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The Baseball Winter Meetings have come and gone this week and they began like a mature alpha male lion staking his territory on the wilds of the Serengeti plains and ended like a lion cub in the Jungleland Amusement Park looking for a sand box.   Never have so many words been written and discussed on the tube on projected trade scenarios and free agent signings only to see hardly anything happening at all.  It was the perfect in like a roaring lion, out like a meowing kitten scenario.   I did think that my favorite team, the Arizona Diamondbacks, did fine by not trading Justin Upton to anyone, especially to the Texas Rangers. Upton is still considered by some a superstar in waiting and, I for one, believe that he will become a MVP one day.  So too apparently do the Rangers who, if hot stove talk is accurate, were willing to let Josh Hamilton walk and replace him with Upton.


That the hell is up with Roger Goodall and the National Football League?  Now rumors are circulating that they will propose to do away with kick-offs next season.  How will they do that, you say?  The scoring team will be awarded the ball on their 30 yard line and the down/distance will be 4th and 15 yards.  They can then either punt to the opposing team or, if they trail in the game, they can go for a first down.  This is to (supposedly) cut down on football injuries, especially concussions.  Hey Goodall, since when are punt returns less dangerous than kick-offs?  In the near future they may turn the sport into the NTFL, the National Touch Football League.


Who says global warming is not a real and imminent concern?  I know that I am right smack in the middle of a Death Valley like desert, but (hell) it is December 8th and the temperatures are still in the high 80’s and my air conditioning is still running!  I swear! It is supposed to cool off in the 60’s soon; I will believe it when it happens. In the meantime, I will get into the Christmas spirit by listening to my two favorite Christmas songs ever.  The first one had the distinction of being released on November 22, 1963 (the day JFK was assassinated) and yet it recovered and has become a big part of Christmas lore.  Phil Spector, who produced it and its “wall of sound”, is now in federal prison on murder charges.  I will follow up with another Bruce Springstein tune done “Spector” style, and bring this blog full circle.

Let us not forget that the annual Army/Navy football game is on television today.  Nike is giving both teams fancy new uniforms to wear, but the main attraction has always been these two Service Academies duking it out for a year of bragging rights.  Let the battle begin!

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