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More Hard Knocks For Jets?
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While you know who talks about why he doesnít think heíll ever be an NFL starting QB his new team, the New York Jets quite possibly are looking at a second straight season of HBOís Hard Knocks. As Jets owner Woody Johnson put it, ďwe had a formal invitation that we can respond too, not an informal oneĒ.

Now itís wasnít the spectacular coverage of a bunch of brainiacs that is getting them a second nod, we all know whatís going on here. Weíve all had our fair share of Rex Ryan and since heís never seen a microphone or a camera he didnít like we donít need a 5 episode show to get his opinion on anything to do with football, snack food or feet for that matter. Itís about TEBOW and how heíll overshadow Mark Sanchez at camp regardless of the role heíll actually play on this team. I think we can all agree Mark Sanchez is about as mediocre a QB as you can have and adding Tebow to the mix gives the Jets another mediocre option, but what I really want to know is, WHY in the world would a team that is coming off the season they just did want this type of distraction at camp? For a team that just finished an awful year Iíd think the most important thing on their minds would be righting the ship that clearly sank and fell apart while doing so, on and off the field.

But this is the Jets, and itís New York and yes Rex Ryan will undoubtedly have a lot to say about whether this happens or not and for that reason alone I believe if he okís this again he will demonstrate just how piss poor he is when it comes to doing whatís best for the team he coaches. Anyone dealing with the woes the Jets did this past season would have to be out of their fucking mind to allow camera crews follow their every move while attempting to regain a playoff caliber team. When cameras are rolling thereís a lot of horse play, everyone mugs for their few minutes of face time and of course we get gems like this:

If the Jets arenít interested in putting last season behind them and focusing on nothing but football then just remember where you read it when they donít make the playoffs or choke because itíll all come down to what†their priorities were,†show time rather than to show up for football season prepared.†

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