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WWE 2012 Royal Rumble results - surprise, surprise??
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Last Night the WWE held their Royal Rumble PPV from the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri. Here are the results of the PPV:


WWE World Heavyweight Championship - Steel Cage, Triple Threat Match
Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Big Show vs. Mark Henry

Winner and still WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Daniel Bryan when Bryan climbs to the top of the cage. The Big Show follows him. The Big Show puts a choke slam on Daniel as Bryan is hanging over the side of the cage. Bryan hits Big Show on the arm, slips out of the grip and falls to the ground.

WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix, Natalya and The Bella Twins vs. Kelly Kelly, Eve, Alicia Fox and Tamina

We start with Natalya and Tamina. The two exchange shots and chest chops. Tag to Eve who connects with a standing moonsault. Tag to Beth Phoenix. Eve catches Beth with a kick to the face and jumping clothesline. Beth gets her knees up when Eve attempts a flip dive. Tag to Nikki Bella who chokes Eve. Tag to Alicia Fox who hits a clothesline and dropkick combos to Nikki. Nikki drops Alicia down face first and works over her with a choke. Tag to Kelly Kelly who takes out Nikki with a facebuster. Kelly with her twisting head scissors takedown. Kelly with another facebuster and Brie breaks it up. All of the girls being brawling. Kelly goes up top, jumps and takes everyone out in what Cole calls "Diva Dominos." Beth tags herself in big time and connects with the Glam Slam to get the win.

Winners: WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix, Natalya and The Bella Twins when all the Divas are outside the ring except Kelly Kelly. Kelly goes to the top of the ring and dives out to the floor on top of everyone. She takes one of the Bella’s and tosses her back into the ring, but Bella turns it around and throws her into one of the ropes. Beth tags in and hits Kelly with the Glam Slam, putting her down for the three count

John Cena vs. Kane

Winner: Double Countout when Kane kicks Cena out of the ring. Kane follows Cena and they both take the action outside the ring. Both get counted out. They go backstage area as Kane slams Cena down face first over a production box. Cena tosses Kane into a few trash bins. Kane grabs a chair and drives it into the gut of Cena. Kane cracks it over his back and then gets in one more shot to the head. Kane sees Zack Ryder's room and kicks down the door. Kane uses his hand to suffocate Ryder and then rolls him out of the room in his wheelchair. Kane wheels Ryder back inside the arena and dumps him near the ring. Kane tosses Ryder inside the ring and Eve runs in trying to get Kane to stop. Kane picks up Ryder and connects with a Tombstone Piledriver as Eve drops to her knees in shock. Cena hits the ring and starts throwing rights at Kane. Cena attempts an AA, but his back gives. Kane with a chokeslam on Cena. Kane leaves the ring smiling as Eve attends to Ryder. WWE officials hit the ring to check on Cena and Ryder. Ryder is put on a stretcher as Cena sits up looking on upset.

Brodus Clay vs. Drew McIntyre

Winner: Brodus Clay as McIntyre goes on the offense by putting Clay into a corner and starts hitting him with fists and then a corner clothesline. Clay just smiles and performs an overhead suplex and corner splash on McIntyre, then Clay hit’s the “What the Funk” for the pin.

WWE Championship
Special Guest Referee: John Laurinaitis
CM Punk (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero

Winner and still WWE Champion: CM Punk as Ziggler hits Punk with a GTS and pushes punk into the referee pushing the ref outside the ring, Punk gets the Anaconda Vice locked on but there is no ref as Ziggler is tapping out. Punk yells at Laurinaitis who is attempting to check on the ref. Ziggler and Punk go back and forth with various moves. Punk hits Ziggler with a GTS, hooks his legs and the ref is nowhere for the count and is trying to recover outside the ring. Punk yells at Laurinaitis saying “the next GTS is for you clown shoes.” Punk has Ziggler up for another GTS, but Ziggler counters in mid-air with a Fameasser. Ziggler almost gets the pin. Punk sends Ziggler into the corner and connects with a GTS. Punk covers Ziggler and the ref and Laurinaitis count the three count together.

30-Man Royal Rumble Match

#1: The Miz
#2: Alex Riley
Riley charges and Miz holds down the top rope.
Alex Riley is eliminated

#3: R-Truth
#4: Cody Rhodes
#5: Justin Gabriel
#6: Primo
Miz tosses Truth over the top rope.
R-Truth is eliminated

Truth pulls Miz out of the ring and eats part of the floor. Miz is still in the match.

#7: Mick Foley

Foley tosses Primo over.
Primo is eliminated

#8: Ricardo Rodriguez
Foley and Ricardo toss Gabriel over.
Justin Gabriel is eliminated.

#9: Santino
Santino gives Ricardo a wedgie and tosses him over.
Ricardo Rodriguez is eliminated.

Santino takes out his Cobra and Foley takes out Mr. Socko. We get a stand off as time expires.

#10: Epico
Foley with Mr. Socko to Epico and tosses him over the top rope.
Epico is eliminated
Rhodes tosses Santino over.
Santino is eliminated
Foley with Mandible Claw to Miz. Rhodes tosses Foley over.
Mick Foley is eliminated

#11: Kofi Kingston
#12: Jerry "The King" Lawler
Rhodes tosses Lawler over.
Jerry "The King" Lawler is eliminated

#13: Ezekiel Jackson
#14: Jinder Mahal
#15: The Great Khali
Khali tosses Mahal over the top rope.
Jinder Mahal is eliminated
Khali sends Jackson over the top rope.
Ezekiel Jackson is eliminated

#16: Hunico
#17: Booker T
Kingston is nearly eliminated with his hands on the floor. Miz pushes his legs up and Kingston headstands across the floor and lands his feet on the steel steps without touching the floor.

#18: Dolph Ziggler
#19: "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan
Rhodes tosses Duggan over the top rope.
"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan is eliminated

Booker T and Khali are tangled along the ropes when several wrestlers toss them over.
Booker T is eliminated
The Great Khali is eliminated

#20: Michael Cole
#21: Kharma

Kharma levels Cole. Cole climbs over the top rope and both Booker and Lawler pull Cole out.
Michael Cole is eliminated

Ziggler yells at Kharma to get out. Kharma double hooks Ziggler and gives him a huge facebuster. Kharma tosses Hunico out.
Hunico is eliminated
Ziggler tosses Kharma out.
Kharma is elimianted

#22: Sheamus
Kingston is tossed out by Sheamus.
Kofi Kingston is eliminated

#23: "Road Dogg" Jesse James
#24: Jey Uso
#25: Jack Swagger
#26: Wade Barrett
Barrett tosses Road Dogg out.
"Road Dogg" Jesse James is eliminated

#27: David Otunga
#28: Randy Orton
Orton tosses Jey Uso out. RKO on Barrett. Barrett is gone.
Jey Uso is eliminated
Wade Barrett is eliminated

#29: Chris Jericho
Jericho tosses out Otunga.
David Otunga is eliminated

#30: Big Show
Big Show helps Swagger get tossed out.
Jack Swagger is eliminated
Big Show tosses Miz and Rhodes out.
The Miz is eliminated
Cody Rhodes is eliminated

Big Show tosses out Ziggler.
Dolph Ziggler is eliminated

Orton tosses out Big Show lifting him over. Jericho tosses out Orton.
Big Show is eliminated
Randy Orton is eliminated

We are down to Chris Jericho and Sheamus. Sheamus yells, "Come on fella!" Lock up and Sheamus drops Jericho. Sheamus tosses Jericho to the corner attempting to toss him over. Jericho is holding on to the bottom rope. Jericho kicks Sheamus away. Jericho with a missile dropkick. Sheamus with a backbreaker over his knee on Jericho. Jericho counters a powerbomb attempt and clotheslines Sheamus over. Sheamus holds on. Jericho with a dropkick to Sheamus. Sheamus is clutching to the bottom rope. Sheamus with a springboard shoulder block taking out Jericho. Sheamus tries tossing Jericho over. Jericho hangs on and elbows Sheamus. Sheamus catches Jericho with a high elbow. Jericho drops Sheamus and gets the Walls of Jericho locked in. Jericho breaks the hold. Sheamus gets to his feet. Sheamus tosses Jericho over. Jericho holds on with his feet nearly touching the floor. Jericho sends Sheamus into the corner. Jericho is getting up on the top turnbuckle. Sheamus is attempting a superplex. Sheamus falls off crotching himself on the top rope. Sheamus nearly eliminates himself, but holds on. Jericho rolls in. Jericho with the Codebreaker on Sheamus. Jericho with right hands to Sheamus against the ropes. Jericho has Sheamus hanging over the top rope. Jericho slaps Sheamus repeatedly. Sheamus pushes Jericho away. Sheamus catches Jericho, tosses him over and Jericho again nearly gets eliminated hanging on. Jericho stands up and Sheamus catches him with the Brogue Kick to eliminate Jericho.

Winner of the 2012 Royal Rumble: Sheamus

I will say that this wasn’t the best PPV nor was it the worst. Remember this was the 25 anniversary of the Royal Rumble and Hacksaw was the winner of the first one. CM Punk versus Dolph Ziggler was good, while the Cena versus Kane was fast paced and action packed.

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