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F_cking Rick Ankiel
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Enough already about this throw Rick Ankiel made...The whole fucking world is going crazy because a guy, well know for having a great throwing arm, threw a bullet from center field, right to the catcher at home plate...

Yeah, it was a nice fucking throw...But relax...It had no impact on the impact on the game...He didn't throw anyone out...And don't tell me how the throw kept the runner from trying to go home...If the runner and third base coach have any clue at all, they know, not to run on Rick Ankiel...Dude has been throwing guys out for awhile now...

Okay, ESPN douchebags...Let's not act like this is something new...Let's not make more out of it, then it is...Calm the fuck down...And for those who never heard of Rick Ankiel, now you know not to run on him, because this is all he does...I remember when he threw 97 mph fastballs as a pitcher...But sadly, then he couldn't hit the catcher...

Later, The Beeze.

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