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There is a pretty interesting series taking place in Detroit this weekend, between the Indians and the Tigers. At the beginning of the season this year, I did envision the Tigers being in first place, but who would have thought the tribe would be there this late in the season?



I like the thought of this series, because this is really the Tiger's true rivalry, I hope it continues in the years to come.



Welcome back Brandon Inge, I sure hope you are here to stay. Maybe after that home run in your first at bat since being recalled from Toledo, you will go on a tear. It seems that the Indians are a little over matched at the moment, but with Jiminez on the mound tomorrow they may be there one chance for a victory.


With football season fast approaching, NHL hockey camps will soon be following. I thought I would pay tribute to "The Beezer," one of the best goalies in hockey during his era. I wonder if he was a Red Wing how many cups they would have drank out of? Not knocking Osgood, Vernon, or Hasek. He was an outstanding goaltender on an average team of stars in New York.





I dug from my archives to take another shot at Ohio State, I was watching "The Herd" yesterday on ESPN U, and Doug Gottlieb interviewed Terrell Pryor's lawyer. I hope some of you can get on ESPN to hear this interview, he defended Pryor like he did nothing wrong by donating his rings for tatoos, receiving money and cars from boosters. It was like all athletes especially Pryor deserved to have their ass kissed. I wish the NFL would have told him he had to sit out a year, instead of 5 games because he will not learn anything from his past mistakes he will just continue to make them. His errors in judgment during his time at Ohio State, because his lawyer thinks that it is owed to him.......



Dear Lebron,


What will happen if you get hurt while playing in China, not that it will matter anyway because you are nothing but a choke in clutch time. Maybe while you are there, you can experience what it is like to man up and win a championship, but I doubt it. You will probably disappear like you have in the past, especially when it counts the most for your team.


One final thought, what if all of the superstars get hurt while playing in other countries, and if the strikes over who will pay those teams for their services and bailing out on them?


Thanks for reading my post!!!



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What the hell was Dave Dombrowski thinking about yesterday when he acquired Delmon Young from the Twins for two guys I have never heard of. Outside of sending a signal to Mag's that this is it brother, he really did not need Delmon.......

If he was going to steal a player from a team, how about a catcher? Geesh, Alex has caught every game it seems like for a month now and could probably use a break but cannot get it due to the leg injury that Martinez has at this time.

But as it normally goes around this time, we stole a good player with a year left on his current deal. It may not benefit the Tigers this year, but who knows, maybe Delmon will return to form next year and earn a contract with Tigers?

Thanks for making another illogical move Dave, if you were going to make a trade with the Twins how bout trading for Pavano? Just sayin..........

Congrats to #25 on hitting number 600 last night, the damn Tiger-killer struck again!!!!! He always seems to get us, he has hit a lot of homers against us over his "Hall of Fame" career.\

Thanks for reading my post

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As I start my weekly blog, I have to say "How bout those Lions," even though it is only pre-season and it was the Carson Palmer less Bengals 34-3 is a whipping even if it does not matter. I know that most of us are preparing for our upcoming fantasy football drafts, but I am actually excited about Lions Football for the first time in quite a while.......

Unfortunately for me, I am still trying to figure out whether or not this team will actually finish this year and win the AL Central. With all of the talent on this team, I should not have to wonder it should just happen......


My grandpa on the left in this picture, was a loyal Tiger and Lion's fan until his death in 1982. He love his Tigers, and never missed a game. He would sit in his room and listen to Ernie Harwell and Paul Carey for 162 games a season never missed a game. He is probably sitting in heaven right now, next to Ernie while he calls the game from their wonderful view of Oriole Park at Camden Yards as we speak. He did not care how awful they were that year, he just loved the game of baseball......

If he is not the CY Young Award winner in the American League, then they need to find other people to vote for this award. He is the best pitcher in baseball period, not C.C. or Roy, or even King Felix. Outside of ERA, he is leading the AL in just about every stat imaginable, and should get the award based on that, not if the Tigers win the Central.........

Is this man ever going to disappear from the spot light or are we going to have to listen to Brent Musberger and good old Kirk Herbstreet apologize all season for his apparent ignorance?

This is for my buds the Beezer, I was not taking a shot at Carson last week as it appeared when I posted my last blog. I was just trying say have a great retirement, because at least you are not playing for an cheap ass organization, who could care less about winning football games as long as Bengal Stadium is still full. Mike Brown reminds me of Bill Ford Sr., only cares about his profit and not his players. The Bengals and Lions will never be champions as long as either one owns their respective teams. The only thing the Bengals actually have to look forward too, is the 2012 #1 pick, because without Carson they may go 0-16, and give Mike Brown who he really wanted Andrew Luck........

Where would the TIgers be without him this year, he is also turning out to be one of the better pitchers in the American League. Breaking Willie Hernandez's 84' record for consecutive saves, and adding to it with each appearance. This leads me to this, if Jim Leyland was a better game manager Fernando Rodney would still be the closer in Detroit. As he does with Valverde, he has a tendency of putting his closer out there in non-save situations and they get clobbered because they are not used to the situation. I am still in shock that they extend Leyland's contract a couple of weeks ago, I am still under the impression that they need to bring in a younger manager and (not Lloyd McClendon) either. It is obvious to me, even if they win that baseball has passed Jim Leyland by, just as it did Sparky before he retired............

Where would the Tigers be without these two this year, behind the Indians, White Soxs and Twins. These two have been fun to watch this year and are the best aquistions Dombrowski has made since he traded for Miguel Cabera a couple years back.

Finally, this is the best wide receiver in the NFL hands down. If Matt Stafford can stay healthy this year, you will see the real Calvin Johnson. The roar is returning to Detroit this year in both the Tigers and across the street at Ford Field. I will make a bold prediction, the Lions will be in the playoffs this year not as a wild card but as the Division Champs............

Thanks for reading my post!!!! See ya next week

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As football season nears, and we prepare to draft for our fantasy football leagues, I have a few opinions on what has transpired since the lockout has ended:

Is anyone out there actually going to miss Randy Moss and his huge ego? I think not, it was a huge slap in his face when the Patriots traded for Ochocinco, and the Jets signed Santana Moss. It should be a wake-up call for him, he was in his time one of the best wide receivers in the NFL, but his pompous attitude, being traded by the Patriots to the Vikings, and then cut by the Vikings; and picked up by the Titan's who did not want his to deal with his ego, even though they probably could have used him. Randy Moss did himself in, hope he enjoys retirement.............

Hey Tony, do you think the fans and reporters in Milwaukee are that ignorant, and could not tell you intentionally threw at Ryan Braun after Albert Puljos was hit in the previous half inning? How could you deny it, it took to attempts by your pitcher to get the job done, give me a break.

I grew up in the era before the DH, where it was a natural thing for a pitcher to seek revenge for one of their teammates being hit. It was call retribution, you hit our star pitcher or taunt them after a home run, and if they didn't hit the next batter, they were waiting for your next at bat to get their revenge. Normally you were eating home plate, or your ribcage had a ball mark on it when you were done.

Carson, I hope you decide to play this year, because you are the only thing standing between the Bengals contending and being 0-16 and drafting Andrew Luck. Mike Brown does not care if you play a down this year, he wants you to be a man and suck it up, and honor your contract. We know you are sick of the ignorant moves within this organization, and we also know that you know the organization does not care about your feelings about losing, I hope you enjoy your apparent but planned retirement...

Mike Shanahan, this is what the city will be doing while your Redskins struggle to win football games this year. You let a good quarterback in McNabb go to the Vikings because you could not put your differences aside. I hope you enjoy struggling to win football games this year. Do you have some alternate plan, the Andrew Luck lottery?

Now that Tiger is back out on tour and doing well for today anyway, I kind of feel bad for all the other players who will not be shown this weekend because he is playing. I wish him well, and wonder how many girlfriends did he have when he stopped in Grand Blanc for the Buick Open. This was the Open Weekend for many years, and this tour spot should be reintroduced on the PGA tour, a lot of good people put time and effort into this week and supported it for many years until the tour pulled the event.......

Thanks for reading my post

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First of all I would like to welcome back the players to practice and the start of the NFL season, I was not looking forward to college football as its replacement this fall. I would also like to reintroduce you to the best wide receiver in the NFL, Calvin Johnson.

How well Calvin and the Lions do, will depend on the health of this person........

If the Lion's want to be successful this year, they had better find someone quick enough to block on his blind side something Jeff Backus seems not to be able to do anymore. I am not saying Backus cannot play anymore, but maybe if he was on the left side of the offensive line blocking Matt Stafford may survive his third season in the NFL, and the Lions can make the playoffs this season.

I would love to see what Matt Stafford really can do for a full season, but as for the mentioned reasons above he may not. I do not think his shoulder can withstand another season, if they cannot pass protect for him. Why do you think Joey Harrington and Jon Kitna left, because the O-line could not block for them.

Joey Harrington and Jon Kitna were not bad quarterbacks, it just seemed like they were running for their lives more often then not when it came to third down passing situations. If you give Matt Stafford any protection whatsoever, the Lions win 10 games and make the playoffs and or win their division.

Packer fans, you won your Super Bowl but the Lions are getting close to challenging for the Division and dominating it with their defense. Has anyone noticed this, Jim Swartz is building the same kind of dominating defense like the one he was used to seeing during his time in Tennessee, Nick Fairly even though a so-called project, will just add more team speed on defense......

I predict in three years you will see the DETROIT LIONS in the NFC Championship game, and on their way to the Super Bowl. I also will state for the record, that it will not be the only time that it will happen........

Thanks for reading my crazy post, full of dreams, as every new sports season brings hope for our teams. I will see you all next week, and no the heat in the Midwest has not eaten away at my brain or common sense..... :O)

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