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I'm Just Saying....Random Thoughts
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It’s great to be back after having a massive Ulcer. Every doctor I have seen has told me I am very lucky. If I had waiting another day to go to the hospital the outcome would have been much different…..Like not being around anymore. Thanks go out to my sister for getting me to the emergency room….

Things that came across while I was out…

I can understand the uproar about restoring Paterno’s wins. But let’s face the reality of the situation. Taking away the wins did not properly punish Papa Joe for his cover-up. Nor, did it punish Penn State as a whole. The only true punishment would have been to fire all those who were involved in the cover-up and fine the University $100 million.

Speaking of restoring wins, how about restoring Bobby Bowden’s 12 wins. The wins were taking away as a punishment for an academic scandal that occurred in 2006 and 2007. None of the FSU coaches were ever implicated in the scandal.

How about these sports athletes who sign a contract for big $$$’s and then during their press conference they always say “It’s not about the money. It’s for the love of the game.” If that is the case how come they don’t sign a contract for minimum wage? Or, okay $55,000 a year? Why can’t player’s tell in like it is….. IT’S FOR THE MONEY!!!

Dean Smith passing show’s us not what type of coach he was, but more importantly, what type of man he was. His record speaks for itself, 1976 Olympic gold medal, two national championships, 879-254 record and induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame. But what is now being told is that countless former players and assistant coaches credit Smith for molding them into outstanding citizens.

Billy Casper passed away. He has never been mentioned in the same breath as Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player yet he won 51 times on the PGA and is 7th on the career win list (finishing ahead of Player).

In the NFL, to me, it has never been a commissioner, or one player, coach or owner who changed the face of the league. It was none other than the founder of NFL Films Ed Sabol who passed away. Nothing was better than watching the football leaving the Quarterbacks hands and following it until the receiver catches it. Or watching the line of scrimmage, during a winter game, and seeing smoke coming out of the players mouths. The list goes on and on. The Sabol’s were the one’s to put the NFL “On the Map.”

Til Next Time


Randy "Macho Man" Savage to be inducted into the WWE HOF
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4-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion and 2-time WWF Champion, "Macho Man' Randy Savage (Randy Mario Poffo) will finally be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame the night before WrestleMania (March 29).

I'm Just Saying - Family/Personal Style
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I have been gone for a while and I probably will be for another three weeks. This has got to have been the worst two months of my life.

First, while at work, I get a phone call from my sister telling me that mom has fallen and they called 911. They told me which hospital they were taking her too so I told my supervisor and they let me off the night. Got to the hospital before the ambulance showed up and it took me 35 minutes to get there. They show up 10 minutes later. We got my mom checked in and they started tests. Turns out she had a heart attack.

Okay mom is taken care of, and the next day (Sunday) my wife starts complaining about stomach pain. She says she will call the doctor on Monday. Monday she calls the doctor and he has appointments available. I tell her to go to the hospital. She wants to go to the doctor so I tell her if the doctor has no appointments when she calls on Tuesday we go to the satellite emergency room (the hospital has a 10 bed emergency room right next to my developmenty). Calls doctor tuesday and there is nothing available. We go to the emergency room and they take e-rays and blood work. The emergency room calls the hospital and they get a room available for critical care. They have to wait about 20 minutes for the room to be ready. I leave my wife and head home to feed and walk the dog and then put him in his room. I get to her room at the hospital just as is being set in bed. Doctor comes in and tells us she has a blockage in her stomach. She goes the operating room and I go to the waiting area. After a couple of hours the doctor comes out and tells my son and I that they found 7 large objects in her stomach as large as walnuts. We can't figure out how that could possibly have happen. Try putting a large walnut down your throat would cause a gag reflex. Okay, so who is going to dispute a doctor.

Things look like its going well and then my wife is starting to complain about her stomach. She is still bleeding internally. They go in again and find a small tear in her small intestines. So she finally gets out of the hospital and goes to a rehab center and guess what...they find she is still bleeding. She goes back to the hospital and they run more tests. Turns out she has hemmoroids..They figure that can wait for another time and they send her back to the rehab center except they can't because there are no rooms available. So after three extra days in the hospital she finally goes back to the rehab center  where she is still at.

During all this I end up with a huge ulcer which took two operations to fix. I am now out of the hospital and completed rehab. Now I have in-house rehab which I'm doing at my mom and sister's house for anothetr two weeks.

I do want to wish all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I'm Just Saying....The Irish were robbed???
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Before I start, I want to remind the Gabbers that I don't like Notre Dame. I am just stating what I saw. The offense pass interference call against the Irish was bullshit!! It was the same play that FSU used for most of the game against Syracuse and they were not call for for pass interference at all.

I'm Just Saying...

The Blake Bortles Era has Begun!!!!
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Yesterday, the fans of the Jacksonville Jaguars have spoken…60,601 of them. It started after the first offensive series, 3 and out (run, run, pass). The same old stale start the game football that the Jaguars offense has used for the past 4 years. You could hear a small rumbling of boos as the offense went off the field. Then as the offense could do nothing the chanting started from the North End Zone. Softly…We want Bortles..We want Bortles..By the time the team walked off the field all the fans were chanting We want Bortles…

When Jacksonville got the ball in the second half and Bortles ran on the field we all gave Blake a standing ovation.

The Blake Bortles era has begun!! Yes! Yes!

He was far from perfect. 14 of 24 for 223 yards with 2 touchdowns and two interceptions. He even had 30 yards rushing. But when Bortles threw an interception the fans gave him a standing ovation and I will explain why.

There seemed to be a big difference between Bortles and Henne. Bortles moves out of the pocket well, he wasn’t afraid to throw into double coverage something Henne never does, and Blake is not afraid to improvise when needed. The offensive line played way better under Bortles. Now I know its one game but its there for all to see.

I’m not going to say we will win 4 games like last year, not even six. But, I will be happier if the offense scores more points. It might take a little longer to start fighting for a playoff spot as I was hoping for next year, but by 2016 we better be fighting for a playoff sport. You know what? If we spend some $$$ on offensive lineman next year, we might been in the running for a playoff spot. Ooops, Forgot one thing. Jacksonville’s defensive has to remember how to tackle. You can’t play extra $$$ for that.

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