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Storminnorman's Sports Blog 1-19-12
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I was sitting at my desk wondering what is it is that exactly makes a great blog, is it your feelings about certain subjects, or is it just speaking your mind freely? I really have not in particular to talk about sports wise, I just thought I would come hear tonight and express a few of my feelings about sports in general......

I am kind of new to the blog at the Gab as you all know, even though I filled in for "Hotch" last summer it is still new too me. To me a great blog is the one no matter what you say during your blog, you send your message to the reader to gain the best possible response. I am also glad that I have great mentors at the Gab who chose me for my weekly featured blog, trusting in my ability to find a story or headline and make it happen......

I have to admit that for the first time all season, I sat down and actually watched a Detroit Piston basketball game on television. Hate to admit it, but this is a awful basketball team. I guess they will be adding more pieces to the puzzle in the draft in June, because they will probably be watching the playoffs at home this year just like in the past couple of years.

This blog contains no pictures, because none are really needed for this particular blog. It was just a way of me gaining a little more experience at blogging in general. 

I wonder if Hotch remembers the old Thunder Bay Senators, who dominated the Colonial League for years before they folded. It was 1000 miles by bus from Flint to Thunder Bay, and we were one of the closely located teams in reference to traveling there. They said they entered through the Blue Water Bridge, and drove around Lake Superior to Thunder Bay, it must have been an awful trip because every time the Generals or any other team went there, they usually went home with a couple of losses to take home with them. Not many of those players ever played a game in the NHL, but they are a part of history..........

As I conclude this blog, I ask that if you have any suggestions that will help me get comfortable in this area once again please do not hesitate to offer advice, I am still learning what makes a good blog and am open to suggestions.

Thanks for reading my post.....Norm


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