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Werewolves Of Phoenix
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A funny thing happened to the Phoenix Coyotes as they begin easing their way out of Arizona.  They won the Western Division Championship and they have just won the first game of their first round playoff series with the Chicago Blackhawks.  It would be great if the Coyotes could win a series or two on their way out of town to either Seattle or Quebec City or to Infinity and beyond or even to parts unknown.  But are the Coyotes really moving?  Rumors are persistent that a 23rd hour buyer has been found that would keep the team in the desert.  Wherever the team ends up, you have to give the Coyotes credit for ignoring the fact that they have not had an owner for three years.  Whoever buys them will be getting a very good young team with a great coach in Dave Tippett. 

Although the baseball season is only about a week old, it appears that the Los Angeles Dodgers are the new bad boy in the NL West and may be ready to step to the forefront of the National League.  What a difference is apparent in the teams’ attitude since Frank McCourt sold the team, and I am sure that the Dodger fans are smiling on the sudden reversal of fortunes.  With players such as superstars Matt Kemp and Clayton Kershaw leading the team, things are looking bright in Southern California.  But are things really looking that bright in SoCal?  The LA Angels appear to be stumbling out of the starting block, and the San Diego Padres seem the worse for wear in having faced only the Dodgers and the Diamondbacks thus far.

The annual NFL Football Draft is nary a fortnight away, and 26 elite college players have been invited to New York City to attend the extravaganza.   It really is amazing how the NFL can generate so much excitement over a simple college draft smack dab in the middle of their offseason with nearly 4 months to go before the football world comes out of hibernation.  I must admit that to me the NFL draft, no matter how slow and drawn out it may be, is “must see TV”.  I will be there rooting my team (Cardinals) on and also my favorite college players, who have been dreaming of someday, someway becoming NFL players.

I have talked about the NHL, the MLB, and the NFL, so I feel compelled to talk about that other “major” sport.  You must know the lame sport that I am talking about.  That would be the rigged NBA, the same NBA that I would have been happy doing without this season.  My opinion having been articulated, go Bulls, Thunder, and Spurs, and fuck the Lakers and the Heat.   I have just named the only teams capable of winning the NBA title this season.  The other 25 NBA teams are merely fodder.  You may wonder why I even mention the Lakers, who are obviously not as talented as the other four teams capable of winning the NBA title.  It is because David Stern and his cronies will rig the whole playoff thing in the Lakers favor so that, if my most bad boy player in the NBA Kobe Bryant plays well, the Lakers will make it to at least the Western Conference Finals.  I have learned to stop fighting the quirks and corruption of the NBA, and to just ignore the whole sordid affair.   Until next week sports fans, feel free to comment on your way out.

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