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   Hello Gabbers, and welcome to this week's edition of Sexy Action Sports Saturday with your old pal IHM. This week, we've got idiocy at the Super Bowl, the little game of football they're going to eventually play, plus a few tidbits from around the rest of the world of sports.

   First things first, every year at media day, someone on one or both of the Super Bowl teams manages to make a complete and total ass out of themselves. This year was no exception. The 49ers were up first, and did not disappoint in the leadoff spot. 49ers cornerback Chris Culliver was asked a question related to former 49er Kwame Harris, who had a pretrial hearing the day before stemming from a domestic violence charge involving a former boyfriend. Culliver was quoted as saying "I don't do the gay guys, man. I don't do that. Ain't no gay guys on the team. They gotta get up outta here if they do. Can't  be with that sweet stuff." The interviewer, comedian Artie Lange, asked Culliver to reiterate his thoughts. Culliver obliged, saying "It's true. Nah. Can't.... be in the locker room, nah. You've gotta come out ten yeras later after that."

  No matter where in the NFL you play, this is just an idiotic statement. But ESPECIALLY being a San Fransisco 49er,.. with the gay community of San Fransisco being so prevalent... just not a good move by this young man. Yeah, he made some half assed apology the next day and made the rounds with that, but this is the kind of thing an NFL player just cannot say, no matter who he says it to. Don't be surprised if this kid just talked his way right out of town by the start of next season.

  His teammate Randy Moss had some idiotic statements of his own, though not as biggoted. He claims that he is the greatest wide receiver every to play the game. Apparently he's never heard of a guy by the name of Jerry Rice... you know, the guy that holds just about every single season and career record at the position? Not to mention the four Super Bowl rings he owns. Look, this was just Moss being Moss, and I get that. But when it comes to the wide receiver position in the history of NFL football, the conversation starts and ends with Jerry Rice.

  Aside from the idiocy that is Ray Lewis, there has been very little noise out of anybody on the Baltimore side. Nice work by the PR staff there! Of course, there is the whole PED thing with Lewis... but everybody seems to be in a big hurry to bury that in order to keep his legend alive and well. I think SFTodd had it right... seems like ESPN will do anything in it's power to keep Ray Lewis in this position of sainthood he's recently attained somehow... and in a few months we'll see him prowling their studios or the sidelines somewhere, making enough money to stay current on his child support for all six of those kids.

  There has also been controversy surrounding the halftime performer/anthem singer Beyonce. Apparently she has been busted lip syncing her recent performance at Obama's second inauguration. Well, for some reason she felt the need to come out an "blow everybody away" by providing a live rendition at a presser. Ooooh... way to turn a minute long song into a three minute piece of garbage. Sorry, just not a big Beyonce fan... or a big Whitney Houston fan either... in fact, I'll just come right out and say that every time you get any kind of R&B performer singing the anthem, it becomes all about them and not about honoring the country. And don't go thinking I'm just against the R&B performers either... I say the anthem should be performed by a local veteran before every single game, whether it's some regular season stinker or the fucking Super Bowl. Fuck these cocky, overrated performers, let a real hero step up to the mic and have a moment to shine, and be recognized for making an actual contribution to society.

  As for the actual game, yeah, they're going to play some football after all that horse shit and the six hours of pregame is over, I'll take San Fransisco 31-23 over the Ray-vens. It's more of a pick because that's who I want to win. If I were picking with my head and not with so much bias because I hate Ray Lewis more than anybody in sports today, I might actually take Baltimore here. Look at the roll they are on since the playoffs began. This should be a great football game folks, so once all the pomp and circumstance is over, hopefully we'll all get a three hour football finale that will tide us over through the rest of the long winter, spring and summer until we get our favorite game back.

  With the recent two week lull in football games, I've actually been watching the Pistons, plus a few other NBA games, recently. I really have to say, this Andre Drummond kid might be the most athletic, best big man in the league someday. He's just 19 years old, so the Pistons likely won't play him much this year... but with some of the numbers he's been putting up in just barely 20 MPG this year, he's shown some major signs of being the best big man of his era, like Dwight Howard and Shaq before him. With an actual distributor in Calderon coming in, I think things will only get better for him. Don't get me wrong, I like Brandon Knight... I just think he's better suited as a SG than as a point guard.

  Which brings me to trader Joe... that's right, I'm about to say something good about Joe Dumars. Yeah, it's been a while. Look, I have buried Dumars on his inability to sign free agents and some of his draft picks in the past. The past three years, he's had quality player fall to where he was sitting on the draft board in Greg Monroe, Brandon Knight, and now Andre Drummond. Now, he was actually able to get someone to take the corpse of Tayshaun Prince, his also emaciated son Austin Daye, and in the end it will free up damn near $30 million of cap space for next year. Plus, we still haven't used our amnesty. Long story short, Dumars has made his best moves making trades, and having cap flexibility makes you an attractive trade partner in today's NBA. Aside from tanking and getting the #1 overall pick in the draft, trade is the only way a team not in New York, LA or Miami is going to bring in a superstar player. Sure as hell isn't going to be free agency.

  With Tayshaun Prince gone and Lions' WR Titus Young apparently on the way out once the Super Bowl is over, this has been a banner year for getting people I can't stand the hell out of town! Earlier last year, I did a post on the four guys I would like to see gone more than anybody in the four major sports here in Detroit. For the Pistons, Prince was the pick, and now he's gone. For the Lions, my pick was Stephon Logan, who is likely on the way out, and Young was a close second, For the Tigers, it was Brandon Inge first and Ryan Rayburn a close second. Both guys are now GONE... and Rayburn is now Beeze's problem in Cleveland! Enjoy buddy. As for the Wings, don't remember who I chose, don't care. Fuck the NHL... I'd like to see the entire LEAGUE gone. So now I'll have to readjust and update my list of people in sports I'd like to get rid of in all major sports. This time around, it'll be a three-team pick, because, as I've stated repeatedly, fuck the NHL.

  So, next week I'll come up with something.. if not, I'll come up with something sometime soon.

  And that's all I have for this week folks. Thanks as always for reading and for any comments you leave on the way out. Enjoy the Super Bowl, as well as the food, drink and comerarade that comes along with it.


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