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A Letter To Thrasher Fans
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It’s no news the Atlanta Thrashers are in the final stages of being sold to a group from Winnipeg, but if you’re a fan, or as I like to call them, Casual Observer’s, you think that whatever you post on the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s website will have some sort of impact on this deal. Well I’m sorry to break the news to you, it won’t. So what I’m going to do is address all of your concerns from threads I’ve read in a Letter To The Thrasher Fans!


Dear Thrashers Fans,

In the last few weeks I’ve had the pleasure to read with great interest all your takes on the current scenario that has the team moving north of the border to Winnipeg. I’ve watched as “Peg From Winni”  explained that hockey in Atlanta was doomed from the beginning, only to have her parents placing certain foreign objects in various orifices of their body by “Sage In Blueland”. (And what the fuck is “Blueland”?) I found myself rolling on the floor last night when PJ suggested how both cities, Atlanta and Winnipeg could make this a win-win situation for both cities, their idea? Have Atlanta play the first half of the season here and the second half of the season in Winnipeg. Like I said, I fell to the fucking floor LMAO over that one. Talk about desperate.

 I've enjoyed the constant ranting by all of you, blaming the Atlanta Spirit Group for their shortcomings as owners for not putting a championship team on the ice, even though you had the likes of Hossa and Kovalchuk , both who couldn’t get the fuck out of town fast enough, made the playoffs in your 6th season but were swept by the Rangers. Even after a great season it didn’t take long the following year for ticket sales to plummet, crowd music to be piped in during the announcements of the players only to have the lights go up and see half a stadium empty, and those in attendance outnumbering the locals by donning Flyers garb or the Bruins or any other away team. I found that you all had a lot of gall to sit there and feel slighted you didn’t have a Stanley Cup team in the short nine years the team existed, coming off with that mightier than thou attitude that this is a great hockey city and the fans deserved to have a winning team while places like Boston, Chicago and even San Jose and Vancouver have diehard fans supporting their teams winning and losing, but you feel slighted because you hadn’t hung a banner yet..let me just say this - FUCK YOU!

 What’s really been the most fun however, is the never-ending cheerleading whenever Chris “I Kiss Thrasher Brass Ass So I Don’t Lose My Press Pass” Vivlamore posted his updates on the pending sale and you all insisted there had to be a new local owner to step up, like Anson Carter (and yes “LadyThrasher” that one) who has stated over and over he was interested about a year ago and has no desire to lose 170 million ducats he didn’t have any way to keep the team here. Arthur Blank, founder of Home Depot and owner of the Falcons turned off his hearing aid too, he has no desire to lose hard earned millions made off of hardware and Makita drills to give all 37 Thrasher fans a place to play 2-3 nights a week. And then there was Tom Glavine, the Braves All-Star Pitcher and former Billerica Mass. hockey star who came to the table with the desire to keep the team here, that is until he opened the books and they bled all over him and the group he assembled. From what I heard the scene resembled something out of the movie Carrie. I’ll keep in mind this is all management's fault and the fans are being shafted, you certainly should never have to lose a SECOND team due to ticket sales and lost revenue.

 And finally, to the ONE Thrasher fan that actually went to “Select-A-Seat-Day” and purchased a season ticket, I say you’re the biggest fucking dope of the bunch. You do know there are no refunds and you’ll now have to attend all the Winnipeg home games right?


You’ll never See Hockey Again in Atlanta 


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