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Trust is just a five letter word
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Trust, is just a five letter word


Cuzzin DVT, in his blog the last Friday, asked us to decide which, if we could only follow one of the major sport teams we call ourselves fans of in our region would it be.

That got me to thinking, I chose the NE Patriots without hesitation,

Doug said he would have chosen the Red Sox if he were me.

But if I were him, I’d move to Boston!

We Pats fans can be arrogant, not unlike Yankees fans I guess. Success breeds arrogance.

Sporting success has a lot to do with sporting fate.

It wasn’t keen acumen when Bill Belicheck drafted the skinny slow kid out of Michigan in the 2000 draft with his sixth round pick at #199. The late Dick Raybine gets credit for that. 32 teams passed over Thomas Brady several times each including the five times Bill Belichick passed him by.

It was that move along with Drew Bledsoe’s bad decision to try to out run Mo Lewis to the sideline. Combine that with the “tuck rule” and you’ve got a dynasty.

The mantra became: in Bill we trust.

Trust, what is trust

Noah Webster says Trust is:

1. Firm reliance on the integrity, ability, or character of a person or thing.

Our nation’s currency says, In God we trust. I do trust God, I’m not so sure about our currency!

Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not to your own understanding says Gods word.

I trust my wife, after 27 years I believe she trusts me

I trust in some of my human abilities, I know when to not trust them.

I trust Shorty to hold me up…most of the time

I know some low level elected officials and kinda trust them as individuals but I no longer have much trust in the Federal government overall.

I trust the military to be ready and able to defend our Nation but I’m not too trusting, given recent events, in the leadership to know when to utilize the military.

This isn’t a thinly veiled political rant so back to sports…

The media, both local and national seem to defer to

“in Bill we trust”, spoken by the masses whenever an otherwise questionable personnel or strategy move is made by Bill Belichick.

Some of the Hoodie’s moves have worked… and some have not

From not giving Drew Bledsoe his starting job back in 2001

cutting Lawyer Malloy before the 2003 season because Lawyer wouldn’t take a pay cut for the good of the team.

Signing Rodney Harrison to replace Lawyer netted consecutive SB’s

 trading Richard Seymour to Oakland for a first round pick (that became Sebastian Vollmer)

To letting Super Bowl MVP Dionne Branch head to Seattle

To signing Bengal’s problem child Corey Dillon and trading for Oakland’s problem child Randy Moss and seemingly over paying for Miami’s all purpose kick returner- slot receiver Wes Welker

To passing on 4th and 2 from about his own 20 vs the Colts giving Peyton Manning his winning trip to the SB

To signing guys like Ocho Stinko and Albert Hainsworth while not trying to keep Asante Samuel

To trading up and trading down to trading out to trading back again

To letting Wes Welker go to Denver for relatively short money

To taking the oft-injured Rob Gronkowski in the 2nd round and taking the often in trouble Aaron Hernandez in the 4th.

For being a nice guy to being a jerk

To being loved in the media by Glen Ordway and being hated by Ron Borges

Loved by Peter King and hated by Charlie Casserly (mutual feelings by the way)

BB usually gets the pass on whatever decisions he makes because in his NFL career as a coordinator and as a head coach he’s been to the SB seven times and come away with five rings. Two as Defensive coordinator of the Giants under Duane Charles Parcells and three as the the HC of the NE Pats.

But…The last of those three was way back in Feb 2005 with a win over the Philadelphia Eagles.

The two he didn’t win, ’07 & ‘11 were by a catch and a drop

It wasn’t BB’s fault that David Tyree’s helmet caught that ball (I still cry when I think about that)

It wasn’t BB’s fault that Welker didn’t. (Giselle still cries when she thinks about that)

Bill is a very private person; some of his off field life does get out.

Bill had his Dad, Steve on the sidelines with him for years and now, after his Dad’s passing he has his son, Steve at his side as part of the coaching staff.

He goes fishing with the likes of Jimmy Johnson and Jon Bon Jovi

He lives on an Island…both figuratively and physically

He has made some head scratching out of the tough guy character moves like

Letting Doug Flutie drop kick his way into the record book and letting Vinny Testeverde throw a TD pass in the only game he played that year to set a record of TD passes in 20 consecutive seasons.

He has a failed marriage; both sides blame the other as they always do in failed marriages. I have a failed one… from way back. Wasn’t my fault either!

Bill is loved and adored by some former players, hated by others, respected by others

Ted Johnson has nothing good to say even blames Bill for his multiple concussions,

Tedy Bruschi loves Bill and credits Bill for his many of his successes in the NFL, Richard Seymour hates him, Asante Samuel, hates him, Tom Brady respects him, Corey Dillion loves him, Lawyer Malloy gives Bill the number one salute, Drew Bledsoe is cordial with Bill but hasn’t sent Bill any of his fine wine from his vineyard. Rodney Harrison loves Bill, Ty Law respects his record. The late Junior Seau loved Bill.

And so it goes.

Did these guys trust him?

With game planning they did.

Should a guy that broke the rules and got caught be trusted? Was his huge fine and knock On his record be considered punishment enough…

Patriots owner Robert Kraft and Belichick talked about the taping incident, with Kraft asking how much it helped on a scale of one to 100. Belichick said, “One.”

 “Then you’re a real schmuck,” Kraft said.

Kraft likes Bill, respects Bill, went way out of his way to hire Bill, pays Bill handsomely, honors Bill’s achievements and his place in NFL and Patriots history but as far as trust…has this been restored? how far he can throw him?

Personally, I don’t really trust in Bill’s integrity and character but I don’t personally have to deal with him, I’m just a fan of the team.

But I do trust in his ability to have his team ready to compete this season.

They will win the AFC East.

Probably finish 12-4 if Brady stays healthy

and maybe get to the AFC Championship game.

Maybe win the AFC championship game

And maybe go to the SB again

And maybe, just maybe win it.


Bill will someday end up in Canton as one of the most successful Head Coaches in NFL history. The best decision Bill could make with the rest of his career is to retire with that  skinny slow QB he once took at #199.

I trust Bill and his agent will make the right call on that decision.

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