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The NFL Needs a New Logo
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That should work!

-So the NFL is trying to flex it's nuts again...Apparently they have sent out a memo to all 32 teams stating that if players continue to fake injuries, there's gonna be hell to pay...Talk of suspensions, fines, and possible loss of draft picks...

Who cares that this is something that has gone on forever...But if I was a NFL player, and the league tried to call me out for a fake injury, I'd get my lawyer on the phone, and I'd see their stupid ass in court...Listen Roger Goodell, prove I was faking it, you cock sucking douchebag!

Let me ask you this...What is the most common injury in the NFL???????

Cramps! How the fuck is the NFL going to prove that a player's leg didn't cramp up...Seriously, Goodell, eat a dick!

-People are salty that DeAngelo Hall has made it clear, that he is gunning for Tony Romo's fucked up ribs/lung...He also said he won't go low on Felix Jones, but instead he'll be going high, at Jones' injured shoulder...

Why is this shocking to anyone...Injury reports go out, and now targets are put on those injured players...Football is a violent game, and two teams are trying to win that game..."You play to win the game!" And that includes knocking the other teams top players out, if you can...

-Dunta Robinson has earned a rep for hard hits...Some hits to the head...He just got popped for $40,000 for this hit on Jeremy Macklin...

Maybe, it's high...Maybe there's some collision between the helmets...But football is played on high speed...It's not played in super-slow-motion...HIGH SPEED...Sometimes shit is gonna get rough...

Here's a couple hits from lower level college football...No penalties...No fines...Just good ole hard nosed football...

Did you see dudes mouth piece fly out...Nice!

How about this one..


That's Football kids...Like I said earlier...Goodell, eat a dick!

Later, The Beeze.

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