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Bad week for Sports. Hazzard, Halman, Uekman, Munson, Budke and Serna pass away, Bernie Fine accused of some bad things. All this and more in this weeks edition of

You never know when your going to go. This week was a bad week for a variety of reason. Most of these individuals I never heard of, but, the fact that these individuals have departed, has put a void in a lot of peoples lives. May they all rest in peace.


One of the people who passed away, wasn’t a star actress, or an accomplished athlete. What this person was, was a star to her family. My sister-in-law, Sally, passed away yesterday. She is the person who turned me into a Syracuse Orange fan. We would talk for hours about the football, lacrosse and basketball programs. When my wife and I would go to Cuse, she would take us to visit the Carrier Dome and go inside, because the people at the Dome were always nice to us. We never went during football or basketball season (too cold and we catch them when the come to Florida), yet they would open the concession stand so we could buy shirts and stuff. Sally would take us to Cooperstown and always visit the Hall of Fame. She would take us on trips to Canada, we would take the back roads of upstate New York and always find nice restaurants out of nowhere. She took us to Watkins Glenn and had lunch at a great deli. We also made a run to Five Fingers lake where some of the best wine in the world are grown and we would sample some of the wine in the different vineyards. My sister-in-law was very detailed oriented and everything was planned out in advance. She might not of been an all-star or an all-pro athlete, but to me she was a Hall of Fame person. Sis, may you rest in peace.

Walt Hazzard, who one a gold medal in 1964, and was on the first John Wooden NCCA championship team passed away. Walt played on several NBA teams, reaching the finals twice with the Lakers. Hazzard averaged 12.6 points and 4.9 assist. He also was an advance scout and special consultant to the Lakers.

Tragedy again hits Oklahoma State as women’s head coach Kurt Budke and assistant Miranda Serna died in a plane crash. This happened 10 years and 10 month anniversary of the deaths of 10 people affiliated with Oklahoma State men’s basketball program. Also killed were the pilot and former Oklahoma State Senator Olin Branstetter and his wife Paula.

On the heels of the Penn State child abuse allegations, comes Syracuse University Associate men’s basketball coach, Bernie Fine, accused by two former ball boys of molesting them. Now the problem with this is this isn’t the first time these boys of tried this before on Bernie. Bernie was accused many years back and investigations proved that there were no wrongdoings. In Fact former Orange assistant coach Tim Welsh stated that no one ever slept in Fine’s hotel room.

Welsh knew Fine better than most. During Welsh’s three years as an SU assistant coach, he roomed with Fine on the road. He estimates he’s shared about 1,000 lunches and dinners with Fine over the years, meals that continued after Welsh took the head coaching job at Providence College. Welsh said he was at the hospital for the birth of Fine’s third child.

Welsh remembered Bobby Davis, who at one point served as an SU ball boy.

“I thought he was a quiet, nice young guy,” Welsh said. “He worked the camp. He was a ball boy. He helped around the program. But he wasn’t unlike anybody else who helped out. There were a lot of guys that helped out. We didn’t have a lot of paid help back in those days. We had a lot of guys who worked, up in the office, stuffing envelopes, any of those type of things. I never thought anything of it. And I still don’t. You go back in your memory, 20 years ago. Sometimes you don’t recall as good as you want to, but that’s what I take from it.”

Welsh said no teenage boys ever spent the night in the room he shared with Fine on the road, nor did any boys ever visit their room. When asked if he ever saw anything that might suggest Fine had an improper relationship with any boys in general or with Davis in particular, Welsh said: “No. Absolutely not.”

“This is the first I’ve ever heard of it,” he said. “There was never any speculation of anything like that. Ever.”

Greg Halman, a dutch-born player for the Seattle Mariners’ was stabbed to death by his brother. The 24-year-old Greg was signed as a free agent in 2004 by Seattle. Halman helped Netherlands win the 2007 European Baseball Championship. He was called up by the Mariners as a backup outfielder, this year, and batted .230 with two home runs and RBIs.

Arkansas backup TE Garrett Uekman passed away at the age of 19. He passed away in is dorm room as a roommate last seem him playing video games an hour before the incident. When EMT arrived, Garrett was in cardiac arrest and pronounced dead at Washington Regional Medical Facility in Fayetteville. A coroner said that Uekman’s death was caused by a heart condition called cardiomyopathy, that was not detected previously.

Longtime radio voice, play-by-by announcer, Larry Munson passed at the age of 89 after complications from pneumonia. He was a “homie” announcer who always said it like it was. There was no doubt he was a bulldog fan. A true bulldog legend.

Cancer survivor and Giants LB Mark Herzlich (formerly of Boston College) made his first start of the season against the Philadelphia Eagles. He got the nod because starting LB Boley could not play because of hamstring problems.


ScottJax77 wants to wish all my friends, and their family, at YouGabSports, a very Happy Thanksgiving.












Random Thoughts
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New deal for MLB near?? Papelbon leaves the Red Sox?? Pujols who?? All this and more in this edition of

Today’s Random Thoughts, has been declared a


Oh yeah, smoke that cigar, because you and your agent deserve it, baby. Pap’s signed a four-year, $50 million deal with the Phillies. For his career, so far, Papelbon has 219 career saves, with a 2.33 ERA and 1.02 WHIP, which is better than anything Philadelphia had in their bullpen.

The only thing that makes me more joyous, as I am a die hard Yankee Fan, is if the new collective bargaining agreement is reached, Boston will not get the Phillies #1 draft pick or any other type of compensation. Oh Yeah!!!

Last year the Phillies thought they had a stacked hand at pitching and yet they didn’t win the National League Pennant. On the heels of their defeat, you have to give Philadelphia credit for signing Papelbon.

I am glad that the Venezuelan government was able to rescue Washington Nationals catcher Wilson Ramos two days after he was kidnapped.

Ramos stated that he was not blindfolded or in restraints and that he spent his time on a bed. The kidnappers did know a lot about his life.

If I was a professional sports player living in Venezuela, I would have second thought about living in the country.

Okay, he never managed in the majors, or in the minors, yet Mike Matheny was named to replace Tony La Russa as manager of the St. Louis Cardinals. Mike was a catcher, winning 3 gold gloves with the Cardinals, and had been a minor league instructor with the team, but will that be enough to manage in the major leagues? It might if pitching coach Dave Duncan stays as he has one-year remaining on his contract.

Is the signing of Mike Matheny enough to keep Albert Pujols??

You have to give credit to Buffalo Bills receiver, David Nelson credit. He caught a touchdown pass and after getting congratulated by his teammates, ran all the way down the other end of the field to give his girlfriend, a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader, the football. Here name is Kelsi Reich.

I was going to post the clip, but NFL properties blocked it out. Like there going to show it somewhere.


It looks like baseball will have a different look after the new collective bargaining agreement has been signed. There is talk that there will be two leagues of 15 teams, with the Houston Astro’s moving to the American League and an addition wildcard team will be added to the playoff mix. Also teams will not lose a draft pick(s) when they sign class “A” or “B” free agents.

Isn’t it ironic that of all the sports, baseball is the one that has its act together. This agreement will assure that baseball will have had labor peace for 20 years. The longest streak since the creation of the MLBPA in the 60’s.

I am not a fan of Duke, or Coach Mike Krzyzewksi, but I must congratulate him on winning his 903rd game, which makes him the all-time win leader in college basketball.

Hope ya enjoyed this.

Feel free to post a reply. 







Random Thoughts
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Birthday wishes to a Gabber, Thome a Philly, Its all Lebron’s fault, President Obama no phone call, Smokin Joe lived a good life, all this and more in this Veterans Day Edition of

Stop looking at the words Random Thoughts.



We start off today by wishing a happy birthday to ScottJax77.

I am celebrating my 56th birthday today.

I want to take this time to wish all active duty and retired military personal a very Happy Veterans Day.

I know what its like to be gone from your loved one for over a year, as I retired from the Navy with 20 years in. It takes a special human being, knowing that your life can be, or is, on the line in time of conflict, or war and we volunteered to do so to protect this great nation. The hardest part is being away from the family, missing a birthday or anniversary or a special day at school, at a place of worship, or with family.

The only other thing I would like to say is…

People who haven’t served in the military, or have spent any considerable amount of time outside the United States or Canada, just don’t know how good we have it here in The United States of America. Even so called free countries of the world don’t have as much freedom as we do here.

What that I end this part of my thoughts with…..

In an announcement held at 10PM, November 9, 2011, the Pennsylvania State University Board of Trustees said that effective immediately it would be in the best interest of the University for Joe Paterno to no longer serve as head coach.

In a career that has now been marred by a scandal that has rocked the school, Joe holds career records for most wins in Division I 409, bowl appearances with 37 and bowl wins with 24. More than 250 players have gone on to the NFL under Joe Pa’s reign.

The most under the radar prolific homerun hitter of all-time signed a one year deal with the Phillies. 41-year-old Jim Thome will make $1.25 to hold first base until Ryan Howard comes back from left achillies heel injury. Jim has 604 career home runs, 8th all-time and only 5 away from Sammy Sosa. He has 1,674 RBI’s (26th all-time) and a .277 lifetime average.

We all know that the President is an avid sports fan. He has had all the championship teams from the NBA, MLB, NFL, Hockey, etc to the White House. But according to sources (Tony La Russa) President Obama has not called the St. Louis Cardinals after their World Series win. If he went out of his way to invite the 1985 Chicago Bears to visit the White House there is no reason the Cardinals weren’t called.

 Ouch, That has to hurt!!!!!!!!!!!

“Smokin Joe” Frazier was one of the greatest fighters of all-time. He passed away of liver cancer. He had an impressive 32-4-1 record and an Olympic Gold Medal. Joe was involved in three of the greatest boxing matches of all-time. It was Ali verus Frazier in all three bouts. Frazier won the first one, called “The Fight of the Century,” by a 15 round TKO, thus being the first boxer to defeat Ali and the first one to knock him down. In the second bout, called Ali-Frazier II, Ali won in a 12 round unanimous decision that was no where near as exciting as the first bout. In the “Thriller in Manila,” the third bout between the two, it was exciting, but not like the first fight, as Ali mocked Joe calling him a Gorilla. Ali won when Frazier’s trainer Eddie Futch stopped the fight before the 15th round.

The Joe Frazier we will remember is the hard hitting lefty who could dish it out with the greatest. Smoking Joe RIP. Classy men like you will be missed.

I am now officially calling the NBA lockout the “LeBron James/Chris Bosh/Dwayne Wade Theory.” Now your saying to yourself how could the lockout be all James, Bosh and Wade’s fault. Hang in there and I will explain. LeBron James took a pay cut to join the Miami Heat, Chris Bosh took a pay cut to leave the Raptors and Wade took a cut too. Now when James, Bosh and Wade becomes a free agents in a couple of years, and you want to sign one of them, wouldn’t you want them to take a pay cut? Its only fair, they gave a pay cut to sign with the Heat.

For the record James made $15,779,912 in the 2009-2010 season with the Cavaliers while making $14,500,000 with the Heat in the 2010-2011 season. Chris Bosh made $15,779,912 with the Raptors and $14,500,000 with the Heat and Wade made $15,779,912 the took a cut to $14,000,000.

You can’t tell me if you’re an owner you didn’t take notes. That if these players can take a pay cut then the other players can too. These three players made a statement that its okay to take a cut in play to play basketball and it if I am an owner I would want my players to take a cut like these stars did.



Random Thoughts
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UFO’s invading NFL games?? Manager Retires?? Update on ScottJax77 This plus a mean hit during a punt return, and more in this edition of Random Thoughts.


Watch it, wow almost got us…As I was saying, let’s go to this edition of Random Thoughts.



ScottJax is doing well. He is now going to outpatient therapy. I got a hotty of a therapist. No, the girl above, is not her. I am driving and using a cane to get around. Before you know it, its almost time to go back to work. That will happen in December.

For those that did not see it, last week Vanderbilt’s punt returner, Jonathan Krause got his bell rung by Arkansas receiver Marquel Wade. The clip speaks for itself. 



Wade was ejected from the game.

All Krause seen after he got up was….



Tony La Russa, one of the greatest managers ever, announced his retirement. He goes down as the manager who created the ninth inning reliever when he used Dennis Eckersley as his “shutdown” closer for the Oakland Athletics. Tony won 3 World Series, 2 with the Cardinals and 1 with the A’s, as well as finishing 3rd on the all-time wins list with 2,728.

Does this mean Albert Pujols doesn’t re-sign with the Cardinals?? 


Now my son’s first marriage lasted only 34 days, but I for one really thought Kim Kardashian found true love when she married Kris Humphries of the Nets. But boy, was I wrong. As Kim said "I had hoped this marriage was forever but sometimes things don't work out as planned." In a made-for-TV wedding, that lasted only 72 days, rumors say Kim made money on the deal, Kardashian’s hardly paid anything for their wedding.

Why can’t Kim be truthful and say she just didn’t want to “put-out” so to speak.



On October 23rd, during the Saints manhandling of the Colts 62-7, NBC cameras focused on the historic, St. Louis Cathedral in the Big Easy, when all-of-a-sudden objects streaked across the sky. It does look like a UFO, as you can see in the above picture and the article and video I posted below, yet no one has identified it yet.

Viewed in real-time, it's hard to see much more than something flashing across the screen. But a frame-by-frame scrutiny of the video reveals a rod-shaped object topped with brightly lit dots.

Here is the website it was taken from:

Here is a you tube clip of it. As you can tell its taken from the aol website above


What happens if the NBA season started and no one showed up??


Til Next Time








Random Thoughts
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Where’s the monkey man?? Come on NBA?? Tim Tebow and LeBron James have something in common?? All this, and more in the weeks edition of Random Thought.



ScottJax77 got the go ahead to start driving again. I am now using a cane to get around. I start going to a rehab facility near my doctor. This is where they pick it up a notch. Hopefully I go back to work around December 13th.

Now that the NBA has canceled another two weeks, and spoiled some fans Thanksgiving gift, it just proves to this blogger that it’s all about greed versus greed. When it is over the Greedies (owners and players) will win out over us poor fans who pay way too much for an NBA game. I haven’t gone to an NBA game since the early 2000’s, Nets versus Knicks. It costs too much.

What does Tim Tebow and Lebron James have in common?  Both have helped Miami lose in the 4th quarter.

While I don’t go to NBA games, I have gone to a lot of college basketball games. I go see the Jacksonville Dolphins play. They are not a bad team and there are plenty of seats, plus, I get to see the great Artis Gilmore who sits in the arena amongst us fans. I also go see Syracuse Orange whenever they come to Florida. For those that don’t I am a die-hard Syracuse fan. I only get to see the team (football and basketball) once a year when they are in the Big East. Now that they are joining the ACC, I will get to see my team more often when they play Florida State, Miami and Georgia Tech (Atlanta isn’t that far from Jacksonville – 6 hours)

Did Tony La Russaa take any of Mark McGwire’s drugs before game 5 of the World Series? What stupid stuff came out of one the greatest managers of all-time mouth. How can he not know who was warming up in the bullpen, when he is such a control freak. At first, it looked like Tony was trying to put the blame on the bullpen coach, now he is taking full responsibility.

What happen to the Johnny Monkey. Was he a one week wonder, or did he spank it too hard??? He could be an outstanding addition to the gabbers if he kept his hand off his monkey.

Are the sparks flying between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Boston Red Sox? It seems that the Blue Jays are changing their policy on personal leaving for lateral moves to other teams. In the past they were allowed to move, but, now that the Red Sox are interested in their former pitching coach, Toronto’s manager, John Farrell, the Blue Jays have changed their policy.


Til Next Time




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