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Kevin Youkilis, Car Lots and Land Grabs
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View from my seats Monday


This marks the third week in a row that I was in position to connect with a Gabber and the second in which I failed to do so.  Turns out our man Lanz and I were on opposite sides of Gillette Stadium Monday night when the Patriots faced the Texans.   I can’t wait to find out who I get to snub next week.  So you’re pretty sure I’ll be talking about the Patriots this week, but I guarantee you that you’re not going to figure out how I’m getting there.

Back in June, I was all lathered up that the Red Sox had traded Kevin Youkilis to the Chicago White Sox.  They basically took on guys that would never play in Boston and paid Youkilis’ salary for the remainder of the season.  Now, he was made somewhat redundant with the emergence of Wil Middlebrooks at third base and of course Adrian Gonzalez was firmly ensconced at first as was David Ortiz at DH, add in his conflict with Bobby Valentine and the Sox brass decided they had to make the move.  Subsequently, a few weeks later Ortiz strained his achilles tendon, Middlebrooks went down to injury in early August, and then as it became clear Bobby V wouldn’t be back for a second season in Boston, Gonzalez, Josh Beckett, Carl Crawford, and Nick Punto were sent to Los Angeles.  

Long story short, Youk didn’t like or respect Valentine, and in June Youk was on the wrong side of the power struggle.

This week, Youk signed a 1-year deal with the New York Yankees, made necessary by the injury to A-Rod.  Now, it hurt that he was traded - I really like him as a player.  What really hurts though, is the fact that ANOTHER member of the 2004 Red Sox - the team that shocked the baseball world when they won the ALCS after going down 3-games to 0,  the team that every Red Sox fan of a certain age can recite the roster, the team that ended the 86-year championship drought - has now sent 7 players to the Yankees.  It was one thing to villainize the guy when Damon left, and I’m pretty sure no one remembers that Mientkiewicz or Bellhorn went there, but I can’t even hate on Youkilis.  I’m hating on the Sox management that allowed this happen.

Now, lets face it: we only know anything about these guys from their public persona.  I love Youk as a player, but from what I can tell, at least some of his personal life is a bit weird.  His first “wife” Enza Sambataro.- in quotes because I can’t figure out if it was ever determined if they were actually married or not; there was some controversy around whether or not the paperwork was legally filed.  At any rate, at the time they were married, she had a 2-year old from a previous marriage to a local car magnate here in the Boston-area.  How long does it take to 1) have a marriage fall apart after junior shows up, meet another guy and decide to get married?  Two years post-Youk, she’s again expecting a baby with another local car magnate.  So, things didn’t work out with the ballplayer and she heads back to the car lot.  Further, it turns out Boch isn’t even divorced yet, so clearly that relationship is on pretty solid territory and I can imagine what those dinner conversations will look like.  

He’s now married to Tom Brady’s sister and so far this marriage has lasted about half as long as his “relationship” with Sambataro, so it’s all good.

Pine Manor College in Chestnut Hill, MA (Home of Boston College) had been seeking to subdivide some 5-acres of land, and they’ve recently withdrawn that petition because they’ve found someone to buy the package in toto.  For the uninitiated, Chestnut Hill is a village of the Town of Brookline and is a wealthy community.  Now, it turns out the Town of Brookline wanted the College to meet with abutters to discuss the subdivision, and even now that they’ve withdrawn the application the town wants them to meet with the neighbors to “bring them up to speed.”   One of the potentially affected abutters?  Robert Kraft, the Patriots owner.  And the guy who had to relocate a mobile home park to build Gillette Stadium.  I wonder if there was any meeting with abutters there - I’m all about liberty, so being told I have to meet with someone else to tell them what I’m planning to do with my property cheeses me off; what really gets me though is that if you have some cash, you can demand rights others don’t have.  The abutters in Brookline shouldn't have any more say than those in the trailer park: this is my property, this is what I'm doing with it, thank you very much.

Oh, and the potential buyer for the land?  Tom Brady and ​Gissele Bundchen.  Bang. Pats talk. Done.

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