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I'd Like to See Tony Dungy Choke on Rex Ryan's Hoagie
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So Tony Dungy doesn't like that Rex Ryan swears so much...Especially on HBO's "Hard Knocks"...Dungy isn't alone...There seem to be many people who feel this way...I was listening to Mike and Mike this morning, and the topic came up...Eric Kasilius was filling in for Mike Greenberg, and he was bothered by how much Ryan swears...The he went to the mythical emails, and texts from parents who would love to let there kids watch the show, but they can't because Ryan swears too much...

Hey dolts, there's a reason why the show premieres at 10:00 PM Wednesday nights...It's not for kids! It's real life, and it's how many coaches talk...Christ I remember a coach in calling a kid a cunt in 6th grade...Coaches swear! At least the good ones...Yep, I just said Tony Dungy isn't a good coach! Hey, maybe he is, but fuck him...It's none of his business how another coach doe his job, and talks to his players... Remember those good teams he had in Tampa Bay, that just couldn't get over the hump...Then they brought in John Gruden and his awesome ability to swear, and what happened? Fucking Super Bowl Bitch!

Kailius tried to say this is bad for the league...It can't be any worse then the rapists, the stoners, the dog killers, the drunk drivers, and the wife beaters that still have jobs in the NFL...You know what's bad for the league, and the human race? Antonio Cromartie, who was featured in this week's "Hard Knocks" trying to name all of his children...All 8...Only 2 with the same mother...8 children, and 5 of them are 3 years old...

Okay, but Rex Ryan swearing is the problem...

Oh, and by the way, Tony Dungy, Eric Kasilius, and over sensitive parents...HBO films all week long, then edits it up into an hour long show...They show what they want...Rex Ryan has no control over how they edit their film, and what they show...And what makes the show good, is he doesn't change how he coaches, and who he is, just because some guy is following him with a camera...And he sure as hell isn't gonna change it for a bunch cock sucking, ball licking, ass-hat, fuck-stains, douchebags like you!

Later, The Beeze.


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