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Five Minute Frags - Season of My Discontent
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It is a failure of epic proportions.

It is disgusting on a scale only previously seen under a black light at Neverland Ranch.

It is completely and utterly intolerable.

I of course am speaking of the Red Sox and their continued propensity for collapse. Never before has a team blown a 9 game lead in the final month of the season, but somehow, this “team” of overpaid underachievers is managing to pull it off. There are no excuses for a team to play to a record of 6-18 in the final month of the season, even if they are out of the playoff hunt and giving their September call-ups the chance to play.

This team has looked utterly defeated for weeks, moping and dragging as every action and every break has gone against them. Fluke plays like a broken bat leading to a two-run single against the Yankees get compounded by poor fielding at every turn. This is a team that prior to September ranked 2nd in the American League in fielding percentage, yet leads Major League Baseball in total errors in the final month of the season. Let’s just look at where this team has failed for a moment, by showcasing their September rankings in regards to team statistics:

Team ERA – 5.85 – 29th in MLB

Runs Allowed – 161 – 29th in MLB

HR Allowed – 31 – 26th in MLB

Walks Allowed – 111 – 30th in MLB

Stolen Bases Allowed – 36 – 30th in MLB

You can’t win ball games when you put runners on base. You can’t win ball games when you continue to let them move freely into scoring position.

Where is the accountability? Where is the leadership stepping up and rallying the troops to the cause? Where is the fire to pick themselves up rather than lying down and waiting for death?

This team has two games, just two games left, to prove to themselves what they are made of and to show that they have the desire to keep moving forward. Fate is no longer in their hands, but they can still control whether or not they live to see another day. Buck Showalter and the Orioles aren’t going to make it easy on Boston, that much is apparent. The Yankees also aren’t going to do them any favors as they were more than happy to prove on Monday night.

This team needs to take the reins now and grab onto what hope is left and run with it. There is only two grains left in the hourglass before time officially runs out.

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