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Tuesday's Tantrum - 11/13/12
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Welcome to the tantrums, where all I can say is this: America has changed.  Some say the glass is half-empty, others say the glass is half-full.  One final election take, did y’all notice that 0.5% of the folks voted for Roseanne Barr where she was on the ballot?  Hell, in LA County alone, she got over 10,000 votes – proof positive of how jacked up LA is!  I realize that there has to be a protest vote, hell I did it myself, but for the America hater?  Are you fucking kidding me? 

Oh, and one more thing before I get to the sports.  It's a pet peeve of mine, but I've grown weary of people using the term "fave".  The word is "favorites" - stop being so fucking lazy and either type or say the full word.  Do you idiots realize just how freaking uneducated, smarmy, and elitist you sound?  God, I hate that...

Screw it, on with the sports:

Rant #1 – NFL.  Hey Warren Moon, if I say that in my opinion Andrew Luck is better than RG3, does that make me a racist?  Well, TOUGH SHIT!  Andrew Luck at this moment is better, not by much, but better. 

Hey Eli Manning, thanks for effing my fantasy leagues straight to hell.  Any remaining chance I had is now gone.  Douche.

Hey Seattle, thanks for spanking the Jets.

Hey Miami, what the hell was that?  You let Tennessee do you like that in your own house?

Hey San Francisco, did you look past the Rams?  Damn right you did.  Do you respect their defense now?

Hey Raider fan, how do you like that "Commitment to Excrement" that your boys pulled in Baltimore Sunday?  Don't waste my time today on my afternoon drive to school by getting on the radio to talk Raidas.  Just don't do it!  Accept that its gonna take 3-5 years for McKenzie to clean up the mess that is the Raidas. 

Now that Houston/Chicago game should be the type of games NBC has on Sunday Night, not the every other week Dallas shit.

Rant #2 – MLB.   A few weeks ago, it was reported that Bob Costas said he wants to call one season of Minor League ball.  Do it!  You see, there are days where I believe Baseball is better set for smaller and more intimate crowds anyway.  That is what makes Baseball so special, and like it or not, somehow Smilin Smarmy Bob has been woven in as the unofficial spokesperson of Baseball.  Just go Bob.

Rant #3 – CFB  - My Warped Top 25.   Hey SEC, perhaps now you might give a little bit of respect to the Sun Belt.  This is the time of year where you see ranked teams facing “directional schools” prior to their rivalry games.  I don’t care who you are if you do that, you get dropped big time in my rankings (Yeah Bama, Texas A&M, and Florida, I'm looking directly at you).  You don’t do that crap in November. 

  1. Kansas State (1) @ TCU (W, 23-10).  Dominated.
  2. Oregon (4) @ California (W, 59-17).  Cal took ‘em deep, but 35 points in a quarter in a half! 
  3. Notre Dame (2) @ Boston College (W, 21-6).  Nothing mean, I just think Oregon is better.
  4. Texas A & M (12) @ (3) Alabama (W, 29-24).  No way I’m not ranking the Aggies above Bama!
  5. Alabama (3) vs. (12) Texas A&M (L 24-29).  I don’t need to say anything here.
  6. Georgia (5) @ Auburn (W, 38-0).  I don’t trust the Dawgs in big games.
  7. Oklahoma (11) vs. Baylor (W, 42-34).  Could you imagine if the Sooners had beat ND?
  8. LA Tech (9) vs. Texas State (W, 62-55).  A poor man’s Oregon?  Utah State next...
  9. Florida State (6) @ Virginia Tech (W, 28-22).  You had to pull this out in the last minute?  Drop.
  10. Clemson (8) vs. Maryland (W, 45-10).  Zero props for doing what you should have.
  11. Stanford (14) vs. (7) Oregon State (W, 27-23).  One final chance for redemption this season -
  12. Texas (18) vs. Iowa State (W 33-7).  One of two teams holding the key to the NC Game.
  13. South Carolina (19) vs. Arkansas (W, 38-20).  Quality team that just can't get over the hump.
  14. Oregon State (7) @ (14) Stanford (L, 23-27).  Was looking forward to a much bigger Civil War.
  15. Oklahoma State (10)  vs. (16) West Virginia (W, 55-34).  I ranked them way too high in the first place.
  16. Northern Illinois (20)  - Bye.  Next up vs. Toledo.  Hey, they're 9-1.
  17. Nebraska (21) vs. Penn State (W, 32-23).   They won and a lot of teams lost, but they weren't impressive.
  18. Rutgers (22) vs. Army  (W 28-7).  It's Big East, so I'm gonna keep expectations way down.
  19. Utah State (23)  BYE – A trip to La Tech is next week!
  20. Florida (15) vs. Louisiana Lafayette.  Late game win against "lesser conference" = Drop.
  21. LSU (25) vs. (17) Miss. St (W, 37-17).  Miles must have decided to play it straight.
  22. Arkansas State (NR) vs. (24) ULM (W, 45-23). 
  23. Kent State (NR) vs. Miami (OH) (W, 48-32). 
  24. Louisville (13) @ Syracuse (L, 26-45).  Your path to the Orange Bowl just got a lot tougher than it needed to be.
  25. Mississippi State (17) @ (25) LSU (L, 17-37).  Tough three game stretch. 

I see the Ultra Sucky Cheaters were at it again. Deflating balls? And no Trojan Man, I’m not buying that is was a “student manager” who thought clearly enough to do it on his own. What would make him even remotely think about doing that?

Rant #4 – Cougar Report.   Please allow me to introduce you to a certified bad-ass.  His name is Robert Virgil and he plays in the D-backfield for the USF Cougars.  Dude had double-digit interceptions this season and can lay the wood like crazy.  He was a senior this season, and if the USFL gets off the ground, they would be crazy to not look at this guy, same for the CFL who loves to check out players in the Dakotas and Minnesota.

There's another kid who the pros ought to look at and he's their kicker/punter, Brandon Wieking (sp?).  This dude is pretty much automatic, and nailed some 50-plus field goals for the team. 

The Cougars faced off with the Wildcats of Wayne State (NE) in their final regular season game.  Appearing to have no chance for the playoffs and with a slim chance of a bowl game out there, they struggled at first, but ended up with the win.  Note of the game, the Wayne State punter blasted an 82 yarder!  Unfortunately on Sunday, their season ended as they were a bit short of the six teams picked for the playoffs and the one for the Bowl Game.  But for their first season in D-2 from NAIA, Sioux Falls ended up 9-2 and this team left a solid legacy to build on. Great job Cougars. 

Rant #5 – Mustang Review.  The young Mustangs faced the #15 Huskies in the first round of the playoffs and came away with a 42-14 win.  Solid ball control, a run defense that just flat out doesn’t allow the other team to establish their run, and what I believe is solid special teams play.   Next up, they face a team from Sacramento.

Rant #6 – NBA.  Want some examples of why the NBA is so jacked up?  Here they are:

  1. Lack of Intelligence.  OK Basketball nuts, I have a challenge for you.  I want you to get a piece of paper and a pen.  Find it?  Good!  Now with that Pen and Paper I want you to go out and write on that paper your top five NBA players of all time.  Now, look at the paper.  Is there anybody who didn’t have Michael Jordan in their list?  Apparently, John Salley didn’t. Hey John, I know you’re trying to stay “D-List relevant” in Hollyweird, but how stupid do you gotta be to make a statement like that?
  2. Hey Blake Griffin, you’ve got all the talent in the world, you don’t need to be a flopping little bitch.  Of course the NBA won’t do anything about it, yet they’ll send warnings to marginal players on scrub teams.
  3. Hey Laker Fan, you big bunch of pussies.  You roll into Salt Lake to root for your team, get into a pissing match with Jazz fan, get tossed for trying to start a fight, then find same Utah fan in downtown SLC and rather than carry out your threat of a fight, you pepper spray them?  Tell you what Faker fan, try that shit on the East Coast – you know why you won’t do it there?  Because you’ll get the beatdown from hell. 
  4. Mike Brown getting fired after five games?  If I'm Mike Brown, I'm thanking the Lakers for giving me $11,000,000 to walk away.  He didn't deserve the crap he got, and now he can laugh at that train wreck known as the Lakers while relaxing on a beach somewhere rather than dealing with the media douches and being second guessed by two divas.  Yeah Magic and Kobe, I'm talking about you! 
  5. As for the Lakers, this is nothing more than a drama play by the league leaders in drama.  The media’s superstar team started off bad ESPN and the NBA panicked.  Hey NBA, hasn’t that well dried yet?  And Speaking of drama with the Lakers, guess who pops up with his usual fill of unsolicited opinion?  Yep, there's Magic Johnson.   News flash Magic, you no longer play for the Lakers and you are supposed to be an “analyst”.  Check out that definition in your Funk and Wagnalls.  Oh yeah, Kobe Bryant had a hand in this too, and I’m getting to the point where I can’t wait until this guy retires from the league – his diva antics are older than Methusaleh…
  6. DeMarcus Cousins gets suspended for two games for getting into some sort of verbal smack with Spurs color analyst Sean Elliott who was using some choice words about Cousins’ attitude.  DMC is an immature ass to be sure, but why isn’t anything being done about Elliott who escalated the situation?

Hey Magic, if you have to take to Twitter to deny you had anything to do with the firing, including providing a timeline of your activities - I think it's a pretty safe assumption that you had something to do with it.  Your playing days are long gone, you are a businessman, tend to that.

Fuck the NBA, but I admit its gives me some fodder for tantrums down the line.


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