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Surprises and Not Really Surprises
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The NBA  has kicked off it's 67th season and there are storylines all over the place.

Not Surprising

I'll start with the team that every NBA hater and part time NBA fan loves to talk about... The L.A. Lakers. 

They have started the season losing 4 of their first 5 games.  ESPN and the rest of the media world have already been inciting panic with numerous articles stating that L.A. fans are and should be in panic mode.  Others say Kobe is fed up (lol).

My beef with this is plain and simple. 

When Nash and Howard joined the Lakers, the whole NBA hating world claimed that this team is a super-team.  The idea behind the hatred was that creating a team in this way creates even less parity in what most people would agree is a league that boasts only a handful of elite teams. 

So now I ask... have you changed your mind?  Do you now get that this team will not run the table and take away the close competition that we, as sports fans, require in order to stay interested?  Yes, Nash is hurt... I know.. but at 38 years old, you have to expect age to catch up with him. 

When all is said and done, I believe this Lakers squad has a chance at winning a title this year... but it's the same chance that any other team has other than the bottom few like Toronto, Sacramento, Charlotte, Washington etc.. have. 


There are some pleasant rookie surprises in the early going.

An injury to Jameer Nelson has opened up a starting opportunity for E'Twaun Moore and he has fully taken advantage of it.  Moore has averaged a very surprising 14 points on a Magic team that is a surprising 2-2 to open their Howard-hangover season that everyone thinks will spell top 5 pick in next year's draft. 

Dion Waiters looks awesome so far.  He hit 7 3-pointers in Cleveland's upset of the Clips last weekend.  The kid can handle the ball and quite simply puts the ball in the basket.  A lot of comparisons to Wade and Eric Gordon floating around.  Kyrie Irving is proving to be unstoppable.  I see Cleveland having an improved record and maybe the 8th spot in the play-offs this year.  That is, of course, barring injuries.

Lillard and Anthony Davis have lived up to billing.  I see one of those two guys as R.O.Y. this year. 

One other mention-worthy event that has happened this week is Sir Charles Barkley announced that he will retire from broadcasting this year.  Of course, Shaq and the crew made a lot of fun of him last night... Shaq brought him Depends and they had a cake and all.  I liked Charles as a broadcaster.  I think the simpleness of his opinions and his lack of fear of reprisal is what made TNT the leader in NBA games.  I hope they replace him with more of the same.

They ran a public poll on what Charles should do with his life after he retires... the winning answer by a landslide was be the GM of an NBA team.  


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