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An awesome card trick??†Syracuse is sexy?? I hate the NY Rangers and NJ Devils?? All this and lots more in this weeks edition ofÖ

Today I am going to do something I very rarely do and thatís talk about every sport except NASCAR. Okay, Okay. Here is my thing on NASCAR. Why canít Jeff Burton win a race? I watch racing, but I make it a point to focus on Danica Patrick.

Come-on Man!! What were you thinking?? Then again, if this is true, why did you wait a such a long time to state your case about bounties in the NFL?

I am up a lot during the day, so I tend to watch soccer. There are games played from England and Italy that are more entertaining than soap operas and CNN.

Congrats go out to Phil Mickelson, Sandy Lyle, Hollis Stacy, Sportswriter Dan Jenkins and BBC broadcaster Peter Alliss for their induction into the Golfing Hall of Fame this past Monday.

You ever notice that when your favorite basketball, hockey or baseball team loses a game in the early part of the season, we tend to say donít worry about it, thereís still a whole season to go. Well, what happens when your team just misses the playoffs by one game, or even a half-a-game? Then the games your team lost at the beginning of the season meant something didnít it?

I hope the Knicks fall on their faces. Coach Mike Woodson has done a great job getting this dysfunctional team to play together SOME OF THE TIME. They got to get rid of one of their three stars.

This you tube video is making the rounds in Syracuse. Itís called ďSyracuse Sexy and I Know It.Ē

There is a cameo by Jim Boeheim, Derrick Coleman and Floyd Little.

Jarret Eaton (senior track and field), Kelly Saco (senior, softball), Erika Wachter (senior field hockey), Will Watson (junior track and field), Amadou Gueye (junior track and field), Donald Pollitt (sophmore track and field) and Otto were the performers in the video.

Do you think Albert Pujols made a mistake in leaving the Cardinals and moving to the American League? I think he would have been better off staying in the National League where he knows the pitchers.

How would you like to go 0 for 8 as a batter and still be the hero. Well thatís what happen to Baltimore Orioles DH Chris Davis. He struck out 5 times. He came in to pitch in the bottom of the 16th and went two inning for the win. He gave up two hits, walk one and struck out two, era 0.00, batting average .299.

Hammels is a fool. Iím glad Harper stole home. The only thing I would have done differently, after crossing home plate, if I was Harper, would be pointing at Hammel and smiling. Hammels should have been suspended for more than 5 games. See below.

In MLB, when a player, other than a pitcher, is suspended for 5 days that player misses 5 games. When a pitcher is suspended for 5 games, he only misses one start. That bull. A pitcher should be suspended for 5 starts, not 5 games.

How would you like to have a bad week at the plate and still hit .350. Matt Kemp is on a roll batting .404 for the Dodgers. He is proving that last year was no fluke.

Another person off to a great start is Josh Hamilton who has 14 homeruns and 36 rbiís with a .406 average. To think he lost the first three years of his career to stupidity. He could have had a Hall of Fame Career. Well he be a HOFer??

I donít like to use the word hate. But this word voices my opinion of the New York Rangers and New Jersey Devils hockey teams. These are two of the three teams (the other being the Detroit Red Wings) that ruined hockey. Their free wheeling spending caused the league to shut down for a season.

A friend of mine just sent me this card trick video. You have to check it out, it is awesome.


Wow, I think I did it!!!

I hope every has a great week.









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