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Monday Moaning 1-2-12
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  Yep, Time to break out that 2012 Rosie Jones Calendar!

It's 2012 and where the fuck is my Jetson's flying car!?! I guess we haven't advanced as much as people thought we would...Now before I wave goodbye to 2011, I just want to say this...New Year's Eve, on Twitter and Facebook, lots of people were shitting on 2011, and wishing it away...Hey, I get it, people have good years, and bad years...The Browns more bad than good...But every year has highs and lows...We all tend to remember the bad, hell, I made my blogging name on the bad! Thanks Sandusky and Penn State for that week of hate filled blogs...Oh, and China, for my post FUCK_CHINA which was my highest drawing post of the year, and my in-traffic from South-East Asian has really shot up! THIS post has done well too, with 2,545 views...I wonder why?

But there was plenty of good too...Bin Laden is dead right! And this is cute as hell right?

Look at me starting off 2012 trying to be positive...Ha! Then I watched the Browns game! Yeah, they lost to the Steelers...They kept it close, but couldn't pull it out...But at this point, why win...Keep yourself in line for a good draft pick...No, I'm not getting into who the Browns should draft..Lots of Cleveland fans and talking heads were all over the Browns drafting RG3 after Baylor's bowl shootout with Washington...

Thing is, these dummies don't even realize that wasn't even close to his best game...And then there are the guys that were knocking him, while basically saying they had only seen a couple of his games...I've been paying attention to the kid for 3 years...He can make all the throws...He's smart, and yes he can run...But if you watch enough, you'll see he uses his speed and athleticism to extend plays and look down field more...Unlike Vick when he was in college, when he looked at the primary target, and then just ran...Kid is solid...

But if the Browns draft him, they better get a couple WR's and O-linemen for him, or else he'll end up getting Tim Couched, just like Colt McCoy and other who came before him...The Browns might be better off going after free-agent Matt Flynn, who passed for, what, a thousand yards Sunday against the Lions, while Aaron Rogers chilled on the bench...The Browns have lots of holes to fill, before they throw another rookie QB out there to get killed!

Monday is one of the NHL's big-time events...The Winter Classic...They backed down to the big boys and moved from New Year's Day, so not to compete with the NFL...Smart I guess, but since I have to work Monday, I'm not real happy about the game being Monday afternoon...DVR is set! But if you have the time, check it out...It's a great rivalry between the Rangers and Flyers, and the whole vibe of playing out doors is great...

Here's Ranger's goalie Henrik Lundqvist practicing Sunday...

Here's his backup Martin Biron, looking drunk, but styling with the old-school brown pads!

If you have Versus, it's switching Monday to NBC Sports, and they are going all-in on Hockey...Monday evening they'll be showing a documentary on the Summit Series...When Canadian All-Star (NHLers included) faced the Soviet Union in an 8 game series....NBC Sports also is getting into College Hockey...They launched there coverage Saturday night with Notre Dame beating Boston University, followed by a documentary on ND's Hockey program...A network tied into ND and Hockey...I like it!

Before I go, I wanted to put in a video of the Little Beeze...For Christmas, he wanted a bunch of "Ugly Dolls"...He saw them on YouTube and got hooked...He got some, and he's been making videos with them on his iPod Touch...Kid cracks me up...Sunday we put some of his Christmas money, and a Toys-R-Us gift card to use, and he got some more...So what are "Ugly Dolls"? Here ya go!

That's it for now...Have a week...

Later, The Beeze.

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