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This old 45 RPM keeps spinning
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No one knows if and when MD pays the 50 mil or less for early exiting the ACC. Sports change is difficult for me, and I won't rehash the opinions I've typed ad nauseum about missing Wacky Tobacky road.

As the disco dj's used to say 'the record keeps spinning...round and round".

So while I've noticed that Miami Fla , who joined the ACC less than a decade ago, is running up the men's hoop charts, I've focused more  attention than usual to the Big10, and I've been impressed with the excitement of the Mich/Ohio St and Indiana /Illinois games  and , of course, one can not ignore the Wisky bottles until katy bars the door.


Who doesn't know the Big10 football lore of the Bo & Big House, Woody Hayes, Bubba Smith, Leroy Keyes (Purdue), etc. More recently : Charles Woodson (Mich), one of a few defensive players to win the Heisman, Urban's growing legend in Columbus, Madison, WI maniacs.


in the past few seasons the Big 10 has improved it's lacrosse status and they'll need to get prepared for the Terps, one of the best LAX programs in the nation. During the year I spent at College Park, MD (1977-78) , I heard more "bad boy" bar stories about the lacrosse players than football players.



I'll leave you with one of my favorite childhood 45's. CCR's Fortunate Son

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