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Tuesdays Tantrum - 12/18/12
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Welcome to the tantrums, where I've had an eventful past few days.  Rob Parker is a douche, I'm raging on crazy asses who attack schools, I went "Mo" and fell off a damn ladder and did some damage to this old fart body, and the house lost power all day Monday.  At least the boys at Anonymous are going after the Westboro freaks hardcore.  Ah, screw it -- I can't add anything else to that stuff, on to the sports:

Rant #1 – NFL.  Random thoughts:

Was that the New York Jets Monday Night?  Steve Young and Trent Dilfer were funny as hell rippin' the Jets franchise.

Was there really a Randy Moss sighting Sunday Night? Ah hell, let's get to the real question --

Do the 49er coaches smoke crack on the sidelines?  If you are blowing out the Patriots 31-3 in the 3rd Quarter with a swarming, dominant defense, then why the hell do you all of a sudden change to a zone/prevent defense?  It’s fucking New England you shit for brains.  I swear Harbaugh’s arrogance and at times borderline incompetence is going to cost the 49ers.  Hey Harbaugh, if Belichick was up 31-3 in the early 3rd quarter do you think he'd step off the gas?  Hell no, he'd step on your neck even harder.  You need to learn that lesson and get a killer instinct.

To those yapping about Peyton and Brady for MVP:  Just STFU and stop knob-gobbling.  Adrian Peterson is the absolute man and 100% deserves the title MVP.  The Minnesota Vikings are one of the true “feel good” stories of this NFL season and to even have the discussion right now about the mere possibility of the Vikes in the playoffs?  Good for them!

Detroit getting bombed by Arizona?  Never in a million years did I see those quitters in Arizona doing that.  Schwartz should be fired for that alone.

Hey San Diego, if you fans don’t have some kind of demonstration after that BEATDOWN from CAROLINA, you don’t deserve a team and I hope Spanos moves that team on ya.

Pittsburgh, what the hell was that?  Losing to Dallas?

I realize that Seattle only destroyed Arizona and Buffalo, but hanging 50 two weeks in a row in the NFL is a big thing.  But Pete Carroll, what goes around comes around.  You didn't like getting the score run up on you - what the hell were you thinking doing this???

Has Miami really won six games and still are in the playoff chase?  That is FAR more than any fish fan had any right to expect.

Rant #2 – MLB.  So, the A’s losing Brandon McCarthy kinda sucks.  Hell of a tweeter, and a rock solid pitcher.  Arizona did a great job here but it makes it that much tougher for the Giants.

Youklis to the Yanks?  Don’t blame Youk, blame Bobby V and the Sawx, they got rid of him. 

Guess Toronto is all in, eh?

Hey Angels, we'll see if spending that much money will pay off for ya. 

Hey Miami, quit the suspense and trade Giancarlo Stanton for a bag of peanuts already and get it over with.  Memo to Florida Marlins ownership:  YOU SUCK THE SWEAT OFF A DEAD MANS BALLS!

Rant #3 – CBB.  I 100% agree with the seven Catholic Schools bailing out of the Big East.  They need to do what is best for them! 

Speaking of the Big Least, congrats to Jim Boeheim for winning #900.   

Rant #4 – D1AA semi-finals.    I didn’t get to watch North Dakota State, but I understand they barely won.  But Georgia Southern fans, for you to talk about NDSU having ugly chicks are your only comeback?  Lame.  Your boys lost because they didn’t have a kicking game, so shut up.  Oh and that Alabama smack was rich too.  You guys hung with Georgia for awhile, what makes you think NDSU couldn't hang with the Crimson Flow (oops, I meant Tide - sorry!).

January 5th it’s North Dakota State vs. Sam Houston State in Frisco Texas for the NC.  The Bison have been struggling a bit and in reality it’s a damn home game for SMSU.

Rant #5 -  D2 Championship. Valdosta State took home the D2 National Championship with a 35-7 victory over Winston-Salem State. 

Rant #6 – NBA.   The Big Fundamental (aka Quiet Man) is having a heck of a season for an old guy.  As a youngster, I have always had an affinity for the San Antonio Spurs, and I’m talking back to the 1970’s.  I’m conscious of what the NBA is, but I really enjoy watching this team defy the odds year after year and not only be successful on the court, but off the court as well.  I know my Tuesday Brotha ain't got a whole lotta love for the NBA's "Silver and Black", but I'd rather root for the Spurs then deal with the obnoxious Fakers, or the New York Spike Lees (err, Knicks).



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