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NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 11-3-13
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Howdy, Good morning and Good day. Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR updates and other fast stuff. Did you get that extra hour of sleep last night? You have this man to thank for that. In the spring you get to curse him out for suggesting such a thing. When he was hanging out in France doing his ambassador thing he suggested that French shop keepers could save 1 million Francs on candles a year by going to day light savings time. Lots of angry Frenchmen back then just like angry Americans today when we switch every spring and fall. Dude had way too much time on his hands.

So we have news to talk of. The fast stuff kind. 


This chick would not be fast. She's a Russian model doing a catwalk appearance. Somebody had way too much vodka. 


GoDaddy says Danica will star in yet another Super Bowl commercial. That makes it her 8th appearance and the most of anyone.

The first SB commercial for GoDaddy was in 2005 and saw them as a $100 million company. Today they're at $1.3 Billion. 

Chief marketing officer Barb Rechterman says it's time for a brand new message with their commercials. On to a new level. Less jiggle, wiggle and double entendre giggles. 

As expected, Danica is excited about the direction GoDaddy is going and ready for a change.


Ken is retiring after Homestead. That would be the last Cup race this year. He's a bit like Stewart in that he drove dirt tracks, Nationwide, and everything else he could get his hands on. He's 58 years young. No word on what he plans to do next. Good luck Ken.


The guessing is over. The papers have been signed. Truex will drive the #78 Furniture Row Chevy in 2014. As an added bonus his pit crew was signed too.

It was no secret this year that Kurt Busch's woes were mostly on pit road. Bad pit stops would make him lose spots on the track. Loose lugnuts, slow stops and parts failures all wreaked havoc on his season. 

The team says they're fixing those things by bringing on Truex's pit crew from MWR. They're trained, experienced and ready to rock n roll. They're all excited to have Truex aboard for next year.

MWR who released Truex from his contract to seek out a ride due to sponsorship woes congratulated Truex on his new ride. They're happy it's a competitive one and that everyone was professional throughout the process of getting the deal together.


Martinsville is a track that brings out tempers. It's a paper clip shape with a curb around some parts. NASCAR held all 3 Series races there last week. The truck race produced some interesting fighting. Kevin Harvick and Ty Dillon were fighting over 2nd place in the last laps when both ended up going around. 

Ty and his brother Austin are Richard Childress's grandsons. Harvick drives for Childress. So when Harvick went on a verbal tirade calling his grandkids punk ass kids fed with a spoon and having no respect and they were the reason for him leaving RCR for SHR next year, you can imagine it made Childress a bit upset.

He wouldn't apologize for helping his grandson's saying they know they have to earn that ride or be replaced just like everyone else. He said he was still committed to Harvick's Chase spot in Cup but was too classy a guy to say what he really wanted to at the moment.

Harvick stopped in Ty's pit box after the spin and a crew member threw a rather long handled orange mallet at his car. Adam Brown is indefinitely suspended and crew chief Paul Richmond got a $10,000 fine for not keeping his crew under control.

During the Martinsville race on Sunday, Harvick complained that his motor might be laying down. On Twitter I saw a comment to the effect....When they tear his motor down after the race they may find a silver spoon jammed in the drive train.....


Guess who won? No take a guess. You'll never believe it. It was Jeff Gordon. No really he did. I still can't believe it either. He's now 3rd in the points too. How did that happen? Now he is 27 points out and Kenseth & Johnson are tie. They both have to really screw up in the next race or 2 for him to have a chance but the way things have been going in sports in general this year I can't rule it out. 

Hamlin had the pole and led 14 laps. Those injections gave him his Superman cape back.  He finished 7th. 

Kenseth & Johnson kept fighting over the lead with Kenseth getting the bonus point for most laps led. He had 202 to Johnson's 123.

Caution #5 saw Hamlin, Kahne, Truex and a few others get into each other. Lots of pit stops for body work too.

Caution #6 saw Kurt B lose it and spin.....right into Mark Martin who was minding his own business. Nothing like taking out the bosses car before you actually start driving for him.

Caution #12 saw Newman in the wall with help from Harvick. He was 6th at the time. 

Caution #17 was just what Gordon needed. Kenseth came out of the pits first but Gordon still was able to get to Kenseth with 21 to go, took the lead and the win.

Top 15 finish - Gordon - Kenseth - Bowyer - Keselowski - Johnson - Harvick - Hamlin - Dale Jr - Biffle - McMurray - Burton - Edwards - Montoya - Logano - Kyle B


Watched the Nationwide race. Keselowski won. That's 6 for him and like 9 for Kyle B. When I looked at the point standings only 4 races were won by a Nationwide regulars. The Cup guys swiped all the rest. Hamlin came in 2nd. Yup. He raced. You know those injections in his back must be doing him some good. Wonder if he can even feel the steering wheel or his ass in the seat? 

The guys were here in the spring for a night race. Keselowski says it doesn't matter if it's day or night. You either know how to race on this track or you don't. Hamlin seemed to agree.

In the spring race Logano had to start from the back due to a late rear housing change NASCAR made him and Keselowski do. Harvick started in the back due to an engine change. Kurt B had a fuel feed malfunction. Dale Jr had a battery issue. Gordon's left front hub burnt up. Edwards had an engine issue that finally went away. 

Top 15 finish - Kyle B - Truex - Edwards - Biffle - Logano - Johnson - Almirola - Hamlin - Keselowski - Newman - Kahne - Kenseth - Harvick - Martin - Bowyer

​Kenseth has 12 top 5's and 15 top 10's here at Texas. Also the most laps led with 772 laps in 22 races. Yup...Top 5.

Johnson has 9 top 5's and 15 top 10's here at Texas. Top 5.

Edwards has the pole but I don't have confidence in his ability to stay up front. Top 15.

Biffle is a top 10. Had issues with Johnson taking his bumper off at Martinsville last week but I'm sure he's good to go this week. 

Kyle B won the spring race and came in 3rd last year at this fall race. He wrecked in Nationwide last night but I'm sure we'll be seeing a top 10.

Hamlin has made a major turn around. A 2nd in the Nationwide race last night and starting 14th today. Those injections have given him some of that confidence back and I believe a top 10.

Dale Jr top 10. Team mates Gordon and Kahne are capable of top 10's too but can Gordon really sustain this roll he's on? 

Bowyer and Truex are top 10's

Kurt B needs his crew to be spot on and he needs to keep his cool with no speeding on pit road.

Keselowski & Logano made NASCAR upset in the spring. Penalties hurt them but they've rebounded some what. This is a track for top 10's for both.

Newman should get a top 15.

Some B and C listers to help round out your fantasy roster : Almirola, McMurray, Burton, Menard, Ambrose and Mears. Trevor Bayne will be in the #21 this week. Austin Dillon will be in the #33 and if your brave, Elliot Sadler is in the #55 for the ailing Vickers. I'd say out of all these guys that Burton, Almirola and McMurray have a really big chance of top 10's.

And maybe you might want to really wing it and pick Danica. She was 28th and 1 lap down in the spring race. She was 24th last year in the fall race. If you picked her for Martinsville she was 17 and minus 1 lap. She's improving.

Benny Parson's used to say that confidence was worth 5 more horse power. Yeah, I don't know how that helps her. Just saying. 

Today was probably the last nice day till spring. Cleaned up the garden, put the tomato cages away, raked leaves and took all the yard scraps to the recycle place to be mulched. Next door neighbor gave me a mix of hot peppers. Hot sauce....mmmmmmmm. 

Good luck with the crazy whacked out fantasy league variables. Hope those of you in the north east have gotten to enjoy the beautiful leaf color changes. Hope our Texas dudes are ok. Nothing like getting a week of rain in one day. Take care and be safe Gabbers and others.

And I'm outta here.......





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