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Turkey On The Hot Stove
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Well folks, we've managed to roll off of the couch from our turkey-induced slumbers. Some of us will be no doubt be braving the mobs today in order to score some "once-in-a-lifetime" deals, while others of us will stay home out of the sheer contempt for everything that is Black Friday.


For that latter group, it makes sense to keep with the Thanksgiving spirit and keep on cooking, this time putting aside the turkey and giblets in favor of free agents, trades, and non-tenders. That's right, it is time to once again fire up the Hot Stove.


- The New York Mets are said to be considering the possibilities of trading either David Wright or R.A. Dickey, or both. The moves are dependent upon the suddenly fiscally conscious Mets signing the two stars to club-friendly, long-term deals. If they cannot get one or both of them signed in the near-term, then they'll proceed with shopping them this winter in order to maximize any sort of return. Wright would obviously bring the bigger package, playing a premium position and being nearly a decade younger than Dickey, but winning a Cy Young may have moved Dickey's value to a point where the Mets would be stupid not to move him.


- Boston's signing of Jonny Gomes was an odd one. The Red Sox committed 2 years and $10 million to a defensive-liability who will need to be platooned in left field. The offer was nearly twice what the Athletics had offered Gomes, but given Boston's suddenly open payroll, they could outbid any other bidders. Still, it is likely a much lower cost than Boston would have had to pay to retain Cody Ross in 2013.


- Speaking of trading stars, there is still a major fall-out after commissioner Selig approved the deal between the Marlins and the Blue Jays that essentially sent every player with a pulse to Toronto. Every player that is, except for Giancarlo Stanton. Now the media is calling for the Marlins to move Stanton as well, citing the Herschel Walker deal as the sight of possible returns that Miami could expect. Truth be told, if the Marlins are resetting, there is no better way to get a head start on it. Plus, they already pissed off Stanton with the deal that sent Jose Reyes, Mark Buerhle, Emilio Bonifaccio, and Josh Johnson to the Blue Jays. How much more would he be irritated if they moved him too?


- The Seattle Mariners are hoping that a class of solid young starters close to the majors, an increase in their payroll budgets, and moving in the fences at SafeCo Field are a recipe for luring a high-priced free agent to Seattle this winter. The Mariners are said to be deeply interested in Josh Hamilton and are also prominent in the bidding for catcher/DH Mike Napoli. Both would give welcome power to a team that has failed to score runs consistently. Hamilton would also bring star quality to a team that, after the loss of Ichiro Suzuki at the trade deadline last season, completely lacks a marketable star.


- The 3-year. $25 million contract signed by Jeremy Guthrie with the Kansas City Royals is another sign that pitching is at a premium this winter. The 33-year-old Guthrie is an innings-eater who pitched well after being acquired from the Rockies last season, but he is no expert's vision of a $8 million starter. This deal is reminiscent of the contract KC handed out to Gil Meche a few years back, which at the time looked like a reach for a similar pitcher that needed some incentive to come to Kansas City and pitch. 


- Finally, in a gesture of good faith, Tiger's pitcher Rick Porcello traded his uniform number 48 to newly signed Torii Hunter. The key to the deal? Hunter has to a make a donation to Hurricane Sandy relief funds. Porcello is a native of New Jersey, a state that is still reeling from the effects of the hurricane. 

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