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I'm Just Saying....Jacksonville Jaguars huge scoreboards unveiled here
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Yesterday the Jacksonville Jaguars unveiled their new $63 million dollar scoreboards. It started off with a soccer game between Fulham and DC United. Fulham won the game 3-0.

This is a picture of the new scoreboard at the North End Zone. The video displays what the video of the old scoreboard looks like as compared to the new board. The new boards are 60 feet high and 320 feet wide.

Under this scoreboard are cabana’s. Each one seat 20 people at a cost of $250 a seat. We have a friend that purchase all 20 seats for the season at a cost of $45,000 for the season. It includes access to the two swimming pools and all you can eat food and drinks. There are also two spa-type wading pools 25 feet long and 12 feet wide and is 3.5 feet deep. Each one is located on opposite sides of the North End Zone.

Another view of the North End Zone scoreboard.

This is the South End Zone. The Upper two floors are party zones and a sports bar. Down below just above the end zone seats is the Bud Zone. It’s the Bud Zone area that you usually meet friends at.

Stage for Carrie Underwood concert.

Mayor Brown. Got at luke warm reception. He is talking about raising property taxes and raising the Cities debt another $235 million dollars. You know how that goes.

Owner of the Jaguars, Shad Khan. He got a 1 minute standing ovation from the 52.961 fans in attendance.

This is one of the video’s I took of the new scoreboard. Sorry its narrow, I have not figured out how to make the video full screen.

Here is another video. I hope these came out.

Carrie Underwood. Duh…

Another picture of the concert.


I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Bye the way, I am not a fan of country music, but I sure did have a great time.




That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind...
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In case anyone has forgot, today is the 45th Anniversary of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walking on the moon.

I which NASA would restart the Apollo program.

Tony Gwynn loses his battle with cancer
Category: MLB
Tags: MLB Tony Gwynn San Diego Padres

Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn has died at the age of 54. The eight time batting champ played 20 years with the San Diego Padres. He was one of the greatest players of all-time with 3,141 hits, 1,383 runs, 1,138 RBI's, walked 790 times and only struckout 434 times. Tony was an 8-time batting champ, had 19 seasons of batting above .300, yet his greatest accomplishment might have been that he reached base in 75% of his times games that he played in, which was 2,440 games.

Baseball lost a great man and a great human being. RIP Tony Gwynn

Jacksonville Jaguars Draft Party
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New Scoreboard being erected

Merchandise tent. Items went fast. No Bortles shirts yet.

One of the many lunch/dinner trucks to chose from

Kid activities.

More activities

Tony Boselli

I'm a boob man

Oops, caught me with a shot of whiskey. Damn.

That's me on the right and my friend, Will on the left.

I love cheerleaders.


Bortles is selected...And the future begins..

I hope you enjoyed these pictures


















I'm Just Saying.....
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I’m Just Saying…..

I know it has been over two months since Phil Jackson was hired by the Knicks. At first I wasn’t going to say anything about it since I am not a fan of Phil Jackson. But why keep my mouth shut when I have a blog to voice my displeasure. I really hope Jackson fails in his attempts to rebuild the Knicks. I personally think he can’t do it. Not in 2 years, not in 5 years and certainly not in 10 years. Why, you ask? If he doesn’t surround himself with the best General Manager, the Best Scouting Director and the Best Scouts in the NBA he can’t do it. He has proven that as a coach. What!!!!

I do not consider him the greatest NBA coach of all-time. I don’t consider him even in the top five coaches, come to think of it I won’t hire him if he was the only coach available I would coach my own team thank you.

It’s one thing to win titles when you have mega-stars on your team as he had with the Bulls in Jordan, and Lakers with Magic, Kobe, and Shaq. Its another thing to win a title without a megastar, which Jackson has not done. When Jordan retired for two years did Jackson win a title? No. In fact he always had either Magic, Kobe or Shaq when he coached the Lakers.

The New York Giants needed a back-up quarterback to Eli Manning and all they could come up with is Josh Freeman?? Really?? Really?? Really?? Oh, oh I’m starting to sound like the WWE’s The Miz. He is a prototypical QB at 6’6” and 240 pound plus he is only 26. But Josh Freeman?? What has he done for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?? Let’s see he was 24-35 with 80 TD’s and 66 int’s and was sacked 110 times. Really?? Really?? He did have a QB rating of 78.8. Ummm. I will say the QB he is backing up, Eli Manning, has a QB rating of 81.2 (last year was his worst season as a quarterback).

Can’t believe that, if I researched this correctly, this is the first time that either the Knicks, Lakers or Celtics have not been in the NBA Playoffs. At least one of those teams had been in the playoffs before this season. Amazing streak. Maybe it’s the changing of the guard. Clippers, Thunder, Warriors…Oh and the Spurs, the team that just keeps on winning.

Let me have the opportunity to gloat a little….

Jacksonville is hosting the “send off game” to the World Cup as the United States plays Nigeria in a friendly game at Everbank Field. I will be attending as I purchased my tickets on the first day they were made available to Jacksonville Jaguars season ticket holders. Got my tickets a day and a half before anyone else was allowed to purchase them. Yes! Yes! Yes!

The Jaguars owner Shad Khan, owns the Premier League team Fulham and they will be visiting Jacksonville on July 27th. I will be going to that game too even though Fulham will be relegated to the Champions League. Fulham will be playing DC United.

We are also getting an NASL team the Jacksonville Armada which will begin play in 2015.

I just want to end tonight’s blog by saying, “I thought you had the right to say what the fuck you want in the privacy of your home without the risk of being recorded??”











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