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Tuesday's Tantrum - Super Bowl Edition - 1/29/13
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19 years.  19 long long years we 49er fans have waited to see a February game that involved the team we love so much.  On Sunday they have a chance to break the tie with Dallas and match Pittsburgh in having six Lombardi trophies in their trophy case in Santa Clara.  All they have to do is get by Felbers Baltimore Ravens.

I honestly believe that when you put all the ignorant BS media-driven hype to the side and look at the game and matchups objectively, that this really does have the potential to be one of the greatest Super Bowls of all time.  Speaking of which, what are your best five Super Bowls of the past?  For me:

  1. Super Bowl 43 (Pittsburgh/Arizona). 
  2. Super Bowl 13 (Pittsburgh/Dallas).  How do you not put this game up there?
  3. Super Bowl 44 (New Orleans/Indy). Who called that Saints win?
  4. Super Bowl 25 (Giants/Buffalo). Red, White, and Blue and one helluva game!
  5. Super Bowl 36 (New England/St. Louis). Don’t get much better than that! 

Honorable Mention: Super Bowl 23 (SF/Cincinnati). Absolutely incredible game.

Super Bowl 47.  The more I think about this game, the more I get excited.  Not just because it’s the 49ers, but because of the potential matchups out there.

  1. 49er Offense.  I love the Read-option, but Baltimore is veteran enough that they should be ready for it.  Frank Gore is great and an effective weapon, but if I’m the coach I’m drawing up some plays for LaMichael James that utilize his speed and having my tight ends take a LB away from the rush by running ten yard outs or something.  Spread Baltimore's defense thin!  Something tells me that the Tight Ends will be huge, but the wild card here will be Randy Moss – he may not have lots of yards, but he’s going to have an impact, and if you haven't noticed, his production has gone up each week of the playoffs.  Kaepernick has a tendency to throw extremely hard and at times it causes his recievers to drop balls.
  2. 49er Defense.  The defense hasn’t played well of late, but the D-Line should be able to slow the run game, or at least keep it at average.  Forget the zone and bring the heat with LB’s from the outside to try to rattle Flacco and force Rice to stay in to block.  The DB’s have to stay tight on the WR’s and not give up that eight to ten yard cushion off the line of scrimmage - let the safeties do their job. 
  3. Raven Offense.  Obviously, Flacco is going to take his shots down the field, and he’ll hit at least three bombs to the right side of the field, probably to Torrie Smith.  If the 49ers go man-to-man on the WR’s, Flacco is going to be looking for Pitta in the middle of the field.  Bowman had better be ready and stick to Pitta like glue.  But then again, Ray Rice has been a lot more quiet of late, and he could be Baltimore's biggest weapon.
  4. Raven Defense.  Does Baltimore run eight or nine in the box and dare the 49ers to throw?  The Ravens are going to lay the wood if Kapernick goes down field, and that’ll cause some 49er alligator arms in the second half.  They’ll control the 49er running game for the most part, but that read-option could be a distraction that if focused on too heavily will open up the 49er offense.  Can Ray Lewis handle that varied offense?
  5. Special Teams:  This game could very well come down to this.  Advantage Baltimore by a country mile.  If this game comes down to FG kickers, Baltimore is going to win!  As for the return game, I've seen what Baltimore can do and they are dangerous.
  6. Coaching:  Seems to me that John Harbaugh is far more relaxed than Jim, and I wonder if that'll help Baltimore?  I also keep wondering which Harbaugh is going to come up with the surprise? 

Because I have a dog in the fight and I believe in karma, no prediction from me other than this will be a great game.

Other NFL.  

  • Hey Pollard (Ravens), if the NFL falls apart in 30 years, it'll be because of irresponsible dumb asses like you who lay hits that lead to further lawsuits that cause owners to quit trying.
  • Really Jay Ratliff?  Really Dallas Cowboys?  My man Jeff is absolutely right.  Memo to the Dallas Cowboys, DISCIPLINE is, uh, never mind Jerry Jones, you wouldn’t understand.
  • Is there anybody who has fallen further and faster than Tony Sporano?  Head Coach at Miami to OC of the Jets to O-Line coach for the Raiders. 


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