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Wrestling Wednesday
Category: Wrestling
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I hope everyone liked last weeks story on the four horsemen.

Rumor has it, Kelly Kelly is dating NHLís Dallas Stars defensemen Sheldon Souray.

Chyna wants to wrestle for the WWE.

Chris Jericho is now stating he doesnít want to wrestle for the WWE.

Mick Foley has been in Europe with the WWE and also showed up on Monday Night Raw.

Christian will be out of the Survivor Series this Sunday due to a high ankle sprain.

Does anyone watch TNA??? If so what do you think of the show/brand??

Wrestling Wednesday
Category: Wrestling
Tags: WWE Wrestling Mic Foley Barry Windham Maryse Evan Bourne

Barry Windham suffered a massive heart attack and is in intensive care.

Maryse was release by the WWE.

First he was returning, then he wasnít, then he was, now it looks like Mic Foley will not be appearing on Raw on November 14th this was suppose to be Rockís reunion with Mic. Rumors have it that they want to keep Micís return as surprise.

Evan Bourne has been suspended for 30 days for violating the WWE wellness policy.

Wrestling Wednesday
Category: Wrestling
Tags: WWE Wrestling TNA Hulk Hogan

Looks like Hulk Hogan resigned with TNA. So did Eric Bischoff.

Wasn't it a weird ending to Monday Night Raw when all the wrestlers gave Triple H a vote of no confidence. If you looked closely, John Cena, CM Punk and Randy Orton weren't at the ring when Triple H gave his speech. I think this might lead into who might be the Raw General Manager. But you never know.

It look like the Great Khali's days with the WWE are over. They can't seem to reach a deal. Even though Khali can't wrestle he is a big draw for when the WWE goes to India.

Jeff Hardy is doing his 10 days in jail.

Chis Jerciho returning to WWE? There is talk he will be back by 2012, so he can be on the WrestleMania card.

Wrestling Wednesday
Category: Wrestling
Tags: TNA WWE Wrestling CM Punk

I like the way CM Punk has taken himself to a higher level. He might be the best heel in wrestling.

Miz has been voted the #1 wrestler according to PWI.

TNA star Matt Jackson (who wrestled under the name Max Buck as part of the Generation Me tag team with Jeremy Buck) wrote the following on Twitter.

"Want you to hear it from us first: Yesterday, we asked for our release. Special thanks to TNA & the fans for a wonderful experience. Great experience, but definitely time to move on to something new. So much to say, but I'm gonna sit & let this all digest for awhile."

If I am the WWE, I resign Chavo Guerrero as a writer and trainer. He has the knowledge to do an outstanding job behind the scenes.

There have been changes to the WWE writing staff. Ed Koskey is the new head writer of Smackdown and David Kapoor (he plays Ranjin Singh on TV) is the new head writer of Raw. Michael Hayes and Brian Gewirtz held the job before, are now in charge of setting up the direction of both shows and give them to the McMahonís.

Sin Cara has been suspended for 30 days due to a wellness policy violation.

Classic interaction between R-Truth and Triple-H and their invisible guys on last nights Raw.

SmackDown taping is coming to Jacksonville, Fl on Tuesday December 6th and I canít get off from work. As Ron Simmons would say DAMM!!!

Wrestling Wednesday
Category: Wrestling
Tags: WWE

It looks like The Rock versus John Cena is going to be the main event match at WrestleMania XXVIII.

Sin Cara makes an impressive debut on Raw. He did a number on Sheamus.

The HOF on USA network stunk. It was heavily edited. I canít wait until the WrestleMania DVD comes out so I can watch the whole thing.

My take on WrestleMania. For all the hype they gave this show it did not live up to it. It had its moments. The best matchs was The Undertake versus HHH and Randy Orton versus CM Punk. Snooki did bust a move on Michelle McCool (Undertakerís wife).

The World Wrestling Entertainment will now officially be referred to as WWE.

There is already talk of an Undertaker versus Triple H rematch at WrestleMania XXVIII.

Ric Flair was at the WWE HOF ceremonies.

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