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Happy Thanksgiving to the whole Gab Family my yours be filled with family, friends , food , and Football.

Speaking of Football what great day of it we have today. The Texans and the Lions to start it up. Then one of the best rivalries in professional football the Cowboys and the Redskins which is always a battle. Then we top it off with the Patriots and the Jets sounds like a lot of entertainment on Turkey Day.

Saturday, it gets ramped up more starting of thee game Michigan and Ohio State although not meaning much this year as† in past years itís still a classic. One of my favorites is Florida and Florida State which I think Florida State gets overlooked because they are in the ACC. Then itís the game we all have been waiting for does Notre Dame continue with the luck of the Irish or will they run into a Trojan† Horse in USC . The best rivalry game is Army- Navy† there is something special about that game and what it means. I love the fact they do it a week after all the big rivalries.

I went to the Patriots ĖColts game last week and one observation Andrew Luck is the real thing. This kid is quick smart and a few years He will be the next Brady or Peyton Manning especially if the Colts give him some help. The not so good †Patriots defense stepped up against him but you could just see how good this kid is. You could sense it. There was one offensive play by the Colts really not involving Luck that I have to comment on because I havenít seen it done in a long time. It was a power left where the entire O line shifted after the snap and blocked left.† This was just old school and a play you used to see in College.

Now What we have all been waiting for the Gobble awards for the biggest Turkeys in sports.

5 Gobbles(Is the suspense killing you)

Retailers that feel the need to open on Thanksgiving and the people who actually go to a store on Thanksgiving justifying the retailers. How did we get to this. We don't do to many things right in Massachusetts but at least we have Blue laws preventing this They can't open til Midnight that is with the approval of the local muncipality.

Lance Armstrong ( what a dope literally) The dude lost everything despite the good work he has done with cancer. The denials of being clean mostly the admissions.

The NHL and the NHLPA . Any of us who follow sports know When Gary Bettman and Donald Fehr get involved in anything it is going to be a mess. The NHL finally had a good TV deal and a popular game. Theyw ere finally doing everything right and they just about ruined all the good stuff by having a lockout in the first place. Use the old CBA until you find common ground.

4 Gobbles

Jeffery Loria for lieing to the City of Miami and blowing up the Marlins nuf said.

The NFL- for using replacement Refs. For the first three weeks and realizing these guys were over their heads. The NFL squabbled over peanuts for the regular Refs who keep the game moving and as fans we donít like every call but 98% of the time they are right or have replay to correct them in the moment.

Jeff Gordon for his cry baby antics a couple weeks ago for ramming into Bowyer and the fight into the Pit. Calm down Jeff you were being a tool.

3 Gobbles

The Replacement Refs. This was a dream for a lot of these guys. But you have to officiate at your own level. They didnít have the training. They needed to follow the lead from the D-1 guys who said no thanks. The games were too choppy and there were to many conferences and way too many flags. However, they called the games the way they were taught for High School and small college. I wonít single out anybody like the guy in the Green Bay Game because it was a collective effort.

2 Gobbles

Sabermetrician Keith Law for blasting the writers for choosing Miguel Cabrera over Mike Trout for MVP. The guy acted like he was smarter than everybody else with his numbers. Perhaps Mr.Law needs to get off the numbers and the formulas that are skewed in a manner to make his argument right and look at the practicle aspect of a Triple Crown winner who played a 161 games actually watch what the numbers donít tell you.

1 Gobble

Ray Allen for blasting the Celtics and taking less money to play for the Miami Heat.Because he wasnít happy with his role in Boston . The guy went from Classy to Classless.

Bud Selig just because but damn he avoided labor problems but he did add the playin game. which he will expand.

There you have it. Please feel free to ad your own Gobbles.


High School Football in Massachusetts is huge on Thanksgiving with almost all the teams playing today at 10am. A few played last night. Today we celebrate the 125th playing of the Malden Golden Tornadoes which Iím proud to say I was one for a short while anyway and the Medford Mustangs. This is the oldest continuous† High School Rivalry in the country. Going into todayís game Malden has won 60 times- Medford has won 54, and they have been 10 ties. They will be playing at Malden on their brand new turf field. I was hoping for this game. I ended up a couple of Catholic Schools and a little closer to my house (The F bombs will be flying in this one). A friend and classmate and fellow Official had a chose of† on field assignment in a different league or the Chains at this game he chose the chains and I canít blame him heíll get a JV Fee for it.. he was pretty excited to get it. I was just as excited for him.

Sully were you on Dennis and Callahan yesterday ? †guy sounded just like you

Have a great Turkey Day

Happy Birthday Gab

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