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I would like to thank my favorite Commissioner Bud "Baba O" Selig for sucking the life out of baseball’s Opening Night this season.  Usually the season starts with one game (with some long time major league team like the Cincinnati Reds) and the rest of the teams start the next day.  Not so this season.  Opening night games were scheduled all the way from March 28 through April 6, and from Tokyo, Japan to Miami, Florida.  For those of you who are not counting, that adds up to 10 days and about 9000 miles of baseball wasteland, and about half the teams have not even played in their home parks as yet. Hopefully by the end of April, the schedule will be de-Selig-nised. 


At least the global warming this year has just about guaranteed that we will not be having snow-outs at least for this season.  In most years baseball’s scheduling morons have some stupid pairings the first couple of weeks of the season, for example, like Arizona playing at Colorado or Los Angeles playing at Philadelphia in games that get snowed out while, if the home sites had just been reversed, everything would have been fine.

Tim Lincecum is about as tough a pitcher as there is, and he has two Cy Young Awards as the National League’s best pitcher to prove it.  Young Diamondbacks’ 1st baseman Paul Goldschmidt does not seem too intimidated by him though.  In 10 major league at bats against “The Freak”, Goldschmidt has seven hits including 3 home runs.  These 3 home runs are the most that any player has ever hit off of Lincecum.  In his first AB ever in the Major Leagues, Paul homered off of Tim in San Francisco.  Are you aware of that huge glove in deep left field at AT&T Park in San Francisco?  Goldschmidt almost hit it that night with his version of the Blitzkreig Bop.

Jim “The Father of Loud” Marshall and the inventor of the famous Marshall Amps passed away this week at age 88.  Jim left behind some great rock and roll music that was played through his amps very, very loudly.  The three classic rock songs played in this post were all played through Marshall Amps!

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