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Week 7 Top 25 and Commentary
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Iím posting this way too late for as many people to reasonably see it and read it as I would like, but I have too many things to post (I used my time with the internet down to write a few potential blogs) to wait another day.

As I anticipated, LSU is the #1 for real now. Although I have had them #1 subjectively since pre-season, they were 4th in my first mathemetical ratings and 2nd last week. The Tigers did face a slightly better team last week than #1 Alabama had, but the main difference was the amount of credit LSU got for beating Oregon. The Ducks did not count very highly as an opponent until their win over Arizona St. on Saturday.

I donít factor in margin of victory, so LSU was in a similar position in my ratings at this point last year, but this is much different from LSUís 7-0 start last year. LSU has won by 13 twice and won the other games by 26 points or more. In last yearís 7-0 start, LSU won 4 games by six points or fewer and none by more than 24 points (not even McNeese St., whom they beat, 32-10). This is the first time the Tigers have had back-to-back 7-0 starts since 1972-73. Last year was the first 7-0 start since 1973, although the Tigers did start 7-0-1 in 1982 and 1987 (the most recent season of which I have no specific memory). This is the first year in LSU history that the Tigers have started 5-0 or better in three consecutive seasons. LSU also started 7-0 back-to-back in 1958-1959 as part of a 19-game winning streak, which was ended in Knoxville. In LSUís other human-poll national championships, they started 5-0 (2003) and 6-0 (2007), respectively, before losing.

On another note, I noticed that LSU is now only 16 points behind Oklahoma in the coachesí poll. Alabama is only 23 points behind the Sooners. Oklahoma led by 25 and 35, respectively, last week. Not that it really matters at this point, because the undefeated winner of LSU/Alabama and/or an undefeated Oklahoma team would seem to be automatic for the BCS title game.

Back to my ratings, #3 through #6 are very close to one another. I wouldnít worry about Boise St. being #3 for very long. The Broncos play Air Force next week and may hold their position, especially if Texas Tech upsets Oklahoma, but I expect Boise St. will be passed up by several teams during the following two weeks. Week 9 is a bye week, and Week 10 is UNLV, which is one of the worst teams.

As for #7 to #10, donít expect any of the four to make any waves next week. Kansas St. plays Kansas (one FBS win so far), Virginia Tech plays Boston College (no FBS wins so far), and Michigan and South Carolina both have bye weeks. K-State does have a chance to prove themselves (or get exposed) against Oklahoma in the following week, while the rest of the group will have a mediocre slate (Purdue, Duke, and Tennessee, respectively) yet again.

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