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All in all, I can’t say it was a bad draft… Other than someone else did it for me. How many of you would let someone else put your fantasy-football destiny in their hands??? Many of you know Bovenzi, (Two Girls One Cutler) from the other league. He was my surrogate drafter for the Gab league. The wife and I were at the NYSFair at a 3DoorsDown concert and used the power of cell to throw ideas as to whom to draft back and forth.


With 5 minutes to go before draft time, Bo FINALLY returned my text to tell me I had the 3rd spot… Oh baby!!! I know A.Petterson and A.Foster wouldn’t make it that far so I set my eyes…er, text message on Ray Rice! No word from Bo after about 20 minutes and then I got the return… With the 3rd pick, YaGata NGata drafts Ray Rice! My #1 pick is set… Time for me…er, Bo, to build a franchise!!! This is my first time having RayRay... don’t let me down...


Here is how my draft went…

  1. Ray Rice
  2. Hakeem Nicks
  3. LeGarrette Blount
  4. Shonn Greene
  5. Matt Stafford
  6. Steve Johnson
  7. Rob Gronkowski
  8. Joe Flacco
  9. Marshawn Lynch
  10. NYG Def
  11. Jordy Nelson
  12. Thomas Jones
  13. Adam Vinatieri
  14. Danny Amendola
  15. Antonio Brown
A few picks had me scratching my head, but I had faith in Bo. He knows his stuff, but is a Bills fan... So I understand the Stevie Johnson and Marshawn Lynch picks. Even though Marsh is in Seattle now. My by-weeks are good with no major holes to worry about. Sorry for Doc not making the draft and picking up 3 Colts receivers. Now I know what you are thinking... hell, I would have PAID to have that problem last year. Peyton was throwing to EVERYONE in a Colts jersey. What I am not sorry about is grabbing Jacoby Ford from the Raiders off of waivers when you dropped him to add another player. Now don’t get me wrong... Ford isn’t going to put up the numbers that anyone in the top 5 rounds are capable of, but he will get those extra 5 or 6 points a week that might put you over the top. In a league that rewards for return yards for individual players, his 1280 return yards and 3td’s didn’t hurt the weekly stats.
Oops, tangent. Sorry.
Antonio Brown from the Steelers was the one that had me confused. A 3rd line receiver that has me thinking that BigBen will be either running or on his back by the time he gets to Brown on the check-down mid-play. Looks like I have a by-week floater to dump and add with, but who know what will happen and who will get hurt when. In my opinion, to STEAL Danny Amendola in the 14th round is just that... A steal. The talking heads have a lot of good things to say about D.A.’s predicted numbers and what Sam Bradford will do in regards to throwing to Amendola.
I’ll tell everyone here what I have told another league (Yahoo) that I am in... If you want Hakeem Nicks, make me a ‘mans’ offer, not one of these 2 bench guys and a stack of cups for him and expect me to pull the trigger on it. I don’t know what some people are thinking. Given that... I have now put the hex on Nicks. I have him on my roster in several leagues. Guess what that means? He will be on IR by week 3. Sorry folks, that’s how my fantasy Karma rolls.
Same thing happened with Stafford last season, Lynch and Jones got traded... The Giants Def could be a weak point for points allowed. Now that Peyton is out for what could be the entire season, the pick of Vinatieri could be kicking gold. Kerry Collins will get them down to the 30 and A.V. will trot out there and put up the 3 all day.
I will let you know how the season goes... Some will see the carnage first hand while playing with us in the league... Some will hear only rumors of how the Beeze was sent to the showers by the end of the 1pm games...
Long time, no Yell...
Be good, stay dry NorthEast...


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