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I consider it an honor and a privilege to stand in for a friend who has suffered the loss of a friend - something I think we can all relate to.

This should be prime time for me - The NHL playoffs, the NBA season is wrapping up, baseball has just started.  But I'm caught in a funk.  I think the NHL season is too long, as are the playoffs, I couldn't care less about the NBA - particularly this year, a truncated season AND a bloated playoff structure - and the Red Sox kind of suck.  There are other things going on - the MLS season is in full swing as is soccer around the world, the Boston Marathon is run this week - but I'm just not having it.

Did I really see the Pens and Flyers played to an 8-5 game?  13 goals in a playoff hockey game?  I'm not here to rant against the NHL and the bloated playoff system - particularly since Pittsburgh is probably one of the best teams on the ice right now - but it seems to me that 1) Stanley Cups should not be won in June; 2) the league is too big and; 3) what the hell are they doing playing hockey in Florida and Texas?  13 goals would typically indicate a couple of teams that have no goal tending and have no shot at the cup, so why are they even in the mix, but that's not the case here.  I suppose it could be a fluke, but I'm more convinced it has more to do with the whole league making the playoffs.  No offense to anyone, but I'll wait til the next round to get excited.

​The day after the Bruins had been wiped out of the playoffs by the Flyers, I wore my Bruins t shirt - and got hassled for it.  Yet, they win in the playoffs, and the pink hats climb out of the woodwork.  If you're going to hassle me after they lose you don't get to cheer them on when they win.  Sully and I were wondering, how many pink hats would know what I meant if I was waxing poetic about Grapes on the Bruins bench.  

I know this isn't a big soccer site, but on Saturday Piermario Morosini, an Italian  Serie-A player suffered a cardiac arrest during a game and died.  25 years old.  Can you imagine watching a game, seeing a man collapse, and learn later that he had died?  I've seen some messed up stuff, but I've never seen that.

​Monday marks the Boston Marathon and early baseball here in the Hub.  Me? I can't wait...for the baseball.  Running couldn't interest me less.  But I guess enough people are into it to make it worth while, but don't think it hasn't escaped my attention that John Hancock life insurance sponsors the marathon - perhaps they've been paying attention to Italian soccer.  I have a friend or two running Monday, so I'll feign interest,, not so much.  

​My beloved Red Sox are screwing the pooch again.  It's still early, but this IS kind of the way last season started out.  I'm pretty sure as a group they looked at the schedule and said, "you know, we came within a game of making the playoffs last year, so let's just win 1 more game...."  It's brutal. I get a text message after every game, and I have to tell you it gets old reading "the Boston Red Sox have lost to..."  Yeah, yeah.  I know the drill.  

We like to complain about our teams when they sign 90-year old outfielders (can you say Johnny Damon), and I definitely like to complain about the NHL and whatnot, but at the end of the day, its our relationships that matter most.  I know Norman is hurting right now and that kind of hurt doesn't just go away.  Take the time to make sure the people in your life know you love them.  Piermario won't have that chance.  Everything else is just the details - before strapping on your sneakers for the marathon, make sure you let your loved ones know how you feel.  THEN go out and kick ass.

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