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Happy Thursday , and there really isnít much on my palette for today. I have as much going on as the NHL which as we know is a big naddah. Have any of you notice the closer we get to the Holidays the more the†mollusks and crustaceans of the world come out. People here in Boston just have been awful driving lately. I mean we arenít good drivers to begin with . We donít need to increase that stat.

Monday Night, I went to the Patriots, Texans game I was expecting a Football game not the Alamo. Brady was very sharp and it looked like Matt Schuab never got comfortable in the pocket. I just nevr expected such a one sided game. The results were goods. I did get a text from old friend Mo and once again a few hundred yards apart and we still couldnít hook up. I actually got th text in the fourth quarter really didnít check the phone. The problem a Patriots Game on a week night is traffic. I left work at 3 was home a little before 4 and was on my way to Foxboro by 4:30 got there at &. Itís normally a 40 minute ride.

I was on my way home from work yesterday and I heard a radio ad. For the Celtics pregame before their television broadcast. It said join us for an hour long pregame. So Iím thinking in my little Lanz mind. An Hour pre game and half hour post game show is longer than the game itself. Why do we need this much talk before and after a mid December game? A game that most people even the diehards will forget about by say mid December.

There is a story around Boston that the Red Sox havenít closed the Mike Napoli deal yet. Apparently , there was some issue about his physical. Is this the not so cracked up Red Sox medical staff finding issues that are non issues elsewhere to help the team with an out? .The Napoli deal didnít exactly wow the masses here in Boston.. Who knows but I actually think Napoli† will have decent numbers at Fenway.I also think he will strikeout a lot as well. Hopefully, the figure the deal out and move on.

Saturday, I spent the day at a Hockey Coaches Clinic as part of USA Hockeyís training program.It was on the Bostonís South Shore has opposed to itís North Shore where I live and grew up. Itís two different worlds. The clinic started at 7:30. I left my house around 6 my GPS died on the way. I knew I was close stopped at a local doughnut shop to grab a coffee and get directions. †I was second in line the gentleman before me ordered his stuff and asked the counter person for directions to the local High School.

So I piped up and said say them nice and loud , two guys in the back yell loud enough so we can here them to. Somebody else asked whatís going on and one of the guys in the back yells out were just a bunch dumb lost hockey coaches looking for a clinic. The place cracked up . We all followed each other to join the other 250 guys that where there. I did end up running into my friend George who coaches in our town as well we spent the day together getting Hockey spoken to us. So George at practice last night his team has the ice before us. First thing out of his mouth was that was a long Fucking Day.

Ended up missing lil Lanzís game and middle Lanzís hoop game as well. Speaking of Hoops I assign the Referees to a Youth Basketball program for 5/6 and 7/8th grade boys. As a board we have a group of dedicated and well educated people who work together well. What were we thinking scheduling games at 6 and 7 pm on a Saturday using 15, 16, and 17 year old Referees. I had one kid told me he couldnít Ref Saturday.† Walk in the Gym he is there. Why are you here you couldnít do games. Sorry , I made plans. They arenít doing anything we didnít do on a Saturday night most of are glad they are getting games..But some weeks like last week itís tough to get kids to work.

Thatís all for today.

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