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NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 4-20-14
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Happy Easter and welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. Just imagine being able to handle a bird as majestic and powerful as an eagle like this young Mongolian boy is. Right now he's being trained to hunt with the eagle. Puts your falcon to shame. If that eagle is anything like my sisters macaw, I'll pass. Bugger pulls my barrettes out of my hair or tries to pull my earrings out every time it sees me. He makes me his personal jungle gym. 

Not a whole lot of news from NASCAR this week. Swann Racing laid off employees this week. Seems they can't get sponsorship so Cole Whitt and Parker Kligerman are out of rides. Supposedly Whitt could have a ride at BK Racing. I'm betting Ryan Truex gets the boot. Not sure if Swann is keeping Kligerman or folding completely. Last I read they don't have the money to go to Richmond coming up on the 26th. I guess every thing is in the air. Sad. Another low budget team goes down. 

I told you last week that Haas got his green light F1 ownership and speculation has started for who gets the seat. Haas assured every one that no way could any of his drivers go from a NASCAR race to an F1 race every weekend. Just no physically possible. Pretty much I think one look at both schedules and we could all figure that out. That's why doing the double (Indy 500 & Coca Cola 500 ) is so special and only a few drivers have done it. I'm sure there are drivers handing in their business cards as we speak. He'll have choices.


Mr Joby Ogwyn is set to jump off Mt Everst LIVE on May 11th on Discovery Channel....Weather permitting of course. May is that time of year that mountain climbers go to climb Everest. They have one month to do it. I'm wondering how Discovery Channel is going to finagle that one? Literally hundreds of climbers, guides and Sherpa's fight and jockey for position on that trail to the top. Joby plans to climb to the top, jump off that summit and fly down to base camp more than 10,000 ft  down @ speeds of 150 mph. Still wondering if it will be the same trail as every one else or if some how Discovery Channel paid for that day some how. Any way, look for it. Reality TV at it's finest.


I want those goggles. This young man is Jamie Barrow. He's 21 years old and holding the future of extreme sports. At least that's what Adam Contoret of Dreamscience Propulsion based in the UK thinks. He designed this battery powered hand held electric jet engine. Jamie took it out on a frozen lake with his snowboard and did runs with it. His best speed was a little over 80 Kilometers Per Hour. Don't know how close that is to 80 mph but I bet it's fast. Adam says that with some tweaking he bets this device will be used by extreme sports enthusiasts for example if they needed power to wind surf and there was no wind that day. Some types of this engine is already being used in paragliders. So there you have it. All you Gabbers on the verge of a mid life crisis can fore go the little red sports car and get one of these. I want to see how it does with a skate board......down hill.....  Yeah buddy.


This month marks Fender Stratocaster's 60th birthday. Not bad for a guitar born in a small workshop in Fullerton, CA. I bought my son a cherry red one back when he was in high school. Cue Jimi Hendrix and his version of The Star Spangled Banner, please.


So no race this weekend. The drivers need time with their families just like us. Sure does make for a really boring weekend sports wise for me. Love my racing.

Last year at this time, Harvick came from 7th place on the restart of the GWC to take the win. He won the race that Kenseth led the most laps in with 140. Sux to lead that many and have a caution come out at the end and rip the W from you but that's exactly what happened. I'm betting it will happen again on Saturday too. It's been a crazy season so far. New rules have left the crew chief's with way more options in their set ups and they are taking those options to the edge with catastrophic results in the tire malfunction direction. They best get that figured out.

Richmond is a D shaped track that is a .75 mile lap. That's 400 laps of tight quarters and short tempers that will rule the day or I mean night. So the D shape says hitting that sweet spot where the car is good enough the whole way around the track will be tough on the crew chief to figure out. And the tempers will flair up on the track in the mean time.

So out of the last 4 races there, 2 in spring and 2 in the fall of the last 2 years we have a hand full of drivers that do well here. Kenseth with an average finish of 7.25 is the highest on that list. Top 10 for sure. Stewart, Edwards, Bowyer, Dale Jr, Harvick, Newman, Gordon and Hamlin would be your others on that list. 

Hamlin was really good here in the past but I chose the last 4 races because they're the ones in the Gen 6 car. He's led 202 laps in those 4 races though but no W. Top 10.

Harvick only led 18 laps at this track but has a W, 1 top 5 and 2 top 10's. He's been fast but he's blown 2 motors and burned up a hub. Can he keep up the momentum after his win at Darlington? Maybe.

Stewart has a 8.37 average finish in 4 races. 2 top 5's & 2 top 10's. I think he's making a come back. Info from team mates Harvick & Ku Bu can only help.

Ku Bu finished 9th here last spring. He's not so good with the temper thing but he's good at short tracks.

Bowyer led 113 laps here in the spring race. Damn late race restarts. He did come in 2nd. Lucks not so good this year.Only has 2 top 10's so far. Really needs cautions to fall his way and to stay out of the wall.

Newman ended in 5th last year and I expect another top 10 out of him.

Edwards should be top 10 too.

Biffle and 15

Gordon used to own this track. I'll say top 10

Keselowski leads laps but has issues and falls back. Last year he was 30th minus 8 laps. Had a right front go down and he hit the wall on lap 157. Never recovered. I'll say top 20.

Logano was 3rd last year. I give him a top 10. He's had some solid runs so far this year.

Dale Jr gets a top 10. He's focused and ready this year for that championship. 

Johnson...not one of his better tracks. Top 15.

Menard has been struggling but showing flashes of what could be. Top 10.

Ky Bu is either brilliant or epic failure here. He's got 1 W. Top 15.

Rookie to look out for would be Larson. Kids a quick learner and I would not rule out a top 10. Dillon would be the other to look out for and I bet a top 15. 

Nemechek has been driving the #66 for MWR Racing and I'm wondering when Mikie is going to pull the plug. They may be using that car as experimental but he should be doing way way better than 35th or worse every week. I'm hoping they borrow Hornish from Gibbs Racing. I need a cheap driver that's good to pick up in my NASCAR Live salary cap league. He would be awesome. One can only hope. Reality is more like they might pick up Kligerman if Swann Racing lets him go. 

The entry list doesn't come out till Monday or Tuesday so I have to wait and see how my line up will change if at all. Right now it's Kenseth $28.25 - Stewart 423.25 - Keselowski $25.75 - Allmendinger $17.25 - Sorenson $5.00 and that adds up to $99.50. My salary cap is too tight. Lets hope I hit pay dirt on Saturday.

Still trying to cut back on the sugar and up my water intake. I walk around with a cup of ice water all the time. It's helping. What's not helping is they had a candyfest at work. I avoided the back break room like the plague but damn it if some body didn't track me down and hand me a box of marshmallow peeps. They just knew I'd want them. I smiled and thanked him. Somebody else gave me a dyed Easter egg. with my name on it. Haven't decided if I'm sacrificing the peeps on the grill or slicing the cello open to let them get stale. Choices choices choices. So how do you like your peeps?

Have a blessed Easter. Hope everyone enjoys their dinner & family time or whatever the tradition is in your life. Have a good one. Have a safe one. Just make sure you have one.

And I'm outta here.....





NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 4-12-14
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Gooooooooooooooooood morning. Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. It's Mustang's 50th anniversary. Love that car. Well, the old ones from the 60's. They rock.


Like this one. It's so prettttttttttty. That's a if I win the lottery car. Yup. Dreaming....

Geoff Bodine drove some Mustang in name only (as far as I see it) as the pace car for the Darlington race  this Saturday night. If they hadn't told me it was a Stang, I'd never have noticed. Beautiful color and a special edition for the anniversary but a Stang it is not. 

So they were testing Goodyear tires at Michigan this week. Drivers were reaching speeds between 212 & 217 mph. That's scary bad fast territory. NASCAR is already making plans for down sizing the motors for next year. Restrictor plates aren't enough. 

Awesome Bill from Dawsonville has a son. A very talented one. He missed his Sr prom to run in the Nationwide Series on Friday night. He won. That's 2 in a row for this young man of 18. Count me as jealous.

Kyle Petty says his dad, Richard is doing well since his wife Lynda passed away recently. Every one is taking time staying with him to help him through this rough patch. The Petty's are thankful for all the prayers and well wishes.

Gene Haas who is 1/2 of Stewart Haas Racing has been granted his F1 license. Haas owns the biggest CNC Machining business in the western world. So money is not a big deal. So that's 4 NASCAR teams and an F1 team under the Haas name. Even with sponsors that's a tall order.

I was reading about this Heartbleed virus that's busy in Internetland. According to what I read you should see a green lock with https. in your address bar if a site is infected. Well, my Mac doesn't show anything but my Lenovo laptop with Windows 7 does. The Gab and Craigslist are free of this scourge but Yahoo, Twitter & Youtube have it. My virus scanner on my Lenovo didn't say anything to me about a possibility of me picking up this virus by hanging on Twitter during the race. What up with that? That stupid virus scanner is constantly bugging me about other stuff but not that Heartbleed thing. I need to read more on this subject. Any body got an explanation?


It was another rain out last week. Worked 6am to 12pm and drove over to my parents to watch the race on Monday. Got there just in time to see Dale Jr get too low on the track and fold his nose under when his splitter touched the grass. He said it was his fault. He was watching the car in front of him. So 12 laps in and Dale Jr is done for the day.

Johnson got nailed by the debris from Dales car and he had issues for the rest of the race.

Stewart had the pole and led the first 77 laps and then Keselowski took over. 

Keselowski had issues at the start of the race but managed to get it fixed. The jet dryer drove by and blew into his wheel well and messed up his hood. The team duct taped it down and away he went. His team mate Logano led more laps than him but it was a good day for Penske.

Harvick had a fast car but on lap 28 a puff of smoke spelled doom for his day. Ouch.

Hamlin, Gordon, and Ky Bu all led a lot of laps but Logano led the most at 108 and he led the last lap for the win.  

Top 15 Finishers - Logano - Gordon - Ky Bu - Vickers - Larson - Biffle - Kenseth - Bowyer - Menard - Stewart - Kahne - Almirola - Hamlin - Edwards - Keselowski


​The race lived up to it's nickname. The Lady in black. Lots of cars with the Darlington stripe. I laugh because they always count the cars that scrape the wall. I'm really sorry for the guy that has to paint all that wall. It was another Gentleman start your tempers kind of race. Paint trading on the track and barb trading on the radio. But your veterans did prevail as usual. Except Hamlin. He should just quit. I picked him up in one of my leagues and this is the last time. He had a top 10 run going which should've been a top 5 and he blew it on the last pit stop by speeding on pit road and then he wrecked. 

Harvick had the pole and dominated the race and won the race. There were 2 Green/White Checkers. The first one saw Harvick hook up to Dale Jr's bumper and push him to the lead. Ku Bu wrecked off Bowyer's bumper before they got to the white flag so it was Green/White Checkers #2. Dale Jr takes the lead again but Harvick passed him easily. 

UNOFFICIAL TOP 15 FINISH - Harvick - Dale Jr - Johnson - Kenseth - Biffle - Ky Bu - Gordon - Larson - Stewart - Newman - Dillon - Bowyer - Edwards - Ambrose - Allmendinger

​So it was a full moon this weekend. The crazies were out in full force too. On the race track and where I work. Very very rough work week for me. People were absolutely nutso. I'm thinking I need medication so I can deal with them. Hopefully they all settle down till next week. 

It was 70 on Saturday and no wind. Actually quite nice. Supposed to be 80 today. Can't wait. Maybe I'll sit on my mom's porch all day. WOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!! I hope all the Gabbers and others enjoy the great weather today too. Well wishes to all.

And I'm outta here.....


NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 4-6-14
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HAPPY SUNDAY!!!! Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. We need to say a big Happy Birthday to Grumpy Cat. She's 2 now. She looks like she must've went through the winter in the northeast. Actually I look just like that right now. My ears aren't quite as pointy but that expression is mine. Here's hoping for better weather.

So David Letterman has announced his retirement some where off in the distance. I think he said 2015 and no date. A place for Conan? That would be cool.

I've been browsing You Tube a lot lately. Love the concerts and documentaries. Found some cool stuff to share but I still haven't learnt the moving of a video to here but I think they're worth taking a look see. There's a guy named Kyle Myers AKA FPS Russia. Fake Russian accent but that's not a big deal. Don't know where this dude gets all the money but he buys everything from tanks to hand guns to AK-47's to everything in between. I love wailing guitars and screaming motors and things that go BAAAAAAAA-WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!! This guy does that. If you have the time, go to You Tube and type in FPS Russia Almost Dies. Just 8 inches standing to the right would've killed this guy. Shrapnel flies. He's also young and dumb. Good videos though.

Ever have some dumbass doing his road rage thing, cut you off and you wish God would strike them? The next video is just that. It's called Redneck Road Rage/ instant karma. After the video was taken police arrested the guy for no seat belt, reckless driving and leaving the scene of an accident. Righteous.

Schumacher is experiencing moments of consciousness and awakening since his skiing accident 3 months ago. The longer this goes the more I think he's just not going to wake up and be anything near his former self. Here's hoping against hope.

It's week #2 of my cut back on sugar and eat more vegies & fruits and drink more water. It's a work in progress as I have more than one sweet tooth. Reining them in is going to be tough but I am feeling slightly better. Didn't eat any snacks at work out of the machines, drank lots of water and ate my celery, grapes and pretzels. Didn't buy any Oreos or Chips Ahoy cookies either. Another reason I look like Grumpy Cat. 


Well, I said there'd be tire issues and there were. Lots and lots of them. The tires just weren't lasting past 20 laps before they got slippery. Didn't help that the guys weren't very patient. Kligerman was over the curb and in the grass with a crunched in front end in just the first lap. So when I said they should change the call to the starting of the engines to Drivers, start your tempers, It really does fit.

During the competition caution on lap 40 the pits were crazy. Kahne was hit in the rear by Keselowski who was hit by KuBu. They took the nose of Keselowski's car right off. Aerodynamics isn't important here. The paint swapping and door slamming on the track between Ku Bu & Keselowski was a good show. Of course there was verbal sparring after the race with comments like punk ass move and such. Showing the love.

Kenseth slid up into the wall trying to pass these 2 while they were sparring.. Nobody wants to get caught up in others messes but he couldn't get away. And Johnson leads.

Logano and Biffle challenge and get the lead for a bit as does Ambrose. Hello Ambrose. Good to see ya.

Then Dale Jr sort of put McMurray in the wall. I'm sure he didn't try it. Drivers took turns spinning by themselves and off others bumpers. It's a common theme at Martinsville.

So Johnson is back out front near the end of the race and here comes the outlaw KuBu. That's Mr Busch and he's hungry for a win. With 27 laps to go he steals the lead and the win from Johnson.

Top 15 Finishers - Ku Bu - Johnson - Dale Jr - Logano - Ambrose - Kenseth - Harvick - Almirola - Bowyer - Menard - Allmendinger - Gordon - Edwards - Ky Bu - Dillon

Johnson led the most laps with 296.....Bonus point



We're at a 1.5 mile track that eats motors and tires. Now that NASCAR said there's no ride height, rear camber adjustments are allowed and gave them higher rear spoilers that means there will be even more tire issues. Kurt wrecked his car and had to go to a back up when he lost a right rear tire during practice and slammed the wall head on right where the safer barrier starts. Said he was trying to get through 20 laps to then get his tires checked and gauge wear issues but never made it to 20 laps before it blew. 

NASCAR says there will be no more blaming Goodyear for the tires being bad. They sighted teams not using the recommended air pressures in the tires and using aggressive set ups that caused the tires to blow out due to excessive speeds and loads on those tires. What's a crew chief to do? NASCAR says they expect the drivers to give it their all and they are. 

Last year Kurt had fuel pressure issues, Edwards had his belts jump off, Stewart had adjustment issues, Bowyer told his crew chief that you killed my car, and Dale Jr had battery issues. Truex Jr led 142 laps but Ky Bu led 171 and the last lap.

So with all the changes to the cars, the rules and the tires being compromised because of the changes to the rules, I'm having even more issues this year trying to predict who's on first. I mean who will be first. It's 6 races in and Johnson hasn't won yet. Unpredictability has been worked into the races. But I'll give it a go.


Johnson has 13 Top 5's & 16 Top 10's for a 8.3 finishing average. I gotta say top 10

Kenseth is next best at this track with 10 Top 5's & 16 Top 10's for a finishing average of 8.7.......Top 10

Biffle starts 4th on the grid and finished 4th here last year. He was 4th fastest in practice too. Gotta say Top 10

Stewarts on the pole but no consistency. Last year he was screaming that he didn't care how many times he came down pit road just fix it. Just can't give him a Top 10 rating.

Ky Bu won here last year, led the most laps and came in 2nd in the Nationwide race this  Friday night. Top 10.

Edwards starts 5th. He managed to come back from having his belts fall off during the restart  to finish 3rd. Not sure how your seat belts undo themselves but he recovered. Top 10.

Keselowski has outside pole. He's been on the front row to start 6 times out of 7 races now. Top 10.

Dale Jr has been Steady Eddie of late. He's #1 in the points and a battery issue can't hit twice. Right? Top 10.

Gordon and Kahne are both doing better this year then last. Top 15 for these 2.

Logano is solid right now. Starts 10th and gets a Top 10.

Harvick has a W and a few of failed equipment finishes. He starts 3rd and if his equipment holds up he should get a Top 10. He has the new track qualifying record. 

Hamlin...Top 10...if his luck holds out.

Larson would be my rookie pick to get into the top 10. Dillon is ill this week. His brother Ty is on stand by. Two good C listers. Along with Allgaier and maybe The Danica.....or not.

Ambrose and Almirola have been having flashes of power and brilliance on the track. Both had Top 10's last week. I could see one of these 2 in the Top 10 or at least a Top 15.

Menard has had 2 Top 10's in a row. I'm thinking Top 15 or better. 

Newman is a Top 15.

Bayne is in this week. Good C lister to grab. He starts 7th. Top 20.

So we're off to the races. Well I am any way. If it don't rain it starts at 3 pm. Does it rain in Texas? Last week was my youngest brothers birthday. Another raucously loud celebration. Those grandkids, nieces and nephews can be SO loud. Am secretly hoping not as many show up this week or it's nice out. Gosh it would be nice to have a warm day. Here's hoping all of you have a great day, enjoying your sport of choice or the company of good folks. Be safe in your travels....

And I'm outta here......




NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 3-30-14
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OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BAAAAAAAAAA-BY!!!!! Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. It's a Sunday. I'm feeling a bit chippy or rammy or just a tad bit antsy for a nice day. Woke up to rain. It'll rain tomorrow. It rained Saturday. Hey but I've been finding sunshine on the web. Kiss has finally gotten their cover on the Rolling Stone. Read the interview and as always Gene talks out his ass. Says the make up is earned and Peter & Ace got themselves axed. Peter says if he and Ace play with them at the HoF ceremony the fans will go wild and they'll have to tour. If Gene and Paul REALLY loved the fans they'd play with Peter & Ace on stage. Just the 4 of them not the extended group. Yup. That Gene is a big ray of sunshine. Kiss will be touring with Def Leppard. Tickets are out of my price range. 

Johnny Cash has a new CD out as of the 25th called Out Among The Stars. Need to get that. Steel Panther has one coming out soon called All You Can Eat. Love the songs Burden To Be Wonderful Like Me and Party Like It's The End Of The World. 

So how cool would it be to have a dad who works at Dreamworks. On You Tube look up the page Action Movie Kid. Daddy has made some cool 30 second clips of his kid doing interesting every day things. Like taking his building blocks and blowing them up in a video called Lego Blaster. He makes his kid disappear in a very small water puddle. Funny stuff but just what you'd expect from a dad who works at Dreamworks. Another ray of sunshine.

Just saw there's a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie coming out. Took my son to all those and the Batman movies when he was a kid. Guess what? I've got a grandson old enough to go. WOOOO HOOOO!!!! I'm totally going. Tubular dude.


This year marks 30 years for Hendrick Motorsports. At this race coming up at Martinsville on April 24, 1984 Hendrick got his first win as an owner when driver Geoff Bodine brought his car to victory lane. He started out with 5 employees and a tiny shop and now has 500 employees and a 430,000 sq ft shop on 140 acres. He has 11 championships too. Terry Labonte has 1, Jeff Gordon has 4 and Jimmie Johnson has 6. Congrats to Mr Hendrick.


Last Sunday Indy Car racer Graham Rahal showed up for the Fontana race with his girlfriend Courtney Force and her dad John. He tweeted Dale Jr and asked to swap rides at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on the road course. He and Dale Jr share National Guard as a sponsor so he thought it would be a cool way to meet and to swap rides.

Dale Jr said he'd love to but he drives a Chevy and Graham drives a Honda so he really doesn't see how Chevy would allow that. For their part Chevy has said they were not contacted yet. They're open to suggestions and say a deal could be reached. Kurt Busch is driving a Honda Indy Car for Andretti Racing when he does the double this year. So I guess it would be.....To Be Continued.


Matt Kenseth has a new daughter as of March 25th at 7:39 pm. Clara Mae was born 8 lbs 5 oz. She too was born on a Tuesday just like Menard's daughter. Bet these 2 girls will be the best racers. They're already on a racing schedule.


Richard Petty's beloved wife of over 50 years passed away at 72 years old of cancer. She helped form the Racing Wives Auxilery. Richard Petty Motorsports passed out commemorative stickers honoring Lynda for the drivers to put on their cars so Lynda could be in the race. Totally voluntary but a nice gesture to put that sticker on the car. Richard will not be at the track this weekend.

The #43 car will have a throw back STP paint scheme from Richards driving days. Richard has the most top 5's at Martinsville of any driver with 30.


What a tire fiasco. I guess when you take away the height restrictions, add a bigger rear spoiler and let them add as much rear camber (tire angle) as they want then the crew chiefs go wild. And wild was the results. Add lower than recommended air pressures in those tires to all the new adjustments to that recipe for tire failure. Right rear tires were going down all race long and they took Jimmies win away. He led the most laps at 104 but with 7 laps to go his tire goes down and his win goes bye byes. He was followed by Keselowski, Newman, and Ambrose. Gordon had the lead but a tire issue made Bowyer spin with 3 to go and the Green/White Checker was set to go. Ku Bu and Stewart are duking it out and here comes Ky Bu for the lead followed by my bold prediction Rookie. 

Top 15 Finishers - Ky Bu - Larson - Ku Bu - Kenseth - Stewart - McMurray - Vickers - Allmendinger - Menard - Edwards - Dillon - Dale Jr - Gordon - Danica - Mears

That's right folks. Danica was 14th. I know I said she'd place in a 25th place finish but I was wrong....Sorry...... 

Hamlin was taken to the hospital the last minute before the race for a sinus infection but was diagnosed with a piece of metal in his eye. I couldn't get on to change Hamlin out of my line up. The site bogged down. So I got zero points for him. I've never seen one guy have so much crap happen to him. Maybe he needs to get a really good luck charm. In any case I've replaced him on my roster. Dude reminds me of the Frintstone's Bad Luck Schleprock. WOWSY WOWSY WOO WOO. 


So it's raining in Martinsville too. They got qualifying in but the truck race was canceled. In fact it will be on right after the Cup race. I'm excited. A double header. That is if they broadcast it. Maybe I'll check out that internet channel if I can't get it on mom & dad's cable.

Martinsville is a paper clip shaped track with a 6 inch curb in some spots. Makes the race interesting. Especially when the guys push each other down that way and they run out of room. Tires go flat and people spin and it's a rocking good time. They should say DRIVERS. START YOUR TEMPERS!!!!! the beginning of the race. Small track and lots of pushing and shoving. 

Jimmie - Jeffy - These 2 are highly rated at this track. Jeffy has the 2nd most top 5's with 27. I'm counting on a top 10 for these 2 guys.

Kahne and Dale Jr...Top 15's

Hamlin - He has the outside pole but I'm not betting the farm on him. Top 15

Ky Bu has the pole. Top 10.

Kenseth - Top 15

Bowyer and Vickers should be Top 10

Stewart - Ku Bu - Harvick Top 10's...That is if Ku Bu doesn't self distruct. He tends to do that.

Danica - Is starting 10th. She did get a 12th place starting from last place here last year. Another top 15? Possible. You GO GIRL!!!

Keselowski is starting 14th this week. What? No front row? Don't you fear none boys & girls. Top 10

Logano starts 3rd but no to the top 10. 

Edwards & Biffle are good here. Some times. I would say Biffle top 10.

Newman is that bull in the china closet. If he's up there on a last restart then look out. Top 10

Menard - Mears - Almirola - McMurray - Allmendinger and Ambrose are good top 20 or better picks.

The rookies will be tested this week. The vets aren't going to give an inch, a 1/2 inch or a smidge. They will have to take it. Dillon and Larson would be the 2 I'd bet on. Annett has been slowly getting better finishes. Tommy Baldwin isn't top notch equipment but Bono Manion is his CC. I'm watching this young man. 

I'll be doing my breakfast thing and watching it rain. Then it's off to mom & dad's to watch my double header of racing. That's my sunshine for the day. All you Gabbers out there traveling...Have a safe one. Belated Birthday wishes to Sully. A most wonderful wedding day wish to AFD. And to everyone else just hanging out, be safe, enjoy your day. Put on some platform boots, paint your face and play air guitar.....IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII wanna rock and roll all night. And party every day.....

And I'm outta here.....






NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 3-23-14
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Yo hey and good morning. Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. So the temps have risen a tad. I'm not so frozen this week. A good thing for sure. Hope my Gab family up northernerer is thawing out too. By the looks of things when I did a quick walk around outside I have lots of repairs and clean up to do. Not looking forward to that.

I know that I shouldn't be but I am. I am amazed at just how much the media can talk about and talk about and talk about and still find more to talk about a subject when nothing is happening. Every time I walked into the cafeteria at work there they were. Blah blah blabbing about that lost air plane. I'm so sorry for the families who have lost loved ones and have no closure. I'm still thinking they know more than they say.

Am trying to change my dietary ways. I bought a big bag of grapes and celery hearts this week. Even drank lots of water. Almost thought I could hear it slosh around when I walked..... I feel bloated. Really want to try and get back to my better eating ways of the past. I have 3 grandkids to chase now. Actually 2 till the wee one gets up and running. Trying to keep up when you're out of breath just don't cut it. I've found incentive. I want to be there to see them grow up. Tall order but I'm gonna try. Besides that I need to eat right if I want them to eat right. 


​Brooke Werner announced via here Facebook page this week that she has resigned and hung up her firesuit due to personal reasons. She says all good. 

Ms Werner was Miss Vermont USA before coming to be a Sprint Cup girl. She worked with Kim Coon and Madison Martin. These 3 girls serve as representatives of Sprint at the track events. 

I wish Ms Werner luck in whatever she's going into next.


On Tuesday March 20th Remi Menard came into the world. What a good little girl she is. Race car drivers like when babies come on a Monday or Tuesday. 

Menard will have to start in the back of the race because he stayed with his wife and daughter a few extra days and missed qualifying. But it's all good. 

Congrats to the Menards.


Who is Big Hoss? Actually What is Big Hoss? It's a huge LED video screen. It measures 218 ft wide by 94.6 ft high and weighs 108 tons. Supposedly it can with stand winds of up to 130 mph. Does it need to? 

So I guess if your TV is broke you can buy a ticket to the race, bring your couch, bring your snacks and watch on the big screen while you text your friends. 

On Wednesday they broke in the big screen by showing Duck Dynasty. Quack Quack. Okay.


​Last year Hamlin and Logano got into a last lap paint trading door slapping fight over first place. They wrecked each other, Ky Bu won the race and Hamlin went to the hospital with a broken back. 

So after the investigation it was determined that they would add 1000 ft of safer barrier to the inside turn #4 wall where Hamlin hit nose first at a high speed. 

No, no track is 100% safer barrier. There are spots that don't get any. Jeff Gordon was making a habit of finding those spots there for a while. They only put the safer barriers where they feel the most accidents will occur. 

So far these barriers along with the other safety changes have saved lives. I'm sure of it. Most drivers get out and tell you how much better that impact was with the safer barrier than with the regular concrete wall.

I'm glad they put up the barrier. 


I'm getting tired of the rain delays in my racing as much as the nasty winter I went through. But a rain delay we did have. Hamlin had the pole and Keselowski took the lead from him almost immediately. Hamlin made contact with somebody and fell backwards. 

At lap 45 Logano takes away the lead from Keselowski. And our first caution comes out at lap 50. It was planned. Due to rain the night before a competition caution was brought out. All change tires except for Jimmie. 

Jimmie has the lead. Then somebody loses a battery and it's determined it belongs to Bowman. 

Lap 98 Logano complaining about no power steering. That's a bad thing at a track like Bristol.

Lap 114 see Jimmie get an unraveled shredded tire. Caution comes out for rain a couple laps later and the blame game begins. Jimmie shows the cameras that his tire just unraveled but didn't deflate. Goodyear says to the camera it's the #48 crews fault because they didn't change tires on the competition caution. What are you going to do?

So now we wait for the rain.Kenseth now leads for hours....on pit road. Back to racing and not long back Danica hits the wall and Whitt. Timmy Hill doesn't see the caution lights and runs into the back of Kenseth. WHAM!!!!! 

We go through another competition caution. The adjustment...crunched up rear that Hill gave Kenseth must've helped his car. By lap 285 he's in the lead again.

On lap 394 Ky Bu hits the wall and brother Ku Bu can't miss him. 

Lap 450 Harvick hits the wall as his motor goes poof. McMurray slows down but Keselowski rams into his rear. Danica only has 4th gear and when she tries to leave pit road she runs into the back of Bowyer's car which is up on the jack. Bizaar.

So Edwards has point and keeps it till 3 laps to go a caution comes out. Why? Who knows? Supposedly the flagman accidently hit the caution lights button but it didn't matter because the rain started and that was that. Edwards wins and does his back flip.

Top 15 Finishers - Edwards - Stenhouse - Almirola - Stewart - Ambrose - Hamlin - Gordon - Kahne - Vickers - Larson - Dillon - Biffle - Kenseth - Keselowski - Bowyer


We're in California. I hear it hasn't rained in so long that there are waters drying up that have gold shining through. Now would be the new gold rush, maybe? Yo B.O.B., how about checking that out.

So last year we saw Hamlin and Logano duke it out on the last lap with disastrous results for Hamlin. He says he's not looking for revenge. He just wants a win. Pretty much this was a Ky Bu, Hamlin and Logano race trading that #1 spot all race long. There were some tire issues and I think we'll see more of the same unless Goodyear changes to a better tire.

On the final practice on Saturday Keselowski kept going through tires and he broke an axle. Logano cut down a tire and hit the wall. He's in a back up. Patrick and Ku Bu also cut tires. 

On the first practice Saturday Stewart hit the wall but team fixed it. Truex Jr cut a tire and hit the wall. He's in a back up. So tire issues are bad or these crew chief types are using aggressive set ups. Something to watch for.

Kenseth has the pole. He's good here too. Top 10

Keselowski has the outside. Can he over come the tire issues? Mmmmm top 15

TEAM HMS That would be Jimmie, Jeffy, Dale and Kasey. Always a threat for a top 10 here. I'm expecting Dale Jr & Jimmie to bounce back from last week.

SHR Danica is a 25th place finish. Stewart and Harvick are top 10's. Ku Bu is having too many issues. I can't even predict.

Ky Bu & Hamlin are top 10's

Edwards was a huge surprise last week. He was horrible in practice and the front runners had issues so he stole the win. He's a top 10.

Team mates Biffle & Stenhouse are top 15's

Newman is a top 15

Bowyer & Vickers top 15's

Logano top 10

Rookie alert. Kyle Larson won the Nationwide race Saturday. He took it from a hard charging Harvick and Ky Bu. Really thought Harvick was going to take it from him but he held his line and won. He starts 11th and I'm giving this kid a top 10. Bold prediction.

Mears, Dillon, Ragan and Guilliland are good C list picks. 

Well, there you have it. Hope everybody is having fun with their March Madness brackets. I am. My final 2 are still alive so I don't care about the rest. I'm off to breakfast of course and a news paper. Love my paper. I'm hoping it's warm enough to send all the grandkids and nieces and nephews outside today. Last week was a bit much. They were down right obnoxiously annoying loud. 

This program is giving me fits so I gotta say it. Be safe and

I'm outta here.....





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