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WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!!! It'sa Saturday night race and for those of you needing a bit of fantasy help , here it is.

Richmond is a short track and there a few that need to get a W tonight or no Chase. Right now Kurt 10th, Gordon 11th, Keselowski 15th & McMurray 16th have no win and are within 28 points of each other. Kahne is in 12th with 2 wins. He has wild card #1 locked in. Truex is 13th with a win & wild card #2. Newman is 14th with a win and 5 points out of a wild card spot. It's tight and we're down to the last race of the season before the Chase starts.

JOHNSON - His baby girl arrived Friday. He's locked into the Chase but will have to start at the back of the pack because he wasn't at the track to qualify his car so Regan Smith stepped in to do that. He came in 12th in the April race here. He'll play it all out for the win tonight. New baby and a lock in the Chase. nothing to lose.

GORDON - He's got pole position and he NEEDS this win. No win. No Chase. Don't know if the psychic will give the green light to pick him but he's due.

KAHNE - He's a short track guy but wasn't doing so well here in April. With 63 to go he got into it with Mark Martin and around they went. He had been banging door numbers with Newman earlier. Look for him to be in the top 10 if he stays out of the wall.

DALE JR - Top 10. He's been good at the top 10 thing most of the season. He needs to finish there or get a win to stay in the Chase.

NEWMAN - Pit strategy put him back in harms way. After he and Kahne bounced off each other he fell back and ended his day in 15th. He needs a top 10 and or W to get into the Chase. I'm thinking the notes from the spring race should get him a top 10.

MARTIN - Will be in the #14 for Stewart. He's good at this track and has many records here. Hopefully he's getting used to the new crew and Crew Chief. Communication is a big thing for getting good finishes. Top 15 for Martin.

BOWYER - Last week he had an experimental motor in. Had I known that no way would I have picked him (DAMN IT!!!!) or recommended him. He will win or be in the top 5.

TRUEX - Awesome finish for a guy with a broken wrist and at a very tough track last week. He came in 3rd and broke his cast. he has a new improved cast for this week and I'm betting on a top 5.

VICKERS - Started 2nd but bounced off the wall with 6 to go in the spring race. Maybe now that he's permanent in the #55 for 2014 he can settle down and drive better. 

KURT B - He's on fire. Did you see him go 3 wide and pass 4 cars on one of the last restarts last week? If you didn't see it you missed a great restart. Kurt needs a win. At the very least a top 5 & Gordon to really screw up big. He's good for that top 5 if no mechanical or pit crew failures pop up. Oh and he starts 2nd tonight.

KYLE B - Baby bro of Kurt. He's always a threat to win. Had some pit penalties that cost him dearly in the spring race but I expect him up there tonight. He's locked into the Chase so it's an all out get that win and nothing to lose night.

KENSETH - He's got 5 W's and nothing to lose. He was 7th in the spring race. Expect him to be fighting for win #6.

HAMLIN - Don't bother. All that's left to happen to this guy is for the piano & the anvil to drop from the sky as the road runner and coyote run by. MEEP MEEP!!!!

EDWARDS - He was 6th in the spring race. He's locked into the Chase. Expect a top 10.

BIFFLE - He started way back in the pack and just couldn't get the set up all night. On lap 231 his right rear went down and for a spin he went. 

LOGANO - He's 8th in the standings with 1 W. Barring a really bad night he should stay in the Chase. His team mate Keselowski even picked him to win the Chase. He had a 3rd place here in the spring race. Expect the same or better.

KESELOWSKI - He lost a cylinder here in the spring race near the end of the race. With 22 to go he's black flagged for not making minimum speed. I really don't think he's going to make the Chase. No top 10 either.

HARVICK - Locked in with 2 W's. Expect him to be going for another win. Prognosis very good.

MENARD - Only a miracle will get him in the Chase but expect a top 15 at least.

BURTON - He's been given his walking papers for 2014 but this is a good track for him and I expect a top 10.

MONTOYA & MCMURRAY are starting to get better every week. Don't be surprised to see Montoya in the top 10. He had a 4th here in the spring. He led 67 laps too.

C listers that could help you. Allmendinger will be driving the #47 for the injured Bobby Labonte. Had a 14th in the spring race driving the #51.

Stenhouse had a 16th in the spring race. David Ragan in the #34 is a good bet for a top 25.

Top 15 finishers from the April race - Harvick - Bowyer - Logano - Montoya - Burton - Edwards - Kenseth - Almirola - Kurt B - Dale Jr - Gordon - Johnson - Menard - Allmendinger.

So there's your fantasy help. Good luck and good night......And I'm outta here



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