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Summer Solstice Snooze-Fest Tags: NCAA NFL MLB NBA WNBA NASCAR YATV.

Well well well... It's the first day of 'Summer' here at TheGab.

This bring on a few yearly 'milestones' to look forward to.

For example... No more school buses out and about screwing up your commute to and from work. Maximum construction on every square inch of roadway. Fat guys in Speedo's... SHUDDER... Old dudes in black socks and sandals...

And backyard barbeque's...


Hey look... Wimbeldon... Who cares...

CWS... PINNNG... Switch to wood already before someone else gets killed.

OhioSt... Like I said last time... There will always be evidence.

NFL lockout... Stop fucking around and just sign the papers.

NBA draft is this week... ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Did I just watch SpOrTsCeNtEr and NOT see a single story about LeDouche??? You have got to be kidding me. Scratch that. Pat Riely had to open his mouth.

Hey Cubs... Thanks for rolling over against the Yanks this weekend in 'Inter-League' play. You win the Friday night game and then decide that letting them hit BP off your bullpen the next two game would be fun... The Sunday night game was the MOST baseball I have watched in one sitting this year. Looks like it will be the high point for the season. Thanks for ruining it again, Cubs.

Oh, fuck... That's right... Soccer is in it's pre-round-warm-up-round-robin-play-for-2-years-to-not-qualify-for-World-Cup-play

Fuck off soccer...

...And the WNBA
...And the BCS

Ah, crap... Looks like I have run out of sports to offend...

Wait for it... Wait for it... Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaait for it...

Hey NASCAR... Mix in a right turn will ya! It's starting to get old again. No wonder your ratings are down and no one is in the seats at the track. However, when you DO go to a road-coarse, it is a snooze-fest. Who ever qualifies first or second is most likely going to win.

That's it for me... I got shit to do.

Enjoy your summer Gab!!!



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