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Hey Gabbers, itís another Thursday, and Happy Valentines Day.

†we are recovering from Nemo. Some weather person thought it was cute to name the blizzard of 2013. We faired pretty well other than the 27 inches of snow that fell in our town.† Last Friday the kids received an unexpected day off so we reverted to some olde tyme hockey Canadian style. On the lake with the snow falling it was a blast. Got a decent skate in used the human Zamboni††a shovel to clear the ice surface once in while. It was just fun to be outside skating on a decent patch of lake ice

Nemo was a nasty bugger but we didnít loose power which was a good thing. Spent about 3 an haf hours shoveling on Saturday and lots of Ibpurfen afterwards. We got the cars out it was funny the way the snow drifted the cars really didnít get much. There was a riving ban in Massachusetts from Friday afternoon until Saturday afternoon and a parking ban in Boston until Tuesday evening. The weird part is we have had three straight days of 40 plus temps and itís doing a good job on the melting the snow.

In sports

Pitchers and catchers have reported and Iím actually excited about this years Red Sox. I donít think they have enough to be strong contenders but they do have a solid bullpen and a decent rotation if Lester and Lacky are slacking. They are putting the spin on that itís a new year new attitude. Iím liking what Iím getting from John Farrell and he definetly is getting for more respect from the players than Bobby Valentine.

The Celtics seven game winning streak came to end Monday in Charolette after playing three gam es in four nights. The Celtics were spent at the end of that game but had there chances. The talk around here the other nights game against CharoleteThe question †is are they better off without Rondo. They have been forced to play a more unselfish style without Rondo more passing more guys involved. Paul Pierce has gotten two triple doubles on this streak which he hasnít done since Rondo arrived as the regular point guard.

They could have used †Rondo† the other night. I guess when it comes down to it you need the guy that makes everything else work. The Celtics players have gone to great lengthes to say that they certainly do miss Rondo and I think they are being honest when they say it. He is the cog they will rebuild around.

Yesterday, WEEI announced they will be parting ways with the Big O Glen Ordway due to a fall ratings among 25-54 demographic. Basically the show has dropped to 5th in drive time behind the number #1 SPORTS Hubs Felger and Mazz. I always thought both shows were quality and thought Ordway was the most professional of the 4hosts. Ordway does his show with Mike Holley.

Ordway has been around as Celtics play by play announcer †an analyst with the legendry Johnny Most in the eighties .and has been a class act in Boston and he even gave both Felger and Mazz there starts as rotating hosts on his show. Ordway will be sorely missed as I had gained great respect for him meeting him at at Superbowl 38 sitting directly in front of him and having a brief but nice conversation with him about the game. What impressed me the most was that both athletes and media people came down to say hi to him. Ordway made the announcement on his show today that the station has decided to go ina different direction. He did with class and dignity. Weei and entercom has made a huge mistake letting the guy that made WEEI† great sports talk radio in Boston. I wish Ordway all the best.

NHL Update

Zamboniís cleaned the ice

Helmets were strapped on

Guys have crashed the boards

World according to Lanz

How do people with one name file there taxes or sign a check . we had a guy with one name at work and he had to get his check issued† using his one name squared because our check company couldnít process it. So for example instead of Pele It would be Pele Pele on his check. I guess this crap bothers me.

Useless Factoid

Someone asked Dice K why he signed with another American League team . He replied so I can Pitch against Boston. Dice K signed with the Indians and will be reunited with Terry Francona.

LIL Warriors Report

Boys got snowed out this week they were only 1 of 5 games cancelled. All other games were played across all levels. Boys have two games this week and two next as they hold strong in


I'll be away next week looking for a Gabber to fill my Thursday spot. If anybody is interested let me know

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