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Hello Gabbers

Wow Itís Thursday again , not sure where the week went but it fly bye. Happy draft day as well. Tonight the NFL Draft and they have put restrictions on teams not to let who they are drafted out to the media before the pick so . SHHHH between you and me now keep this quiet the Colts are going to take Andrew Luck with the first pick. I know Iím not supposed to say that so keep it quiet. Maybe I shouldnít say this but the Redskins are thinking about RG3 keep that quiet as well.

Are you a draft person? Iím not let me know who the Pats took and Iím good to me it's like watching paint dry.. I was talking to a friend at work he loves it. He says if it was in the day he would take the day off. He is taking some post masters classes and said he isnít going to class on draft night. He says itís like Christmas for him. I guess to each there own. Like I say Iíll watch some of the first round but there are two NHL game sevens on tomorrow night.

Speaking about game seven is there anything better doesnít matter if itís the first series

Or the last game sevens are great. Last night my Boston Bruins went down in game seven on a heads up play by the Capitails Joel Ward popping in a rebound with 2:57 left in OT. It was a tough loss for the defending Stanley Cup Champs. But what a greats eries every game was decided by a goal. Give the Capitails credit with there hot Rookie Goalie Brandon Holtby. Tomorrow the Rangers may bow out to the number 8 seed Ottawa as well as zNew jersey and Florida. Itís anybodyís game.

The NHL must be beside itself with 3 of the 4 Eastern Conference series going 7 in the first round. We talk often about parody in the NFL well what about the NHL. Boston, Vancouver, Chicago, Pittsburgh and Detriot are all out in the first round. This is just a wild set of playoffs this season itís been a blast and will continue to be right up to the end.

I was talking to some of our Little League Coaches and the age director for our division and I was saying damn I just love the game of baseball. I love being around it watching , coaching, it and umpiring it. The game is just special. Maybe itís about living in the Northeast once baseball starts itís a sign of good weather and summer is near. Maybe some of our winters are hard itís just away to get back outside doing something fun. I just canít get enough.. I was fortunate enough to get a gem of a High school game yesterday a 1-0 pitchers duel were kids made plays all over the place. I must say the new BBCore bats used in high School Baseball have nade the games in my opinion a lot more competitive. I love when pitchers throw well and players make good solid plays that was the case yesterday. The visitors scored in the first inning and that pitcher settled down. The kid on the other side was pretty consistent. Both kids had a killer curve ball that would hit the outer edge of the plate.. It frustrate the hell out of hitters.

Updates from LIl Lanz

Saturday was opening day it started off with a parade through the middle of our down from the Town common , (I live in New England , Town commons and churches are big here) to the little league field. Every division from TeeBall to Majors and including softball. Itís awesome all the kids in their uniforms waving to parents and grandparents. Who line the streets. The best part of it was the kids walked down Main street and down another Main road that funnels into Main street and the confused look on a line of the drivers in a line of cars trying to get out to I95.

So the kids on my team start waving to these folks† sitting in traffic. The reactions were priceless they kids got some smiles and waves back. They got people looking away and not acknowledging them. They got nervous waves and a few people just looked annoyed. I think one women was pissed when one of the cops on traffic control was waving to the kids. After the parade few pols spoke and to their credit they realized it was about the kids and they kept it short and sweet. After the parade we had the Minor League Tucson Sidewinders playing at 12:15

Tucson Sidewinders had a tough loss to Mohing Valley Scrappers blowing an 8-1 lead and losing in sort of a Red Sox fashion at the end 16-11. It was funny.(Last Night the Sidewinders beatSalem Kieser Volcanoes in a blow out) at 2:30 Major League son had a game for his Blue Jays which Iím the 4th coach on . (basically, I step-in when one of the other 3 guys canít) The guy a coach the Sidewinders with is a coach on the Giants who the Blue Jays played Saturday so it was funny to be together and than being in opposite dugouts. The Lil Lanz's did ok. Minor League Lanz walked once aKíd and grounded out. Major League Lanz Kíd twice walked and was thrown out stealing second.. Jays beat the Giants 1-0..

Thatís all folks enjoy the draft.

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