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NASCAR Update And Other Fast Stuff 3-17-13
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HAPPY ST SHAMROCK SHAKE DAY!!!!!! Any day that I can celebrate with a shake or chocolate or donuts is a great day. Happy Sunday. Welcome Gabbers and others to my NASCAR update and other fast stuff. Got my marshmallow peeps this week. The cellophane is slit and they'll be sitting on top of the fridge for a month till they get stiff or I run a stick through them and hold them over a fire. Also ordered some home made peanut butter eggs dipped in dark chocolate. A local church makes them every year. WAY way way better than store bought. So I have my celebration in order. What about you?

                                   HAMLIN UPDATE

Denny Hamlin has decided to drop his appeal with NASCAR. He cites the things like the court of public opinion is on his side. He feels he's won in the eyes of the fans and his peers. Well at least the peers that in his opinion had a back bone and were able to speak up for what they know is right. He feels NASCAR will get it's credibility back and in the mean time he has bigger fish to fry and plans to move on to working on winning that championship. 

Hamlin said that Joe Gibbs didn't help to mediate the meeting between himself and Brian France (CEO das NASCAR). He feels that NASCAR over reacted and that they know it. He also feels that had it been Dale Jr, Stewart or Gordon that it would've been handled differently and that he has grinded it out for the last 8 years in the Cup Series and feels he's owed some respect by his peers and NASCAR.

I pretty much agree with Hamlin. Mr Keselowski was running his mouth just recently at USA Today during an interview which I felt he pushed the boundaries and he got a stern talking to by Brian but no fine. So I believe Hamlin has a point here.

But still, he will be paying his fine. Though he refuses to write that check, NASCAR will garnish his future winnings of that $25,000 fine and he won't be suspended. 



That's right folks. Twinkies have been saved and are set to be on a store shelf near you by this summer that is if the bankruptcy judge likes and excepts the offer. 

Metropoulos & Co. along with Apollo Global Management have teamed up to offer $410 million to possess the Twinkie making facility.

Metropoulos & Co are known for taking food brands in trouble and turning them around. They've dealt with Chef Boyardee, Bumble Bee Tuna, PAM, and Guldens Mustard which they sold to ConAgra Foods. They also hold Pabst Blue Ribbon.

I don't know about you but I really don't want the cake. I just want to stick my hand in a vat of the filling and eat it. Now if they dipped those Twinkies in chocolate.....



Michael Waltrip Racing has decided to add some pretty girls to their racing family. Michael noticed that most drivers and race teams use Twitter and Facebook to talk about their car set ups, pit strategy, qualifying, etc. So he got an idea. In order to reach more fans and get them pulled into the racing experience he is employing some pretty girls. These girls will have MWR uniforms to wear. They'll be going to track events and interacting with fans at the track and on Twitter. You can reach them ...@MWRGirls. 

In order to reach out to the Spanish fans one of the girls is Miss Florida Latina. Of course she speaks Spanish. 

So if you're in the garage area, hospitality tents, Sponsor Midway or the infield at a race this year you may just see them. 



Our last weeks winner was Matt Kenseth. I guess that was an in your face win since I doubted him and his team mates because of JGR's equipment woes which started last year. So congrats to Kenseth and a happy birthday as well. I is only the 3rd driver to win a NASCAR race on his birthday. Job well done.

His team mates Kyle and Hamlin made a showing as well. Even Kahne who I think is a squirrel but a very talented squirrel was very strong. He led the most laps but Kenseth out did him. Don't get me wrong, I like Kahne he's just not consistent. He's either awesome or wrecking.

My most handsome Knight of the Mobile 1 fell back because of loose conditions. Every one was having issues but Stewart fought back from being a lap down riding in the 20's to a lead lap finish in 11th. The Danica finished 6 laps down but she finished in one piece this week.

Top 10 at Vegas Kenseth, Kahne, Keselowski, Kyle B, Edwards, Johnson, Dale Jr, Truex, Harvick, Menard




It's Bristol , BABY!!!! WOO HOOOOOOO!!!!! Short track racing. Beatin' and bangin'. Tempers flaring and crumpled bumpers. Actually the drivers don't need their bumpers. If they get into a fender bender, the pit crew can just saw off the offending sheet metal. Aero isn't a factor here. 

Some facts. Terry Labonte has participated in 57 Bristol races. The most of any driver. Mark Martin & Cale Yaraborough each have 9 poles. Gordon leads active drivers with a 6.775 average finish here. Kyle Busch has the record for youngest winner at 19 years. Darral Waltrip has the most W's with 12. 

There are 2 pit roads. One on the back stretch and one on the front stretch. Bristol is the only track like that. 

Last year saw a 3-4-5 finish for MWR. (Truex, Bowyer, Vickers) Gordon had a bad day when he and Dale Jr got side by side. They traded paint and Dale Jr's tail pipes took out Gordon's tire. 

Kasey Kahne the one I said is the talented squirrel brought out the first caution at lap 24. Went for a piece of track to call his own and lost. Took out Harvick, Edwards, Ambrose and Regan Smith. Harvick rebounded.

So my fantasy picks would be......

Kyle Busch - He won the Nationwide race Saturday night and the pole for Sundays race. Made a new track record too with a speed of 129.535 mph. I want to believe he will be there. He has 5 Cup wins besides his Nationwide and truck wins. I did pick him in my Yahoo league.

Brother Kurt Busch - Also 5 W's here. Lots of top 5's & 10's too.

Any of the MWR cars. Bowyer, Truex or this week in the #55 is Vickers. Mad that he's not on the C list but he is a good pick for this week. I say C list because some fantasy leagues have you pick from A, B & C lists. 

Kenseth - 2nd here last year. He's a good bet.

Johnson - What can I say? Always a threat.

Gordon - Average finish of 6. whatever says he's a threat.

Keselowski - Last years winner. He's proven he can get it done even in any car. He led 231 of the 266.5 laps last year.

The B list category has a few gems. Menard, Burton, McMurray and Montoya.

The C list category my picks would be Allm​endinger, Ruetimann, Ragan, and Mears. Yes, Allmendinger is driving the Phoenix Racing #51 this week.  The Danica? Mmmmmm don't look for her. She starts 41st. She'll be down a lap almost immediately. Lets see if she finishes . Bets?

Top 10 last year was Keselowski, Kenseth, Truex, Bowyer, Vickers, Burton, McMurray, Montoya, Johnson, Menard

So there you have it race fans and Gabbers. I hope this helps in your fantasy league picking. You know it's Sunday. A green shamrock type Sunday. I'll pass on the green beer. The green eggs and ham too.

Hope you're all enjoying your Sunday doing what you love with whom you love. I'm doing breakfast, watching my race and then heading in for some OT. Weird hours but you got to get it where it's at. Take care, see you next week and....

I'm outta here..... 





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