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Oh Bob Costas! Not that too!!
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Bob Costas Watching Island Girl

Bob Costas and Boarder Patrols.

       Our boarders are a serious concern to us all and no one takes it more seriously than Bob Costas.     He actually lies in bed at night and worries about these things whilst we concern ourselves with Pumpkin Pie, RGIII and Taylor Swift.

And the Boarder Patrols are no laughing matter because curfews are only effective,  if they are enforced.  The Boarder Agents can’t everywhere, right?    Left to their own devices people will push the limits of decency and when alcohol is involved,  all bets are off.

        It is up to us,   to do what we can,  so both the boarder agents and Mr. Costas can sleep.   And it is not just the Shuffleboarders but Skateboarders too.     How many times have you heard about skateboarders running over people on the sidewalks?   And what happens when a skater hits a shuffler outside the library?  A turf war I say and it is not pretty.

        On one hand you would have the Golfcart Street Bluehairs versus the Elm Street Emos.   Both groups are ruthless and the bluehairs are not afraid to drive their cars in the fast lane during rush hours.   They really know how to party.

       But Bob Costas knows that it would take only one skateboard on the wrong block to stir up trouble.   Knowing that trouble lurks inconspicuously,  Bob knows that skateboards and shuttleboard sticks can and often are lethal and chafes at the notion that humans kill and not the objects themselves.   And that we need tighter controls along with more laws.   Even going so far as a total ban on these items.  Oh and along with Japanese Anime,  Folk Ark and Origame.

Thank God we have bolo knives.   Let Bob come for those!!!!

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