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NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 3-1-15
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Are the stars out tonight? I don't know if it's cloudy or bright.... Love that song and I love to welcome all you Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. IT"S MARCH 1st!!!! WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!! Are we there yet? Any birdies a singing, frogs a leaping, tulips a bloomin' or chocolate bunnies and marshmellow peeps cringing? Oh Spring. Where art thou? Joey Logano doesn't care. He has his Daytona baby safely strapped into the back seat. I certainly hope he doesn't have to stop quick because that trophy is heavy. So what else is happening in the world of Left Turns?


That's right. He lost his ride but not how you'd think. Friday mourning surveillance cameras caught the Ford F250 pulling the unmarked white trailer from a Georgia hotel parking lot. Only it wasn't the crew driving it. The #44 car was in the trailer along with $17,500 worth of tools and race equipment, and a $100,000 race engine.

Crew members tweeted pictures of the truck and trailer. Police have persons of interest. Finally someone called the police to report a car sitting on a back road in Loganville, GA. They soon found the pick up with the drivers door broke and the ignition tore out. No word on the trailer but owner John Cohen says he's more worried about the car. We'll get it ready for Las Vegas next weekend. His Team Xtreme is a low budget team. That car is worth a mint to them. The cars discovery came too late for Travis to get it to the track and into qualifying. There's next week. 


Atlanta Motor Speedway had a gift for Gordon. A maroon w/ yellow #24 bandolero car for his kids to drive. Gordon said his son Leo will probably want to sleep in it so it will be in his bedroom for the next year or 2 till he can drive it.....For real?

Gordon talked of the Atlanta race being his first race and Richard Petty's last race. Richard walked around the garage handing all the drivers money clips with their starting position on it. He says he still has his but wasn't too proud of starting 21st.


"Left sunny Daytona. Came home to no heat and busted pipes. I'm ready for spring. Don't know how the north manages with minus temps up there."

I'm not sure either Dale. Any body else?





Lets see here, Klye left the Daytona hospital on Tuesday to go to a hospital in Charlotte, NC. His leg surgery was at Daytona and they operated on his foot in NC. So Saturday he was released. He's not scheduled for any more surgeries. A return date is not known either.

David Ragan got a call from JGR to drive the #18 car for the next 9 races. David drives for Front Row Motorsports and didn't have a fulltime schedule for this year due to lack of sponsorship. All parties talked it over and it was agreed he would drive the #18 for 9 races and come back to Front Row. This could be a windfall for Front Row. If David were to win a race in that car his win would qualify him for the Chase.

David is aware of his good fortune and says that he will take every opportunity to make the best of the top ride. He owes Kenseth and Edwards a big thank you for vouching for him and bringing his name up as a replacement driver. They all worked together at Roush Fenway Racing at one time. Good Luck David.

Erik Jones from the Camping World Truck Series is scheduled to take over the #18 ride after David goes back to Front Row.


Brett Moffitt will be subbing for Brian Vickers in the #55 Aarons Dream Machine Toyota for MWR. 

Regan Smith will be subbing for Kurt Busch in the #41 Haas Automation Chevy for SHR.


Section 2.11 Required Notice. Under the Membership section of the rule book. Da rules has changed.

"Any NASCAR member charged with any violation of the law (misdemeanor and/or felony) shall notify NASCAR prior to the next event or within 72 hors of being charged whichever is earlier."

NASCAR members are now expected to maintain a certain standard of professional behavior. This new rule is another mechanism to that end. NASCAR has made it clear that any actions of abuse will not be tolerated in the industry.

I call it the Kurt Busch rule.  Me thinks he'll be gone for a long while. Can't say he didn't have it coming but I'm still sorry for him. But then again this just may be the thing that finally sets him straight.


Brian Johnson has bought his first American car. Not just any car. He's buying a limited edition 627 HP Mustang GT. Ford is teaming up with Richard Petty's Garage to bring out this car. Starting price of $92,000. You want one? Go to your nearest Ford Dealership and order it.

I had no idea Richard has a garage that fixes up collecters cars. He moved his race team out of the shop and left the mechanics stay that didn't want to move to North Carolina with the race team. They do all the modification and fabrications. I really want to see this car. Must be special. Well yeah, it'a a Mustang...




Gordon was the pole sitter and he managed to lead the most laps with 87. Bonus points. My most handsome Knight of the Mobile 1 managed to take himself out early on lap 42 he bounced off the wall and took a few with him. I hope he can get his head in the game soon.

Dale Jr lead 32 laps AND THE CROWD WENT WILD!!!!! Yeah they did.

On lap 161 Keselowski went to the garage for "oil containment issue"which he said caused his early departure. That's only the 2nd DNF in his Cup career.

Lots of high speed rolling parking lot sit on the edge of your seat drama through out this race. Got to say, I was really enjoying it. No big one to speak of which was ok by me. The last caution set things up for Logano to be out front. Harvick was on his tale with Dale Jr in hot pursuit but Gordon spun as they came through the white flag and NASCAR called the race. I HATE when a race ends under caution.

Top 15 Finishers - Logano - Harvick - Dale Jr - Hamlin - Johnson - Mears - Bowyer - Truex Jr - Kahne - Biffle - Gilliland - Hornish Jr - Annett - A Dillon - Almirola


Atlanta has made the announcement that they will add a tire barrier along the inside wall of turn #4 and the protective wall at the exit of pit road near turn #1 will be extended. Other NASCAR tracks like Dega are also making safer barrier improvements after what happened to Kyle Busch last week. I'm glad to see it. These guys risk their lives for my entertainment. I want to see them walk away.

That being said I'm not too happy with what they call qualifying now. The group thing is BS. Not very transparent to me. Very open to, I don't know,  to maybe cheating? Show me that guy was the best. I want to see the stop watch. 

There were 13 cars that didn't even get out to qualify due to inspection failure. NASCAR says it's the teams fault for stretching their adjustments to the limit. They're just there to make sure the cars are within speck.

Gordon was one of those that had to use his past champions provisional to get in because his car failed. The line at tech inspection was so long that Stewart, Johnson and Kenseth failed to get out there too. They have past champions provisionals they can use. Regan Smith, Jeb Burton, Cole Whitt, Alex Bowman and Landon Cassill got in on 2014 owners points. There were 4 others that didn't get out to even try to qualify as well.

Both Gordon and Kenseth were embarassed and grateful for their provisionals but were sorry for those that don't have them. Gordon thinks there's an issue with the process if that many cars are unable to get inspected and out to qualify. I tend to agree with him.

France is working so hard towards the SHOW and not the RACING that he's forgotten about what IS racing. FUCK THE NOT SO INTERESTED CASUAL FAN TOO BUSY HANGING ON HIS SMART PHONE TO EVEN WATCH!!!! WHAT ABOUT ME!!!!?????!!!??? I ACTUALLY WATCH THE RACES!!!!


Logano - Harvick - McMurray - Hamlin - Edwards - Larson - Newman - hornish Jr - Dale Jr - Kahne - Allmendinger - keselowski - Menard - Truex Jr - Dillon

Last year this race was near the fall or in the fall. I forget but I do know Kasey Kahne won it.

LOGANO - Has the pole and a Daytona 500 trophy. So he's hot right out of the gate. Last year at this race he was 14th. I'll say Top 10.

HARVICK - 2nd place last week and a 2nd place in qualifying this week but he'll go to the back to start the race due to an engine change. Says it's easy to pass here. Top 10.

KENSETH - Got caught up in Stewarts oopsy last week. Caught up in the qualifying/failed inspection crap this week. Starts from the back but I can see a Top 10.

JOHNSON - Coming off a 5th place finish. He'll start from the back due to that nasty issue but I see a Top 10.

HAMLIN - Coming off a 4th place start. Did he shake that gremlin off his spoiler from last year? He was 3rd here last year and he starts 4th today. I say Top 10.

EDWARDS - Starts 5th today. Not so good start at Daytona. Can he repeat a 5th place finish like last year. Maybe. Top 10.

LARSON - Last years rookie with the mostest. He was fast this week in practice. Had an 8th here last year. I got to give it to him. Top 10.

McMURRAY - Larson's team mate. He was fast in practice too. This is not his track but I'll give him a Top 15.

NEWMAN - A 7th place here last year and he's just bull in a china closet tough. Top 10.

DALE JR - Coming off a 3rd at Daytona. Starts 9th today. Bodes well for a Top 10.

THE DANICA - She actually had a 6th place finish here last year. She starts 18th. Dare I say it? Can I say it? Nope. Top 15.

GORDON - A late race wreck made him last car on the lead lap in 33rd place last week. BOOOOOOOO!!!! He's on his farewell tour. And now he didn't qualify so he starts from the back with a champions provisional. Top 10.

Looking to round out your salary cap fantasy league with some cheaper drivers? David Ragan is $9 and driving the #18 for 9 races. Regan Smith is $7.50 and in the #41 for when ever NASCAR lets Kurt back in. Brett Moffitt is $6 and he's driving the #55 this week. Allgaier is $10, Mears is $13 Gilliland is $9.50. Good luck.


So I having some pressing issues to take care of. You know, race stuff, breakfast, feed the cats, look to see if it snowed, and generally just hang out. It's Sunday. Lets do this thing.

PS. Thanks for getting it done Sully. Way 2 go....

And I'm outta here....





NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 2-22-15
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Hi dee ho. We got snow. Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. Been a busy busy week in the land of Left Turns. It's late once again as I write this but I had to watch Twitter as all the updates were just blazing down the page. Crazy night. So lets get to it.


Guess who's first? Dale Jr with $23.8 million and his girlfriend chewed him out for buying a lottery ticket this week. 

#2 Jimmie Johnson with $22.5 million in merch sales and other earnings.

#3 Jeff Gordon with $18.6 million in merch sales and other earnings.

#4 Kevin Harvick with $15.5 million in merch sales, Championship earnings and other earnings.

$5 Denny Hamlin with $15.2 million in merch sales and other earnings.

The Danica was #8 with $13.8 million. The earnings drop off sharply after the 12th place driver.

Our top 3 most valuable teams are HMS worth $350 million, JGR worth $201 million and SHR worth $186 million. You might as well lump the SHR drivers in with HMS because they have their engines and chassis from HMS. 


These duels are used to place drivers in the Daytona 500 line up. Some made it and a lot didn't. Jeff Gordon got pole position.

Duel #1 Winner Dale Jr. followed by Gordon - Stewart - Bowyer - Harvick - Kahne - McMurray - Cassill

Duel #2 Winner Johnson. followed by Ky Bu - Edwards - Biffle - Truex - Blaney - Sorenson

So our top 10 in the starting grid for the Daytona 500 - Gordon - Johnson - Dale Jr - Ky Bu - Logano - Edwards - Stewart - Biffle - Bowyer - Truex.

Does a top 10 starting spot in the Daytona 500 mean anything? Bragging rights, yes. Winning it, no. It's a high speed rolling crap shoot. This is the race that anyone can win. Already in my Streak picks I got a 10th place finish in the truck race with my pick of Johnny Sauter & a 10th place in the Xfinity with Dale Jr. I have Dale Jr for Sunday. We shall see. 


I could just scream. Why Danica? Why? Hamlin evidently got too close to her in one of the duel races and she spun out. She did finish 9th so she got her D 500 spot but she had to confront Hamlin about the move he made. A very comical conversation on pit road if you ask me. One that tells me she doesn't get stock car racing. Especially restrictor plate racing. Maybe she was just frustrated so I'll give her that. But she wrecked her car in practice so now she's in a back up car. I immediately unpicked her in one of my fantasy teams. There's going to be some more drama on Sunday involving her and Hamlin. That's the way things go sometimes. You'll have 2 drivers that can't get away from each other and shit happens when they become frustrated with each other. Is this the universe playing with them or just another day at the track?


On Friday the Delaware Kent County Family Court Comissioner ruled that "it is more likely than not" that Kurt Busch committed an act of domestic abuse against his ex girlfriend Patricia Driscoll. 

NASCAR responded on Saturday the Kurt was suspended indefinitely due to violation of rule 12 - 1a which is actions detrimental to stock car racing and 12.8 a behavior penalty.

Kurt responded with an appeal to the 3 member appeals panel. They upheld NASCAR's penalty

Kurt took his appeal to the Final Appeals Officer Bryan Moss who also upheld NASCAR's ruling.

SHR announced that Regan Smith would drive the Daytona 500 in Kurt Busch's place.

Kurt may not participate in any NASCAR sanctioned race or event. His lawyer Hardin said," We will continue to exhaust every procedural and legal remedy we have available to us until Kurt Busch is vindicated."

NASCAR says," We will set forth clear guidelines for his return."

It sounds like to me that this will be a road to recovery type thing but not for drugs. I can't help but think that the NFL Ray Rice incident played a huge factor in what just happened to Kurt. I'm not the biggest Kurt fan but this really smells of revenge more so than she wants to help him. If the facts are correct, she went to his RV and woke him up. He asked her repeatedly to leave and she wouldn't. Granted, I think he should've called security but he didn't. I don't condone slapping, punching, kicking, etc another person but I think there's more to this story than meets the eye.


So Saturday was race #2 of the Daytona 500 weekend. It claimed the other Busch brother as it's victim. Seems funny how these drivers find those walls that didn't get the safer barrier yet. Yes, there are stats that say the most wrecks are in these areas so we'll put barriers in those places. 

On lap 112 of 120 laps Kyle tapped his team mate in the rear and lost control. He slid off the track and went nose first into the inside turn #1 wall which is 850 feet long. Kyle did get out of the car under his own power but laid down in the grass immediately. His leg was put in an air cast and he was transported to the hospital for treatment.

JGR announced that Kyle sustained a compound fracture of the lower right leg and his left foot was fractured. They also announced that Matt Crafton would be subbing for Kyle in the Daytona 500. No word on the races following.

Tony Stewart sent out a get well tweet to Ky Bu. No words of advise on the leg?


A media event was held where the track president Joie Chitwood said that this will not happen again. That they did not uphold their responsibility for a safe race. That they will fix this now. As they were speaking tire packs were being put up in front of that wall. Also they will be adding the safer barrier to every wall at the track.

Now that's taking responsibility.


Our top 10 best at the track are Ky Bu - Kenseth - Ku Bu - Dale Jr - Stewart - Gordon - Johnson -  Hamlin - Bowyer - Logano

Well to start with we can cross out the Busch Brothers. That is just so weird to say. Like I said before, this is a crap shoot but talent plays a roll too. Kenseth, Stewart, Harvick, Keselowski, Gordon, Dale Jr and Johnson are my main picks. These guys can haul the mail and they have the equipment to do so. Will there be a surprise winner? I think it will be one of these guys but there will be surprises in the top 15. There always is.


I'm about all snowed and arctic tundra blasted out about now. Bet there's few here as well. But it's race day. Doing my best Snoopy dance right now. Be safe folks 

And I'm outta here.....


NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 2-15-15
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DAY-AM IT'S WINDY OUTSIDE!!!! welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. We'll just stay inside for that. I'll be waking up to minus 2 degrees tomorrow when everyone reads this and maybe my house won't be in Kansas or any where else near by. Right after work the snow started swirling and the wind was screaming. I went to the grocery store because if I'm going to be stuck in the house I need coffee, creamer and some chocolate for Valentines Day. Picked up a dozen dark chocolate covered strawberries. Ate them for supper. Saaaaaaaaahhhhh-weet and juicy. 

Saw in the news that Michele Ferrero passed away on Valentines Day. Why is that a cool thing? He's the wealthiest chocolatier in the world worth billions according to Forbes. He was sick for a couple months and at 89 passed away at home with family. His company is known for Nutella and Ferrero Rocher chocolates. 

So get your Nutella out and spread some love on a piece of toast. R.I.P. Michele.


The longest running family feud it would seem is now over. The Hatfields & McCoys have signed a contract ending their long standing feud and starting a business as partners. 

They'll be producing a libation of the alcoholic kind called Drink Of The Devil. Of course it's moonshine. The legal kind. They'll be making it in West Virginia from the original recipe from family patriarch William Anderson "Devil Anse" Hatfield. 

So if you're on the east coast and have a hankering for something evil to drink than I think this would fit the bill. I personally would love to buy one just for the bottle. Just wondering how long till another feud breaks out.


DW stood up in front of President Obama, the Dalai Lama and 4000 other people from other countries at the National Prayer Breakfast. He spoke of his days starting out in racing and about how he'd changed from an arrogant, loud mouth, annoying guy to the new man he is today. 

I watched his keynote speech on You Tube. Interesting how I find so much cool stuff to watch on there. The President grimaced as DW talked about the fact that he thought he was a nice guy but that nice guys go to hell if they don't have Jesus as their lord and savior. I didn't see the Dalai Lama at the table with the president. Don't know where he was. All in all it was a nice speech filled with racing stories of course.


Disney has announced that the Disney Speedway where The Richard Petty Driving Experience operates will be closing to make way for transportation improvements which they wouldn't elaborate on.The speedway is located south of the Magic Kingdom parking lot.


The lawyers have made their closer aguements and speeches. Now it's time to wait for a desicion. Does Kurt have to go for a psychiatric evaluation? Will SHR have to impliment their plan if Kurt is stuck in court or in jail or a counciling center during a race? What is their plan any way? Nobody knows. They're not saying but Kurt is happy that SHR is supporting him and he feels he told the truth.

Mean while somebody dug up an email Patricia wrote in August. It talks about her training as a psy-ops war training. It was needed during Tony Stewart's issues last year to help his PR team to minipulate and control the media. She went on to say she helped to save congressmen who do stupid things with this training. 

This chick sounds like she's a tad bit over the edge.


Saturday night was the Sprint Unlimited Race under the lights at Daytona. Since I dont have cable and that would mean I must go to my parents house to watch, I stayed home. Best to be stuck at home in my warm house and sleep in my own bed. So while the wind was howling outside and the snow was a swirling, I did watch my Twitter feed off & on. I do like that too. 

Paul Menard had the pole for the 75 lap event. Martin Truex Jr won the first segment. During the last segment my most handsome Night of the mobile one was hit by Kyle Busch. He spun and hit Biffle and then Kurt Busch hit Biffle & Stewart. Red Flag. 

The race went on with 12 out of the 25 original drivers. With 2 laps to go Logano moved up and hit Harvick, putting him in the wall. Kenseth comes home with the win and we have fodder for finger pointing to begin our season.

Dale Jr said he had 4 pieces of trash on his grill and it ruined his motor. He wondered if it was karma for all the times he littered. His Daytona 500 car is faster than this one he says.

Danica was talking on her radio and said the Penske boys have something coming to them. 

Logano says of Harvick...It's the same old crap. No big deal.

Harvick says of Logano....Everyone is racing aggressive but you can't take your head off and put it in the floorboards.

Is that against any NASCAR rule? I'll get back to you all about that one.

Gordon had too many guys over the wall on his last pit stop so he had to restart last. That would be 12th. That's all the cars left to race at the end.

So the finish was Kenseth - Truex Jr - Edwards - Mears - Larson - Logano - Gordon - Ky Bu - Dale Jr - Danica - Harvick - Newman...everybody else wrecked out.

Well folks, it's 7 days till the Daytona 500. I can't wait. Hopefully it doesn't snow me out of getting to a TV like it did Saturday night. It even thundered a couple times. Since when does it thunder during a snow storm? Just heard a snow plow drive by. 

Sorry there's no pictures again this week. The program won't let me post any. Either my macbook is now rendered obsolete or it's a glitch. Not sure what's up. The wind is effecting my internet connection though. Can't watch You Tube.

Everybody in the northeast hang on to your hats and duct tape yourself fast to a telephone pole. We're in for some weather. F you Punxsutawney Phil. Happy Valentines Day to all.

And I'm outta here....


NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 2-8-15
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Hello it's me. Todd Rundgren is rolling through my mind as I say welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. It's just 13 days till the Daytona 500. Zoom zoom zoom. There is so much sponsor adds & subtracts, drivers, crew chiefs and crew member switches, I just can't keep up. Poor AJ Allmendinger lost his spotter this week. He found out on Twitter. That's where I go to find out cool stuff. Losing your spotter at the last minute isn't so cool I guess and finding out on Twitter is way less cool too. 

Damn Punxsutawney Phil popped out of his hole and saw his shadow. That means 6 more weeks of winter folks. I was tempted to go out and get me a dozen fastnachts but I decided I wasn't letting that rodent ruin my diet. I'm still working hard at it. Fact is that I really didn't crave the sweets like I used to. Didn't even hit the PA Farm Show for my favorite milk shakes and other delights like in past years. I must be a reformed sugaraholic. Hhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmm...... Is that possible?

Smokey Mountain Herbal Snuff. What is that? Sounded cool to write it. Smokey Mountain Chew Inc is going to sponsor a team in NASCAR. I have to look this company up. What is herbal snuff made of? Dried mushrooms, oregano and thyme?


Bodi Miller wrecked big during a down hill ski thing he does. Sliced his leg open pretty wide too. I always loved watching him in the Olympics because he never held anything back. It was all out or nothing. That's the way it should be. Hope he can get back to skiing at some point.


Was watching a lot of NAMM Music Show videos on You Tube. For all you metal heads out there looking for the newest guitars, Zakk Wylde has decided to leave Gibson & Marshall to put out his own line of products called Wylde Audio. He's excited. I'm very intersted in Dave Mustaine's guitar. It's a V shape with cut outs that make it look like a violin. Has a nice finish like a violin too. No word on the pricing. Fender put out some beauties as well. They're also releasing limited editions every month starting in March till December. So if you have a musician on your list for Christmas next year, there's plenty to check out.


Any body heard of James Robertson? He's not real fast but he got himself a new Ford Taurus this week for free, courtesy of a GoFundMe account somebody set up for him. Seems he lives in Detroit and has a $10 an hour factory job. His car broke down almost 10 years ago and he didn't have the money to fix it or replace it. So he walked the 21 miles. Now this is just me but I think I would've found a new job or moved closer to my job.


Mark Martin won't be driver development coach for Roush Fenway Racing this year after all. He's hooked up with legendery dirt racer Scott Bloomquist to field a team of late models in the Lucas Oil Late Model Championship.

On Twitter he posted this when asked why he wouldn't be with Roush," I didn't want to go to the races. I've done enough of that for now. Except for dirt track."

So Marks not driving just sponsoring. I'm bummed. When I saw that tweet I was like YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY-ESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! But then I investigate and it's like nope. Not driving. 


Gordon tweeted a picture of an old school bus with the Rainbow Warrior paint scheme of olden days on it and hinted that the paint scheme could possibly make an appearance on the track. Hints are all we're getting for now. To be continued.


Brad and his girlfriend Paige White announced that there's a little girl on the way. Knowing how cruel people can be, Brad headed them off at the pass. Kind of. He acknowledged that he is a public person and as such there are people who like him and those that don't and he can deal with both because that's what he's signed up for. BUT his little girl to be is not signed up for it so he is asking that everyone keep the focus on him.

I myself am shocked that he had time to actually, you know, make that baby. He spends a hell of a lot of time on Twitter. 


Patrick Carpenter was one of 10 people treated and released after the cable broke on lap 121 of the May 26, 2013 Coca Cola 600. The cable came down that held the CatCam. After the race FOX Sports banned the use of this camera at NASCAR races. An investigation was launched but there wasn't much cable left to look at after 19 cars drove over it.

Patrick is filing suit for $10,000 damages claiming he suffered permanent impairment to his right arm.


So now it's time for the judge to decide what is going to happen or not. Kurt's lawyers say Patricia committed purgery on the stand. She had every opportunity to say she didn't kill people for our government and she didn't because she told lots of other people she did and there would be lots of witnesses to that. Patricia's lawyer said Kurt needs domestic violence counsiling and that he grabbed her client around the neck.

So I guess we'll all find out later in the week how this goes. Sure is a train wreck.


Bruce Jenner was in a multicar wreck in Malibu where at least one person is dead. Looked bad too. Saw that on Twitter just before I started writing. Details to come I guess.

Well folks, it's off to beddy byes for me. I had some great pictures for you but it would seem the program is not letting me put them in. Enjoy your Sunday in your usual manner, be safe of course 

And I'm outta here.....






NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 2-1-15
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Burn 'em up. Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. NASCAR racing is moving to the front burner in 22 days. The D 500 is coming at ya. The driver, crew chief and sponsor movement is now at a fever pitch. New announcements every day. Really hard to keep up with and unlike Mr Lynch, everybody is talking to the media and anybody else that will listen. So lets get to it.


Gordon discussed it with Hendrick and said he has faith in Chase Elliott who has just been named his official replacement in 2016. He says Chase will do great things. NASCAR says they don't plan on retiring the number either. 

Bill Elliott drove the #9 and it was believed that so would his son Chase. Richard Petty owns that number right now and says if the kid wants it he can have it because he has no attachment to it. So far nobody has asked. Gordon says if Chase would rather have a different number than the #24 than he'd be open to it.

At this writing, Chase will be driving the #24 in 2016 for HMS. He'll also be in the #25 for about 5 races in the Cup Series this year and still in his ride with JR Motorsports seeking a 2nd Xfinity Series championship (formerly known as the Nationwide Series).


During the Hall of Fame ceremonies, Bill let it be known that he approached Ford about getting a deal together for his son to be in a Ford just like he was for his career. Bill says they saw things differently than he did. Then Hendrick stepped up with an opportunity that really wasn't much of one but was the only one talking to him and his son. He praised Hendrick for his integrity and is grateful for the deal that finally came through for his son.

Funny story...Jeff Gordon almost ended up at Roush but when Jeff's step dad called him and said Evernham and Gordon were a package deal. Roush said he picked the crew chief / driver combo not the driver. So dad hung up on Roush. Twice. 


Danica's contract is up at the end of this year and Gene wants her to stay at SHR. He says a lot of changes have been made to help her including giving her a new crew chief. Daniel Knost is more technical and can explain the car to her better. He believes she is close to getting better.

The question of the contract closure seems to be with GoDaddy and how committed they want to be. You know, the purse string thing.

Danica says,"Of course I want GoDaddy to come back. We've been talking about it for quite a while. They want to, we just have to make sure we keep giving each other value. They give me value, it's about me giving back to them."

To be continued......



 This past week GoDaddy put their ad on the TODAY Show and there was immediate back lash from dog lovers every where. 

The ad featured a puppy falling out of the bed of a pick up truck and it's long rainy trip home on foot only to have his owner exclaim that she was glad he got home because she just sold him on the website she built with GoDaddy. It ends with the puppy being put in a van and her saying "Ship 'em out."

GoDaddy tried damage control on Twitter but a 42,000 signature petition said they were having none of it and by the end of the day GoDaddy had no choice but to yank the ad.

My question...Since when do we watch Super Bowl ads before the Super Bowl? My guess is that GoDaddy wasn't so confident their Budweiser spoof was going to fly.


A 24 hour race called the Rolex 24 was held this week at Daytona. It runs 24 hours and each team has 4 drivers that tag out. CGR's team was last years rookie with the mostest Kyle Larson, team mate Jamie McMurray, Tony Kanaan and Scott Dixon who is the driver to bring the W home. Being the last one to drive he needed to save fuel and not make any mistakes. This is CGR's 6th W in 12 tries.

McMurray now joins AJ Foyt and Mario Andretti as the only drivers to win a Daytona 500 and a Rolex 24. Congrats to everyone.


Bill Elliott.....Fred Lorenzen.....Wendall Scott.....Joe Weatherly.....Rex White

Congrats to the winners


---Dale Jr says he'd love to drive at least one truck race this year. He's expanded his team, JR Motorsports into the truck Series part time with a 17 year old driver named Cole Custer. Because of his age he's only allowed to drive short tracks. Dale Jr really wanted Martinsville but decided the new kid needs the seat time at that track.

---David Pearson had a mild stroke on Dec 9th. The family says it was his left side that was effected but he should be back to normal soon. The 80 year old has 105 wins and 3 championships in NASCAR. A speedy recovery to you David.

---No changes to the Chase format. NASCAR says last years Chase was the most exciting yet. Not going to mess with a good thing.

---Teams no longer allowed to pull the side skirts out. The proper name being the vertical rocker panel extension. This panel is located at ground level between the front and back wheels. The teams would pull out the corner from the back wheel to increase down force to get that aerodynamic advantage. NASCAR says no more. I guess funs over. Look for something else.

---Jeff Gordon will get his chance in the broadcast booth early. FOX Sports is rotating Jeff with Brad Keselowski and Kevin Harvick to be race analysts during the Xfinity Series races (formerly known as Nationwide Series). Opportunity knocks.


---So like, what's in the water in Michigan? Somebody from Michigan posted this on Twitter. Is this considered redneck or just F'd up?

---Bill Sarris, a PA candy maker 15 miles south of Pittsburgh decided to get in on the Deflate-a-gate going on by creating a chocolate football with a dent in it. He called his creation the Bradie Ball. It was auctioned of for charity on KDKA radio Friday for $5000. Sarris matched it and added 2 more footballs and 2 hemets. 


One final note....I normally don't get too awefully upset over celebrity stuff but there's a young lady that needs prayers and healing thoughts sent her way. It was reported that Bobbi Christina Brown was found unresposive in her tub. When I think of what a train wreck her mother and fathers relationship was and what they put her through, I just can't help but pity her. All the money her mom left her can not undo all that wreckage. My heart goes out to her.

All you Gabbers and others enjoy the Super Bowl tonight or what ever you're planning on doing. Watch out for those ice patches for those of you up north.

And I'm outta here....




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