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Friday was the last day of school for most of the kids here in Arizona, and it was also the last day of the season for the New York Rangers who got schooled by the New Jersey Devils and lost their series 4-2.  School’s out for the Phoenix Coyotes also, who were absolutely manhandled by the Los Angeles Kings in their series 4-1.  Actually the Rangers and the Coyotes did pretty well this season by outlasting 26 other NHL teams who also failed in their attempts to gain admission to the 2012 edition of the Stanley Cup.  It is all set up now, the Los Angeles Kings will be facing the New Jersey Devils for the right to hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup.  I will be rooting for the Kings; if only for the reason that fellow blogger Ark_Razor has been a season ticket holder for 30 years.  It would be great if Ark could see his favorite team take home their first NHL title.

It seems that the New York Yankees are billion dollar babies.  It is rumored that they are for sale, and they are certainly the most iconic sports franchise in the world.  The Los Angeles Dodgers sold for over two billion dollars last month, so it is easy to visualize the Yankees selling for over the four billion dollar mark. It looks like Alice Cooper might just have to rewrite his hit song to add a few billion more.

Alice Cooper is an iconic figure out here in the desert, having resided in the Phoenix area for most of his  life.  Did you know that I once sold him a new car?  Not only that, I sang a duet with him!  Do I have your attention yet?   I sure hope so.  Here is the story, Paul Harvey style.  Alice came walking into the place where I worked one day, and on a whim I blurted out, “Hi Alice, Welcome to my nightmare!”  I was a Volkswagen salesman at the time.  As corny as I was, Alice laughed and asked my name.  He told me he wanted to buy a powder blue new Beetle for his daughter for her 16th birthday.  When he brought her back to pick the car up, he started singing “Happy Birthday” to her.  I just could not resist, so I joined in with him.  Now you know the rest of the story.

Alice now owns a Chrysler/Jeep franchise here in North Scottsdale now, and he has always been a car enthusiast.  I used to see him every year (I am talking 20 years or so) at the Phoenix Car Show that takes place every year on Thanksgiving weekend.  Alice also owns a sports bar in downtown Phoenix called Alice Cooperstown.  It is near America West Arena (Phoenix Suns) and Chase Field (Arizona Diamondbacks).  Alice is a huge sports fan and a pretty good golfer to boot.  He is certainly a great ambassador for The Valley of The Sun.

Over the years I have had many brushes with greatness while selling cars.  I have met (along with Alice Cooper) Bill Bidwill, Trace Armstrong, Glen Campbell, Robin Yount, Bert Campanaris, Tom Lehman, and Steve Young.  Of this group the only one I failed to sell a car was Mister Bill Bidwill.  To this day I am still frustrated that I could not close the patriarch of the Arizona Cardinals, but that is a story for another post.

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