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NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 11-23-14
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BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP YEAH!!!!!!! Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and others fast stuff. Baby you can drive my car edition. It is now 91 days, 15 hours, 51 minutes and an eternity till the February 22, 2015 Daytona 500 as I start to write this last 2013 season entry. 

Crazy stuff has been happeneing. Buffalo got buried in 100 feet of snow and actually had to move their football team to another stadium. I wonder if we'll ever see a NASCAR race get snowed out. Actually I'd love to see a race in the snow. Get those studded tires out boys.

Did you know Manson has a girlfriend? Actually she's his fiance and she says they'll be getting married soon. They have their marriage license and once a month the prison allows marrages. Says she's working hard at getting him a retrial and getting him out. Bet everybody is just looking forward to that party. Don't think there's going to be a going home party any time soon.


So Kevin Harvick stopped at the Letterman Show to talk to Dave and give his Top 10 Tips For Becoming An Auto Racing Champion. And here we go....

10: Hands at 10 & 2 while driving - 11 & 1 when celebrating.

9 : Reduce weight of the car - Take out Brakes

8 : During the race, save your energy for the post race brawl

7 : There's no rule about slashing your opponents tires.

6 : No sex the night before the race - Or during the race

5 : Don't waste time learning to parallel park.

4 : A pit stop should only be long enough to lick the windshield.

3 : Resist the temptation to take a mid race selfie

2 : Remember : If you lose you don't have to do Letterman

1 : Accept the fact that your ass will never stop vibrating.

Letterman was just one of many stops for the NASCAR Champion Victory Tour. I hope Kevin's little boy Keelan gets to see daddy real soon. Kevin says he's not happy right now because daddy has been gone too long.


The plan is that Chase will do another year full time in Nationwide for JR Motorsports and get a handful of Cup races driving for HMS to get experience.

He's only 18 years old, just graduated high school and won a championship in a top NASCAR series. How cool is that? 

Kasey Kahne just re-upped for 3 more years. Jimmie Johnson is signed till the end of 2015 and is looking for his new contract. Jeff Gordon has a life time contract. Dale Jr isn't going any where any time soon. My guess is that 2015 will be Gordon's last season to drive. His back could go out for good with any race. He'll be a boss or part owner at HMS. Hendrick lost his son, Ricky and heir 10 years ago in the plane wreck. So Chase Elliott will have a ride in the HMS stables come 2016. 

Congrats again to Chase for his Nationwide Championship.


Very eventful race. Gordon was on the pole and he led 161 laps but a decision late in the race to pit by crew chief Gustafson mired Gordon too far back in the pack to get back up for the win. He took full responsibility for that decision.

For most of the race Hamlin, Logano, Harvick and Newman were up in or around the top 10. Hamlin led 50 laps and Harvick led 54. 

With 19 to go there's a caution. Hamlin, Gordon and Vickers stay out. Logano's jackman drops hid car off the jack with no tires on it. A very lengthy and costly pit stop takes Logano out of contention. He never recovers. Top 5 is Hamlin - Gordon - Newman - McMurray - Keselowski

Hamlin takes the lead for a brief time. With 13 to go there's another caution and this time Gordon goes in for tires. BUT Hamlin stays out. Top 5 is Hamlin - Newman - McMurray - Keselowski - Harvick

Harvick goes up the middle on the restart from 5th to 2nd behind Hamlin and with 8 to go he takes the lead. 

With 6 to go another caution. Top 5 is Harvick - Newman - Hamlin - Keselowski - Menard......remember my dark horse top 10 favorite?

With 3 to go we restart. Hamlin spins his tires and Harvick takes the lead with Newman in hot persuit.

Your Top 15 Finishers - Harvick - Newman - Keselowski - Menard - McMurray - Kenseth - Bowyer - Johnson - Gordon - Ku Bu - Kahne - Larson - Dale Jr - Allgaier

Congrats to Kevin Harvick for your 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Championsip.


Harvick----5 W's----20 Top 10's----2 DNF's (Did not finish)

Newman---0 W's----16 Top 10's-----1 DNF's

Hamlin-----1 W-------18 Top 10's----2 DNF's---Missed 1 race for eye issue

Logano-----5 W's----22 Top 10's----4 DNF's

Keselowski--6 W's---20 Top 10's----1 DNF

Gordon-----4 W's----23 Top 10's----0 DNF's

Kenseth----0 W's----22 Top 10's----2 DNF's

Dale Jr-----4 W's----20 Top 10's----2 DNF's   


1 : Knaus and other HMS personnell were called to the NASCAR hauler after the race. During the race Jimmie had come in with a loose wheel. This had created a problem tightening down the next wheel so Knaus called for a wheel spacer so that they could get the lugnuts tight on better threads further up on the studs. A NASCAR official said they couldn't do it and Knaus went ahead and had it done any way. Thus the need for a chit chat with NASCAR after the race which turned out to be a misunderstanding. No penalties.

2 : The #17 team (- Driver Ricky Stenhouse)  had rear suspension parts confiscated during prequalifying for the Homestead race. Crew chief Mike Kelley got a $50,000 fine and probation from 1-1-15 thru 6-30-14. Car Chief Patrick Magee got the same probation.

3 : Gordon hit a mile stone during the race. He took 2nd place from Mark Martin for the most Top 10's with 454. Who's first? Richard Petty with 712. Don't think any body is going to get that record.

NASCAR is now over for this year. I'm over for the night too. Got a big day tomorrow. Taking #2 grandson to a Day Out With Thomas The Tank Engine. Living so close to the Strasburg Railroad has it's perks. They have an awesome railroad museum and they built life size Thomas and Percy locomotives. Hollywood also comes calling to borrow the trains too. We'll be doing crafts, pictures with the trains & Sir Topemhat AND A TRAIN RIDE. #2 grandson will be thrilled. He loves choo choo's.

Hang in there Gabber's and others. It looks like a scary winter coming up. Be safe and I'll see you around.

And I'm outta here.....








NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 11-16-14
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Hey now. Welcme Gabbers & others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. Just thought I'd do a public service announcement to all you Gabbers & others out there cleaning the gutters. These critters may be cute and fuzzy to look at but watch out for those teeth. Never seen one before but I hear they're quick. Hide the kids and watch your ankles.

I think I can make it to Monday or Tuesday and I may just have to give in on my "Don't turn the furnace on till Thanksgiving because that oil tank is prescious" Mission. The weatherman says that on Tuesday it will be brutally cold in the 40's and fall to 28 degrees over night. It will be 40's in the day and 28 at night all week. That's pipe freezing weather. Just can't take that chance. The cats will be happy though. They love the heat vents.


A letter addressed to NASCAR president Mike Helton and one to SHR was sent by Rep Jackie Speier stating that Kurt should be suspended till the investigation into his alleged domestic violence case against ex girlfriend Patricia Driscoll was completed. She further stated she wanted to be in the internal investigation of this matter and wanted the history of all sanctions levied by NASCAR & race teams in the last 5 years for domestic violence.

Be-otch has balls if you ask me. 

However Kurt's lawyer Rusty Hardin had other ideas. He said," If every time somebody made an allegation against a congresswoman or congressman and they were then to be suspended from their office until the investigation was concluded, we'd have an empty capitol building."

He went on to say that her letter was inappropriate and that there is such things as due process and presumption of innocense.

NASCAR says they're waiting for the police report. Haas says he's not taking Kurt out of the car. I say that if the fight was that bad then why wait 6 weeks to file charges? If you waited that long then let it go. Grab your shit and leave.


If you're planning to vote for your favorite driver you've got until Monday the 17th @ 8pm to get to We'll see if Dale Jr gets it again or The Danica rallies her fans to over take him or if the Reddit community rallies to put Josh Wise in the top spot. Oh the suspense Gabbers.



Harvick won. Harvick led almost all the laps. Harvick advanced to the final round. 

Hamlin had the pole but by lap 45 Harvick took over the lead and never gave it up.

Gordon, Kenseth & Keselowski all did what they had to to advance except win. All were in the top 5 at the end of the race but no cookie or soup for them. On the very last lap coming to the finish line Newman did a bump & run on Larson for the final position he needed to get into the final Chase spot which knocked out Gordon by 1 point.

Larson was asked about that pass which sent him into the wall. He said that Newman called him and explained that he really needed that spot and that he didn't dump him, he just did enough to get by and let Larson finish the race. Larson knew it was important and that he probably would've done the same thing if in the same position. It was a little upsetting and he was mad for about 10 minutes till he thought about it. No hard feelings going forward.

So our 4 Chasers that will be fighting it out at Homestead are Logano, Harvick, Newman & Hamlin.

Top 15 finishers at Phoenix - Harvick - Gordon - Kenseth - Keselowski - Hamlin - Logano - Ku Bu - Dale Jr - Biffle - Ambrose - Newman - Truex Jr - Larson - McMurray - Edwards



Ford unvailed a new trophy. This trophy has an exact replica of the steering wheel in Henry Ford's race car the 1901 Sweepstakes Racer. He won his first and only race in that car on October 10, 1901. That race win helped to get invetors interested so he could start his car company in 1903.

So last years Homestead winner was Hamlin. Last years champ was Johnson with 6 W's. This year Johnson is no where near the Chase or championship form. What a difference a year and Chase format change makes. 

Last years Homestead top 10 - Hamlin - Kenseth - Dale Jr - Truex Jr - Bowyer - Keselowski - Ky Bu - Logano - Johnson - Harvick - Gordon - Edwards - Kahne - Sadler - Larson

Chasers : Harvick - Starts 5th. Average finish of 8.1. Has 11 Top 10's. He's been fast this year but plagued with bad luck. Motor issues, tire issues and other stupid stuff. He's the favorite to win. He's my pick too. I say top 10 AND the Championship.

              Logano - Starts 9th. Average finish of 20.8 although he finished 8th last year. I'll give him a top 10

              Hamlin - Starts 8th. Average finish of 11.2 although he finished 1st last year. He's also been plagued by issues all year and barely made it into the Chase. I just don't see a championship this year either but I'll say top 15

              Newman - If there was ever an underdog, it's this guy. He's a tough one too. My hope is that he does win it. I'm hoping all the contenders have issues that keep them on pit road and laps down. Newman comes in 5th, with no win and a championship. It's a fantasy but it could happen. He starts 21st today. He hit debris from somebodies car during practice that broke his splitter. All is fixed and he's no worried. Top 10

Everybody else......

Gordon - He's got the pole. That's 200 poles for the HMS organization. He's got 11 top 10's here too. Top 10

Ky Bu - Starts 7th. He's been plagued with the uglies too this year but I'll say top 10

Kenseth - Won the Nationwide race this weekend. That's seat time that could equate to a top 10.

Larson - Got to give a top 10 to the rookie with the mostest.

Truex Jr - Starts 10th. Top 10

Keselowski - Starts 4th. Top 10

Menard - My dark horse pick for a top 10

Race is on at 3pm today. Football all day too. Have a safe weekend folks.

And I'm outta here.....





NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 11-9-14
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Happy 47 days till Christmas. Lets just concentrate on the 19 days till Thanksgiving and Welcome Gabbers & others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. The PC police would have a field day with this cartoon. Right now they'tre fussing over some Rob Lowe cable vs Direct TV commercials that features a guy with shy bladder syndrome. You can just call me Tim and the PC crowd is #1. Isn't that what Tim is saying?

I think my brains are frozen. I'm on my annual "Don't turn the heat on till Thanksgiving cause I got to save the oil" mission. So far mission accomplished. As long as the temps don't go to 32 degrees and stay there I can make it. Ahhhhh... sigh...the crazy things we have to do to save a buck.

The world of Left Turns is going crazy. Lets check in on it......


According to ex girlfriend Patricia Driscoll (they were split for a week before incident) on the weekend of the September Dover race Kurt was distraught over qualifying poorly. On the bus he was verbally abusive towards her, said if he had a gun he'd shoot himself and accused her of having spies and cameras watching him. He then pushed her head into the wall 3 times. She left for ice for her head & neck.

Patricia wants him to go for a psychiatric evaluation and be evaluated by a domestic violence treatment agency.

Kurt's attorney, Rusty Hardin released a statement saying that Mr Busch plans to cooperate fully with the investigation and expects to be vinicated after everything is disclosed and that all this is coming from a women who doesn't want to accept the end of a relationship.

Meanwhile, The Armed Forces Foundation has cut ties with Kurt because of the serious nature of the allegations.

SHR says they are investigating the matter and can not comment at this time.



Bill Elliott's son has become the 1st rookie to win the Nationwide Series championship and he did it a week early. He was 48 pointsahead of Regan Smith and going into the Phoenix race he couldn't lose any of those points to maintain the lead. Turns out he finished 5th and Regan finished 10th. This gave Chase 52 points over 2nd place in the points and the championship. Next weeks race at Homestead will be a 300 mile victory lap.

Congrats to Elliott.


Due to a local power grid outage the Phoenix International Raceway had to shorten the race by 24 laps. The first tiome the power went off it lasted an hour. The 2nd time it went down it was 24 laps before the end of the race. In the interest of safety for the fans and drivers the race ended with Erik Jones as the winner.


Thursday night the 8th Annual Stand Up For Heroes Fundraiser held in NYC Madison Square Garden to benefit 9/11 injured service members was held. There was music, comedy and auctions.

Brian France pledged $300,000 for a Springsteen package. Bruce Springsteen that is. The package included a signed guitar by Springsteen, a 1 hour guitar lesson with The Boss, a lasagna dinner prepared by The Boss and a ride in a sidecar with Springsteen driving.

Wonder if he'll be serving martini's with that ride?



And the winner is...Jimmie Johnson. I honestly didn't see that coming the way he's been running but the winner he became. Got to put another winner sticker over the drivers door, a cowboy hat and some neato guns as a trophy. So how'd we get there?

Matt Kenseth had the pole and was doing well. The Danica pits on lap 42 for a tire issue. That's parr for the course here at Texas. She sends out a warning to team mate Harvick to watch out for his right front tire.

Lap 54 Jimmie to the lead and still leading on lap 205 when Ky Bu loses his right rear tire carcass. Harvick has a trash issue on his grill and Kenseth lets Harvick get up close enough to get the trash off. I guess they're buds again.

Kenseth has a bad pit stop. Drops to 18th. Crew member drops a lugnut. Keselowski is out front now.

Kahne continues his issues from last week. Has 2 cautions for spins. Kenseth's & Newman's cars get damaged on the restart from Kahne's 2nd accident. Both are back in the 20's now. All the cautions have put a lot of cars back on the lead lap. Good for them but bad for Kenseth & Newman.

Gordon now leads. BUT another cautioncomes out for Bowyers spin. GWC #1 is now on. Gordon leads with Jimmie beside him. Gordon unwisely chooses the top lane. For a 2nd there's a small hole enough for a car to get thru and Keselowski goes for it. Problem is everyone is turning left except Keselowski. He's going straight and uses Gordon as a guard rail. Gordon's tire goes down and he spins.

GWC#2...Jimmie is in the lead with Keselowski beside him. Harvick gets on Keselowski's bumper just enough to get him loose so he can't make a charge on Jimmie and Jimmie gets away for the win.

So now Gordon decides he needs to talk to Keselowski and Keselowski is totally ignoring him. Won't even acknowledge his presence. Keselowski's crwmen are standing in the way till Harvick sneaks up and pushes Keselowski into Gordon who thinks Keselowski is jumping at him and it's on. Fists are flying and crwmen are rolling.


NASCAR dished out fines and suspensions to 4 of Kahne and Gordon crewmen as well as both crew chiefs. Crew chief's are responsible for their teams actions. Hendrick says he's paying the $185,000 in fines.

I say why bother? You set this whole thing up and you got what you wanted.


KESELOWSKI - Not worried about what others think. He doesn't think he did anything wrong. His boss supports him and he's not backing down.

GORDON - Said he just wanted to have a face to face with Keselowski and he ignored him. You can't get a conversation going with that guy. He says that Keselowski can drive aggressive but you know you have to have a conversation about stuff when it happens. He just wanted to know his thought process behind that move. He will be racing Keselowski accordingly from now on.

HARVICK - Has no problem either with Keselowski's aggressive driving but like Gordon believes that you need to have conversations about happenings on the track which Keselowski refuses to do which frustrates and infuriates the drivers. He sighted his issue with Kenseth at Martinsville saying that Kenseth was willing to talk about it and even if they didn't agree they talked. Keselowski walks off which is not the proper way to handle a situation.

So there you have some driver perspective on the .Keselowski situation.

Top 15 At Texas - Johnson - Harvick - Keselowski - Ky Bu - McMurray - Dale Jr - Larson - Ku Bu - Edwards - Hamlin - Stewart - Logano - Biffle - Allmendinger - Newman


A 1 mile track that's tough to dial your car in for. Harvick won the March race. So everybody has their notebooks and should be ready for race #2 at Phoenix. So we add in the difficulty getting your car just right, this is the last race in the 3rd round so 4 guys will be left, there's been fighting for several races and the drivers expect things to be just as crazy or crazier.

KESELOWSKI - He starts 2nd. Top 5 in March so if he can make it through the gauntlet it will be more of the same. Has to win to advance. Top 10

LOGANO - He starts 4th. He too was in the top 5 in March. Swears he'll back his team mate up. Could get interesting. Top 10

HARVICK - Starts 3rd. Interesting isn't it? Won here in March and has to do it again to advance, so if there's no flat tire or other bad luck or a run in with a Kes...Top 10

GORDON - Starts 7th. He's hungry for the championship. Will he knock out Keselowski to get it? He sits 1 point above Kenseth. Win or else...Top 10

LARSON - Got to give this rookie his due kudos. Fabulous season. Especially the 2nd half. Top 10

KY BUSCH - Top 10 if he don't self destruct or something reaches out to grab him.

KENSETH - Absolute bad luck last week. Bad pit stops and a late race restart run in ruined his day. He starts 5th and has to have this win to get in. Top 10

NEWMAN - Starts 20th. If he can have a top 10 finish he could be there for the championship run. Top 10

HAMLIN - Has the pole and he's 2nd in the points. I'm not seeing a top 10 in his future.

EDWARDS - Roush drivers have not been doing so good this year. I don't see a top 10 or a championship run for him either

JOHNSON - Top 10 in March. He's coming off a win at Texas and no pressure. Top 10

McMURRAY - Fastest in practice. Top 10

Let the craziest driver win. I really don't know what to expect but I fully expect my Top 10 predictions to be blown out of the water. Especially if they start plowing into each other for that championship spot at Homestead next week. So I leave you with a thought.


So if they really put you could have this if you quit smoking on the cigarette packages instead of you could die, would people really take notice? Interesting approach though.

Take care now

And I'm outta here.....







NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 11-2-14
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Howdy folks. Welcome Gabbers & others to a blog I can't seem to control with NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. Halloween is over. I didn't buy candy so I'm safe. This blog however I'm not sure of. Those little blocks changed to chose my font size. I can read it without my glasses. So I guess it's a go from here. 

Looking at the picture above, aren't you wondering about it? You know, do we or do we not have limits and can I go beyond the posted speed of 195 mph? 

Now the font size changed again. It's 1:30 am as I write this so I'm not fussing over it too much.


That's right folks, if you haven't already done so it's time to fall back 1 hour. I'm thankful for that extra hour tonight. Had dinner with my grandkids and we watched Beetlejuice afterwards. I'm late as usual getting this blog written.


John Force announced today that Peak antifreeze & coolant will be primary sponsors on his car in 2015. If you remember He was losing Castrol at the end of this season. Right now he's 2nd in the points going for championship #17.

"Personally, what this sponsorship means is somebody didn't look at my age, somebody looks at my credits and what I can do. I'm 65 years oldwith grey hair but you put me in a firesuit and I'm 21, I'm Brad Pitt and I'm bad ass and I'm going to prove that in 2015. 2015 is going to be the year of Peak Force."

Next up is John's announcement of which manufacturer he will align with. Along with Castrol, Ford is pulling their sponsorship at the end of the season.

Will be strange seeing John drive a blue car after 2 decades of Castrol green.


First up it's Ricky Craven. He's re-upping his ESPN contract. He's been with ESPN as a Sports Center NASCAR analyst for 7 years. Number 8 is up next. Good luck Ricky.

Brad Daugherty is our 5 time NBA All Star and NASCAR analyst. He's re-upping with ESPN. He'll be starting his NBA & college basketball coverage in November. That's this month.

Krista Voda has 14 years experience covering NASCAR racing. 8 years as a pit reporter and she also has experience covering the NFL. She'll be switching from FOX to NBC Sports. in 2015.

Good luck to all in 2015


On his way to Martinsville last week Jeff made a pit stop at Freida Evans house to drop off dinner and to hang out and talk. It was the 1 millionth dinner from Meals on Wheels. Jeff says his eyes are open to how important these meals are and how much people really depend on them.



PA governor Tom Corbett ok'd a $1 million Economic Growth Initiative grant to the Pocono Raceway  to help with safety renovations to the 2 50 year old tunnels going under the track that are the only way in and out. A pedestrian walkway will be added too. I love the name of the grant. My tax dollars hard at work for somebody else profits and gains. Wonder if I get a PA tax payer discount if I buy tickets? 


This week Dale Jr put his driving gloves on the auction block at eBay for breast cancer research. With 3 hours to go when I checked last they were at $3550.00. He'll most likely be putting his winning Martinsville pink skull gloves on the auction block next. 



Yup, that there is the winner with his trophy at home on Monday. Just imagine, Jeff Gordon has 8 of them. 

Our pole sitter McMurray did lead like 84 laps but then fell back. Lap 85 saw Gordon move to the lead. Johnson goes to the pits because of a vibration. A bad day for him gets worse.

By lap 113 Keselowski has fallen back to 20th and complaining his car gage temps are rediculously hot.

Lap 160 is a caution brought out by Kahne & Vickers which would be the first of several encounters throughout the day and NASCAR finally steps in and tells them it's over. Neither one will take any blame for what happened and they wreck each others day as well as a few others in their way. 

Lap 175 Johnson's bad day becomes a 32nd place finish & 31 laps down day after he's wrecked on a restart.

Lapp 227 is another caution. Kenseth wheel hops right into Harvick who's day is now ruined. He ends his day in 33rd minus 32 laps. The Danica is now 11th.

Harvick returns to the track and hunts down Kenseth. He brake checks him a couple times to ruin Kenseth's front end but it doesn't work.

Lap 300 Dale Jr to the lead and Jr Nation goes wild. Then Logano and Hamlin take a turn with Gordon prevailing.

83 to go and Ku Bu's car goes up in flames. NASCAR extends the caution for track clean up. On the restart Keselowski loses his gears, drops back and gets run over. Mears, Truex Jr, Danica, Edwards and Stenhouse all can't avoid the wreck.

So after 14 cautions, Dale Jr takes the checkered flag. Harvick is mad at Kenseth. Vickers and Kahne are mad at each other and Jr Nation is estatic.

TOP 15 FINISHERS - Dale Jr - Gordon - Newman - Stewart - Logano - Bowyer - Hamlin - Allmendinger - Ragan - Ky Bu - Dillon - Biffle - Menard - Stenhouse



This is a fast 1.5 mile track. Urgency is brewing for our Chasers. Newman got himself a 3rd place at Martinsville which puts him 3rd in the points without a win. That's why he's grinning I bet. Fast cars do that to you. So lets talk top 10.

KENSETH - He's got the pole today, 5th in the points and no win. He leads all drivers with 10 top 5's here. Top 10

GORDON - Starts 2nd Dale Jr out did him last week. Man on a mission. Top 10

KY BU - He's working on his 10th career triple. That's all 3 NASCAR Series on the same weekend at the same track. He swept all 3 at Bristol in 2010. This weekend he won the truck and Nationwide races. He starts 9th today.I'll say top 10

LARSON - Our rookie with the mostest. He starts 17th but I'm betting on a top 10

STEWART - Starts 6th. One of the fast ones in practice too. He's led the most laps of all active drivers here with 801. He's due. Top 10

JOHNSON - You really want to say top 10 but I can't. His Mojo has got up and left.

DALE JR - One of the fast ones in practice. I could see it. Top 10

HARVICK - It's feast or famine with this guy. In April at this track he was fast and then his motor blew. I'll take a 10.

NEWMAN - I don't know but after seeing him almost win at Dega, I'll say top 10

LOGANO - Won this race in April. Top 10

MENARD - Newman's team mate. One of the fastest in practice. Top 10

THE DANICA - Starts 27th. 27th is probably where she'll finish. Her and Ku Bu are switching crew chiefs. Big change to over come. KuBu starts 4th but I don't foresee a much better outcome for him either.

AMBROSE & ALMIROLA - 2 guys that could sneak into that top 10 if any of the other guys get knocked out.

Ok that's a wrap. Have a safe Sunday, don't eat too much of your kids Halloween candy during the game and don't break your back raking the leaves.

And I'm outta here......










NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 10-26-14
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Hey Hey My My. Rock n roll will never die. I'm counting on it. Welcome Gabbers and others to y NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. That up there is Bubba Wallace. He won himself a Martinsville Grandfather clock in his truck. Yup. That's the trophy. Imagine trying to get that home without ruining it. I guess the team hauler delivers too. 

Beautiful day here in PA. The temps keep going up and down. Really hoping this week is nice. I got that homestead clean up list but I also got me a photo list. There's real nice decorations in the neighborhood and some cool looking trees. It's time for me and my camera to take a walk before those nasty dark clouds come back. I try to keep it hid in the car just in case a really cool opportunity pops up whilst I'm out and about. No breath taking cheetahs roaming the neighborhood but I think I can make due.

As I mentioned in IHM's blog my youngest grandson had 2 ambulance rides this month for asthma attachs that came out of no where. He turned 1 on the 24th. He's wearing a heart monitor for now till we can get him to an allergist. He's taking it surprisingly well. Was play fighting with a pillow. I'm guessing he's not as bothered by it as we are. Time to get air cleaners for the house.

There was a night time 5K run that ran by my house. The race wasn't so bad but the flashing lights on the cruiser outside my front window for 2 hours were a bit much. My cats were spooked. The high school marching band even came down through at one point. I live 2 blocks from the school. I guess I could think of this as dinner entertainment.


Back in 2012 after a severe wreck at Talladega Dale Jr began to struggle with moodiness, anger, not wanting to be around people and brain fog. His crew said he had a vacant stare. So after a doctors visit he was sent to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. There he was taught brain excersises to get him back on track.

Now you can see a video Dale Jr made for the Sports Medicine Concussion Program at that university. Other professionals like baseball player David Ross made videos too.

You can go to to see these videos and learn more about the types of concussions and what can be done for those that get them.


He'll still be reporting on NASCAR races, doing his NASCAR podcast with ESPN Magazine senior writer Ryan MaGee and writing his articles for but his duties will be expanding to cover Pro & college football, basketball and other sports.

"I'm so fortunate to have a challenging, rewarding job that allows for creativity and to have colleagues and bosses that believe in my approach and my ability."

He goes on to say that he's appreciates the opportunity to diversify and still maintain his passion for motorsports. And he's not taking this lightly.

Congrats to Marty. I love his podcast too.


On October 24, 2004 Rick Hendrick and the whole HMS organization were rocked by a very tragic plane wreck. Rick Hendricks son, Ricky along with 9 other people boarded one of HMS private planes bound for Martinsville and crashed into the Bull Mountain in Virginia. There were no survivors.

On that plane besides Ricks son, Ricky were his brother John Hendrick - President of Hendrick Motorsports. John's twin daughters Jennifer & Kimberly. Jeff Turner - HMS  General Manager. Randy Dorton - HMS Engine Builder. Joe Jackson - DuPont executive. Scott Latheram - Pilot for Tony Stewart. Richard Tracy & Elizabeth Morrison - pilots of the plane.

Rick didn't know if he could keep going but some how he got back to HMS HQ and told his employees that things would go on in memory of those lost.

Rick still has Ricky's black Tahoe Z71 and every year he uncovers it during this week and drives it home. He says he feels closer to his son in that vehicle.


Vickers had the pole but didn't get to lead past the parade laps because Mr Johnson took over at the green flag drop.

Right away it's reported that McMurray is leaking oil. Why he didn't get off the track is beyond me. By lap 21 Harvick starts drifting to the back because he has a windshield full of oil and can't see well. Hello NASCAR. There's a black flag just for occasions like this. McMurray is still out there.

My Most Handsome Knight of the Mobile 1 even leads 5 laps. Good to see him.

On lap 75 we see Dale Jr to the lead and Jr Nation goes wild.

On lap 103 Ky Bu gets damage from a big wreck. It's back to the garage and he does get back out but not in enough time to salvage a spot in the Chase.

In the end we had 2 Green/White Checkers and Keselowski wins his way into the next phase of the Chase. Johnson, Kahne, Dale Jr & Ky Bu are out. 

I'm still pissed that NASCAR didn't levy a points penalty for the temper tantrums at Charlotte. NASCAR officials were actually measuring the black marks he left in the garage area and looking over the parts he scattered with his car. A NASCAR garage is very busy after a race. You have fans trying to get a last minute autograph, sponsors walking around and team members loading up the haulers to go home. Burn outs have no place in the garage area. Especially at a night race. He's so very very lucky he didn't hit any one with his car or the parts he hit.

Top !5 Finishers - Keselowski - Kenseth - Bowyer - Cassill - Newman - Kvapil - Ku Bu - Ambrose - Harvick - Mears - Logano - Kahne - Dillon - Sorenson - Whitt

The 8 Chasers - Logano - Harvick - Newman - Hamlin - Kenseth - Edwards - Gordon - that order

Of the 8 Chasers, Newman & Kenseth have yet to win a race. Wouldn't it be a bite in the ass if one of them won the Championship with not a single W? Since this format is supposed to be one that rewards wins, it would be very interesting to see that outcome. In fact I'm now the biggest Kenseth/Newman fan going forward. 


This is a short track. A lap around here is .526. That's a half mile. This is an up close and personal - How you doin'? type track. In fact Mr Logano dumped Danica at Charlotte and he says he has talked to her and considers the issue closed but you know, if I were him I'd be watching my bumper. His team mate Keselowski didn't make a whole lot of friends that night at Charlotte either. He starts 6th. Hamlin, Stewart and Kenseth are right there in the top 5 up close and personal even. Hmmmmmmmmmm.... Oh yeah. I'm lovin' it.

Johnson - Starts 7th. I do believe it's time to at least make a showing before the end of the season. I'm putting a stamp on a top 10

Dale Jr - Let a W at Dega slip through his racing gloves. Those pink skeleton gloves are on auction for breast cancer right now by the way. He says he's got a good feeling about this race. He starts 23rd. Big hurdle at this track. Mmmmmm top 15

Harvick - Starts 33rd. Not the place you want to be at this particular track to start your bid for a championship. He was top 5 in fastest practice speeds. OK....Top 10

Gordon - He's got 8 of those Grandfather clock trophies. Starts 13th. Top 10

STEWART - Been a long time since I seen my most Handsome Knight of the Mobile 1 rock it. Starts 4th. Promising. I say top 10

Newman - Starts 9th. He's a bull in a china closet and extremely hard to pass. Doesn't just give up spots easily and this is his type of track. Top 10

Kenseth - Starts 3rd. If he's going to win a race I think it's this one. Top 10.

McMurray - Pole position today. I'm thinking top 10

Larson - Starts 16th but this rookie has been hotter than expected this year. You just can't rule him out of a top 10. So I won't.

Logano - Starts 2nd. Top 10

Keselowski - When Logano does good Keselowski usually doesn't. In the March race it was Logano with a 4th and Keselowski with a 38th. He pissed too many people off at Charlotte. 

Top 15 at the March 2014 Martinsville race - Ku Bu -Johnson - Dale Jr - Logano - Ambrose - Kenseth - Harvick - Almirola - Bowyer - Menard - Allmendinger - Gordon - Edwards - Ky Bu - Dillon

Good luck with your picks.

We had a Gab member on business in Japan. WOW WOW WOW times 10. What an awesome exotic location and great food I'm sure. I don't plan on going any where for my days off. Just the clean up and seeking out great photo opportunities. Hope every one else gets out and about before the cold winds start blowing and enjoy the Fall weather. If you're not so inclined to get out because you're in recline than aim that remote at the TV and watch your favorite games. 

And I'm outta here......







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