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Wrestling WWE's Survivor Series PPV results
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Last night the WWE held their 2011 Survivor Series from Madison Square Garden, New York, New York. Here are the results of the PPV:


In a dark match Santino Marella beat Jinder Mahal with the cobra.

WWE United States Championship Match
- Dolph Ziggler (c) w/Vickie Guerrero vs. John Morrison

Dolph Zigler retains his title when Morrison goes for the starship pain, but Ziggler gets his knees up and Morrison crashes into them. Ziggler connects with the Zig Zag and getting the three count.

Just a note: During this match the fans were chanted we want Ryder, as he is from Long Island. He did come out, after the match, and Ryder and Ziggler went at it. Dolph left the ring and the crowd gave a woo woo woo for Zack.

Lumberjill Match for the WWE Divas Championship
- Beth Phoenix (c) w/Natalya vs. Eve

Beth Phoenix retains her title when both ladies climb to the top rope, and Beth grabs eves arm and delivers a glam slam from the top rope and gets the pin.

5-on-5 Traditional Survivor Series Match
- Team Orton (Randy Orton, Sheamus, Mason Ryan, Kofi Kingston & Sin Cara) vs. Team Barrett (Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger, Hunico & Dolph Ziggler)

Here are the order of elimination:

Dolph Ziggler is eliminated when Orton hitís the RKO and pinning him.

Sin Cara is gone (not eliminated) when team Barrett were outside the ring discussing the situation, Kofi and Cara go over the top rope at almost the same time. Caraís dive looked bad and just didnít look right. He looked hurt and trainers tended to him and said Cara canít compete.

Mason Ryan is eliminated by Cody Rhodes when Cody hitís the disaster kick and cross Rhodes for the three count.

Kofi Kingston is eliminated when Barrett connects with the wasteland and Kofi is counted out.

Sheamus is eliminated (actually disqualified) as he has Swagger pinned to the corner and he is pounding on Swagger. The ref asks for the break and Sheamus doesnít listen so the ref call DQís Sheamus.

Jack Swagger is eliminated when Sheamus, as he is leaving hits Swagger with the bicycle kick, Orton (who has gotten the crap beat out of him, and you can tell) crawls back into the ring and gets the three count on Swagger.

Hunico is eliminated when Hunico come at him with a springboard move, but Orton connects with the RKO and the pin.

Orton is eliminated when Barrett hits Orton, who was distracted by Rhodes, with a wasteland and gets the three count.

The winners Team Barrett and the survivors were Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes

World Heavyweight Championship Match
- Mark Henry (c) vs. Big Show

Winner, via DQ, The Big Show when The Big Show goes for the WMD, Mark Henry hits him with a low blow.

Note: during this match fans are chanting Undertaker, when The Big Show does a super kick, the fans are chanting HBK, and when The Big Show does an elbow drop from the top rope, the fans are chanting Randy Savage.

WWE Championship Match
- Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. CM Punk

CM Punk has his own personal ring announcer and out comes Hall of Famer, Howard Finkel to introduce CM Punk.

The winner and new WWE Champion CM Punk when he puts the anaconda vice on Del Rio. Alberto scratches and claws at Punkís face, but he finally taps out and Punk gets the win.

The Fink is back out to announce Punk as the new Champ while Punk takes a dive into the crowd to celebrate.

Tag Team Match
- The Rock & John Cena vs. The Miz & R-Truth

The Awesome Truth come out first. The Cena comes out to an unfriendly welcome at Madison Square Garden. Then the Rock come out and MSG is Rocking.

During this match Cena is getting the crap beat out of him to the delight of the crowd.

Very little ring rust for the Rock.

Okay here comes the endingÖ.

Miz is punching and kicking at Rock, but Rock connects with a spinebuster out of nowhere. Rock walks around Miz's body toward his head. He reaches up and pulls off his elbow pad before delivering the People's elbow. Rock goes for the pin, and this one is over. As the Rock and Cena win.

Rock celebrates in the ring, posing in the corners. Cena applauds Rock as he makes his way toward the back. Rock calls for the crowd to quiet down, and his music to stop. He doesn't look too happy with Cena clapping for him. Cena makes his way back into the ring. Cena poses on the turnbuckle, but gets nothing but heat for it. Cena comes back into the ring, and he and Rock have a few words.

Rock goes up to the corner to pose again, getting a ton of love from the crowd, but when Cena goes up he gets a ton of heat yet again. Rock shakes his head at Cena. Rock says he wants to do this one more time, so he tells Cena to watch him. Rock goes up to another corner to pose again, and the crowd loves him.

Cena and Rock stand face to face in the ring and have words. Cena goes to leave, but Rock plants him with a Rock Bottom. Cena rolls out of the ring and a ways up the entrance ramp. The PPV ends with Rock staring down Cena.

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