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Astros Rolling Back Clock In Final Season...The Right Way
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As sports fans, we'e often inundated with throwback jerseys. It is an unending marketing scheme that was cooked up by some executive somewhere who knew that fans would shill out a few extra bucks to get their hands on the jerseys their grand-pappies wore.


However, I'll give Major League Baseball credit over the NFL. While the NFL trots out these god-awful jerseys in colors that don't even correlate to the teams on the field, Major League Baseball has a huge history to draw upon, including numerous relocated teams.


With perhaps the best throwback to hit the field in 2012, the Houston Astros will honor their 50th season in Major League Baseball, and last in the National League, by honoring the 1962 Houston Colt .45's, the name the team originally entered the league under.


It is interesting to note that Major League Baseball initially refused to allow the Astros to use the Jersey with the famous Colt .45 pistol emblazoned upon it. Apparently they were a little uptight about the appearance of a fire-arm on the jersey. Bud Selig and his cronies eventually caved and allowed the jersey to ride as shown, but it just goes to show you how far we've fallen when a jersey worn for two games trips over the P.C. meter.

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