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Vin Scully announced yesterday that at age 85 he would be back for one more year - his 65th -  behind the mike of Dodger baseball.  The smooth talking broadcaster has been one of the most recognized voices in sports over, well, my entire life of watching sports broadcasting.  He covered a lot more than just Dodger baseball as you will see in the video of this top calls.  He was part of the powerhouse broadcast team CBS assembled for NFL football that included great voices such as Pat Summerall and Verne Lundquist.  Vin Scully did not just describe the action, he painted a picture.   The beauty of the Internet is that you can pick up the Dodger feed through the MLB is worth listening to an inning or two just to hear what a true sports broadcast should sound like.


What to do when your team stinks?  Find entertainment value wherever you can!  This week I spotted the first Eephus pitch that I had seen since Livan Hernandez pitched for the Nationals several years ago.  The pitch has popped up in an MLB game from time to time over the years.  Vincete Padilla when pitching for the Dodgers threw what Vin Scully named the "bubble pitch."  How it is delivered varies from just being an ultra-slow curve ball (like Werth got) to the more looping softball-like pitch of Kaz Tadano...


to my personal favorite, the Steve Hamilton's folly floater....

As a side bar, don't you miss the traditional baseball uniform with the stirrup socks?  I hate the pajama bottom pants players wear today...every time I see a clip from 25 or 30 years ago, I get a little nostalgic for the classic uniforms.


A few notes from the world of sports according to ST...

The Capitals finally signed someone to give themselves some center depth (Grabovski from Toronto).  I mention this only because it prompts me to point out that hockey camps open up in about 2 weeks for rookies and shortly thereafter for the rest of the players.  The new NHL alignment has my curiosity piqued....I am looking forward to the new season that includes the always entertaining Olympic tournament.  

Speaking of kicking things off, I landed tickets to the Monday Night opener for the Eagles - Redskins game!  This will be ostensibly the return of RGIII and the debut of Eagles coach Chip Kelly.  Will he go where few college coaches have gone before and make the transition to the NFL or will he Steve Spurrier on us?  As for RGIII, I am not so sure that I would put him on the field until after the Redskins bye-week (Week 5)...wouldn't a little extra heal time be worth it for the guy you want to lead you to promised land?  

Have a great Saturday - see you next week!


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