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This and That 02/14/13
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Valentineís Gift?? Raiderís covering up?? All this and more in this weeks edition ofÖ

My wife asked me what I wanted for Valentineís day so I showed her this picture:

Now Iím in the dog house. Oh well. At least I can enjoy my Valentineís Day.

You might not have seen this on ESPN, or the NFL website, but the Oakland Raiders are tarping off sections of the Oakland Coliseum to reduce the capacity by 10,000 sets to avoid blackouts. Attendance will max out at 53,200. The Raiders "described the decision as a 'tool' to ensure games remain on local television as well as to promote more of a community and family-friendly atmosphere."

At least the 2-14 Jacksonville Jaguars averaged over 64,500 fans per game and they have 4 sections covered. Well for two of the games they took one section of tarp down and for another game (New England) they took two sections down.

How come the City of Tampa has any major league sports teams in their city? The Tampa Bay Rays were†last in attendance, 19,255 fans per game and they have had a playoff caliber team for the last four years. When they did make the playoffs there were a lot of empty seats. Tampa Bay Buccaneers average 55,102 fans per game which is only 83% of capacity. The only team that people go to are the Tampa Bay Lighting which averages 18,000 fans per game which is 96.2% of capacity.

Is there a dominate college basketball team?? Could it be the Miami Hurricanes?? Indiana?? Duke?? Michigan?? Cuse?? Gonzaga?? Who knows, but one thing is clear, it will not be easy to do this years NCAA Brackets.

Edith Houghton, the first female scout in major league baseball history passed away at the age of 100. Before becoming a scout, Edith played baseball for the Philadelphia Bobbies, New York Bloomer Girls and the Hollywood Girls during the 1920s and 1930s before the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League was formed. She served in the Navy during World War II. Upon returning from the War she contacted Bob Carpenter, Owner of the Philadelphia Phillies and asked to work as a scout. Carpenter was so impressed with a scrapbook Houghton compiled he hired her immediately. She signed 15 players during her career none of which earned a call to the big leagues.

The International Olympic Committee has decided to eliminate wrestling from the Olympics starting in 2020. Iím not going to go into the specifics of why they did it, Average Det Fan did a great job doing that.

Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling (TNA) posted†an article about this incident. They are encouraging fan to take to social media to let your voices be heard. Speak out using #SaveOlympicWrestling and @Olympics

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