Is "Linsanity" For Real or Linsane?

Jeremy Lin is taking the NBA by storm. The New York Knicks guard who has come out of anonymity to become a star in New York on the back of the 5 best starts string since the NBA/ABA merger. Just to showcase what he's done:


2/4/12 - Vs. New Jersey - 25 pts / 7 ast / 5 reb

2/6/12 - Vs. Utah - 28 pts / 8 ast  / 2 reb

2/8/12 - Vs. Washington - 23 pts / 10 ast / 4 reb

2/10/12 - Vs. Los Angeles Lakers - 38 pts / 7 ast / 4 reb

2/11/12 - Vs. Minnesota - 20 pts / 8 ast / 6 reb

Something like this is the gift horse that David Stern has been hoping for. A player who came out of nowhere and has vaulted to stardom in the biggest market in the game. 

My questions to the Gabitants is this:

Can he sustain it?

Will the returns of Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudamire reduce his impact on this team and its suddenly crazed fan base?

Time to pipe in.



  • I'm just assed out that ESPN is already latched on and are trying their damnedest to ruin this by comparing him to Tebow already. I like this story. It's probably the best thing I've seen out of the NBA in some time, but it just seems like the media is bound to over cover this until people can't help but dislike the kid, ala Tim Tebow.

    Still, I'm all for people shutting Kobe up. Kobe asked who he was and Lin responds with 38? Funny stuff. I hope he keeps it going. With him moving the ball, I don't see how it wouldn't help Melo and Amare.

  • A Tebow comparison will definitely kill a good thing. He has a lot going for him and the fans are embracing him and the NBA badly needs a humble guy to market.
  • I think this guy is for real... he's got good size at the point guard position, some nice speed and handles the ball better than most in the league. He's also a much better shooter than most point guards in the league. As far as Amare goes, I think he benefits from Lin's presence in the lineup. Lin is a good passer, Amare is one of the best bigs in the NBA at the pick and roll. Carmelo is a different story... I think he ends up being traded at some point because of the level of fan support Lin has in New York... unless of course he adapts and gets over his incessant holding of the basketball to be able to score. Bottom line: Lin-sanity is for real, and I think when all is said and done he is the last man standing in New York.
  • Knicks could use Lin this week- that was an ugly loss to the Heat in GM1

  • Melo got his points-Knicks lose the that theme rolls on. Amare  busted his hand punching glass. Will Spike tweet another wrong address/

  • Will he ever get a refund for that Jeremy Lin Harvard jersey he had to custom order?
  • This says nothing about Lin but a media who is famous for not having an original idea and always hyping.   Carmelo has skills but is a ball hog.   With the Linsanity you had a player that compliments the game,  not dominates it,  though 38 points is an achievement that most players never have.

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