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Jul 29th 2013


I will take your spot Thursday, you just have to let Sully know because I am not sure if I still have the feature apps. Sometimes he leaves them there and sometimes he doesn't.


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OH Thursday
Posted by oldharry on Thursday, October 09, 2014 at 2:09:00 AM


As I put together my thoughts on this week’s sports blog my mind keeps going to the serious problems in the world.

Many Christians are being executed for standing up for their faith in Iraq.

Beheadings by the Islamic extremist terrorists has become common place in both Iraq and Syria.

Ebola outbreaks are getting out of hand around the world even in the US and now in Spain.

Our government is supplying weapons to moderate extremists if that descriptive name is even possible.

Anti Semitism in Europe is at a dangerously high level.

Our best and most loyal ally in the volatile Mid East region has national security problems that are being ignored by the administration because of the president’s personal feelings about Israel.

A US Marine, arrested in Mexico 6 months ago, remains in prison there because our president’s personal feelings about Marines apparently.

Our Vice President continues to insult and then apologize to our allies around the world.

My writing these thoughts in a public forum is probably dangerous, I could be targeted by the IRS or the Secret Service or the Administration’s Special PC police for my harsh and irreverent words…Lets see if they are listening…”REDSKINS”   I said “REDSKINS”


And now my public service message:

My point in the above is that it's inevitable that our Military will continue to be placed in danger around the world so please take a few minutes of each day and pray for those who have volunteered to fight to protect our freedoms and our lives


Now back to sports;

Because of the heat one Thomas Brady has been taking lately I’ve been thinking about the longevity of NFL QB’s

The NFL rules committee has made life easier for QB’s to stay upright and reduce the hits they once took. Deacon Jones will not slap you upside the head…Bret Farve played into his 40’s, Peyton Manning is 39, Tom Brady is 37

Playing a lot of consecutive games takes a good QB with good health, loads of luck and a good relationship with his coach.

As the resident Stat Man I can’t help but give this list of leading consecutive QB starts including both regular season and playoff.


1. Bret Farve                        321                 9/1992   -   12/2010

2. Peyton Manning               227                  9/1998    -    1/ 2011

3. Eli Manning                    167                 11/ 2004      current

4. Philip Rivers                   142                  9 / 2006     current

5. Tom Brady                      128                    9/ 2001    -   9/ 2008

6.Ron Jaworski                      123                 9 / 1977   - 11/ 1984

7. Joe Flacco                         114               9 / 2008       current

8. Joe Furguson                      110               9/ 1077   -    9 / 1984

9. Dan Marino                         99                10 / 1987   - 10 / 1993

10. Tom Brady                       94                 9/ 2009       current          


   Everyone here at the Gab is familiar with these guys or at least there names, as an older guy, I can say I’ve seen them all play. I can tell you they share a few common traits;

   They were all basically pocket passers. They all have the reputation of being tough enough to take a good hit, smart enough to throw the ball away when necessary, pocket presence to where they could feel pressure and take a step up and get rid of the ball, also all possess strong arms to go with field leadership qualities. They all played thru slumps and bumps so there are no wimps here either.

   Some learned to adjust to their aging and changing bodies and diminished skills, some did not.

Bret Farve was a tough son of a gun but never wanted to admit his feet were slower and his arm weaker as he aged. He is the leader in the club house with games played and seasons ended on a pass that he should have stuck in his pocket. The gunslinger reputation is cool as long as the gunslinger can still sling…in the end Bret could not.

    Peyton Manning is the guy I most respect when it comes to tweaking his game as he aged. Peyton understands his body and it’s limitations and operates within those parameters. 55 TD’s at age 38 was not a product of good luck and good receivers, it was a product of the field general running his offense with good weapons and an understanding of their capabilities not just his own. Will Peyton win another SB in his career? Who knows but will it matter for this 1st ballot sure fire HOF QB? I don’t think so.

    There are better QB’s than Peyton but he is top 5 all time without a doubt and probably top 3. As much as I hate seeing his mug on the field ( I’m a Brady guy)I have to admit that he has transcended the time and took the strong armed rookie and matured into the respected veteran who’s name will always be associated with what the NFL wants to portray as it’s face, a genuine roll model type.

Peyton is a family man with a sense of humor and a great ability to motivate those around him.

   Can Tom Brady learn what Peyton knows? Tom is right behind Peyton in age and as he said, he wants to play until he’s into his 40’s or until he just plain sucks.

   Not blessed at this time with a good offensive line and knowing that the word has been out since the 2007 Giants SB win over the Pats, Get in Toms face and make him uncomfortable and you can beat him.

    The Patriots need to make that transition, Tom works best out of the shotgun like Peyton, Tom reads defenses well and has a quick release. Tom needs to take the tempo back and dictate not react to defensive pressure. It was what we saw Sunday night in Foxboro. Still possessing a strong arm and a load of confidence Tom can get the Pats back on track if…if BB and Josh McDaniel learn what Peyton knows… Give me time and I’ll give you wins.

    These QB’s are generals, you just can’t use Tom as a second lieutenant. Tom’s success comes from making things happen and not from waiting for them to happen.


The NFL had but two unbeaten teams going into this past weekendArizona had to play old Peyton and Cincinnati had to play old Tom…no unbeaten teams remain and the corks in Miami were popping early this year.



-Peyton Manning 503 TD passes just 5 behind the all time leader Bret Farve


-Tom Brady, 50,000 yards passing. 6th place all time.

Tom is 1243 yards behind the Bronco’s great John Elway.

The Patriots play the Broncos in week 9 in Foxboro. Tom would have to average 311 yards per game to pass Elway playing vs the Broncos.

It is possible but unlikely seeing how Brady’s high water mark for this season is 292 yards.

The next 3 games will tell the story as the Patriots play Buffalo, NY Jets and the Bears leading up to the Bronco’s game. It will more likely happen when playing the Colts or Lions in mid November.


-Stephen Gostkowski, Patriots place kicker moved into 2nd place

All time in Field Goal % with his 5 for 5 day on Sunday.

Stephen has a record of 221 made of 256 attempts for a 86.3%

He trails only Mike Vanderjaqt whose record is 230 of 266 and 86.5%

Dan Bailey of Dallas has a 90.826% but has only 99 career attempts.


The Big Shakeup

Week 5 NFL rankings

1. San Diego 4-1 and this weeks patsy is the 0-4 Raiders

2. Denver 3-1 and this week it’s the horrible 1-3 Jets

3. Seattle 3-1 and this week it’s the 4-1 Cowboys

4. Philadelphia 4-1 and this week…the 3-2 Giants

5. Cincinnati 3-1 and they take on the 3-2 Panthers

6. Dallas 4-1 with a big test in Seattle

7. Indianapolis 3-2 next up the 3-2 Texans

8. Arizona 3-1 should right the ship vs Washington

9. SanFran 3-2 take on StLouis on Monday


Eight teams are tied at # 10, interchangeable parts

 Kansas City 2-3  have the bye before going to San Diego

 New England 3-2 and a trip to 3-2 Buffalo

 Green Bay 3-2 Travel to 2-2 Miami

 Detroit 3-2 Lions face Minnesota

 Baltimore 3-2 faces Tampa Bay

 Buffalo 3-2 host 3-2 NE

 Carolina 3-2 goes to visit angry Bengals

 Houston 3-2 sees Indy Thursday night

And you could probably throw in the Giants and Steelers too

On the other end are 

The worst 5 stinking teams looking for the first pick in the 2015 draft

32. Oakland     0-4

31. Jets            1-4

30. Jacksonville 0-5

29. Tennessee    1-4

28. Tampa Bay   1-4



The Ditkahs swept thru another night of bowling and pushed our record to 30-10 to move into a 2nd place tie. Jake and Chris again carried the team bowling 646 and 631 respectively.


Me and the lovely Mrsharry are heading off on a road trip to Maryland to visit our daughter and her hubby. I can’t wait.

I need someone to take over this coveted spot on Thursday Oct 16th

I would greatly appreciate the help.

If you can … let me know, and let the big dogs Sully and Beeze know too.


Have a great week and don’t forget to read Lanz

Over there to my right



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Shout Box
Jul 29th 2013


I will take your spot Thursday, you just have to let Sully know because I am not sure if I still have the feature apps. Sometimes he leaves them there and sometimes he doesn't.


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