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Merry humpday, Gabbers. Few people had a ruder awakening than this guy. Guy Whtiall was staying at a nice lodge in Zimbabwe. He went to bed relaxed from a day on safari. After he woke up, he found an 8-ft Nile crocodile under his bed. The staff was able to wrangle the beast and return it to the wild. What freaked Guy out more was that he woke up and put his barefeet right on the floor. If it makes him feel any better, that was a little one. Nile crocs average about 13 feet in length.


It seems like the NFL is just as treacherous right now. Just two weeks in, coaches are already on the hot seat. There are 8 teams sitting at dead last with an 0-2 record. Since we have 24 hours to talk sports, you should know that each of these teams is doomed and will do nothing this season. That is until any of them snap out of it.


Since 1990, 22 teams have made the playoffs after an 0-2 start. Of these teams, four have made it to the Super Bowl and three have won it all. Jeff could tell us all that. His Cowboys did it in 1993. Damn near everyone on this site knows the Pats did it in 2001. Don’t sweat it, the season is young.


That hasn’t stopped a few unhappy campers in the league. Both Darrell Revis and Kenny Britt are reportedly fed up with their teams. Revis is reportedly upset with Greg Schiano’s coaching style and defensive scheme. Schiano isn’t as buddy-buddy as Rex Ryan was. He’s more of a disciplinarian. Of course, Ryan was buddy enough that he failed to reach the playoffs and outed Revis in a rather public manner. Revis has taken to Twitter to mend things with Bucs fans.


Britt reached an impass with his team after a tough overtime loss to the Texans last week. Going down the stretch last weekend, Britt was called for an unnecessary holding call the nullified a 10 yard Chris Johnson run. After the play, Britt was benched. Britt took to Twitter to inform fans that this might be his last season with the team.  Britt has had some difficulties in his 5 year career. He’s only played one complete season. His best year was 2010 with 9 TDs and 775 yards. Good luck with your leverage there, Kenny.


What scares me is how close these guys are trying to bring the league to the NBA. Now, players are a huge investment and should have some say in a team’s direction. If you overdo that, however, you’re left with an NBA situation where the players run teams. Needless to say this has led a lot of us at the Gab to take offense with the NBA. The NFL has a lot more moving parts. So far, you’re only hearing a few squeaky wheels. It’s ok to be dissatisfied, but too much whining can damage the league’s rep.  If players start to look more like divas, fans will begin to pull away. Remember the backlash from the lockout?


Revis has dealt with his frustration in a more traditional way. He may have made some rumblings to teammates, but he’s keeping quiet and saying encouraging things to fans. Britt needs to grow up. Fans don’t like hearing billionaires complain. They want to see you go out and produce NOW.


On to lighter news, a recent Detroit Free Press article shows that Detroit is the hometown of 14 NFL players. Detroit ranks third behind Houston and Miami. TO find out more stats about where players are coming from, check out the link:


Meanwhile, in MLB news, the wild card chase is heating up. While it looked like the AL would be repped by Tampa Bay and Texas, the Indians are creeping into the picture. Washington is surging forward in the NL. They’re 4.5 games out. That’s amazing considering they were double digits away at the all star break.


The Orioles are 2 games back. Chris Davis is not slowing down. Last night against the Red Sox, Davis hit home run number 51. Davis has found his swing and the right place in Baltimore. I have to admit now that it is highly unlikely that Cabrerra will catch up. Cabrerra is going to need his rest down the stretch given his nagging injuries this season.


Still, I’d love to see Cabrerra reach at least 50 home runs. The closest he’s ever been to 50 was last year with 44. My childhood favorite Cecil Fielder was able to reach 51 with the Tigers in 1991. I’d love to see Miggy match this. Of course, he won’t be able to match Hammerin’ Hank Greenberg. In 1938, Greenberg set the Tigers all time home run per season mark with 58.

Well, that’s it for me this week. Thanks as always for stopping in. I leave you as always with your word of the week.


Premature articulation


Premature Articulation is the act of speaking/bragging too soon before all the facts are in, the game is over, etc.


Dude, I totally jinxed the Cardinals by blathering all over Facebook about how they were kicking ass, then they lost the game. For the first time since high school, I experienced premature articulation!

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Welcome to Wednesday, Gabbers. Who decided to turn the heat back on? I’m ready for fall and yet I have the air on. I found a nice Yeungling Oktoberfest, but I should be drinking water instead. Lousy stuff. Football is back and I want the appropriate weather.

Speaking of football, Steelers legend Franco Harris is trying something new. As of October 12th, Harris will appear in the Pittsburgh Opera Company’s production of Aida. His will be a silent role as the champion of champions. Given the recent success of NFL players on Dancing with the Stars makes me wonder if Harris could belt out some bass notes.


If you ever wondered how crazy we football fans seem to outsiders, just check out social media during a game. Last Sunday left me in awe as to how bi-polar Lions fans are. Adrian Peterson ran for a 78-yard touchdown and everyone is already moaning. “Nice while it lasted.” “Same old Lions.” Lions pull closer and everyone gets optimistic. Even after the game, people are divided. A lot of people are happy about a win, while others are nervous about how we won. I hope they put the Lions on national TV soon; I miss the carnival.


The league has reacted to the latest case of Suh-pidity. Suh was fined $100,000 for his low block, or has lost almost 3 game checks. The talking heads have dubbed this the biggest fine for an on-field discretion in league history. Having seen Suh pull things like this off for a few years, I wonder how likely a fine is to get Suh to clean things up. They certainly did nothing to stop James Harrison a few years ago. I think Suh needs to miss a few games next time, though I really wonder if he gets it. His behavior is to the point that people are questioning his value to the Lions and DeMaurice Smith has reached out to Suh about his responsibility to other players. So, note to Suh, you should not try to injure other players.


The news out of College Station just keeps getting interesting. Tickets for the upcoming Alabama v A&M rematch are the most expensive regular season tickets ever at $763 on the secondary market. Texas A&M has noticed and has taken to fining students who sell their tickets. So Manziel gets no fine, but a tap on the wrist for selling autographs. A tap that doesn’t even come from A&M. Meanwhile, average college kid has to pay for selling a ticket.


An Alabama bar has put up a Johnny Manziel pińata. I hope they bought several. A lot of folks want to take a swing at him these days.


We’ve only got 5 series left on the baseball schedule. The Pirates officially earned a winning season this past Monday. This was their first since 1992.


That’s it for this Wednesday. Thanks as always for stopping in. God, it’s hard to believe it’s been 12 years since the towers fell. I remember how tough that day was. Being in high school, we were all so worried that we’d rush into war and bring back the draft. It’s funny because we have a similar situation with Syria. I feel like we have more tangible evidence, but I wonder if the world is as tired of the US trying to police things as we the people are. Take time to remember today.

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We’ve made it halfway through the workweek, albeit a short one. The fiancé is off on her first business trip. While I miss her, I do get to test our new tv out on some sports. Right now that entails a White Sox-Yankee game. Of course this is a great excuse to cheer for the White Sox.


The Stankees (for those of us who love to hate them)/Yankees (for those that genuinely like them) have managed to creep back into the playoff picture. They are sitting 2.5 games out of the wild card race. Given everything they’ve had thrown at them this year, I have to give Girardi and his team a lot of credit. They came into the season knowing they wouldn’t have Jeter. The rehab has been tough on Jeter, though he’s getting some DH time tonight. They have ARod and whatever anyone can make of his situation.


They are also watching the farewell tour of their great closer Mariano Rivera. In his 18th and final season, the man has a 2.16 ERA and is well above his career save average with 39 and counting. Oh, and he comes into the game to this…

He is rocking Metallica. This fact has not escaped the band. Many are reporting on the possibility of Metallica performing the song live during Rivera’s final home stand at Yankee Stadium. Hetfield and the other members of the band have not ruled the rumor out. Hetfield has even commented that he’s never watched a ballgame at Yankee Stadium, but he’s played there. Hetfield and the band also note that they are excited that one of their signature songs has such an impact in the world of sport.


"I love the fact that we inspire some next level of performance," he said, "because that does it for us, too. We love playing it and it shows."


Joe Girardi has come out recent to lobby for another season of Rivera closing for the Pinstripes. Rivera, however, knows that the time is right for him to leave. The Yankees could be in good hands, too. Set-up man David Robertson has been an All-Star several times and has earned a few saves for himself. Failing that, they’re the Yankees. They can go purchase a closer.


The biggest story of late is that its football season. The NFL will kick off this weekend to all the fan fare and pomp we’ve come to expect. What is missing or lagging in all of this is a fan’s ability to post to Twitter or Facebook from the stands. At the start of the season, CNN reports that only half of all NFL stadiums have WiFi. None of the stadiums with WiFi have upgraded their systems to optimum levels.


So we ask: this is news because? One of the growing complaints about the league is that games are becoming so much less about the game and so much more about status. The common fan has already been priced out of attending many games. The new concern seems to be that the fans that can afford to attend won’t be able to let everyone know that they are there.


I found this story on my friend Adam Mitchell’s Facebook page. He sums everything up nicely.


You don't need the internet at a sporting event. There is exactly no god damn good reason to get on the internet. Watch the fucking game or don't go.


Another big story came from the swamps of Mississippi this weekend. It’s gator season. Gator numbers have rebounded throughout the southern US, as have the American crocodile numbers. While the crocs are still off limits, gator hunting is on the rise as a sport.


A few days into the opening of Mississippi’s season, their state record has been broken…twice. The first gator broke the old record by 26 pounds. A team of 7 people hauled 13 foot, 5.5 inch, 723.5 pound monster from the swamps. An hour later, three men hauled in a 13 foot, 4.5 inch gator weighing 727 pound gator from the Mississippi River.

The record in Florida is 14 feet, 3.5 inches. That gator weighed only 654 pounds.


That is it for me this week. I officially have roots down here in PA. I got my temporary PA license. Might have to get myself a McCutchen shirt too. You gotta see the one I mean. Thanks as always for stopping in. I leave you with your word of the week.


Seat gypsy, noun


A person or group of people that travel from one unclaimed seat to another (normally at sporting events) because their cheap asses couldn't fork up the money for better seats. Said people are forced to move once seats are claimed by the rightful ticket holders.

Move it seat gypsie, I paid good money for those spots!!



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Still not as bad s Carl Lewis.


Welcome to Wednesday, Gabbers. I totally didn’t watch the all star game. I normally do, but since my gramma is in town, as a flooding victim, we’ve been able to have some nice get togethers. IHM and his crew came by and we had a nice time. We also judged my bros hair to be way, way over the line. I can’t talk much though. If you’re my friend on Facebook you can see photos of me rocking some pretty long hair.

Well, with the game over, it’s time to look forward. Despite a lack of overall media coverage, the MLB is having itself a nice season. The other boot is about to fall in the BioGen fiasco. We’ve got Chris Davis vs. Miggy in the AL. You’ve got plenty of Cinderella teams and rising, young stars. Let’s check the big news, how my pre-season picks are looking.

AL East: Baltimore Orioles     Leader at the Break: Boston
 AL Central: Detroit Tigers     Leader at the Break: Detroit   
 AL West: Texas Rangers     Leader at the Break: Oakland
 Wild Cards: Oakland Athletics and Tampa Bay   WC: Texas and Tampa
 NL East: Atlanta Braves      Leader at the Break: Atlanta
 NL Central: Cincinnati Reds     Leader at the Break: St. Louis
 NL West: San Francisco Giants     Leader at the Break: Arizona
 Wild Cards: Washington Nationals and LA Dodgers  WC: Pittsburgh and Cincinnati

Now we wait for the fun of the trade deadline. Personally, I’m wondering if the Tigers will look for a closer rather than close by committee. Bringing Valverde back didn’t work and didn’t go over well. Rondon and Benoit have done better than expected filling out the role. I’m not sure what’s still out there or who might be up for trade.

Meanwhile in Detroit sports news Armando Galarraga has found a new place to pitch. As you may not recall, Galarraga was on the verge of throwing a perfect game until umpire Jim Joyce made a pretty bad call on a play at first base. Before this game and all the attention that came with it, Galarraga was having a nice career. He broke in with Texas and the Tigers acquired him in 2008. He won 13 games with Detroit that year with a 3.73 ERA. He never had a year quite as good after that, but was considered a nice part of the Tigers rotation. After that blown call, however, Galarraga was traded to the Diamondbacks where he continued to struggle. Since then he’s bounced around as a free agent. As of Monday, he was traded by the Reds to the Rockies. Galarraga is now 31. I hope he gets at least one more shot in the majors. It’d be great to see him help the Rockies.

That’s all for me today. We are in the dog days until the MLB fires back up. Plus, I’ve still got moving to do. Thanks as always for stopping in. I leave you with your word of the week.

nocializing, noun

The act of being out in a social public setting (i.e. Restaurant, Cocktail Bar, Coffee shop) and only spending time on your mobile device; not the people with or around you.

"I would have loved to catch up with Sheila but she was nocializing the entire time we were at the bar!"

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Happy Wednesday folks. We’re halfway through another week. I know summer is getting here because I finally put the AC in. I haven’t truly used it, but I have the option now. I generally hold off AC til we hit the 90s. We might’ve reached the 90’s twice so far. Otherwise I use a box fan and try to feel hardcore about it.
Last week kicked off the nomination process for the NFL’s Faces of the Franchise. People laid out their ideas for the following franchises:
Cleveland: Jim Brown*, Paul Brown, Bernie Kosar, Otto Graham (Beeze, *selected as favorite)
Dallas Cowboys: Roger Staubach (Jeffto2)
It really has to be Roger Staubach. Smith was great, but there was only one Captain Comeback...
Detroit Lions: Barry Sanders (AFD and Jeffto2)
Barry Sanders is truly a marvel. I watched a terrific video produced by NFL films on Sanders. A few things that I found interesting from the video...Curtis Martins says of Jim his day, Brown was physically imposing. He was much bigger and faster than defenses. Martin wonders if Brown would have had the same success in today's game. Martin also said that Sander's talent would play well in any time of the game (I have to agree).
New England: 
Troy Brown (Lanz)- He was no Superstar but he was the guy that made Belichick and the Patriot phillosphy come to life. A Wide Receiver who would come up with a big catch but also was a kicker returner and played Dback when asked to. Team first him second. He was the Patriot Way
Tom Brady (Hal Bent, oldharry, Sully)
Bill Belichick (Hal Bent, oldharry, Sully)
Robert Kraft (Hal Bent, Sully)

New York Giants: LT (ScottJax77)

San Francisco: Bill Walsh (BOB and Hal Bent)
San Francisco has to be Bill Walsh.  Without him, the franchise doesn't turn around, Joe Montana doesn't become a great player, Jerry Rice is never drafted by the 49ers, and 20 years of success doesn't happen.
How does everyone feel about these pics? What about the other 26 franchises? There’s still a lot to be determined. Either way, I will have the post in the NFL section of YouGabSports.
In baseball news, Brian Cashman of the Yankees finally said what the majority of the baseball community has wanted to say for years: A-Rod needs to shut the fuck up. You figure this wouldn’t be hard, right? He’s got a healthy list of reasons why. 1) He’s been one of, if not the highest, paid player in the game since 2001. In that time, he’s won exactly one World Series title. 2) He’s been on the IR list more than the batting order lately. 3) His name has been linked to some sort of steroid related story a lot more often than anyone is comfortable with. If the recent story holds any truth, he’s looking at a very healthy suspension coming.
A-Rod, on the other hand, is only too happy to announce that his doctor has cleared him for rehab games. Cashman and the Yankees have placed a tentative return date of July 5, though it seems they are waiting for the dust to settle on the Miami issue. While I can see that A-Rod is anxious to get out there and prove his worth, especially following the latest roid rumors and his disastrous 2012 playoff run, the Yankees have a right to be cautious. While I don’t see any indication that the Yankees would have to forfeit any games if A-Rod plays and is declared to have used steroids, another steroid scandal would certainly not help the image of the Yankees winning at ANY cost. 
Still, A-Rod has a history of trying to talk his way out of trouble or make public appearances to put himself back in everyone’s graces. The problem has been that these usually go wrong and make him look all the more smug and arrogant to sports fans. A-Rod needs to listen to Cashman: STFU.
That is it for me. This is the weekend of my family reunion on my mom’s side. IHM and I are heading to the Akron, OH area to meet cousins and have a picnic. It also means I got to make my dad a few CDs for the road. The nice thing about making the CDs is that it reminds me of some good ol’ music. I leave you with a nice song I’d forgotten about and your word of the week.
book hangover, noun
When you've finished a book and you suddenly return to the real world, but the real world feels incomplete or surreal because you're still living in the world of the book.
"I have a really bad book hangover today, I could hardly concentrate at work."
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