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Hey Gab… Bet you’ve been wondering where I have been… Let’s just say in a funk. To put it in a Manti Te’O phrasing… It’s me, not you.  My desire to do what I have done just isn’t there. Do I need to apologize to some for just ‘dropping off the face of the earth’? Sure. Do I need to thank you guys for picking up where I dropped the ball? ABSOLUTELY!!! So, thanks Sully, Beeze, Brad, Kyle, Gerry and the rest of the Gab for doing what you love.

…Now on to what’s important… Football

I’ve been keeping in touch on the FB page with you guys going back and forth during the playoffs and who is in the Super Bowl and who isn’t. Go ahead, say what you will. Say what you have been regarding Ray Lewis. That’s your opinion and you are welcome to it. All I will say is he ‘worked’ the system and it is what it is. How many other affluent athletes have gone down the wrong path only to be bailed out by high price lawyers and persuadable justice systems? Should he be banned from the game? Some call for his head on a lance in the front entry of Roger Goodell’s office. Did he kill someone on the field? No.

Have other players killed people and returned to the game? Yes.  Have other players killed and never returned to the game? Yes.

Just don’t sit and preach to me on and on ad nauseum over Ray Lewis when I just want to talk playoff football and the team I cheer for, the Baltimore Ravens. Bring something else to the table other than ‘oh, look. Ray’s crying on camera again’ or ‘oh geez, Ray found Jesus’… C’mon, have a take. Don’t think that Flacco is Elite? I will agree he doesn’t have the ‘Rings’ that Brady, the Manning boys, or Worthlessburger might have. But he sure as hell is putting on a fucking show between the lines.

We can all agree that the Colts didn’t have a snowballs chance in Tampa to get over on the Ravens. The first half of the game may have questioned that logic. But once the Ravens got their groove on, it was nothing but a ‘boat-race’ the second half. Constantly pressuring Luck. Converting on offense. Making plays and scoring touchdowns. Were Flacco’s numbers ‘Elite’ during that game? One could argue not: 12/23 282yds 2td’s 0Int’s. A.Luck was 28/54 288 0td 1int. But they got the fucking job done and put the ball in the endzone to beat the Colts. Not to mention holding the #1 pick in the draft without a touchdown in his first Playoff appearance.

…And then the chatter started immediately as to how the Raven’s weren’t going to get out of Denver. Peyton this. Peyton that. Peyton’s gonna throw the ball all over Colorado on the Ravens defense and they are going to fly back to B’more crying in Rays lap because it’s all over. Hey Champ Bailey, go sit with Cory Webster and talk how you’re the greatest defensive player on the field. Take away the two kick returns for scores… The Donkeys aren’t even in the show. How did Mr.Insignificant do during that game? 18/34 331yd 3td’s 0int’s. 2 HUGE bombs for scores. Torry Smith making the secondary look like a J.V.HighSchool squad. Not too shabby. How about the ‘head-donkey’ himself and his 2-glove approach? 28/43 290y. 3td 2 int’s. What does it say that the coaches of Denver don’t have the confidence in THEIR ELITE QB to try and drive the field with 37 seconds and 2 timeouts??? The poor wife got a taste of what’s to come for the AFC Championship game and how freaked out I get while watching games… The bomb to tie the game at the end of regulation had me running all around the house screaming like a teeny-bopper at a KatyPerry concert. Unfuckingbelievable… I could watch the replay of that pass till kick off next season.

Now on to this past Sunday’s game… Seems the board over on FB got real fucking quiet, real fucking quick early on in the second half… But we will get to that soon enough. I had a knot in my stomach for 3 days leading up to the Denver game… I had the same one starting this past Wednesday.

Were Flacco’s numbers pretty this game? Depends on what your definition of pretty is… 21/36 240y 3td Tom Terrific was chucking the ball all over Foxboro that night. 29/54 320 1td Welker got his numbers. There was no getting around that. Ridley got KNOCKED DA’ FUQ OUT!!! But only AFTER Dennis Pita got blasted coming down from making a catch. Was there a call for ‘defenseless receiver’?? Nope. Are running backs categorized differently in regards to helmet-to-helmet contact? Yes. The team one roots for in that game determines whether or not he was down, was that hit considered illegal, was that a fumble, and so on. So, putting that one play aside, this game was Jeckel and Hyde going from the first half to the second.

Brady and the Pats offence were unstoppable. They put the ball where they wanted, gaining 8 yards repeatedly on 1st down to make converting on the next play a no brainer. The hurry up offense was keeping the Ravens Def on their heels the entire time. What the fuck happened in the locker-room during halftime to make them switch up what they were doing? The defense wasn’t getting very much pressure on Brady, so to abandon the hurry-up baffles me. What was the ‘Hoody’ thinking? Or did fucking up the end of the half by not taking the time out and getting at least one shot at the endzone screw up their Mojo and put them in such a tail spin they couldn’t recover? It was like the two teams completely switched. When Bolden caught the second TD to put Baltimore up by 2 scores and the defense stopped the tank that is TomBrady and the NEPats offense. It was on!!!

Guess what everybody? Now you get to listen to ME for 2 weeks squawking on how my team is going to win. How my team rolled through the #1 seed, the #2 seed. Sat down the 2 starting QB’s selected for this years Pro-Bowl. Went in to 2 hostile stadiums and walked out victors.

IT’S MY FUCKING HORN… I’M GONNA FUCKING TOOT IT!!! So… fuck you, fuck you… fuck you, you and you… fuck all the people who said the Ravens couldn’t do it.

The talking heads couldn’t get in Brady’s pants quick enough after the Ravens beat the Broncos and then had to travel to NewEngland. Brady this, Beleck that, NewEngland is gonna do this, the Ravens can’t do that. I had to listen to it for two weeks last year. So sit down and shut up… I’m gonna be here a while.

In the words of my HighSchool Track coach… “Go lay down”

Holy shit… All that and I didn’t even get to the SuperBowl. Well fuck me.

Keapernik scares me. We beat Luck because he was a rookie and hadn’t seen a defense like that. Peyton didn’t throw the ball over 20 yards in any attempt in his game. But K has some speed that will definitely show the age of our D. This game is going to be a ‘first to 40’ and a ‘whoever has the ball last wins’ feel to it for me. Both teams can chuck it down field and can stifle an opponent’s drive in a heartbeat. Once we get closer and I watch some more of the talking heads, I’ll come back with some final thoughts on the game. First blush: Ravens win (DUH) 35-28.

 My house won’t be the same. Friends coming over for the game are 49er’s fans. This won’t be pretty. We have agreed on a friendly wager already. Also decided that he and I might hold off on consuming alcohol till well into the2nd half so that we may enjoy the game. As opposed to last year’s abortion when we went in to the kitchen at the half to avoid whatever mess that was, got hammered and didn’t update the squares board for the 3rd quarter. 49er fan killed a bottle of 3-OlivesGrape with Redbull. He says he doesn’t remember leaving the house. Good thing he had a ride. I was putting down the beers like a good Polish/German boy should.

Well boys… it’s now 4:15am, it’s NEGATIVE FUCKING 6 out and I’m going to bed. I look forward to your comments. And once again. It wasn’t you… It was me.





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