 10-5-14
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Welcome welcome welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. So much for rockin' down to Electric Avenue. It's closed. How could that happen? There really hasn't been a whole lot happening on NASCAR Avenue this week. Oh the usual stuff like who's driving the pink cars for the month of Pink-tober, who got new sponsorship, crew chief changes, and other little things. Nothing very interesting.

Tony Stewart finally had that press conference he promised to have. He's still willing to sit and talk to the Ward family if they want to. No word yet on if that happened. Some how I don't think it will any time soon. No word on if the wrongful death lawsuit got filed yet either. I'm sure Stewart's lawyers are doing a pre-emptive strike with offers so it never does get to that stage. 

Any body care how much George Clooney's wedding cost? Me neither. I didn't read the article. I'm just wondering how come after a life time of bachelorhood that all of a sudden, she's the one. Things that make you go hhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmm.

Did you hear Bose is now the official head phones for the NFL? The contract states that all other head phones must be put away when the cameras are rolling. Supposedly it won't effect Colin Lapernick or Cam Newton. They're under sponsorship contract for the competition.....Beats by Dre. So Bose went and recruited Russell Wilson and Clay Matthews. Both these head phones are $100 plus. I love my iPod but not that much. My $30 ear buds do just fine while I do yard work. 

I snagged a bunch of cute Princess pumpkins from my moms garden which I am using to decorate out front till the end of the month. Then they'll become part of my frozen summer stash for pies, breads, soups or just to eat. They're flatter than regular pumpkins and have a sweet flavor. 


So since NASCAR doesn't have a whole lot going on we can check in on the drags.  There are only a handful of women but they're definitely holding their own. Lets check.

Top Fuel Dragster TOP 5

Tony Schumacher                      In 10th place is John Forces daughter Brittany

Shawn Longdon

Steve Torrence

Antron Brown

Doug Kalitta


John Force                      Alexia Dejoria is in 8th

Courtney Force

Matt Hagan

Robert Hight

Ron Capps


Jason Line

Dave Connelly

Erica Enders-Stevens

Shane Grey

Jonathan Grey


Andrew Hines                    Angie Smith is in 9th

Eddie Krawiec

Hecter Arana Jr

Steve Johnson

So is it ant surprise that John Force is leading the points? Pretty bad ass that his daughter Courtney is right on his heels. This is the last year for Castrol to sponsor John so I guess he needs to go for one last championship or he's showing off for a potentially new one. I'd love to see him get just one more. 


Here's something to look at. The resemblence is just scary.


We are now down to 12 drivers. Biffle, Ku Bu, Allmendinger and Almirola were the first to be eliminated. Now the points for those in the Chase are reset to 3000 plus points for the wins. Logano, Keselowski and Gordon each got 1. 

Mr Harvick had the pole and led 223 but some how and I can't figure out how it could happen in 2 seperate races at the same track in the same season but a lugnut bounced into one of the hole in the wheel and knocked off the air stem of the inner liner and he got a flat tire on lap 253. I'd be duct taping them shut. That is just plain bad luck. He did finish 13th minus 1 lap.

Gordon took advantage and brought it home for the win. Biffle, Kahne, Dale Jr, Ku Bu, Allmendinger and Almirola all struggled. 

Top 15 Finishers - Gordon - Keselowski - Johnson - Logano - Larson - Truex Jr - Newman - Bowyer - Ky Bu - Edwards - Hamlin - Harvick - Stewart - Vickers


We were at this track in May. Harvick had the pole, led the most laps but came home 2nd to Gordon. The Danica posted a 7th place. Not a typo. The race was rain delayed a bit and because the track was clean there were a lot of spins. When it rains, it takes the rubber off the track. Very hard to find grip till the rubber gets built back up. McMurray lost a tire, hit the wall and was up in flames. Tough day.


Gordon - Harvick - Kahne - Logano - Dale Jr - Edwards - Danica - Almirola - Johnson - Kenseth - Newman - Larson - Keselowski - Vickers - Ky Bu

HARVICK - This is pole #3 for Harvick at this track and his 8th pole of the season. I'm betting on him to get a Top 10

GORDON - Starts 5th and won in May. Top 10

ALMIROLA - Starts 3rd today. I believe. I say Top 10

LOGANO - He's hot right now so you got to go with a Top 10

KESELOWSKI - Also a hot hand going. Top 10

LARSON - Our rookie with the mostest was 12th in May but he is a quick study. Raced in the Nationwide race this weekend so seat time is a good thing. Top 10

KENSETH - HAMLIN - KY BU - They start 27th, 25th & 7th. If these guys want to stay in the Chase, that's not the way to do it. They all started badly in May. Kenseth was the only one to dig himself out for a top 10. Ky Bu hasn't been consistant at anything other than self inflicted issues. Hamlin too. Kenseth is your Top 10

DALE JR - He's been asleep. Time to get on it and get r dun. Top 10.

JOHNSON - He hasn't been hot but usually he can muster up the goods when it counts. Right now is the time to bring if you got it. He starts 32nd and if any body can dig himself out I'm betting it's him. Top 10

McMURRAY - Before his tire mishap, he was a solid top 10 all day. I think he'll avoid that this week for a Top 10

Well guys, hope your football weekend is enjoyable, if your hangin' in the north that your leaves are colorful and our traveling Gabbers are safe. Take care all

And I'm outta here....





NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 9-28-14
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HAPPY NFL / NASCAR SUNDAY!!!!! Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. I'm a bit stuffed right now. Blew my diet all to hell. Friends and family day at work Saturday. Foooooooood and more foooooood that I'm trying to avoid. Mac n cheese, ice cream, cookies and bad bad things. Back on the wagon today. I swear the more water I drink the bigger the mac n cheese lump in my belly is getting. I've made the best juice combo in my juicer ever and I will concentrate on drinking that today......right after breakfast of course.


Oooooooooooooo look at that. A 1971 Plymouth Barracuda which went for $98,000 at the Barrett Jackson Auction. Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.


So Stewart has been acquitted in the Ward vs Stewart racing accident. The Grand Jury pointed out that according to the autopsy Kevin Ward Jr had enough marijuana in his system to impair judgement. The enhanced videos showed Stewart was trying to get away from Ward. 

The Ward Family however is going after Stewart in a wrongful death civil lawsuit. They say we should be looking at what Stewart did to Kevin not what Kevin did. New York state law says that a jury must find a percentage of fault to each party in the lawsuit. Expert lawyers are popping up saying that Stewart should just settle out of court to preserve his reputation and sponsor drawing power. 

I say, how much money is enough? Money won't bring Kevin back. The jury won't give you what you really want. The Ward Family can't put Stewart in jail, won't bankrupt him, can't take his NASCAR team or keep him from racing or living his life. 

Stewart has said that he can't bring himself to get into a winged sprint car again. His love of the tiny fast wild ride around the dirt track is effectively over. He loved the gimmick free racing and the purity of the dirt tracks around the nation. He feels his dirt racing days are over. This has profoundly effected him and he doesn't get mad at the things the Ward family are saying.

Whatever Stewart's reputation with his anger management may be he is still a very philanthropic person. The Tony Stewart Foundation is dedicated to children who are critically ill or physically disabled, animals at risk and endangered and race car drivers injured in racing. 

Last year when his leg was broken by the winged sprint car wreck he got people involved in getting safety improvements for that part. He also gave out $110,000 in helmets and firesuits to dirt track drivers in need of new updated equipment. He has given back to the racing community in a big way. Does this exonerate him? No. The videos did. Hopefully the Ward Family can come to grips with what happened and maybe reach out to Stewart to do something positive in their sons honor.


$4.2 million is a rather big loan to default on but owners Any Hillenburg and Bill Silas did just that and Farmers & Merchants Bank of Slisburg were going to grab the keys but lawyers representing the owners hammered out a deal to keep the keys and have a private auction to sell the track and hopefully keep it out of foreclosure. Good luck with that one guys. Shame. That was a good race track. Wish NASCAR still raced there. 


YEAH!!!!! I missed last Sundays race because of my most handsome middle grandson's birthday party. On Tuesday I read that NASCAR Digital Media would allow You Tube to put all the Chase races on to watch after the race was over. So I got to watch my race after all. After the fact but at least I got to watch. Kind of like a DVR but not. Knowomsayin'? I'll take it. Hope they do more of that. Mom's threatening to shut off the cable. 


Yup. More new rules and stuff for the teams to deal with. Over 60 new improvements and updates were brought out with the following goals in mind. Better competition - improved safety - reducing costs and environmental stuff.

So here a a few of the new improvements.

---> NASCAR is banning all private testing

---> Teams will be invited to Goodyear tire testing

---> No testing at Daytona before the Daytona 500

---> Reduction in horsepower to 725

---> Rear spoiler lowered from 8 inches to 6 inches

---> Optional driver track bar adjustment inside car

---> Rain tires on road courses - Mandatory wipers, defoggers and rear flashing rain light

So these are just a few of the new changes for 2015. I think the rain tire thing is a cool idea. And I don't know how they're going to stop race teams from packing up and going to a non NASCAR sanctioned track to test. I know it would save money but how do you police that?


The 2nd race of the Chase wreaked havoc on a few drivers. Hamlin had fueling issues. The car wasn't taking on fuel. A fuel probe replacement was in order but put him minus 11 laps and doomed. He ended his day in a wreck on a restart.

Ky Bu was in a wreck but managed to dig himself out and finish 8th. Crumpled up hood and all. 

Ku Bu had a right front tire go down and into the wall he went. Finished 36th minus 35 laps

Gordon had a tire go down with 9 laps to go. Was running 6th

Keselowski even hit the wall at one point but salvaged a 7th place finish

Top 15 finishers - Logano - Larson - Harvick - McMurray - Johnson - Almirola - Keselowski - Ky Bu - Dale Jr - Vickers - Dillon - Truex Jr - Allmendinger - Bowyer - Menard



It's the Monster Mile this Sunday at 2pm. The rumor mill was going after people saw footers were poured for poles around the track. First thought was that Dover was finally going to install lights. Psych. Dover says nope. They're replacing the catch fence. 

So this track is 1 mile around, concrete and highly banked. A concrete blender. There are 5 guys who absolutely need a win or everyone else to wreck out or they're out of the Chase after this race. Almirola, Biffle, Ku Bu, Hamlin and Newman all will be fighting to stay in the top 12 that go to the next round. 

The top 15 in the June 1st race - Johnson - Keselowski - Kenseth - Bowyer - Hamlin - Truex Jr - Stewart - Logano - Dale Jr - Menard - Larson - Almirola - McMurray - Edwards - Gordon

Harvick has the pole today. He charging hard and I say top 10

Ky Bu is starting 2nd. He won the Nationwide race. He wrecked in June here. He should get a top 10 but I'm not counting on it. Star crossed.

Hamlin is the same thing. Should get a top 10 but he's star crossed.

Larson is still our rookie with the mostest. I will say top 10

Johnson is top 10

The Danica starts 13th. Ummmmmmmmmmmm....25th

Ku Bu is celebrating 500 career starts today. Star crossed

Gordon starts 6th. Top 10

Keselowski starts 4th today Top 10

Bowyer has had his issues but I'm saying Top 10

McMurray got a 4th place finish last week. Top 10

Truex Jr - Menard & Almirola do good here. You may see a top 10 from one of them

Newman is in a must win situation. He's great at short track racing. Top 10

Kenseth has no wins yet this season but still sits safely in 8th spot in the points. If he doesn't get that elusive W he best have a good finish. Top 10

So there you have it. September is almost gone. Fall colors are slowly popping. I need to mow my yard once more and check for my tomatoes. I will miss the fresh tomatoes this winter. Freezing or canning them just never is the same. Good luck to all you fantasy sports players.

And I'm outta here.....



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